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Hey. I need a thing from you, in exchange for multiple things from me. I'm cutting me own throat, and you fucking know it.

Ok what I need is a picture of an Imperial Guardswoman with brown hair for the Dark Heresy campaign I'm about to join. In return, I dump my character art folder. Sound good?

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Starting with beasties.

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She might have brown hair?

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Barring that rifle she's damn near perfect. I forgot to mention she's from an Arctic feral world.

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>Dat animu.
This is harder than expected. Their all fucking blonde.

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And that is why I turned to /tg/ for help.

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Feral ice world you say?

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Close, but no cigar. She's meant to be the one wielding the axe.

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Unrelated, but BEARADIN.

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Just squint really hard and she won't be blonde.

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Cut that out in mspaint so it's just her?

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Good pic, and I might use it for a later character. But it's still not quite right.

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I might just do that if worst comes to worst.

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Moving on to alchemist.

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It's a fairly small folder. Maybe 3 other pictures.

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It's pretty much the best I have. I have some like this, but it doesn't feel very feral.

Gotta get DLFG on this, that bitch has all kinds of shit.

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Might have a couple OP

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Well that's just damn awesome. Once again, it's the gun. I'll probably end up cutting it out.

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All good shit. Dump it if you have it.

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And out come the barbarians. Hold onto your panties. This is gonna be a long one.

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Good shit broski. Going in the pile.

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The one on the right may work.

No problem glad I could help, I'll try to keep dumping between dota games.

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Fucking forgot the image.

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Take your time. It's a slow board and I have a while.

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Tell them it's an insulation suit.

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What do I tell them about this one? Hehe.

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I meant that one was the insulation suit.

Here's a commissar.

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Sorry about the absence. I was called away to do some stuff and things.

Oh ok. I misunderstood.

Going in the pile for future generations.

Could well do. Might have to change my characters hair to black, but it'll serve in a pinch.

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Wow, noone posted this?

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That's good. Very good.

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Now I'm faced with the dilemma of choosing which image I use.

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My exact thought when I found it. And then Dark Heresy rolled along.

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Sorry had to go do some business, recompensing smallish dump

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More of an Arbite but hey, brunette

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Something from not40k the movie

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yes. Yes. YES. Heresy all over the joint.

Good shit.

Wrong look, but I'll take it.

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Actual people? In my character art thread? yadda yadda

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If you wanted a model to represent your character the Last Chancers box comes with 2 guardswomen.

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Some randoms mug shot.

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aaaaaaaaand I'm spent, hope you find something to use OP

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Da fuq is going on.

It's an internet game, so I doubt that will help. Good suggestion though.

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Many thanks.

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I like the picture, but the burning/darkening outline around her bothers me.

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I ran out of drawn girls. Black and white 'em and stamp a 40l aquilla over the top. Bam instant character pick.

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I don't dig the armour undies, but eh, more for your pile.

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Ok I got bored of Barbarians. Moving onto Paladins.

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I bet it's hot to watch her fire that thing.

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Didn't notice when I looked at it all small.

Cut this out of a comic, dunno though.

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Thanks for contribootin.

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Cassandra Cain, the master of all martial arts.

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This may just be it my friend. I'll hang around and snatch up any other delectables, however.

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I did some quick brunetteing for this one, since you considered it.

I could probably draw something, but it would take a couple of hours at least.

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Probably the best one you'll find. Even I saved it.

Do you have the rest of the last chancers by chance anon? (tee hee) Animal has a awesome reaction face.

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Great. A -4Str, -2Int, -2Wis, -4Cha special snowflake weighing down the party. Goddamn liberals forcing their agenda on D&D. Why can't it be about proper heroes anymore, instead of some closet case's lesbian Mary Sue fantasy.

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Lol'd way harder than I should have.

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>dat fukken smirk
Ah, to be born ninety years earlier.
C'est la vie.

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I swear I didn't mean to post an arbite.

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I lol'ed

Also cracked open my Shadrun folder

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If you wouldn't mind drawing something up that would be awesome. It only needs to be a sketch of the head really. Black and white is fine. Whatever is easiest for you.

If you do draw something, can you got for a barbaric, dominant look? Her tribe is run by the females so she would be used to at least some degree of dominance.

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Feral worlder? also; dat midriff

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>Captain Orkmerica

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We feral now.

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This is fucking awesome. If the drawnon can't deliver, I'll make use of this.

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That may be a wee bit off the beaten track. She is in the employ of an Inquisitor afterall.

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Where'd everyone go?

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I ran out, google trawling now

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Better Mira, more of a portrait.

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Thanks a lot. I really appreciate the help I've gotten.

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eh, it's no effort. Bored between clients

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Both of these are damn good.

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Eastern Paladin. Still counts, man.

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Sweet. Trips.

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Sorry I started drawing too.
Glad you liked this (>>20756858) though.

May pass out myself, so I'm glad you found something.

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Thanks for coming along and posting! And that Pyrette looks so cool.

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Alright, screw it. I'm going to bed now. I have a retarded physics teacher to deal with in the morning as well as a psycho English bitch. Many thanks, brothers and sisters of /tg/. If that drawanon does end up drawing anything, post it in a thread about 22 hours from now.

Once again, many thanks.

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Alternatively, if this tread is still alive tomorrow I'll just check here.

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>not using Foolz archive to look at dead threads

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