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Which Chaos Legion do you elegan/tg/entlemen think is the greatest, from a fluff stand point?

I feel a lot of legions are really cool, but are dragged down by leaders with whiny sob story backgrounds.

Which legion or warband really shows what it means to be Chaos?

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ex. Not the Black Legion

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Alpha Legion

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Finally grim dark.

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Iron Warriors or Alpha Legion in my opinion.

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Any warband of less than 10 members.

This does not count support slaves.

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I would have agreed with you, but with their fluff update they are a bunch of closet loyalists now. Doesn't really make me think of the ideal Chaos Legion.

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Iron Warriors and World Eaters.

Emperors Children gets an honorary mention for the sheer amount of trolling of being still called "Emperors Children".

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Iron Warriors are pretty cool. They have no qualms towards gaining power by fusing warp energy, daemons, flesh, and machine to create some truly awesome weapons.

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Word Bearers. Demon summoning, demagoguing, etc.

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I've got to be the only person who doesn't like Alpha Legion.

I'd bump up Emperor's Children, mostly since they went from a legion obsessed with military perfection to roving rape-parties. I think a complete 180 qualifies them.

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Blood Pact.

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Emprah's Children and Word Bearers.

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That's when a bunch of teenage girls eat each other's period right?

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you're thinking of a "guadalajara birthday party"

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No, they're lame. Just watch as everyone on tg starts hating them now that everyone is a closet loyalist.

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Indeed. Originally they were cool just because they specialized in sabotage and stealth. Plus they actually used their Cultists for means other than meat shields. It was awesome!

But now they are closet loyalists on top of that. Boner killer, to the max.

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I always kinda thought that the Night Lords were more exciting. Even if they're chaos, marines in MY 40k universe have some twisted sense of honor or pride and would rather solve things with a quick sword to the face instead of sending mortals to do their dirty work.

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Night Lords are technically renegades as oppose to Chaos Marines. They hate Chaos and wont stand for the use of daemons or possession.

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It depends on the Night Lord. Some of them are totally into Chaos, some aren't.

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Originally, I didn't care about them. They had a cool color scheme, but stealth's not my things, so whatever. But the closet loyalist thing is incredibly lame.

Night Lords are still my favorite. Just love the idea of the terror tactics they used. Not a big fan that they are becoming more just the fast army now.

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You mean the warband depicted in the Nigh Lords Trilogy, right?

Because other Night Lords warbands are totally into the chaos thing, while others aren't.

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Blood angels, i mean wut?

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seriously, night lord murheens is the only cool murheens. I always figured that since marines are such an elite force, terror tactics should always be the primary tactic to even the odds.

Can't wait for new raptors for an all-raptor-and-war-talon night lord warband

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night lords, iron warriors, emperors children and death guard are all awesome. alpha legion is good, but i don't see why so many people love them so much. same with the word bearers, but to each their own.

overall favourite for me, is easily blood gorgons, the dude on the new codex.

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I wish the Fear icon hadn't been Mark of Nurgle only. That seriously would've been awesome to have.

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I didn't realize it is just some of them. I remember when I was reading The First Heretic, there was tons for disgust shown by the Night Lords towards the Word Bearer's Possessed. I can see how some warbands would go for Chaos after the heresy though.

Cool stuff

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the Thousand Sons casts magic and doesnt afraid of anything.

>accept Space Wolves

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Death Guard are cool as hell. I'd probably like IW more if not for those 3e bullshit HS spam lists. Ugh.

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I was hoping someone would bring up the Blood Gorgons. I have been strongly considering building an army of them.
My only concern is that as I have been reading the book, they are closer to loyalists then Chaos as far as how they act. They are merciless and have nothing against taking slaves or killing humans, but they are still superstitious of daemons and sorcerers, and not too crazy about their mutations.

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As far as I'm concerned, this is the default attitude for most Khrone warbands.

