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I'll give you three guesses and the first two don't count. ;-P

latest White Dwarf general thread.

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another pic

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I think white looks good on Dreads.

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They ran out of models and resorted to count-as. That dreadnought is actually a jetbike.

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Yknow it's never stated in the fluff that the scars Never take dreadnoughts but rather that they generally avoid it.

Like the Grey Knights, but they still have some.

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I always liked to think that White Scar dreads come in two varieties.

The first is basically a dread, driving a hugeass bike.

The second is a dread with treads instead of legs. He's basically a walking artillery platform. He may or may not be pulled by cyber yaks.

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A Lascannon Stormtalon?


Well you have two pics for proof so it's offical someone rolls with them, didnt know it was white scars

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Wouldn't that be five guesses?

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>White and red is a great color scheme

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No, one guess.

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Paramedics astartes! Fuck yes!

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On the one hand Paul Sawyer had White Scars dreadnoughts wwwwwaaaay back in the day, and that whole "The sons of Chogoris want their warrior spirits to be free from the cold restrains of a sarcophagus" thing was written way later, probably in part because he took them out of his army. They can still arrive by drop pod and fit about as 'well' in a fast moving army as deep striking terminators do.

On the other hand I am overcome with nerd rage anyway. There's gonna be another red highway massacre over this. Filthy White Dwarf peasants don't know shit about my White Scars!

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Does anyone have some good pics of some flavourably customized white scars?

Playing up their mongol warrior aspect? Instead of just leaving them bland unadorned marines in white with the odd tribal marking on a leg or helmet here and there.

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My first white dwarf featured a 4 way battle between scars, templars, eldar and chaos.

White scars had 2 dreads. Both got wrecked by a bloodthirster, who was the man of the match.

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>The first is basically a dread, driving a hugeass bike.

I like to imagine as a dread with a huge biker jacket and a huge biker bandanna driving a fucking huge Harley

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There's a Whirte Scars upgarde kit for the bikes, and a WS Lord on bike kit - don't know why they didn't use it on the models featured in the WD

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Yeah I know but I wanna see some images of some converted scars armies.

I hope Khan has a rule that involves hit and run in the next marine book... might actually make lance bikes worth it.

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>not gas-guzzling free-wheelin motorbike
very sad

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dammit OP i give up, plz do tell

also is it from this battle report? or the whole book?

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That's heresy themed though so it's okay.

I can't wait to get some of those new Forge World Astartes jetbikes painted up in White Scars colours. Hot damn!

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>white scars flee from a giant ork.jpg

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Squats are back since 6th edition

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>cyber yaks

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Best way to model White Scars is to just mix and match space wolf parts that don't feature actual wolves.

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It's from the two pics I posted, and it's a reference to an infamous serious of discussion we've been having here for the past few weeks.

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But this official statement from GW

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That's just some guy working Customer Service. White Dwarf is GW's own official in-house publication

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basically it oils down to
>implying canon

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Because the White Dwarf article they were made for involved the player shoehorning the AoBR kit in. Not making a White Scars army.

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sage for spelling correction

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Customer service is GW's own official in-house customer service.

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Customer service is legendarily unreliable when it comes to fluff and rules questions

They'd frequently ring other stores to get the answers for very simple questions.

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Then this has probably been verified by other stores.

>Customer service is legendarily unreliable when it comes to fluff and rules questions
And a White Dwarf publishing White Scars Dreadnoughts is not unreliable regarding fluff?

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>wh40k fluff

>> No.20831981


Then why do they keep showing up, in article after article?

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More like
>official GW statement
>Sarcophogi piloting landspeeders and attack bike confirmed for canon

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>white dwarf guy has an army
>"Hey, we gotta do a battle report for this chaos release! Who has an army?"
>"Well, I painted this one last month..."
>"do it! We got 1 day"

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>And a White Dwarf publishing White Scars Dreadnoughts is not unreliable regarding fluff?
Equally unreliable. White Dwarf is pretty bad when it comes to consistency.

>Then this has probably been verified by other stores.
Yes, and this thread. They aren't wrong, but it's also the case that white scars dreadnoughts have been accepted at one point in time.

not that it really matters to me, I guess. Christ this "white scars dreadnought" thing is getting old

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Why do you always do this?

