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What is /tg/'s feelings and thoughts about the Sisters of Battle?

Are they hated? How about the fanbase? What's the best place way to start an army and what should I get for a game of around 2k?

The reason for all of this is that I'm done with my current army and I want to try something new. That and when I was first introduced to 40k, my first army choice was the SOB, but I was told not to by my friends saying that no one liked them and should have also been Squated.

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Fanbase for them is awful, and they're horribly bland to play and paint.

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Pfft, don't listen to haters. Play the army that interests you the most! If you like the look and feel of the army, you'll be happiest if you are playing them. The one thing with sisters is that if you wait a year, you'll have plastic kits, so I'd hold off on them.

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Thing is, I don't really mind the metal miniatures. Hell, I love metal minis. That's why I have some Vostroyans mixed with Valhallans as a kind of mixed regiment.

Though, does anyone know a tactica for the SOB besides 1D4chan?

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Every good sister list ever includes the following:

St. Celestine
1 (AND ONLY 1) max sized Seraphim Squad with 2 x Double Hand Flamers (Celestine goes here)
2 Dominions
Minimum number of troops
and then whatever Heavy Support choices you want. They're all actually pretty good.

Celestine tanks everything with her 2+, LOS!'ing anything that might ID her to a goober with a re-rollable 6++. She makes the squad fearless, adds a heavy flamer, and lets them make their hit-and-run 5/6th of the time.

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40k is a game more about what looks cool (to you) and what faction appeals to you fluff / gameplay wise, so make your decision based on that. As for the SoB playerbase? It's virtually nonexistant because:

1) Its really expensive to start SoB since its all pewter blister packs. Theres talk of new plastic kits, but nothing confirmed.

2) A bad codex. The current SoB codex is from an issue of White Dwarf, and it is very weak compared to other codices. But hey, don't let this stop you from playing nuns with guns if thats your thing!

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Most of /tg/ doesn't really care, because they're underdeveloped.

Some pretend to like them a lot because they have buyer's guilt or because they joined the Ward hate bandwagon when it was still considered cool to hate Ward for the bloodtide incident. Generally these people pretend to dislike how sexualized they are because they feel that it makes them less likely to be taken seriously.

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SOB can be alot of fun and come with some very unique weaponry and options. the newest update codex in the white dwarf magazine is not as good as it could have been but still good. something to remember with sisters is that there are alot of micromanaging. managing your faith points for each group can be a pain but very effective if done well. i find them really fun to team up with IG or Daemon Hunters.

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I sincerely hope Ordo Hereticus is present again in their next codex and not only as flavour for Grey Knights.

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Just think about it this way - right now, they're not that great, but it's exactly the same as what the Dark Eldar were before their latest update. Now the Dark Eldar are pretty competitive, and have great minis. The Sisters will be just like that. When their new codex comes out, probably in 2013 according to that leaked info, they'll be awesome. Don't let the naysayers keep you from playing an army that you really love.

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>and then whatever Heavy Support choices you want. They're all actually pretty good.

Penitent Engines say otherwise. Still, the OTHER Heavy Supports are both good.

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> I was told not to by my friends saying that no one liked them and should have also been Squated.

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I guess I could start buying some blisters...

Though could I try converting up Saint Celestine's head and replace it with the helmet ones?

Anyhow, would it be a good idea to start buying lots of Exorcists?

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>that picture

Goddamn I wish GW would take a risk and try out a more interesting design with sister armour.

But who am I kidding? They only exist so that people can have power armoured titties.

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to be fair, power armored titties is a noble endeavor

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Really, for Exorcists, you can make a good mockup of the Forge World one with the spare parts from the Immolator and a Whirlwind.

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>complaining about fetish aspects in an army made for fetish aspects
I hate you people, I really do.

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>more interesting
a poncho is NOT more interesting that a cross between medieval armor, a gothic outfit and fetish gear.
And you're saying it as if being sexualized was wrong. As if it wasn't what made them distinguishable from the overall middle-ages-in-spaceness of 40k. As if it wasn't what gives them their identity in the first place.

But go on, tell me what would be more interesting.

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Hmm alright, I suppose I could do that.

Though should I just use some pipe like thing and a Rhino with green stuff?

That also reminds me, what colors should I use if I wanted to do a winter themed color scheme?