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While apparently the original reason for the Alpha Legion siding with Horus was more of a loyalist one, there's nothing saying that the whole Legion has remained secretly loyal since the Heresy. The Thousands Sons sided with Horus because they were forced out of the Imperium, but eventually became 'the Tzeentchian legion'. It's entirely possible that at least parts of the 20th no longer follow the original reasoning for siding against the loyalists (which is less pro-Imperium and more anti-Chaos). And if the Dawn of War games are canon, then at least a faction of the Alpha Legion works with daemons and follows Chaos.

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maybe not crazy about sorcerer and daemon, but actually a lot of lesser devoted warband are like that.
But mutation? I don't know, that one dude that was the leader seemed pretty proud of his big ass mutation that fused him to his armour, and a lot of the lesser one still seemed pretty happy to have some. Thing is it's hard to model them, seeing as one of their defining traits are : chittin-like mutation that fuse to the armour.

But if you do it, it would be pretty badass. Please post pic when finished and everything

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That reminds me, how do chaos legions/ warbands/ whatever replenish their numbers? Is it just up to faglords like Bile?

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even if the Alpha legion are closet loyalists what does it matter? the Imperium after the Hersey would never just let the Alphas or Thousand Sons back after all the stagnation.

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Night Lord or Alpha Legion. Probably Night Lords if I was a marine, Alpha Legion if I was a normal human.

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Arkos the Faithless from FW fluff was a pretty good example of an Alpha Legionnaire firmly aligned with Chaos too.

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I've always liked the Word Bearers, especially after reading the trilogy and The First Heretic. I like the red and silver color scheme, Lorgar is my favorite primarch and they're pretty much the epitome of what it means to be a Chaos marine.

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Emperor's children.

They wiped out a whole species, are hedonistic psychopaths and have all the sonic weapons.

How is that not awesome?

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This is true. Plus the whole blood bond thing is really cool. I wasn't too crazy about the deep sea mutations initially, but chitin, coral, and big shells would actually look pretty sweet. Not to mention the brown-red armor color is sweet.
If this happens there will definitely be photos.

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Where do you find the background on the blood gorgons?

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Bile, Marines that go renegade, brain-washing, recruitment drives with free brownies.

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They still do the whole geneseed thing apparently, but they mostly recruit from Renegades.

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WAAAAAARRRRRDDDDD also introduced an Alpha Legion Daemon Prince, Strikemaster Kernax Voldorius, who led a rather large warband.

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They'll appear even after you've killed them, if rushing out of a Warp Rift or someshit.
Because they've fled to it one and fucked off elsewhere, only to come back later in their timeline!
To be killed by you! Or to do something else and flee once more.

But yeah, they do recruit.
Rubric Marines are special, since there's a limited amount of them and they tend to get reassembled at the Thousand Sons homeworld.

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They recruit just like regular SMs. They have planets under their control in the Eye of Terror. The natives can join up in much the same way a native of Fenris could join the Space Wolves.

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''It was the Blood Gorgons’ belief that war helms needed to be terrifying enough to scare even their allied daemons of Chaos, or ill fortune would be invited. The Bond-Brothers often danced in a strange, spasmodic dance before battle, executing clumsy movements in their Power Armour, as their slave retinues beat drums and cymbals while singing.''

Holy shit, didn't remember that about the blood gorgons when i read the book. This is awesome, tribal chaos marines with mutated armour.

Also, anyone have an idea of what I could used to convert a set of helm like the one in pic related (damn, pic is already posted. I'm thinking the one from the new chaos dex)? Thinking maybe assault marine helmet then chaos chosen horn? really have no idea

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World Eaters

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That would suggest the new raptor heads and then yeah chosen horns. Make a few different ones and then make a mold so you can mass produce them. Also I just realized that you could use a lot of tyranid bits for doing their mutations.

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Chaos should be treated as a big super-villain team-up so yes, I can imagine that every time when Legions need new recruits or fighting juice they go look for ol' Fabulous.

Not unlike how every bit of Allied supertech in C&C Red Alert is made by Albert Einstein.

