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I'm asking this here, because I don't know quite where else to go with my question.

I love big, immersive, sci-fi universes. However, I don't know jack shit about Warhammer. Where do I start?

I want to get into warhammer omehow; recommended first books? Comics? Games? I don't even know.

Also, how much Warhammer lore is out there?

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This is the complete 40k wiki. I recommend hitting Random Page and reading through what pops up, until your eyes bleed.

And yes, there is a lot of lore. Too much fucking lore.

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For books, read the Eisenhorn omnibus first.

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I may get lambasted for this but honestly? To get an absolute beginners feel for the world, lore, and tone from an outsider perspective in a handy, easy to reconcile package?

Pick up one of the Dawn of War games. I'd recommend Dark Crusade.

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I had background knowledge before them, but the DoW games were my first real entry into the setting. They definitely ease you in, but they also have a lot of mistakes that newbies wouldn't notice, like Khornate sorcerers.

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You can get the important stuff from lurking on /tg/, but keep in mind that a lot of it will be wildly inaccurate or no longer canon.

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Lexicanum is a 40k wiki. Skim it at your leisure.

Consider purchasing the Ravenor Omnibus and the Enforcer Omnibus. Both are great. Avoid the Horus Heresy books.

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I, too, began my Warhammering with the DoW games.

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Start here. /tg/ will tell you what you need to know.

That, or play Dawn of War. Any of 'em.

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Read the rulebook. And any codexes you can get your hands on.
Then go look up Lexicanum, and pick up some of the better-recommended novels.

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Read Dune.

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This perhaps, is the best summary of 40k imo, OP.

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Honestly Lexicanum is full of sketchy and sometimes purely made-up info.

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You like immersive lore ? Read the lexicanum to get the hand of it, and choose one of the 40K roleplaying games to start with. You will love it.

But don't play the miniatures game. If you do, you'll soon realize that it's a total waste of time and money from a storytelling point of view. Even if you try to animate your games by creating campaigns and such, it will still be only a wargame with passable rules.
Opinions, opinions.

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When I first got into 40K it was through other people but mainly the 2nd edition Rulebook, has a lot of lore/fluff in it.
I haven't bought any of the last 3 codex's cause I'm cheap but I assume the same thing holds true? That the big 6E rulebook hold all you need to know about the 40k universe.

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Because of the many authors that try to 'define 40k' and push canon material around like they own it all - so they make their book sell to the factions fanbase. There's the issue of conflicting material. In fact, this franchise is the epitome of conflicting material.

So it's basically pick a favorite faction and read just the stuff that involves them(winning). Otherwise it will just piss you off. Also, read the 'good guy' stuff, because the rest of the factions are just sunday morning cartoon villains geared to lose.

Even if they say chaos wins, all the "small time" stuff in comparison are the bad guys losing. Even when they win, they've lost. Every fucking time.

Then there will be some vast event (when they can profit from it) that saves the good guys from this certain doom that the bad guys are supposed to bring.

-Sales manager of GW
>well not really, but that's how it goes

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Read the Rulebooks and Codices, those are really the best way.

Dawn of War is terrible for it, as although it will give you a general feel for it, so much of it is just plain incorrect about a lot of things.

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Read the Eisenhorn trilogy.

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