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>All of 40k is pretty bad when it comes to consistency.

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welcome to autism.

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because its space marines using space marine equipment is really not even a tiny deal.

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>ITT One guy tries to convince /tg/ that his White Scars are legit even though he fields Dreadnoughts

Why is it Vroom Vroom that every single thread you post in or start is the biggest piece of shit on /tg/

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That's why it needs to change to White Scars Dreadspeeders. and White Scars Dreadbikes.

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The fact he's an actual Nazi might have something to do with it.

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And also spends his welfare checks on Necrons.

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Neo-Nazi on welfare
jesus christ how heretical.jpg

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>neo nazi
>playing literally the only non-white space marine chapter

You are making shit up.

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Hey I posted a Chaos Wizard painting thread that was pretty good.

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Salamanders are black, man. Jet black.

And we all know this guy is a Neo-Nazi. He had a long thread the other night about 'what would be wrong with playing a game set in in a world where stereotypical black people and insane feminists oppose whites and force them to be gay?'

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I'm not a Nazi, that was just a game I made up. Are you an evil person just because you play a Lawful Evil character in D&D

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>'what would be wrong with playing a game set in in a

What *would* be wrong with that? Thought /tg/ would be all over movies like Mad Max.Why not a game where liberal marxo-communists have taken over, and it's up to a brave group of conservative freedom fighters to fight back

>> No.20832250

Salamanders are not negro. Stop repeating this fallacy. It attracts weird players LOOKING for a a negro chapter to the hobby. Instead of just being smart and making it up themselves.

>> No.20832264

> 'what would be wrong with playing a game set in in a world where stereotypical black people and insane feminists oppose whites and force them to be gay?'

Sounds like real life. Are you calling me a neo nazi you cunt?

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Your shitty thread told you otherwise. Go away.

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Salamanders used to be black in RT and the 40K3 Armageddon codex. For some strange reason they changed it to jet-black skin, which is dumb. I had an army of Salamanders

>> No.20832318


Actually that thread had some good discussion in it once the liberal panty-wearing brigade left the thread.

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In RT they were coal black with blonde hair. It was not African.
That was a mistake by the eavy metal team misinterpreting the fluff in armageddon.

>> No.20832356

You don't know your background.
They started as jet black. Only with Codex Armageddon were they accidentally portrayed as brown skinned.
GW then reaffirmed they are coal black with blood red eyes and coloured hair.

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they were jet black with red eyes in rogue trader.

they've been painted as caucasian whites, blacks, jet blacks in pretty much every edition. Even most of the art (in Codex: Armageddon as well as earlier) has them as regular white males

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They were never black. They have always had the Scaly black skin and blonde hair. But they were never of African descent. Shut up you and your shitty thread

>> No.20832376

That's old fluff. They were never black (ethnically), because new fluff says otherwise.

>> No.20832468

> Shut up you and your shitty thread

My threads are awesome and you know. You mad?

>> No.20832484


Everything about you screams "14 year old escapee from /b/."

Please go away. You're shitting up OP's thread.

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Why do they have to have the Failtallon? And a WALKING DREADNAUGHT!!!??

>> No.20832600

He's the OP. And the thread was kinda shit to begin with...

>> No.20832624

not even Games workshop can afford their kits now...

>> No.20832651


I *am* the OP, genius.

Clearly I am dealing with some mental giants here.

>> No.20832652


I get that they are supposed to be jet black and they were like this in old fluff but, honestly, I like them way more as just being black dudes.

They really are just cooler looking to me being black guys instead of having coal black skin. If I ever made a Salamanders army, that's how I would paint them because, honestly, the dark black skin looks really awful. Just makes them look like people decided to leave all the skin primer colored.

>> No.20832709

Yea, but that's like taking White Scars dreadnoughts instead of dreadspeeders or dreadbikes.

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So OP, where are these white scars fighting?

I know the last lot were near the Ryza Warzone, but they were fighting Orks (and Necrons), so I wonder if these guys also are.

>> No.20832761

well that's your opinion but they never were actually black people.
If someone fielded afro-salamanders i'd raise eyebrows and probably consider not playing them because they are trying race bait.

>> No.20832787


Why are people offended by the idea of other races existing in 40k?

