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Lets have a trip down memory lane /tg/, post some old (aka a year or so!) shit that you remembered on /tg/

According to my computer I saved this on June 24th 2010. Why do I feel so old looking at it

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No one else biting?

Here was I guess some sort of "/tg/ general" image from long ago. Not sure what the elf, planes, and ghost reference to but you can see a Black Lotus, a Space Marine, and a Mad Cat. All of which are symbols of /tg/

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Rummiging through, this is probably the first /tg/ related thing I saved

/tg/ hasnt changed a bit

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I only started coming here when in january. Nothing I've saved is sufficiently old. Have a bump though

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>Space Marine was announced

Jizzing, jizzing everywhere

But the fact that the original (remade one! Not the terrible original) "looked" like a 4 player coop made the final feel a tad lack luster imo

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>that Blood Raven banner

Glorious. Why haven't I tried to slap it on my standard bearer?

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I remember someone requested someone to draw a Bartender Bloodletter with a disgruntled Daemonette Secretary, or something like that

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Man, what happened to Banhammer? I remember he posted here a bunch of times about his upcoming design assignment with those cool plant scientist/monsters, and then just stopped.

I hope he didn't flunk out or something.

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March 2009.

Doesn't seem like long ago at all.

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I wonder what happened to chink

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Some people just get tired I guess

I remember looking at some very old topics on some forums I would see someone with +6000 posts or something and yet their last login time was 3-4 years ago

Maybe he's dead

Have somethign from 2009 (or older)

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He was arrested, because he was a terrible pedophile freak.

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we fight for kane and the emperor!

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he was drafted into the military for a while and i think he died after that

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I thought he died in the military?

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You know, /tg/ is really much less about 40k now. And I think that's a good thing.

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I am pretty sure Chink is still around. I remember a year or so ago I went to his Pixiv account and he had some recent activity.

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I pretty sure that was confirmed to be a lie

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Yes, now its MTG, D&D, and Quests

And 40k

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This is Chink Right?


Last submitted art


>06/05/2012 22:48
Yup hes still alive and kicking

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That reminded me of Slut Patrol, and now I'm sad because there will never be more Slut Patrol.

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this thread is dildoes, pic sort of related its the prime minster of canada

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>pokes around
>4ch /tg/ desktop
>Submitted in 12/15/2007

Almost 5 years ago

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that's Jack Layton, guy.
closest he ever got to PM was leader of the opposition.

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This got me looking through the sup/tg/ archives. I should post less negatively these days, I really didn't used to post so pessimistically.

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Shit happens dude

When I first saw Mantic, I loved it

Now I fuckign hate their guts

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I didnt know what /x/ was back then, I just though this looked funny

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It's funny. I left /tg/ a while back when the banhammer was swinging and the mods were crazy and inconsistent, explored new hobbies, that sort of thing. But I've been coming back in the past few months, and it seems like not much has changed. There are some new faces here and there, some old faces have left, there are fewer members of the Alpha Legion, and the grammar, on the whole, is marginally worse. And that's about it.

If feels like coming home after you've left for a long while and finding that everything is just where you put it. It's a nice sort of feeling.

At any rate, it doesn't seem like I have many images that survived my hard-drive crash two or so years ago, but I do have this. I loved the idea of a gentlemanly Aboleth that solves problems through good old-fashioned fisticuffs.

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Maybe he' still banned.

I really have to get around to actually making a pixiv acount.

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Perhaps, perhaps

Be hilarious if he suddenly did pop up though. I'm sure he'll LOVE all of /tg/'s and GW's new creations

Does anyone know who made these?

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theres so many

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That one is easily the best of them.

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IG time?

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I was in that thread. I didn't leave /tg/ because well, to me the whole mod argument had two sides. The mod was a fuck, but a bigger problem was that people weren't posting allowed things like setting creation threads, fluff threads, etc. and saying those things were bad.

It was a pretty shitty 3 - 4 months, but after that it evened out.

You're the magical circus Aboleth ringmaster Alpharius, right? Did you ever get around to running that?

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I think the oldest thing I can remember is that image of Eric showing up as a girl
And that thread where we helped hooked up a DM with his trap friends and they got engaged

I dont know where that image is through

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And last one I have

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Admittedly, saying this, I racked up bans like I was on a fucking slot machine throughout that period. That is where all my bans come from, and I've had 30+.

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Did Blowout Soon came from /tg/? If not well I think I saved one of the first times it came up on /tg/

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God, I've been wanting to DM a STALKER-based campaign for a long, long time, but I can't really into balancing homebrew weapons, monsters, and the like. Not to mention I don't know much about systems outside of Pathfinder.

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Technomancer pls go.

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I was posting it as setiup for the sequal culminating in 'haters gonna hate"

Which I have now lost. So that's unfortunate.

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I started that snowball.

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i think the oldest thing i got

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I remember ish this

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wtf is this?

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The very same. I was also the first DEAR ABBY. Damn, I'm feeling all nostalgic. I've had a lot of fun in /tg/ over the years.

Never did get around to running it, though. Health issues made consistent group meet-ups a bit tricky, you see.

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Goddamn, these scorpions are everywhere. Why are they everywhere. Fuck.

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My very, very first thread I was ever in was the Toilet Paper Butter Golems one.

Imagine that being the first thing you see on /tg/.

It was how I knew I had found my home

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That still makes me laugh almost to tears.

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Let's see, my memory is always a bit fuzzy but I think the oldest things I remember on /tg/ are Edition Wars, Flare trolling (and Touhou etc), and the first thread where someone decided to turn "roll for monstergil waifu" into "roll and tell" Now that was good times.

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28th June, 2007.

might have something older but it all starts to blur into a disorganized mess and I can never remember the start-date for /tg/ to work out if what's saved is from around then or not.

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