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Your ally in service to the Inquisition, a sister of battle, seems to bring a metal crate that smells faintly like a barn wherever she travels. One day your curiosity gets the better of you, and you peek inside. You discover a girl locked inside the crate who looks to be nine or ten years old, wearing only the purity seals and red-dyed rags favored by Repentia. Her scalp is shaved and there are scars from repeated whippings on her back. Trying to get an explanation out of her, she tells you she's waiting for the day she's old enough to die for the Emperor. The only items inside the crate with her are a chamberpot, a single Imperial hymn-book, a flog for self-flagellation, and some straw on the floor.

Wat do?

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Have a tea party with the little girl. Make sure to leave a cup of tea aside for the Emprah.

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I rape the girl.

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Sacrifice to the Dark Gods.

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>chamber pot
>not pack of diapers
that's not a SoB. Kill it.

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You can't rape the girl, she's locked inside the crate and also infibulated.

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Shoot her.

When Sister confronts me I tell her she was allowed to die for the Emperor.

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Disregard girl, acquire sorority ally.

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I find a way to rape the girl.

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Are you a Commissar?

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Sororitas, stupid auto correct

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Free girl, teach her to KILL for the Emperor.

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Wonder if I'm in a fanfic, because I'm a DEldar. Proceed to rape and pillage.

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Again, you cannot rape the girl, she is infibulated.

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I unfibulate the girl, and proceed to rape.

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Implying she doesn't have a butthole or mouth.
Or that you just don't break the infubilation.

It's just sewn together flesh.


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I meant in general, because as you know, wherever a DEldar is, he must rape.

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No. No ork hijack. You guys already stole a little tau girl, and thats more than enough for your greedy ass.

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But can I strap her to the prow of my Raider?

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Thus started Rape-the-Girl Quest. /tg/ was ordered Exterminatus a few months later.

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If you can break the lock or get the key off the Sister without her murdering you, sure, I guess. On the plus side, once strapped to the Raider, she'll be pretty excited to head into battle and finally die for the Emperor

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What if I just tape the box to my Raider.

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Thumbs up, "keep on truckin', kid," move on. I got better shit to do.

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You think Dranon has Cultist-chan on a leash, so he can keep her out of trouble. But no, Cultist-chan is in reality tethered to his armor, so there's no way for him to get away from her.

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Ask her why there is straw on the floor.

Recieve blowjob.

So einfach ist das.

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pls go technomancer

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>You think Dranon has Cultist-chan on a leash

no one thinks that.

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