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But look at marines. There you have so many different varities of power armour whereby you can mix and match various bits of it.

The Sister design has Never evolved because as far as GW is concerned they exist for titties and they already have titties and thus the existing models will suffice.

I just want a multi-part plastic kit with some different armour types, maybe something with some heavy robes and hoods so I could play up the female monk aspect. Is that so much to ask for?

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Case in point.
That's generic, boring armor.

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>generic and boring
>it's exactly the same as normal sisters armor sans boobs.

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>I want my space nuns to resemble space monks
Full retard.

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Fucking amazing.

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guys guys,

I-.. I-..

I want to start playing this game

but its so prohibitively expensive and I don't have the spare dosh to drop 120 bucks and extra for models and paint :(

is there a cheap way to get into the hobby?

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They don't resemble nuns either.

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You sure about that? open topped isn't as bad as it used to be, Rage went from being a nerf to being a buff, DCC's are one of very, VERY few sources of AP2 that hit at init, and they have three hull points like a true dreadnought while being 20 pts less.

AV11 ain't great, but they hit like a freight train made of rape. Two of them average 13 attacks on the charge AND each wound that those attacks cause cause another swing.

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They don't look like fucking nuns either, you retard.

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Yeah but Marines look dumb.

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Shoulders are different, legs are different, breastplate is completely different. It's generic.

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it's not incompatible with sexualization at all.

>that pic
is the wrong way to go. Flavor-wise, it's just a goofy-looking Templar Brother (those guys in the inquisitorial retinues that are more badass than sister).

40k has tons of space knights and space monks. What makes the SoB unique is that they are girls. What's the point of stating that they are girls if they don't look ostensibly female?

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Then why do you want them to resemble monks?
If you want to play monks, play fucking Dark Angels.

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Play on vassal. You'll just need a codex and big rule book. It's pretty good on vassal, but it likes to drop connections at times.

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No. It looks male. The legs aren't shapely, the waist isn't slim, and the breastplate isn't visibly containing boobs.

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>What's the point of stating that they are girls if they don't look ostensibly female?
This is what 40k players actually believe.

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not to mention the tabard is different.

it can't be buttoned up into a robe, which means that design is fucking shit-tier

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>this fucking pic

the answer is lolscience. this isn't a fucking puzzle.

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It's a question. You cannot believe a question.

You can however answer it.

The correct answer is "none".
Try to prove me that there could be a point.

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what has science done

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>it's not incompatible with sexualization at all.

Maybe, but the point is that the sisters exist for no other reason than sexualization. That's why they're never getting updated, because the modelers don't really care. The sisters already fulfill the basic requirement of having boobs. What else is there to add?

I don't understand you /tg/, you whine that the sisters are unfleshed out and the moment someone suggests expanding on them as a concept you complain that they're losing their fetish orientation. Why can't you just admit that boobs is literally the only reason you care about the SoB?

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>The sisters already fulfill the basic requirement of having boobs. What else is there to add?

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OP, though I did originally liked them for tits, I kinda loved their whole faith system.

Any idea on which codex should I use? Witch Hunters or the White Dwarf one?

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I've yet to see ANYONE make a suggestion of how to "improve" the Sisters that isn't either "make them more masculine" or "make them more like Space Marines".
See the Sister Terminator Armor retards keep asking for.

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nnngh, just looked up a video of it, that won't scratch the itch man

I already have all the Dawn of Wars and this doesn't look very fun-ish

I mean, I waiting on an auction for Assault on Black Reach which has citadel paints included but it's got a full week left on it and there's no "real" gaming club on my campus

or a hobby shop for that matter either

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pdfs of the books exist. go find them.
and a lot of people are cool with proxies.
Build your collection slowly, there's no need to go drop hundreds of dollars on a bunch of minis all at once.

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My suggestion is to expand their kit range and add different armour bits. Different chest pieces and pauldrons and helmets and everything.

Marines get it, so why must sisters be stuck with mono-armour?

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Because everytime /tg/ suggests a serious way of expanding them, it's at the expense of their fetish aspect.

There could be ways to expand their flavor without losing that aspect.

Sisters of Silence
Space amazons
Space whore-priestesses of Ishtar

And, by the way, boobs are precisely the only reason why I care, and should care, for the SoB.