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They extract the progenoids of both fallen brothers and loyalists. They still remember the process, and there are facilities that can accomplish this.

Fun Fact: Most of the marines serving in the actual Traitor Legions are actually half breeds (those that carry the progenoids not of the original legion.)

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"...as they are not devout worshipers of the Chaos Gods like some of the other Traitor Legions, instead honouring their power and using the benefits offered by allegiance to Chaos to empower themselves rather than worshiping it."

I must say, I find that really cool about the Iron Warriors. I am starting to like them more.

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I like the Word Bearers, but the Iron Warriors and World Eaters are cool too.

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Think I should ask this in a 40k thread. does anyone have any leak concerning points cost? Mainly, raptors and warp talon points cost? Maybe bikers? (I really hope they make them less sucky and costly)

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I love the idea of the Iron Warriors as not being 'mad' - they're super effective, mass operation (as all sieges are) specialists - who punish underlings for mistakes like supply ships being seconds out of schedule.

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Raptors: 90 for 4+Champ, 17/model for additional.

Warp Talons: 160 for 4+champ, not sure of their per-model cost, probably 30/model, but maaaaaybe less.

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>vanguard veteran with lightning claw (1)
>40 points
>no invulnerable save

I bet Mat Ward did this

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Nah, Kelly did.

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You know it babes.

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Kelly did Vanguard vets?

>> No.20825587

Obviously Word Bearers.

>> No.20825623

No, he did the new Warp Talons.

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Uhm... I have an odd question? Is it possible to be half-daemon? Or something like... warp born? Both you parents were twisted by the powers of the warp and so are you?
Because from what I understand daemons don't even have genitals or anthing like that

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Thats actually 32 pts/model, which means they're likely 30 each after you factor in the Champion tax.

Keep in mind they all have dual Lightning Claws, and can Blind people when they Deep Strike. Also a 5+ invul save and Fear.

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"Half-Daemon" is a type of mutation, where you take on some daemonic traits. A Half-Daemon might also refer to someone who is possessed, but retains control like the Possessed Marines.

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Squad of 5 Vanguard vets with one Lightning Claw/ model is 200 points and they do not have invulnerable saves or blinds or fear.

But they can charge off deep strike if there are no attached characers.

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>Of all the founding Legions to turn from the light of the False Emperor, Talos most despised the Black Legion, the Sons of Horus, for how far they had fallen in the years since their primarch father’s death. In his eyes, they were an amalgamation of every sin and deviation across the sphere of mortal experience, armed and armoured as Astartes without a shred of the nobility that they once possessed. They consorted with daemons en masse, fighting beside them and listening to their warp-whispers for shards of wisdom. Just as the Exalted, daemon-corrupt and a shadow of the man he once was, revolted Talos – so too did the Black Legion in their wanton embrace of the Ruinous Powers.

>But as the lift doors opened, he felt, just for a moment, a glimmer of why they lived as they did.

>The floor before them was a long chamber with a central corridor and walls consisting of cells on both sides, looking across at one another. All the cell doors stood open. Smeared here and there were the remains of guards slaughtered by the newly-freed prisoners. And the prisoners themselves – perhaps three hundred gangers, murderers and violent criminals – were all suddenly silent.

>Silent and kneeling, their heads bowed towards the lift.

>The Black Legion Terminators heaved their spiked bulks from the lift, tramping down the central corridor without paying any attention to their worshipful supplicants. Their power was obvious. They did not live in restraint, suffering through a lack of slaves, taking pains not to reveal themselves to an enraged Imperium. And that, just for a moment, spoke to Talos. He understood them, even though he hated them.

All other Legions jelly.

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>Which legion or warband really shows what it means to be Chaos?

The Black Legion.

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Sons of Malice.

"And he that went before now came last, and that which was white and black and all direction was thrown against itself. Grown mightily indignant at the words of the Gods, Malal did turn his heart against them and flee into the chambers of space . . . And no man looked to Malal then, save those that serve that which they hate, who smile upon their misfortune, and who bear no love save for the damned. At such times as a warrior's heart turns to Malal, all Gods of Chaos grow fearful, and the laughter of the Outcast God fills the tomb of space . . ."

