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/tg/, I need a favor from you:
Give me ALL your Emprah.
I need this for reasons.

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the emprah is gay

worship gravelord nito, you get better spells

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More like GAYlord Nito!

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is the emporor wairing goggles in that pic? on his forehead

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I think it's a circlet.

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Magnus looks stupid in that pic.

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who does these pics anyway? i've seen their work around before and like it.

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this is a recently restored image of the Emperor

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All of my love.

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Aerion the Faithful. He's got a Deviant Art.

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You really want me to give you ALL my Emprah?

No, you don't.

You really don't.

Oh wait... what... you do? Really?

Ooooooooooookay then....


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Am i doing it right?

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I think it suits a humanized Celestia better.

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I think I win

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Warrior of Sunlight was here. Gravelord Servant a shit.

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>no loli emperor

I'm not mad

Just disappointed

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This pick lacks gilgamesh and saint george

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I already saw the three before the last one, but bloody hell.

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Praise the Emperor! Lolis for the Loli God! Flats for the Flat throne!

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Here's George

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I almost laughed my shit when I saw this

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Dunno just found it somewhere.

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WS10 BS10 S6 T6 W6 I8 A3(6) Sv2+

Flaming sword, power claw, The emperor's armour

The emperor's armour is terminator armour that grants a +2 invulnerable save. Fail armour saves may be rerolled.

The flaming sword:
is a force weapon in which no armour saves may be taken, the weapon adds three attacks that may be rerolled on a 1.

Special Rules:
The aegis, Eternal warrior, independant character, Grand strategy, preferred enemy, furious charge, in the emperor's name!

In the emperor's name!:
Any space marine, guardsmen or sister of battle within line of sight of the emperor is "fearless" with "furious charge" and benefits from the "and they shall know no fear"

Psychic powers:
Hammerhand, Smite, Vortex of Doom, Warp rift, Quick silver, Sanctuary, Might of Titan, Warp lance, Doom, Fortune, Guide, Psyker (mastery level 4)

The emperor may roll on three dice taking the lowest two. The emperor does not suffer from perils and cofers this ability to any other psyker on the field.

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So which figures would the emperor be throughout the history of mankind?

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you'd think, after 38 thousand years and countless Sensei, he'd have learnt a thing or two about parenting

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Am I the only one in this thread?

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If he just let Lorgar continue preaching his name, he'll have atleast one chapter more that's on his side.

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Or y'know, tone it down a bit at least, or have lorgar worshipping science or something instead. Sending the Smurfs at his planet was a bad call


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Well that's the last of Emps from me

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It's Rogal Dorn? Why he does not have a mustache?

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Because bishie animu..

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Even TEH EMPRAH knows who is his spiritual liege.

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>Why he does not have a mustache?
because the written fluff and blanche painting have always had him as a clean-shaven dude with cropped hair.

old man dorn with a 'stache is an entirely fan-created idea

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