Are people really that scared of black people?

>> No.20832816


>If someone fielded afro-salamanders i'd raise eyebrows and probably consider not playing them because they are trying race bait.

My Space Marines are my own chapter. Although I prefer helmets, metal helmetless models are too much of a bitch to convert. As a result I have a black Techmarine.

Would that come across as racist? i.e. "hurr the darkie is too dumb to wear a helmet". (I did it mainly to see if I could paint dark skin, and also because there are too many pasty-ass IG hordes and Space Marine Sergeants & Librarians)

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Straight outta Nocturne crazy motherfucker named Vulkan
From the gang called Salamanders With Attitude
When I'm called off I got a bolter
Squeeze the trigger and heretics are hauled off
You too boy if ya fuck with me
The Arbites are gonna hafta come and get me
Off yo ass that's how I'm goin out
For the xenos motherfuckers that's showin out
Salamanders start to mumble, they wanna rumble
Mix em and flamer em alive like gumbo
Goin off on a motherheretic like that
with a Bolter that's pointed at yo ass
So give it up smooth
Ain't no tellin when I'm down for a Cleansing with holy prometheum move
Here's a Vengence rap to keep yo dancin
with a Reclamation record like Roboute Guilliman
The Gauntlet of the forge is the tool
Don't make me act the motherfuckin fool
Me you can go toe to toe, no maybe
I'm knockin HQ units out tha box, daily
yo weekly, monthly and yearly
until them dumb Heretics see clearly
that I'm down with the capital God Emperor of Mankind
Boy you can't fuck with me
So when I'm cleansing your stronghold, you better duck
Coz Tu'Shan is crazy as fuck
As I leave, believe I'm stompin
but when I come back, boy, I'm comin straight outta Nocturne.

What up my Salamanders.

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What the fuck just happened?

Lets talk about White Scars. What does everyone think their Forge World Heresy incarnation will be? Khan himself is gonna be boss if Angron is anything to go by. What book will the Scars be in, considering that the books are being released in chronological order based on the events of the heresy?

>> No.20833007

I see no dreadspeeders.
How sad.

>> No.20833034

>It attracts weird players LOOKING for a a negro chapter to the hobby.
What's the problem with this again?

>> No.20833064

No idea, but I really hope they give them Dreadbikes.

Also that there'll be a way to have an army consisting of two troops choices and like 3-5 Primarchs.

>> No.20833096

>So OP, where are these white scars fighting?

It doesn't say, just that they're fighting

>> No.20833103

Primarchs are said to be Apocalypse only.

So in theory you could field nothing but all 19 primarchs plus the Emperor, fluff be damned.

>> No.20833181

>all 19 primarchs plus the Emperor
You know if Big E was statted, the internet would die.

>> No.20833270

I can only count 10 White Scars in this picture. I don't know who the rest are, but they aren't Space Mongols on Motorcycles.

>> No.20833278

Well, his STR is less than that of a Warboss.

>> No.20833328

That's the thing with Emps, he's a caster.
He's only good at AoE crowd control, single-target Save-or-Dies, and utility stuff like illusions.

>> No.20833332

Once there out, I think we can safely say that anyone who fields an Imperial Apocalypse army that contains anything other than Primarchs and Titans has no soul.

>> No.20833335


>> No.20833343

This. Horus had to save Emperor from being choked to death by an Ork Warlord.

Emps is a weak bitch.

>> No.20833364

I don't know, he's proven himself to be better than the primarchs, usually.

Getting choked out by a Warboss means that the (mandatory) power klaw wasn't enough to just cut through his neck. That's dead 'ard.

>> No.20833389

Speaking of White Scars, anyone ordered this?

>> No.20833397

What is the big deal about Scars, Vroom?
I'm not trying to sound racist but I wouldn't want an entire army of futuristic asian astartes. That's just fucking stupid.

>> No.20833414


Futuristic white or black astartes is perfectly acceptable of course.

>> No.20833416

Why not a fully enclosed Stormtalon with an interred marine inside and Dreadnought close combat weapons mounted on the sides?

>> No.20833419

Emps is probably best thought of as a Psy Rating 10 character from FFG's 40k RPGs who doesn't get Perils and can basically Push as hard as he wants.

