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So /tg/, would you play in a game where you were grunt Mobile Suit pilots fighting in an existing or modified gundam setting?

Pic related, it's a motherfucking Leo.

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>walk 5 feet with that thing
>it blows up

We call those the Lucky Ones

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I assume that since PC's are piloting the things they'll be pretty fucking tough. In that series it wasn't really the machine that mattered, it was who was in the cockpit.

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It's true. Heero piloted a Leo for, like, two episodes.

At least, I think I remember that. My memories of Wing were a blurr of needless political coups.

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He did. Also did so in the movie. Treize also raped faces in one as well. As long as you had plot armor you were pretty safe in a Leo.

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>training time with leos
>half of them blow up
>the other half blow up when cleaning up the scraps

No one is safe

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>Another glorious day in this man's army.

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Absolutely. 08th MS team is the best Gundam setting.

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Working on it. Gotta clean up the EZ-8's head first though and base my GM Head and thumper vehicle.

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well their pretty effective against anyone not in a mobile suit, other than that.....

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Did someone say ''Grunt MS''?

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Because i felt like it.

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Best Mass Produced

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>Not KAI ver.


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so the early parts of Zeon Quest?

hell yes motherfucker

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I was actually trying to write an 08th MS Team game. The MS on each side are evenly matched enough to make things fair, and they usually stay on the ground, too.

My other idea was for a 1 on 1 Gundam battle game based on G Gundam. You know, the exact opposite of having grunts vs grunts: super special snowflakes for EVERYONE!

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Only if it's the good existing Gundam setting.
pic related, it's the grunt mobile suit of the best faction in the best setting.

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This sounds fucking sweet. It's basically the same thing as playing a stormtrooper in Star Wars, or a rank and file soldier in D&D.

Sure you can fight, and you might survive, but the enemy is as tough as you are, and you know that at any moment, a gundam might show up and kill you all.

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I'd be for it.

Actually, I'd like to take a shot at playing what the OP in this thread ( http://archive.foolz.us/tg/thread/19100726/ ) was going for, only hopefully less... murdery.

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Hucklbein here


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Matrix Missiles

Matrix Missile everywhere

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captcha ate my pic

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Very much yes.
>Not Stark Jegan

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I would and I've been tossing up creating a non-head-in-ass way of representing body location mechanized combat using the FFG DH/DW/RT/BC/OW system like Adeptus Evangelion, but I've always been too lazy.

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Eventually in the clusterfuck that is post-Endless Waltz, apparently the Leo's technology is revamped until its Leo III variant.
Which is essentially a Tallgeese.
>but it's based on the Tallgeese
>it went so fast it broke bones of the pilot because they can't invent proper suspension of the cockpit and safety belts

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>best grunt gundam

>nobody posts this suave motherfucker.

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>late war MS
Only meant for collectors to build models of and gossip about, the same way /k/ommandos would talk about a Stg prototype. Come back when it reaches Dom-level.

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best Zaku

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The Kaempfer was a limited production Ace unit. It wasn't mass produced like the Zaku or the Dom was.

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Whoa whoa whoa, I thought the Kampfer was for special ops only?

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Special Operations unit produced late in the war. Had it dragged on or had the Kaempfer been designed earlier it would have been relatively common.

Alas it was not meant to be and it's only lasting legacy was as the distant predecessor of the Marasai

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It was, and it sucked.

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It took out six MS on it's own. SIX. 4 of which were immensely expensive GM Sniper IIs, supposedly the best MP unit the feds created during the war.

Hell, it Could have taken out the ALEX if he'd been a bit more careful.

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>grunt suits

>special snowflake suits posted everywhere

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Think again...

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About time someone stood up for the Leo.

I love its no-frills all-business look, too.

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Let's take this to the next level.

Hard mode would be piloting fucking Votoms.


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Is that show any good? Is it worth sailing the seven seas to get?

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cranked up to eleven

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A TSF can beat an MS. Discuss.

Also, how much will YAMATO DAMASHII let Japanese Eishi overcome SIEG ZEON?

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That's the weird thing, because a Kampfer in Ecole du Ciel is able to take on Gaplants and win.

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I like how even the third-generation Leos get torn apart like a condom in a wheat thresher in Wing.

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I intend to approach every conflict in this game with balanced lower power grunt suits and rely on numbers and tactics to overcome specialized units.

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To be fair even when they introduced things that weren't Leos anything that wasn't a Gundam or the Tallgeese was a joke.

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Well, the Mercurius (sic) and Vayette were sort of different.

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Virgo's kicked even the main characters around for a while too

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You might try playing 'MS Saga: A New Dawn" for the PS2 to give yourself an idea...

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Only because of the mobile doll system.

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OP, in answer to your question, the answer is yes.

I ran such a game for my players, and it remains a thing of legend to this day.

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I like this Zaku better.

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I fucking jelly.

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You and I both know that's a second-line Clan mech from Battletech. The Horned Owl, right?

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Thats not a Nemo, and the AEUG didn't use Zakus.

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Series is good as hell and the sequels are still good. I'd consider the original series a classic since it's more grimdark and realistic then Gundam. Namely, laser, plasma, and beam weaponry is rare as fuck and only found on the largest of ships, life sucks in the Votoms universe, and everyone is out to kill you.


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So... storytime?

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I am already playing this game. Well, the setting is more a horrible bastardization of UC Gundam and Battletech, but its still fun. Would you like to know more?

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20745320 here. Yes, I would like to know more.

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>Pic related, it's a motherfucking Leo.
You can keep your MADE OUT OF EXPLODIUM products.

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Dude, a Gundam gets its shit rocked by a Leo in the first episode.

Wing's big weakness is that mooks are even less threatening than they ever used to be.

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Fuck yeah Nemo. Love the guy, best MS ever.

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I like my Mass Production Gundam Mk IIs the best

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I do love me some AU Grunts. Wing and 00 both had some great grunts. Everyone loves Wing's Leo, Taurus, and Aries.

I really like 00's Tierien, Flag, and GN-X. The Tierien really looks like something the Russians would come up with, sturdy, utilitarian, and easy to maintain. The Flag looks like something the Americans would make, sleek, fast, and overly complicated (in this case it transforms). The GN-X with its four eyes and the long thruster bits is really unique.

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Has anyone made UC Gundam stuff for Mutants and Masterminds?

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Do you have Mecha and Manga? There should be a number of suspciously similar substitutes for you to work with.

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Personally, I loved the Maganac.

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