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Post funny /crossover /intresting miniatures.

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I wish I had a picture of this in higher quality.

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wow, someone put a lot of effort into models they will never be able to use and will have a negative effect on his reputation

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Flames of War or Axis and Allies ring any bells?

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there's a difference between playing a faction that is Nazi and turning your faction into Nazis

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>implying the Imperium aren't already Nazis without swastikas

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They are a lot of things.

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While that may be the case, purposefully putting WW2 insignia onto all your stuff just makes you look like a neo-nazi.

I don't think it'd get you hated exactly, but people would probably think you're either an extremist or a pants on head retarded fetishist.

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Half of the swastikas are flat, while the other half are tilted. Mixed messages much?

Also; batman

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faysted 261a

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I had a dream the other night which involved an Ork looted AT-ST. Guess I should check out if such a mini exists and if not, how cool it would look.

The way I remember it had the top of the cabin removed.

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OMG that's the best ever, I love it and want to hug it and never stop!

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So a looted sentinel.

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"Liberty Prime is online. All systems nominal. Weapons hot. Mission: the destruction of any and all Chinese communists."

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Mrph Rmmrph!

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No, a looted AT-ST, with enough of the chassis intact so you can still see it's not a sentinel. I also imagined the AT-ST to be a bit taller.

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>disco squig

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this is it? so little?
i thought better of you TG

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a facepalm for tg then

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one facepalm is not enough

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got a lot to sort through, so it's taking a bit

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dunno if this really counts, but i like it

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That launcher looks familiar

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its chinese btw

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I just found out Wizards of the Coast tried to leverage the experience gained from D&D miniatures into a purely miniatures a game called Dreamblade. Most of the figures look pretty terrible. Still, something about the octorilla caught my eye.

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No Akugon yet ?

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You don't have enough fire to burn this one.

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chancesx fifth

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Every time I see this picture, it reminds me that I need to start working on a looted Gurren Lagann...

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I see that and raise you.

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I did not notice that before.

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Game on, padawan.

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I got a few, dumpin what I have.

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The Emperor's Wasps



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So much want...

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Anyone seen more of this?

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Dat Trukk

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What is this Titan of pure nerd orgasm made out of, and how do I make one myself?

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The train has no brakes

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Actually those are unmodified minis as produced by Micro Arts Studio.

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Sorry guys.

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The moment when I'm subscribed to that thread on DakkaDakka and I hate mlp.

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now thinking of constructing some sort of command barge to strap to my dog, thanks alot

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The fucker even made the chainhorns. Nothing is true anymore.

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Is that supposed to be a Necronified Brute chopper from Halo 3?

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Every time I see that model I wonder if it actually transforms or if there's 2 different models, one for each mode.


Don't you mean 'Eaven Stompin' Gorken Morken?

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>Every time I see that model I wonder if it actually transforms or if there's 2 different models, one for each mode.
I think its just a really well modded and painted version of an optimus prime toy that really did transform.

so i think it does transform and its been converted really well.

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It does. There's a thread on The-WAAAGH that details it's construction

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it's scratch-built, actually

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This pic make me think of Deff Skwadron.
>Kaminork: Wozzat grot woz doin' crappy stuff?
>Simgrot: Iz Mekittan, bross. Iz been shot.
>Kaminork: HAHAHA, dat ol' Mekittan, funny git.

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I love me some Deff Skwadron.

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Everyone loves Deff Skwadron. I would sacrifice kittens for a Deff Skwadron film, instead of some Space Marine 2 : Alien vs Space Marine.

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You are now imagining being the poor sonovabitch that has to reload that thing.

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>prism tank

All of my gems

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does anyone else want a deff dread with a gurren lagann theme? i know i do. realy all a gots ta do is get a deff dread set, add a drill bit to one arm and cut out some orkified kamina shades from orange transparent plastic for da face, and done.

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why did I never think of doing that

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ork geanstealers?

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What do you think orks do for fun on spacehulks?

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wow what model is that? With a little bit of work, that'd make for a nice scout conversion.

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One of these days I want to make a titan sized 'Eaven Stompin' Gorken Morken based on TTGL, complete with the whole "made up of a dozen mech heads" look.

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Looks like a FW Elysian.

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such a small detail (relatively) to take note of and love- but the filigree on the top of the exhaust pipes are fantastic. That really conveys some age to the model.

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Who is that demon in the pic?

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the classic

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that depands where. People would stomp the living shit out of someone with an army like that and the police would say they couldnt indentify the suspects.

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