He probably needed to use Corpus Conversion to defeat Horus (remember that the Emperor would never have been able to defeat Horus without the chink in his armor that Sang opened, and that channeling the amount of power it took to destroy Horus left Emps a charred husk).

What really made the Emperor special was that he combined peak level psy powers plus was the last vestige of the untainted warp. His psy abilities in general are not portrayed as out of line for other psykers, with the caveat that the "do subtle stuff all over the galaxy" is a mix of top of the line psy rating plus the Golden Throne.

>> No.20833457

No black astartes is not canon.

Mongoloid astartes is canon and wonderful.

Check your fucking privilege.

>> No.20833520

>I'm not trying to sound racist but I wouldn't want an entire army of futuristic roman astartes. That's just fucking stupid.
>I'm not trying to sound racist but I wouldn't want an entire army of futuristic black astartes. That's just fucking stupid.
>I'm not trying to sound racist but I wouldn't want an entire army of futuristic vampire astartes. That's just fucking stupid.
>I'm not trying to sound racist but I wouldn't want an entire army of futuristic furry astartes. That's just fucking stupid.
>I'm not trying to sound racist but I wouldn't want an entire army of futuristic shark astartes. That's just fucking stupid.

>> No.20833560

>black astartes is not canon.
Salamanders, nigga.

>> No.20833566

The Primarchs were made in the Emperors image. Where the fuck does Khan come in? I mean with Vulcan his skin is darker from his world, but after Khan's transportation from Terra did Chogoris turn him asian or something?

>> No.20833594

They've had pitch-black skin and glowing red eyes since they were made.
The one period where they didn't was when some painters misinterpreted the fluff.

>> No.20833612

No, there was just no mention of it. Pitch black skin is newshitcanonforfags.

>> No.20833622

Hahahaha wheres your canon now bitches... Vroom Vroom does the dread scars list net you enough wins to be worth while?

>> No.20833628

Emperor was born in Anatolia in 8000BC and he isnt white, he is dusky tanned, more akin to middle easterners

>> No.20833631

It's old as RT you fucking idiot.

>> No.20833637

Khans possibly not asian but his world is.

>> No.20833639


"Middle Easterners" didn't live in Anatolia back then.

Persians are far lighter than Arabs.

>> No.20833658

This really shits me with 40k now. It's being invaded by the diversity liberal crowd
>Emps not white!
>salamaders are Africans
>bla bla bla

Fuck off . Just enjoy the fucking universe and stop inject race into it.

Race isn't even mentioned in 40k.

>> No.20833690

It's mentioned tons of times, or at least alluded to, it's just never a big deal because no one in the setting gives a damn.

>> No.20833692

Dont get blacker than pitch, homie. Unlesss you meant black as in fryin chikkens and all that. In that case, yeah, no Blackarines. Except that Librarian in the Blood Ravens, but that just makes too much sense for him to not exist.

>> No.20833776

I dunno. GW representative didn't say it, so it's not canon.

But it IS a fuckawesome idea.

>> No.20833856

We honky now?

>> No.20833981

Stop samefagging you stupid cunt.

Nobody likes you, just leave /tg/ already. You will never 'troll' to the levels of LJ or MT.

>> No.20834020

>that one thread we had on the Emperor's race where we almost unanimously agreed the Emperor predates most modern racial groups.
>clearly tumblr's social justice crowd forcing themselves on our hobby
>using liberal to describe extremist progressives

Get out.


>liberal socio-marxist used non-jokingly in this thread
>on /tg/
Jesus Christ hoiw horrifying.

>> No.20834023

Even Desu Brigade was a better troll than this guy.

>> No.20834084

You're right. That's so sad. This is the third thread I've seen by VV, and all of them have been really shitty threads.

We should have a board policy in place to flood all his threads with porn or whatever.

>> No.20834101

I mean, what we did to get rid of EIDF for the most part (Back when he was a low-level namefag instead of a tripfag) was just put our name field as EIDF and say a bunch of posts relating to semen, dick sucking, anal pounding, etc

>> No.20834139

Its sort of how /v/ got rid of Toady.

>> No.20834236

>get out
NO. It's also 100% true and you just reaffirmed what I said.

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