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>not allying a Celestial Squad with your IG army for heresy busting action

Seriously they're a pretty solid addition to an IG army

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Why fix what isn't broken?
I love their armor. I really do. Any drastic change to it would ruin them for me.
What do you want as alternative armor pieces?

>> No.20740902

I would, but they're expensive.

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errr... what's a proxy? someone who controls a split section of their army?

btw I'm feeling the love for the Imperial Guard

something about mountains of men and loads of badass tanks just gives me a nerd boner

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Toss in an exorcist and you're set. Sisters are great as allies.

>> No.20740910

just remember to try the game first. You don't want to spend a lot of money on a game you might not like.

>> No.20740911


Include more or the non-militant orders. More access to Hospitaler Medics or Dialogus. Or the Orders Pronatus (Space Archeologist Nuns. They could be a very nice source of some of the 'odd' options for the codex. Archeotech and rediscovered holy relics)

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They don't need to be more masculine or more like the dev-wank faction. They only need expanding upon and plastics infantry. They need another rhino-chassis vehicle or 2, maybe a full 'battle tank', more weaponry options (within their themes), and more Ordo Hereticus connections.

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in this case, a bunch of paper circles to represent the figures that you would be using.
In the olden days, there used to be only paper proxies. We would cut out pictures of the soldiers we fielded on the tabletop.

>> No.20740930

See, I'm fine with that. But people don't make Sisters threads to suggest rational options like that.

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>why fix what isn't broken

This is what I see as the problem. GW doesn't want to add variety to the sisters, because as far as they're concerned people buy them for power armoured tits, which the current models and design already have, and thus the designers couldn't give a rat's arse. And thus we're left with the situation whereby all sisters look exactly the same outside of whether they wear helmets or not.

I'm not saying ditch power armoured boobs, I'm saying to incorporate a variety of looks. Why not have the option of giving your sisters a chestplate like >>20740694, or a heavy DA style robe, or simply stick with classic sister style chestplates?

>> No.20740947

not a chestplate like that.


Maybe a "monoboob"-type boobplate, but not a flatchest-type plate.

>> No.20740952

sounds cool, thanks brah

>> No.20740960

Because you're literally asking "why not make the Sisters more masculine" and "why not make them more like Space Marines"?

>> No.20740987

give that bitch some lace
bitches love lace

>> No.20740988

practically, not literally

>> No.20740989

Last I heard, army/rule wise they are kind of nerfed.

>> No.20740993


>why not make them more like space marines.

I just want the models to have the same versatility as space marines.


>implying Robes are space marine only material

Eldar Farseers has robes, does that make them space marines?

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more gothic, prettier.

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The second issue is the gigantic H-cup power titties, the man face, the absolutely terrible in general minis and the absolute lack of care GW gives them, the fact that they are intolerable fanatics of an extremely vague and ill-defined religion (we have no idea how the Imperial Creed feels about, basically, ANYYTHING applicable to modern morality, so unless you're fighting aliumz or chaos you have no idea how your characters would feel about it, but you know they'd have an EXTREEEEEEEEEEEEM opinion).

The -general concept- of them I like, they are amongst the most Imperial-flavored of Imperialtown. The space marines are the most visibly iconic 40k faction and they are not part of any Imperial law or command structure (except the Highlords) and they do adhere to the Imperial Creed. And they're so few they're almost nonexistent... so space marines are kind of terribly non-representative of the Imperium.

>> No.20741024

>heavy DA style robes
>heavy robed like the Dark Angels Space Marine chapter
Right, totally asking why not make them more like Space Marines.

>> No.20741041

The Imperial Cult IS a very ill-defined religion. It varies dramatically on one single planet, let alone the whole Imperium. Look at all the different denominations of Christianity alone there are on Earth. Now imagine EVERY RELIGION ON EARTH having ostensibly the same god.

>> No.20741050

okay, so lace, robes. . .
should we give them fancy hats?

>> No.20741057

I'd like that, actually. The sheer impracticality of it would make it even better.

>> No.20741065


And I made a post complaining about the fanbase and how they're so fucking puritan and defensive of their waifus that it made me liek MW, the 4chan thought it was spam, requiring me to do it all over again, and upon so doing, it thought the NEW one was spam.