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Malal and his psycho-marines are cool, but they keep getting retconned and stuff.

>> No.20826194

To be fair, they had to, GW doesn't own the rights to him.

>> No.20826205

Eh, I'm okay with it, since all of the retcons are not only fairly minor, but seem to be leaning towards the return of Malal while fleshing out both the god and his worshipers.

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Here's a question? We all assume that the Alpha Legion are closet Loyalists but we only have word of this because they once met with the Cabal. That doesn't mean that actually believed their xeno bullshit. They may have started out loyalist and been corrupted totally by Chaos because any contact with Chaos does that, you don't have to give into it to be infected by it. Or Apharius might have already been corrupt and turned on the Emperor for one reason or another and just lied his ass of to the Cabal while laughing behind the alien retards' backs for trusting the guy known to be a deceiver on the battlefield.

>> No.20826300

>seem to be leaning towards the return of Malal

Hahaha. Malal was never important, he wasn't even in 40k. There's no reason to bring him back, beyond a wink and a nod to oldfags.

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Seriously though Malal is a pretty cool guy so long as the author doesn't try to make him OP and "more powerful than the Big 4" or some such bullshit.

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This is now a Malal thread.

Why? Because fuck you. Fuck the Imperium, fuck Chaos, fuck your planet, fuck everything around you, and fuck everyone around you. Fuck your mother, fuck your father, fuck your sister, fuck your brother. Fuck he, fuck she, fuck it, fuck they, fuck us. Fuck your universe, fuck your reality, fuck your god, fuck my god. Fuck it all. But, most of all, fuck me.

That's why.

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From what I understand Malal is just under them; more powerful then any servant they have, but could get his ass kicked by any of the big 4.

>> No.20826402

Malal is Donte?

>hedlep entitled

oh hohoho.

>> No.20826409

So Malal is the God of Edgy?

>> No.20826440

God of hipsters.

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So far as I worked it out, any of the big 4 would win against him in a fistfight. But then again, Malal would never actually turn up to said fistfight....or even be locatable to issue said fistfight challenge.

>> No.20826570

Pfft, that is so 30th millenium. The true up and up worship Necoho, God of Atheism.

>> No.20826616

Word Bearers or the Fallen.

>> No.20826642

I'd say its more that he's the god of EDGY.

>> No.20826671

From an aesthetics standpoint, I like the Emperor's children, World eaters, Sons of malice, Night lords and 1ksons.

From a fluff standpoint, World eaters and 1ksons are my favourite.

>> No.20826679

Emperor's Children. Fulgrim and his legion are obsessed with perfection and the arts, to the point where the Emperor lets them and them alone bear the aquila on their chests. After defeating a powerful race in a month when most people expected the war to take years Fulgrim stole one of their swords which would lead to his legion's downfall. Before the Horus Heresy, Eldrad tried to warn Fulgrim about Horus, and ended up having his entire entourage slaughtered including an ancient Wraithlord and an Avatar of Khaine. Later Fulgrim tried to get his best bro to join him, but when he refused he slaughtered Ferrus Manus' guards and defeated Manus, leaving him.

Later on Istvaan V he battled Ferrus Manus again and defeated him again, but wasn't able to kill him until the Daemon in his sword took over and he became a daemon prince. On Terra his legion decided to let everyone have their war and slaughtered the population of Terra by the millions, raiding world after world on the way back to the Eye of Terror.

After running out of slaves they battled all of the traitor legions in a series of wars, holding their own until eventually being broken by the World Eaters and Kharn's sheer willingness to fight.

>> No.20826689

But the Emperor's Children weren't done yet, Fulgrim at one point returned to the Imperium to fuck up some more shit, cornered Robute Guilliman, who was practically Emperor Mk. II at this point and slit his fucking throat, giving him the highest primarch kill count.

