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My "LOATHESOME DISGRACES" folder is running a bit empty. Shitty Warhammer 40k fanart/fiction thread.

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I'm betting someone in this thread will actually like this picture. If you are that person, know that I hate you and everything you stand for.

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Are shitty models acceptable too?

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>all pregnant
>including the Necron

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This image doesn't fill me with hate. It only fills me with pity.

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The only reason I like that picture is because the last time it was posted it led to a discussion on how mpreg orks used to be cannon, which is kind of hilarious and a million times more creepy in itself. Also the tau eyepatch is spiffy, if inefficient.

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Hahaha, wtf? Not only is it disturbing, it's downright wrong. Everyone knows the filthy gue'la lay eggs by the dozens and do not care for their young.

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Man, I want to see Tau misconceptions about all the other races, sorta like an inversion of the Xenos section of the Uplifting Primer.

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why is it always either pregnancy fetish or breast expansion

every fucking time

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My biggest 40k fail would probably be this conversion and the paintjob I gave it

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Is that supposed to be some sort of Imperial strike witch?
I think I'm gonna throw up...

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want more? I got more.

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durr charge for emprah bayonet lol

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Because humans are inexplicably drawn to spheres for some reason.

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Because you haven't seen worse yet.

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Well, it had to happen eventually. Some jackass just had to post that fucking pic.


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...tell me he got paid to do that

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Technomancer pls go

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Nope. Artist just loves diapers.

In the grim darkness of the dark future, there's only uncontrolled bowels.

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In the Realms of Chaos, if you stepped in one of the puddles of pus left by a Great Unclean One, you could get nurgle-pregnant: a nurgling develops in your bowels, and after a few weeks, it births through your mouth or your ass. And if it meets you again later on, it will call you "dad" or "mommy" and try to hug you.

I'm not making shit up.

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Someone post derpblade, please.

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Do you even construct scarabs?

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Xeno manages to stay incredibly slim despite constructing all those scarabs.

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Its dem tau drone bearing hips.

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those are actually really well painted minis...

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These honestly don't seem bad, except for the derpy guys without helmets. Shit, the backpacks actually look better than the current ones.

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needs more lordlysander

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Oh, man. A deviantart Sonic/Warhammer crossover. All you need now is to add in Invader Zim for a perfect storm of terrible.

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I'm hyperventilating oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god this is more deviant than /d/ oh my god.

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Any of that WHH shit.

Troll them brothers.

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I'm not a fan of it either but that's just uncouth. Besides, its the fans of it that bother me more than the actual WHH shit.

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This one ALWAYS gets me

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Where do you see them outside of the threads themselves?

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>this thread

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I rarely do, but when I do they can be pretty insufferable. And its not like I hate them for shitting up and derailing threads or anything, because I don't think I've seen that happen, its just my personal opinion of them, which I wouldn't try to enforce on /tg/ since that's a dick move. So I ignore them and they ignore me and we all live peacefully in mutual ignorance of each other.

I still think WHH is pretty terrible, though.

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You're not the only one. We should do a WHH Haters thread, to oppose them.

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>"Hey, these people are shitting up /tg/!"
>"Yeah! Let's shit up /tg/ further with meta troll threads! That'll show em!"

Sage for noncontribution.

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No, I don't think we should. It would be a waste of time at best. Actually I think we shouldn't. it would create unnecessary butthurt on both sides.

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But I want sweet, delicious Butthurt...

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I quite literally JUST finished saying that, despite my personal feelings on WHH, I bear them no ill will. Quit acting like a /b/tard.

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this thread is SPECIFICALLY designed for us to be butthurt about each other's fanart and OC. No need to create yet another thread for that.

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If you hate something, you should do something about that hate. /b/ knows this, do you?

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yes, you should prioritize. I'm not saying that you should go full stoicism, but at least realize that no matter how much you hate something so trivial and insignificant as WHH, spending time and efforts to manifest that hate won't be worth it. At best, you'll make an ass of yourself. You've already begun.

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For starters, I don't hate it so much as I just plain dislike it. Its not to my taste, but it doesnt make me rage either. Secondly, ignoring it is plenty enough action as WHH warrants from me. Being all butthurt and angsty about it just makes you look like a faggot.

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This entire ordeal was just fucking baffling.

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Something to do with Xeno, I think. I'm guessing everything to do with Xeno. Or maybe just Technomancer's creepy fetish art.

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No hate is trivial and insignificant.

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I just mean Technomancer's 'darkness and thick lines' style on top of the already confusing Xeno stories and the whole fetishistic worship she seems to have, puts it solidly in the loathsome disgraces category of this thread.

Nothing against Technomancer, mind, it's just really fucking hard to tell what's happening in this pic.

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what ordeal?
did you get abducted and molested for a year by a basement-dwelling neckbeard and his moeblob waifu?

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gb2/b/ faggot. Jesus christ you're almost as bad as redditfags sometimes.

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I just mean Technomancer's 'darkness and thick lines' style on top of the already confusing Xeno stories and the whole fetishistic worship she seems to have, puts it solidly in the loathsome disgraces category of this thread.

Nothing against Technomancer, mind, it's just really fucking hard to tell what's happening in this pic.

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This actually makes sense. It's the Void Dragon, asking to an adeptus Mechanicus to let him in through the window.

Probably based on this pic

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I am redditfag.

And WHH Sucks

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the importance of hate (and of the hater) is directly proportional to the importance of its object. Only a subhuman brat would hate a piece of fanart.

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let me speak in terms you understand

lel xD f7u12, u shuld gb2/b/ u forever alone fogget u trolled yet bro?>>!>./???

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yeah, it's an old pic. Trying very clumsily to imitate Chink.

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you forgot to insert "le" at random.

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My work here is done. Now to spread my gifts to that shitty WHH thread...

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Jesus christ.

Isn't being a massive faggot a bannable offense or something?

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If it were, no-one would be be here...

Least of all me

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Global rules Three and Seven.

Of course, nobody reads them.

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well, shall I post more diaper pics or what?

we're running low on other pictures.

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>second chick from the left
Are... are those supposed to be tits? I don't think that's how those work...

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You have read OP, didn't you?


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well that's not how you spell "tits"

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Me? No. I actually kinda like Xeno, despite all the nonsense surrounding her.
Yeah, his artstyle is usually incomprehensibly thick and messy. Unless hes drawing diapers. Then it turns out like >>20823090. And I do have something against Tmancer. Hes a faget. A self-obsessed one at that.

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