AND it thinks this one is spam.

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We should give them optional head coverings like actual nuns. Dunno what you call those things, but you know the ones I mean.

>> No.20741070


I was using them as an example you fucking moron.

>> No.20741076

armored ones

it would look ridiculous, but awesome.

>> No.20741077

So, like, how do you roleplay an extremist of a religion that has no specific beliefs beyond that which atheists of that culture also share?

>> No.20741085

PROTIP: if your example of what we should give them is reminiscent of Space Marines, don't bother. The idea is to make them LESS like shittier Space Marines.

>> No.20741091

Wimples. They have them in the setting, but the models don't.

>> No.20741100


>XDD I hate teh spas marens am I cool yet /tg/?

Why not just strip the sisters naked then? Then they lose that pesky power armour that makes them look like space marines.

>> No.20741101

Come up with the beliefs of the specific sect your Sisters belong to on your own. You know they're radical Puritans and thus HATE aliens, heretics, mutants, and unbelievers. All the other specifics? Come up with them yourself. 40k is MADE for customization.

>> No.20741113

I like Space Marines. What gave you that idea?
I'm saying we need to make them less like shittier versions of Marines.

>> No.20741121

Yeah, those. They'd be great.

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Yes. Frills and Fancy hats and Danmaku...I mean dakka.

>> No.20741151

They need more goggles. If anything, jaya and chandra have taught me that flame bitches need them.

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I think Sisters should have special angel-type units that fluff-wise seem to manifest from particularly rabid instances of faith.
And when I say angel, I mean ANGEL.

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OP here, does anyone have any conversion ideas for SOB?

I was kinda thinking of going with a winter theme.

>> No.20741160

that's why they should have a few squads of Sisters of Silence giving them a hand.

But really, everything needs more goggles.

>> No.20741170

Hmmmm... sounds like an interesting idea. You could give them power boots, iron collars (function like iron halos), perhaps religious body paint.

>> No.20741171

But how can we make the goggles look more GOTHIC instead of just half-ass steampunk? This is important.

>> No.20741172


Emprah daemons are fine by me.

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File: 22 KB, 390x293, The-Flying-Nun.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the hats allow you to deep strike

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File: 43 KB, 315x420, 1312584541077.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Well then I'm sorry, I simply thought you were trying to manifest that edgy anti-marine bandwagon.

My bad.

But really, the point of robes and hoods is to give them a more religious, ecclesiastical feel to them. And I personally just feel annoyed because as far as I can tell GW would never deliver on such a kit because it'd obscure their chest.

One thing that has always bothered me about sister power armour is that it has no history or fluff behind it. Marine power armour has a long and colourful history of variants and redesigns. Sister armour has always looked like it does now. I'd like to see GW design some previous examples of what the Sisters donned throughout the centuries.

>> No.20741183

>conversion ideas
>for single piece metal models

>> No.20741185

But we pretty much have those. They're called Repentia.

>> No.20741191

this would be especially relevant, since in the Warp, concepts get distorted and every nasty undertone about every idea manifests literally.

Not something as weird and evil-looking as chaos daemons of course. Emps is not a chaos god, but definitely something freakier than a girl with wings.

>> No.20741198

Then why not ask for just hoods alone?

>> No.20741202

Technically, Steampunk is Gothic without the supernatural creepy romanticism. And there's nothing supernatural, creepy or romantic about goggles.

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I want more pics of Sisters like the one in the top right.

They're neat. I like them as a middle ground between Guardsmen and Astartes. I think they could use a bit more love, honestly. I hear they're rubbish on the tabletop, but we've had fun with them in the RPGs.

>> No.20741208

Oh yeah.

>> No.20741209


You could go with more modern goggle designs. Still, a steam punk goggles work for imperial priests, so I don't think they change the feel much.

More fire motifs would be nice.

>> No.20741210
File: 644 KB, 800x721, ophan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was thinking of taking inspiration from Biblical depictions of angels. Geometric shapes, eyes, wings, and fire.

>> No.20741229


Because if marines are allowed to have millions of different sprues that give them options like tabards and robes and sculpted artificer plates why can't sisters?

I'm not saying phase out their current look at all, fuck. I'm saying give them sprues with options to Expand on it if you feel like it. Do you understand what I'm trying to say?