Currently the Emperor's Children includes Lucius the Eternal, the greatest swordsman in the galaxy, and Fabius Bile, who has cloned Horus once before and is attempting to clone the Emperor himself, having already taken the blood of Sanguinius. Eventually Fabius Bile, Fulgrim, and Lucius will return to the Imperium riding in chariots pulled by cloned emperors and fuck up some more shit.

>> No.20826724

World Eaters.


>> No.20826745

Alpha Legion are the best CSM, in terms of being a faction, that is. None others even remotely begin to compare, and that's a fact.

Simply put, the Alpha Legion can still recruit, infiltrate, sabotage, get around, and generally function within Imperial Space. They are an actual force to be reckoned with.

They're basically, as far as I can tell, the only CSM who have a grasp of simple things like logistics that most other CSM go "HURRR! METAL BAWKSES! FOR THE WEAK!"

...and I just realized that Alpha Legion also includes the Metal Bawkses guy and another similarly retarded dude from DoW.

Anyway my point is, simply, the Alpha Legion is best, bar none, simply because they can get around in imperial space and mainly function in the regular universe instead of being somehow trapped behind Canadia and being unable to get out.

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Malal can be summoned physically, and is on par with a typical greater daemon. He is not a competitor. He is a threat to a single bumfuck feral world, nobody in the Imperium or in the Eye of Terror has ever heard of him.

He is also 100% redundant, as infighting and self destructiveness is a uniting theme of all chaos.

>> No.20826786

Red Corsairs are the best CSM, although they're not a Legion.

>> No.20826790

>implying you can't be a raving lunatic and a tactical genius

>> No.20826793

i loved Lucius in the Horsey Hersey trilogy books. it blew my mind to read his article on the 40k wiki after finishing the 3rd book

>> No.20826828

except Alpha Legion's allegiances lie with the empire of mankind

>> No.20826844

while this has been iffy at best. what does it matter? the Imperium isnt about to just forgive the Alpha legion for the hersey

>> No.20826894

No it isn't.

>> No.20826928

you know nothing of the Legion

>> No.20826934

Iron Warriors for the fucking win. Either them, or Alpha Legion. Night Lords trail directly behind them.

>> No.20826940


I would think the same is true of any CSM who isn't a worshiper of the gods; they want to put humanity back on track. Possibly even some of the aligned CSM feel the same.

Albeit may have twisted ideas of how to do so (THE ONLY FOOD ALLOWED IS PEOPLE)

>> No.20826957

Iron Warriors, man.

Chaos is selfish and obsessed with power. They take it to the point of making Chaos itself their bitch, using daemons as tools to make their insane Engines more crazy. They have no mercy and no mittens. Plus, aren't they the guys with hazard stripes on everything? That looks cool as fuck.

>> No.20826959

Their agenda is to destroy Chaos by letting Chaos win. They don't care for the Imperium.

>> No.20826969

Neither do you. Most of the Legion sided with Horus willingly.

>> No.20826974

I should say, that this is likely to be the case for those who have idealistic motivations, anyway, not "man if I do my own thing I can get rich and do whatever I want."

But in any case: its canon that the Alpha Legion's motives are unknown, and it is also canon that nobody knows if all the Alpha Legion has the same goal or whether individual Alpha Legionnares have their own goals. You can insert whatever motivation you want.

>> No.20826976

Here's what the Word Bearers think:

>Rooted in the beliefs of Lorgar himself, the Word Bearers are the heralds of a terrible new age of religious servitude. Only united behind the teachings of a god and offering the obeisance that such a god requires can the masses of Humanity be saved from the perils of alien menace and internal schism. There is only one power in the galaxy worthy of such submission, and that is the dark majesty of Chaos. Each warrior of the Word Bearers is a missionary bringing the darkness of Chaos with them, preaching the one true faith to those that will hear it and exterminating those who will not. Their belief is simple, tread the path of Chaos or die.

Abaddon too wants to forge an empire of Chaos and bring mankind under his rule.

