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So, /tg/, I was thinking about joining an escalation event in 40k. 2 games of 500, 2 games of 750, 2 games of 1000. I know that low point games allow for silly, streamlined power builds, such as the classic 2x Master of the Forge 2x Snipers 3x Thunderfire Cannon list. I want to run Tyranids.

So what is the cheesiest list I can run at these low points levels? Should I spam Flying Monstrous Creatures? Or should I footslog? Should I take multiple Hive Tyrants or Trygons to insta-win against armies not loaded with lascannons? Gaunts or Genestealers, at this point level? And should I include the Doom of Malan'tai?

Basically, what are some ridiculously good ideas for builds for me to consider? Consider that I have literally everything good in the codex at my disposal except for Gargoyles, Raveners, Tervigons and vanilla Termagants.

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Bumpin' with Tyranid art

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Two Tervigons are a must. They're all but unkillable at that point level, and their ability to shit out more coring units is invaluable.

Take two small Termagant squads to satisfy FoC, then fill points with Hive Guard, or maybe Trygon Primes if you feel like going stompy.

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I'd do that, but I've never cashed out the several hundred dollars to invest in a Tervigon/Termagant pileup.

I could run Hive Guard, sure. And you mentioned six wounds being super powerful at 500 points: maybe I should use the Trygon at 500?

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listen to this man.
tervigons + hibe guard + FMCs

FMCs should be fitted for massed dakka to skyfire those pesky stormravens and nightsythes

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I like this, he's like "HIM, aim at HIM."

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>First game using Swarmlord
>Play against Smurfs
>re-enact that battle pretty much
>Swarmlord challenges Calgar
>They both have the same number of wounds, Calgar has Eternal Warrior
>Swarmlord gets brutally torn limb from limb by a smurf with two power fists

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So the Flyrant is a yes? I'm glad I have that model. I have three harpies, too, but those can't actually hurt Stormravens, they're more suited for killing stuff on the ground.

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So it was more like "I call dibs on THAT ONE!"

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Tervigon, Flyrant with dual brainleach worms, Termigants for troops, hive guard for points add another flyrant if you expect lots of air.

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If you put the Tervigons in the HQ slots, you don't even need Termigant troops, allowing you to take some Warriors instead while still shitting out Gants.

Seriously, its really hard to lose at 1000 and under if you run double Tervi.

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I think that's a good build, what about Ymgarls, though? I know that they're worth it at 2k, but are they too pricy for this size of game?

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So we're all in agreement that the only acceptable low point necron list is flying circus, right?

Necron Overlord in Command Croissant
2 squads of 5 warriors in Night Scythes

500 points


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good luck
1x company command squad
2x veteran squads
6x stationary hydra platforms

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So what you're saying is that the list is vulnerable to ONE particular counter list?

Oh the horror! That NEVER happens with gimmick lists!

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You do realise that if someone downs your overlord before you deploy your 5 man necro teams you lose the game right?

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I think I can manage to keep a 2 wound character inside a AV 13 all-round vehicle alive for one turn in a 500 point game

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You'd be surprised against Hive Guard.

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okay but just make sure you hide those warriors in some decent cover turn 2/3

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Odds of that happening in a 500 pt game are slim to none, considering if the Croissant dies (unlikely on turn one at 500pts) he just jumps out.

Also, 6x Hydra loses against everything else because Hydras don't have Interceptor so they're nearly useless against non-flying targets. Thus, you will never face that list unless your opponent is being a list-tailoring faggot.

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or lootas, or fire dragons, or psyflemen, or long fangs, or necron warrior blobs, or wychs

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>stationary hydra platforms
>not having interceptor
good luck with that

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>Fire dragons
>Warrior blobs
>Getting within range on turn one

Good luck with that.

And how many Psyflemen or Loota squads can you afford to bring in a 500 point list?

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3 units of 8 is pretty easy to do.
so 16ish s7 hits so maybe it survives to turn 2.
but then its dead and i can focus on wiping out those 10 warriors and end the game turn three.

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Huh, what? Swarmy has 5 wounds, hits on almost re-rollable 3+ (preferred ennemy), wounds on re-rollable 2+ and force rerolls on Supersmurf's 4++. Plus Psychic hijinks

Supersmurfs has 3 or 4 wounds, hits on re-rollable 4+, wounds on re-rollable 2+ and does not force rerolls on Swarmy's 4++.

Swarmy should fuck him in the ass with shattered glass as lubricant, everytime.

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one Big Mek with nothing, 2 minimal squads of gretchin and three squads of 8 lootas

Yeah that could probably do it

But I fail to see how that doesn't run into the exact same trap as the Hydra spam list.

Necron flying circus is really good against most lists. It is easily countered by very specific lists, but those counter lists suck dick against pretty much everything else

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actually in 500pt games the 24 lootas wreck most peoples day. thats a lot of s7 even if it it only hits 1/3rd of the time.

lists with LOTs of high S long range shots are king this edition even more so when you opponent has precious little to counter them.

Flying circus is shit. move on and go back to loving massed warriors again.

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I've heard that flyerspam lists tend to do badly against horde lists because there's too many bodies for them to kill. Is this true?

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flyerspam lists do badly because flyers dont count as models when determining if you have been wiped out.

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