>> No.20741233
File: 24 KB, 220x282, 220px-Tetramorph_meteora.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

always thought those sorts were the best.

>> No.20741262

Yes, I do. But I'm saying drastic changes would just detract from their very unique armor. I'm saying give options to add ON to it instead of changing it outright.

>> No.20741274


Man, nobody ever draws the fucking helmet. Saved.

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File: 188 KB, 800x671, Seraphim.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20741288


Playing the weird type of warp magic they have going on would be cool.

>> No.20741304


What would count as 'too drastic' in your opinion?

Would a single body length tabard chest-piece in a box of ten sisters be too drastic?

>> No.20741335

Tabards are rather knightly, though. I mean, I wouldn't have an issue with what you're describing, but it's just not a change I'd fight for.

>> No.20741352


What's the problem? Sisters already look More like knights then Mk7 space marines.

They're lady knights in space.

Guess what? Lady Knights are My fetish. Why should I miss out?

>> No.20741358

Their whole Bolt-Chain-Flame-Melta thing is really cool.

I like Sisters Repentia, and the armor on regular Sisters helmets. The non-militant orders are really cool, and Living Saints as 'Good Daemons' is neat.

I hope we get an Arbites White Dwarf codex.

>> No.20741362

I think what he's trying to get at is that GW needs to do SOMETHING.
They've got plenty of art people to come up with good stuff. Or if nothing else, they have plenty of money to throw at art people.

>> No.20741366
File: 137 KB, 634x800, c94494d4d8adabac762621ed77b2176a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.20741370

Because Space Marines are the knights, flavor-wise. I'd prefer them to be more like combat nuns than knights.

>> No.20741378

There's been several examples of things that are pretty good. Tabards just aren't one of them.

>> No.20741382

Wow, our standards with abhumans are really slipping

>> No.20741386


Well nuns wear robes. So we're back to that square.

>> No.20741392

Is there even such a thing as a lizard-like abhuman?
Last I heard, beastmen were all mammalian.
No, nuns wear habits. Different things.

>> No.20741400
File: 81 KB, 336x395, sisters-barge.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They honestly would have been my army had is not been for the god-awful models.

>> No.20741408


In case you haven't noticed, sisters already Have tabards. The only miniscule difference is that they only come down from the waist, they don't extend up the body. Is that really such an abhorrent detail to have on a handful of sisters in your army? Heck, if anything they'd just accentuate the breasts More by having them stick out against it.


Habits are just a kind of robe. If you say otherwise then you're just in denial.

>> No.20741427

No, they're a kind of tunic. Again, a different thing.

>> No.20741428


Like a blouse is different than a shirt.


Seconding, which is why attended knight is my fav mtg common from

>> No.20741434

A blouse is a shirt. A tunic is a tunic.

>> No.20741450

I'm not saying I'd have an issue with tabards. I'm saying I'm just apathetic to them.
By all means, give them tabards.

>> No.20741459

Pretty much this. All they really need are high quality sculpts instead of those old metal abominations.

>> No.20741482


>all they need is high quality sculpts

And GW will reward you in future by releasing a 5-model box of mono-pose finecast sisters.

And then make them even cheaper in the book so you have to buy multitudes of them.

>> No.20741525

>And then make them even cheaper in the book so you have to buy multitudes of them.

rnatt vvard everyone!

>> No.20741560

I thought it was Mat?

>> No.20741567

It is. It's just a habit on /tg/ to call him Matt.

>> No.20741644

Making things cheaper so you have to buy more of them is not necessarily a Ward thing.

Kelly cut the point-cost on boys by 1/3rd, and nerfed the holy fuck out of slugga/choppa boys and made Shootas undercosted like hell. At the same time, the boyz boxset was changed from 16 for $35 to 10 (with upgrades) for $22 (and now it's back up to $30)

Dropping the point cost of something needed for an army isn't specific to any dev... It's something GW in general does. They have a fascination with doing it to 'lighter-armored' armies, and then modifying the box-sets to be more expensive for less models. IG went through a similar thing, dropping to a 10-man box set from a 20-man.

>> No.20741933

Yes, the secondhand market, depending on where in the world you are you can get some really good deals IF you know where to look.
Case of point would be a friend who got a 3000 point bret army (fully painted) for the same price as two green knights.