>> No.20826988

Nah, they Chaos. Read Deliverance Lost, most don't know about the Cabal or anything.

>> No.20827004

Death Guard

>> No.20827005

>"let Chaos win, hope its stupid enough to destroy itself"

Do you even Tzeentch

>> No.20827007

Holy fuck. Word Bearers confirmed for most grimdark legion.

>> No.20827019

Nice. You gotta love the cognitive dissonance they bring to imperials. Well, that's part of the idea behind CSM in general.

>> No.20827076

Abaddon's done a shit job at filling Horus's shoes

Word Bearers part seems right though.

>> No.20827829

Do you realize how hard his job is?
He has to herd cats. Homicidal, spiked cats who want nothing more than to kill the fuck out of each and every other cat. And each cat has about a 1 in 20 chance of turning into a shoggoth at any particular moment.
And he has to do all this without any arms. I'd like to see you do better.

>> No.20827865

>And he has to do all this without any arms.

>> No.20827867


Greatest as in biggest? Word Bearers
Greatest as in most efficient? Iron Warriors.
Greatest as in most effective? Alpha legion.
Greatest as in most successful? Black Legion.
Greatest as in most reviled? Bruce 'Konrad' Wane's legion
Greatest as in most compelling? Thousand Sons.
Greatest as in favourite? Thousand Sons.

>> No.20827880


>> No.20827922

Slaaneshi daemons have genitalia.
>arouseff Also

>> No.20827924

Black Legion has the most Marines, and I'm pretty sure they're more reviled than the Night Lords, as thy're considered the "arch" traitors.

>> No.20827936

>Greatest as in biggest? Word Bearers
Actually, the Black Legion are biggest, followed by... the Red Corsairs, apparently.

>Of course, the Black Legion’s strength was unparalleled – their ranks outnumbered those of the Word Bearers almost ten to one – yet many within the Word Bearers regarded it as but a pale shadow of its former glory, its self-proclaimed Warmaster worthy of contempt. Nevertheless, it was all but certain that it would be the Black Legion who would form the mainstay of the final crusade against the hated Imperium, and because of that, the Word Bearers held their peace.
- from Dark Creed

>“Your empire is a cancer webbing through the Imperium’s heart, and it is said you command as many warriors as any Legion lord except for the Warmaster himself.”
- Talos to Huron Blackheart, from Blood Reaver

>> No.20827954

>putting black legion in a cool light
>actually acknowledging the benefits of the codex
Not a fan of night lords, but those books are alright.

>> No.20827975

I can't stand Red Corsairs.
Their colour scheme is terrible.

>> No.20828188

>Greatest as in biggest? Word Bearers

Not true, in the word bearers trilogy, it is stated that Black Legion is even larger than all the other legions including WB. I am guessing WB mustve lost a lot in the heresy, but they dont act like it what with them sacrificing five or six thousand marines to root out some plot against Erebus.

>> No.20828224

Most successful will be World Eaters imo. I mean Angron led 50000 Berzerkers on a bloody romp and ruined half a segmentum, Imperium is still paying for it and still reconquering the lost systems. If that aint successful. Of course he was stopped at Armageddon, but that was a fucking plot necessity

>> No.20830675


>> No.20830721

Iron Warriors.

>> No.20830771

Eighth Legion is best legion.

Because no other legion was able to get an entire rebelling system to capitulate and turn over all their dissidents, simply because word reached that they were on they're way. Also the Aaron Dembski-Bowden novels really are the best.

Up next is the Alpha Legion. Because no other legion could take a heavily entrenched planet and only loose three Astartes doing it.

>> No.20830871

Red Corsairs are the second largest? That's fucking bullshit. All of the Traitor Legions, are legions. That means 100,000 strong. Even with taking loses from internal strife and attrition from war with the Imperium, there's no way a bunch of renegade pirates built from the remains of a Chapter that got turn up in the Badab War could outnumber any of the Legions.

