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Dear /tg/,

What is your favorite colour of Orc?

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Bright colors like Red and Yellow

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Cute, anon.

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Green because of Warcraft II.

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i am partial to green/grey orcses, though roodypoo orcs are fine too

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Green is best!

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Not prefering the Fel Orcs aka Red.

The fuck wrong with you?

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Brown, grey, green.

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i guess this is as good enough place to ask. can someone tell me who were the goblins and who where the oarks and who were the uraki. i always though the skinny pointed ear looking guys were goblins and the huge beast where the oarks. but then who the hell were the uraki? someone helps

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in the lord of the rings. sorry didnt mention that

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there ware no goblins in the movie.

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Nigger listen up.

Goblin is halfling speak for orc.

Uruk-hai are Saruman's giant nigger-beasts.

All others are orcs.

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Looks like you're talking about the movies. If so, then uruk-hai are the huge orc-human hybrids; orcs and goblins are the smaller ones and they're one and the same.

Also, fuck you and learn to spell.

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I've got a personal soft spot for: Black/shades of grey, Brown, and Red.

I'm also gonna be honest and say that I've always hated Green orcs.

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Orcs are just dark.

Orks are outright black.

Orkz, though, are always greenskinned.

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Is it just me or they all look pretty awful? Dark Messiah one is barely passable but the rest are just crap.

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Whats wrong with V and VI?

They're the only ones that really look like orcs to me.

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Greenish brown to brown and pale brown. That said, I have [SPOILERS because my players are browsing this board] orcs that are gray.

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I dunno, they just both look too over-the-top-badass-barbarian-mudersmashkiller. Not to my liking, but that's obviously subjective.

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Pray tell what you want orcs to be?


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My favourite Orcs have always been kind of like the Picts of Robert E Howard's Conan lore. Savages, but tenacious and adept both in war and in survival in the most inhospitable places, with some level of the 'noble savage' element as well. My Orcs tend to inhabit grasslands and forests alike, ranging from savannahs to frosty pine forests in the far north-- the main emphasis is on nomadic life and hardship.

They don't really form hordes, but they'll raid you if it's profitable.

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Because save for Star Trek humanoids should never be green

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No, their portrayal in the actual games is fine. I simply don't like the space marine look

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Olive green or dull, greyish green, please.
Grey and brown are passable.
I honestly don't like bright, bogey coloured green Orcs, and moss colour should be reserved for Trolls.

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I just bought some red 40k orks

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Brown orcs are the best.

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Grey skin with a tinge of green, heavy on the beard, and punk-color hair (I'm talkin purple mohawks, bright orange braids, neon greenmullets, the works).

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My favourite color on orcs is female muscles

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Fukken this.

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I kinda like Red Orcs.

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What in the hell even is that.

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I used to like the green warcraft orcs.
Then I found OP's.

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Black, Brown, Red, and any mix in between- to the point that it's almost a sort of purplish hue is fine.

I've grown fond of the "darker" Orc hue's. I find Warcraft Green Orc's just too fucking "brightly" coloured.

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I agree, colors that have an 'earthy' feel to them suit the brutes. Anything to bright just makes them look like living neon signs.

Then again a orc force made of neon yellow skinned orcs sounds both hillarious and stupid >.>

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Orc Muscle Maids?

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A Red Orc from Citadel (although it was later "demoted" to "Red Goblin"). I have several in my collection. Here's a couple of Red Orc kids.

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Pig orcs are best.

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You call that muscle?

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Pig orcs are worst orcs, and I blame JRPGs.
>John Blanche orc best orc

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Actually, scratch that!
>Ian Miller orc superior orc

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James Stokoe orc best orc

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>floppy dicks, cocks everywhere

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>not skinning, slicing, and preserving the gronches of your enemies

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Realm Orcs are pretty cool.

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Oh god i love that book.

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Hell yeah mofo.

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I like double gullet orcs

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Voldemort mae uraki to fight Snap and Loopin to win the Quiddich cup. Oarks were made by Dlumbedoor.

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Wot's zis? A fomilee reeyewnyon?

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Counts as fem-orc?

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This is almost perfect for my tastes, just the face is too 'cute' for my liking.

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