>> No.20741949

Oh and how could I foget, I got a slann with twenty temple guard for the price of just over one box of ten temple guards.
I'm using boxes as bench marks as I can't be arsed to chech currency btw.

>> No.20741983


It's almost like complaining about Space Marine armies in a faction made for Space Marine chapters, or complaining about the Imperium of Man in a game made for the Imperium of Man, or complaining about a game on the board made for that game!

>> No.20742286

Seraphim troops who use up a certain amount of Faith Points to morph their jump packs into wings?
I can dig it.
Gotta play up dat bizzare vibe.

>> No.20742896

You can't win tourneys with them, so most people don't care.

>> No.20742923


Eh, I think Sisters would be best avoiding overt faith powers except on units that are specially set up for it. Something overt (Not just 'Unnaturally lucky shots' or 'Endless bravery and fervor') should be rare.

>> No.20742942


The reason people want more whacky faith powers is because sisters have shit all really going for them other than being cheaper MEQs to space marines with lots of flamethrowers.

>> No.20742984


I'm not opposed to crazy stuff, I personally liked the Blood of Martyrs 'When did my SOB become a magical girl' take on faith powers. I just think anything Troops should be pretty simple.

I'm ok with more elite units having faith powers that do wackier things. Heck, I'm fine with anything up to 'When did this Character walk out of Nanoha?'. Because, lets be honest, SOB kinda need special characters who can compete with other codexes...and that mostly means 'We need bigger faith powers on characters'.

I was more opposed to the 'Troops' part than the 'Wacky Faith Powers' part. I feel that troops should be simple, powerwise.

>> No.20742995


>SOB Nanoha

I'm totally ok with a Special Character with a Multimelta and special powers.

>> No.20743008

Sisters should get Vulkan in their codex.

>> No.20743048


That's probably a joke but it does point out something that the SOB could do with more for special characters. Ranged Attacks. The SOB are a shooting army, yet their HQ choices are nearly exclusively given special melee weapons.

The ability to give a Cannoness a Heavy Weapon would be very nice, especially with the new ability for characters to pick targets on a good roll. A Space Marine stabs people...a Cannoness vaporizes a Chaos Lord with a multimelta before he even gets a chance to strike.

>> No.20743097


Multi-melta wouldn't allow a Cannoness to pose dramatically with a power sword. Which is what the modelers care about.

>> No.20743119

The pose, especially, looks goofy.
I mean, squatting all the time isn't a very feminine-looking pose.
unless they're wearing diapers.

>> No.20743124
File: 74 KB, 850x573, NitoriElectronicsUtsuho.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


It would allow them to pose dramatically with a heavy weapon. Big guns are plenty dramatic.

>> No.20743126

Counterpoint: this isn't animu.

>> No.20743139


>pose dramatically
>pointing the weapon forward.

>> No.20743153


Technically that isn't either. It was just the first 'Big gun' I could find in my folder.

>> No.20743177
File: 90 KB, 900x826, 1314478626871.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20743182

40k has the majority of conventions animu is known for. It is indeed animu as fuck, with the sole exception that it isn't cutesy.

It has POWER LEVELS?!?!?! The Horus Heresy is about non stop POWER LEVELS?!? HOW DID HE GET SO POWERFUL??! HOW COULD YOU DO THAT?

It has mechs powered by SPECIAL SNOWFLAKES.


Space marines win fights not by using tactics but by wearing brightly colored armor and charging into melee against shooty foes across open terrain and grunting and screaming. CSM lose to loyalists in storylines mainly because THEY FORGOT... THE TRUE MEANING... OF THE EMPEROR'S TEACHINGS?!?

No sense of scale, and terrible proportions.

>> No.20743197


>Space marines win fights not by using tactics but by wearing brightly colored armor and charging into melee against shooty foes across open terrain and grunting and screaming

Actually Space Marines in universe regularly wear camouflage that they tailor to suit particular campaigns. The exception is usually the Fists and some of their successors because they're the sort for whom SHOWING YOUR COLOURS is the most important.


>CSM lose to loyalists in storylines mainly because THEY FORGOT... THE TRUE MEANING... OF THE EMPEROR'S TEACHINGS?!?