>> No.20830872

I find it hilarious that while GW throws layer upon layer of visual design, fluff and praise towards the ultramarines as the standard vanilla spas marens, the Black Legion (the chaos equivalent) mostly gets shit on.

Heck, even in their own books undivided is worthless and everyone upgrades to marks to be actually good at something.

Anyone here who might have read the codex? Is there much attention given over to warbands?

>> No.20830912

Too much. They removed all the unique rules for the different Legions and most of the book's modeling and fluff sections are dedicated to the hundreds of Renegade Chapters that apparently exist now.

>> No.20830938


>removed all the unique rules for different legions.

We haven't had those since 3/3.5ed.

Also I'm happy to see more attention to renegades, might actually be some with interesting backstories in there. We already know about all the fucking legions and what they do. I want to see more warbands that aren't Red Corsairs start to matter.

>> No.20830940

Black Legion are like Ultramarines successor chapters, in that they got to be the most numerous by hiding from all significant responsibilities that might get any of them killed.

>> No.20830949

Death Guard

>> No.20830958

Not every traitor legion is close to 100k and pretty much every renegade ends up with Huron.

>> No.20831678

Does /tg/ have any homebrew warbands?

>> No.20831742

With access to one dead marine's progenoids, a magos (or HURRTEK MAGOS) a helpful host of slaves and 500 years (compared to the 10,000 years they've been active), any legion or fraction of a legion could have billions and billions of CSM by now...
...even if you assume a 99% chance that the process will fail and a 99% chance that the new CSM will be murdered, mutated to death, kill himself, or die of Nurgle's Rot, or whatever, prior to maturation.

There's lots of CSM, any one legion is in and of itself a mortal threat to the Imperium.

>> No.20831764

This is exactly as I feel about it.

>> No.20831781

The Death Guard.

I loved reading their Horus Heresy novel.

I love Nurgle, because Nurgle loves me.

Nurgle hugs, anybody?

>> No.20831849

Dark Scions. Dudes who are former legionaires who broke from their respective legions and follow under their charismatic leader Hasdrubal Geshar and his Sorceror Serion, they are sworn to a daemon named Ekhar the Patient, he controls a number of worlds in the galactic northern fringe near the mordant zone and the Realm of Ultramar. Ekhar is subordinate to a powerful being named only as the Prophet who had once led a massive army and destoryed a lot of the area and cut the Sagitarius arms in two. But the Prophet was killed by a Sons of Guilliman Chapter Master anda dozen grey knights. five thousand years on the Dark Scions have found that the Prophet will be reborn and are spreading his word with WB allies and are baying for a new crusade into the Mordant zone and Realm of ultramar.

>> No.20831865


>he controls a number of worlds in the galactic northern fringe near the mordant zone and the Realm of Ultramar

Wait what, isn't ultramar towards the galactic south east?

>> No.20831896

Jubal Xavyer! What was he doing I wonder? Samus too.

>> No.20831940

In the sagittarus spiral
The area between Mordant zone and Ultramar there is a lot of empty space. That is the battleground.

>> No.20831969

where do you guys get all of your fluff info from? books? codexes? games? please tell me i would love to know more about chaos space mariens

>> No.20832034

Read like crazy, I have like 45 books form Black Library and I try to incorporate all that I have read from that, codexes and also Lexicanum, there is a lot of stuff on there. What chaos marines are you interested in? What gods?

>> No.20832083

oh man...im new to 40k and i know the smallest bit of them but they just seems really interesting. so i mean i guess the essentials?

>> No.20832168

Read this as long as possible, click on each of the legions, learn their history, understand the basis of their corruption

>> No.20832193

Iron Warriors

Night Lords

Word Bearers

>> No.20832196

oh jesus dude thanks!

>> No.20832200


You want the Essentials on the Chaos Gods?

Here's the skinny:

They were born of the collective emotions of all sentient life.

Khorne is the god of blood, slaughter, war, conquest, and butchering. He presides over conflict and contest in all its forms, and desires nothing more than eternal slaughter and bloodshed.