Yeah nah.

>> No.20743201

Well technically she'd need to have a Plasma Weapon that is also a Force Staff.
Would also look "better" than a gun.

What you are saying is that special powers should be reserved for special characters, right?

>> No.20743212


>special powers reserved for special characters.

No. Special Characters should have their own take on the kinds of abilities regular HQs get... otherwise you see nothing but armies of the same SCs running around.

>> No.20743216

Oh, then I guess that shonen anime (as opposed to anime in general, since you seem to be unable to make the distinction) is actually pretty heavily inspired by ancient epics.



Fuck, by following your logic, Black Metal and NĂ¼ Metal are the same thing because they're both descended from Heavy Metal and share a few similarities because of that.

>> No.20743217


>The Sister design has Never evolved because the only sculpts released for the army are single pose metals that were released 15 years ago.

Fixed that for you.

>> No.20743220
File: 143 KB, 965x681, thenpaywithyourblooddp3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20743229

>CSM lose to loyalists in storylines mainly because THEY FORGOT... THE TRUE MEANING... OF THE EMPEROR'S TEACHINGS?!?

Only a handful of CSM still claim to be loyalists. The vast majority of them piss on the Emperor's name.

>> No.20743233


Why haven't they updated them then?

>> No.20743241
File: 239 KB, 600x338, 1340829740906.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20743266


That and HQs. Troops and even most other non-troops should be pretty subtle...but when you hit 'Cannoness' or 'Palatine' or 'Living Saint' you get the more over, impossible to pass off as luck stuff.

Healing the wounded with a touch, having such grace that the enemy can't bear to look at them or consuming the enemy with the Light of the Emperor.

>> No.20743300

A good way to forget something is to not think about it. Like, say, for ten thousand years...

>> No.20743306

There's a difference between sharing a few things and sharing literally-fucking everything other than art style.

>> No.20743506

Sisters could do with more relics.

It's harder to justify 'Sisters have this equipment but marines don't' for a lot of pure military stuff...but when you get to blessed gear and holy artifacts, the marines have a much harder time.

Also, damn you >>20742984 for mentioning Nanoha. I'm imagining Signum as a Living Saint and it's very cool.

>> No.20743619

How would you build and stat Laevantein in 40k, either the TTG or the RPGs.

>> No.20743655


I'd likely look into some of the Eldar weapons for rules. Make it be something like 'Power Axe without Unweildy OR Power Sword that reduces the enemy to init one, decide at start of assault phase'

Still, if I was going to do 'Signum' I'd make them a duelist special character. Not go for a 1 for 1 translation, I'd instead go with 'Honorable Duelist' as a theme. It fits her 'Knight' theme without being 'St Celestine, Mk 2'

Perhaps make her have Strikes First in challenges or have her wounds dealt in challenges count double for deciding combat. Something to make people not want to put their squad leaders near her.

>> No.20743886


I could go for that. Maybe: Same basic statline as Celestine, that weapon you mentioned and...hmm...perhaps rerolls to hit in Challenges?

>> No.20747637

CHAINS and FIRE and WHIPS sound like the archetypal DE shtick.

>> No.20747715


Because the army has not much more stuff in it as the 2ed necrons did. So they don't sell, so GW don't expand on them.

Which is silly because the reaction I almost always get from on lookers when I deploy my SoB army is that "they would love to get their own, if only they had plastic models."

>> No.20747811


Well, looking at St Celestine, powerful SOB statlines look more like Eldar ones than Marine ones.

Also: Whips and Fire not SOB? I direct you to Repentia and all the flamers ever.

>> No.20749643

Yeah, SoB are all about Meltas and Flamers and Holy Promethium. Its a cleansing of the impure by fire kinda deal. Dont forget they have the Immolator as their signature vehicle. The whips part is not so prominent but it does show up here and there.

>> No.20749840
File: 38 KB, 318x472, 1298143497951.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>You can't win tourneys with them
you sir must be fucking terrible at this game.

or else you have only seen terrible people using sisters.

>mfw last tourney at my LGS i won playing sisters

>> No.20751797

You sir, are filled with excrement and falsehoods. Or you live in some quaint backwater area where your competition consisted of a bagel and one inbred chimpanzee with Down's syndrome.

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