Nurgle is the god of rot, decay, despair, putrefaction, rebirth, and entropy. He is a very loving and gregarious god, full of warmth and mirth. He welcomes anybody into his fold, and gifts them with his many plagues, poxes, and diseases until they're so full of 'life' that they become one of the walking dead, or worse.

Tzeentch is the god if hope, trickery, deceit, planning, scheming, magic and manipulation. He weaves intricate plans hundreds of thousands of years in the making, often having opposing ends or no end at all. He desires nothing more than to see mortals undermine one another.

Slaanesh is the god of passion, love, lust, excess, debauchery, sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Of all the gods, Slaanesh alone is divinely beautiful, and the most tempting of them all. Slaanesh beckons all to fall to their sins and vices, whatever they may be, and inspires all creatures to ever more decadent and horrible heights of depravity. Bring a towel.

>> No.20832332

Death Guard. Just because of this guy.

>> No.20832403

>tfw we'll never get Honsou as a special character.

>> No.20832597

He really should get one too considering all of the background he has. Not to mention he has interactions with a Space Marine special character.

>> No.20832673

Iron Warriors for an actual Sector threat, Night Lords for a Short Story

>> No.20832677


If anything the iron warriors would just get a generic evil warpsmith character who has never appeared in the fluff before.

>> No.20832687

the Night Lords were kinda cool in the old Cityfight campaign the studio ran when that book came out

Not really fond of them as characters, but they're neat antagonists

>> No.20832695


Have you read the book series?

>> No.20832700


Just didn't tickle my fancy

>> No.20832771

I like the Night Lords more than Iron Warriors right now, because they started adding more Demons and crap to the Iron Boys. I miss when they just dug in, wore you down, then fixed wrench bayonets and slaughtered you and raped your corpse.

>> No.20832875

In truth, I'm actually starting to develop an appreciation for the Black Legion, and I may go with them when I start up my Chaos army again as the new codex rolls out.

In all the armies of Chaos, they're as flexible as it gets. They can have their pick of absolutely anything from not only CSM armies, but daemons, Dark Mechanicum (with whom the Black Legion seems to retain close ties with), and traitor guard/cultists as well.

Furthermore, the ultra-twisted look of the new Chaos Chosen and perfectly captures the image of warriors who fought in the original Heresy, at the side of Horus.

These are the original heretics. They are the arch-enemy. When the Black Legion itself begins to move, the Imperium shits a collective brick. To have an army that commands that sort of respect and terror is a glorious thing.

So, why the adversity? Players turn away from Ultramarines because they seem too 'popular', and the Black Legion gets similar treatment. But, just as the Ultramarines, modeled and painted with skill and care, can be one of the most phenomenally impressive armies on the table, so too is it with the Black Legion.

The only other downside to them? Ironically, Abaddon. /tg/ makes a million jokes about him, but the truth is that he's just not a very interesting villain. He's a big spiky bad guy who does big spiky bad guy things.

But, this is all the more reason to bring out the character in your own Black Legion warband. They come when the Warmaster rallies his forces, but they fight their own battles, conquer their own worlds, and lead their new kingdoms into glory befitting the true sons of Horus.

>> No.20832931


>> No.20832961

Yeah, Abbaddon is the Suxxors, Elliphas and Honsuo should get off their lazy asses and kill him.

>> No.20832973

>dat voice

>> No.20832980

It is a crime that Eliphas and Honsou -- and let's throw in Talos from ADB's Night Lords books, just to round them out -- are not CSM special characters.

>> No.20832990

Compelling, and sound in logic.
I like you. You can stay.

>> No.20833009

Night Ravens need a Jet Bike

>> No.20833025

Such inspiring courage! Perhaps we’ll mount your corpse on a golden chair and make an idol out of you as well.

>> No.20833028

Night LORDS Muh Bad

>> No.20833104


Talos would never make it unless GW butchered him and turned him into a raptor.

>> No.20833253


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