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setting: ice cold ocean, thick layers of pack ice over large portions of it. southern most regions of a planet. no land mass. creatures swimming under, living upside down, and digging thru the ice. go.

(no images to scale)
the players: Patouels- what you see is what you get. the swimmer is the fastest and most toxic. they prey on the kreeb primarily. as it is slow.

selp- ranging from harmless to color changing spine ejecting death. form forests.

Keeb- deadly to eat for most anything, eats carrion. Will "hunt" the sick and dieing near the ocean floor, then poision them to death. they are rather joyful creatures. range in size from crab to large lobster.

cozzel- coral building tube snake...thing. might be electrical. might not be electrical. care to test your chances? 1-6 feet long depending on age.

skrimp- large shrimp like creatures. feed primarily on plankton and smaller life forms. come in several varieties.

cedya- a swimming fungus.

Holo- a fat beach ball sized fish that bursts out of the water at high speeds to skip across the surface, thus escaping predators. primarily eats eggs, plankton, patouels and holo berries. "Schooling"

Dero- the apex preadtor. eats holos and skirmp. about 4-8 feet long.

anyone can evolve anything. party on.

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So, wait... how does one evolve a creature? Do you just say what you want it to become? This sounds awesome but I'm a bit sketchy on the mechanics.

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check it out: you grab a creature, decide where you want it to go, and take it in that direction, do a little sketch in ms paint, from the variety of images, your draw fu does not have to be good, but for the love of all that is holy, save it as a .png file. Hopefully someone will see that your creature is now doing something that fucks with theirs and they will evolve accordingly. Some people get a goal in mind like "its gonna fly" and they start taking steps towards flight. or dig. or make it to the surface (amphibious-> full land dweller) but the world is your oyster.

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Sweet. Trial run: the Ice-cave Ceyda.

Over time, some of the Oceanic Ceyda begin to congregate near the small pockets in the ice above them that can afford them shelter from all the nasty things that will eat them.

Since they're so close to the sharp edges of the ice, their 'wings' begin to become a liability, and natural selection favors those with more robust, shorter wings, and larger, stronger tails allow some Ceyda to scratch out better shelter in the ice above.

Eventually, some Ceyda begin to develop a pattern of clinging to the ice above, scratching away with their tails for long periods of time to hollow out a tiny burrow in which to hide.

How's that?

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Welcome to the Arctic Ocean Evo, young padawan. May your posts bring you glory, and your evos prevail.

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welcome. that was perfect. and now the hunt begins.

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walking patouels are small, but can cling upside down on ice. their tiny little internal organs produce oil that can be sprayed out at very high PSI, from a pinprick sized hole on their "eye spot". they instinctively shoot at what they think are the eyes of another creature. they do not have enough oil for more then one shot between meals.

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>9000 hours in Photoshop Elements for OC

The Ceydas that aren't strong enough to resist the high-pressure streams quickly die off, decimating the local populations. The few that do survive use their ice-caves for better protection, emerging to prey on the occasional Patoule, going for those tasty, tasty oil-producing organs due to the 'scent' they emit.

The local Ceydas are greatly reduced in number, but their eye coverings become slightly thicker and they develop predatory tendencies, using the oil streams of Patoules to track them more easily.

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the patouel develop new organs to house acids that get mixed with the oil, in addition they start to travel in a pack. hopefully cedya never learn to travel in packs.

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And so begins the arms race... hehehehehe.
Here's a lil something something. Wrappable, 50% of original size, still missing out on seamarks and grid to enable easier tribe placement.

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Gotta get some sleep, been fun playing! I'll be back later if the thread survives.

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the holo looks down from upon its mighty pearch at the false holo berry plant, aka murder plant, and says to itself. "i will eat that fucker."

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derrrp. forgot me image.

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The Derro gaings longer little leg thingies, so that it can move faster. Derro Supreme!

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Its quiet today. I'll make another evo, a split from the Dero main this time

Some of the Deros develop an alternative means of going faster. They gain large, vertically flat tails, swishing them back and forth. This only for closing in on prey in a burst of speed at the moment.

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forgot pic

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Man, this stuff has gotten so far beyond the original creatures that I hardly recognize all their base creatures anymore.

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are you one of the original evo guys?

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I suppose I am. Granted original evo is primordial even made by indonesan gentleman. Most of my work was in... eastern continent(?). Fwog and Ragas stuff mostly. (and shogun glund, my finest creation)

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ah, I see the smilyface now.
I will be monitoring this thread.

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Splinter species of Holo arrives. Living in the midst of Selps is a horrible life. Plants themselves are dangerous and predators are another thing. Because of survival of the fittest those with darker color with hint of green survive better as they are better hidden from predators.

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Sorry for being unproductive today

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the ice skrimp evolves to move faster, and more gracefully, confusing its foes with large pompom style puffs on the end of its tail and flippers.

the camo scoop skrimp get shorter, more rigid. able to navigate the selp forests

the scoop skrimp becomes more fluid, able to twist and move quickly.

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Its been long enough. I'm evolving mah Derros now. Well, one of them

The tailed Derros gain more streamliend faces. They're becoming fast swimmers. Begin evolving to get away from these fast guys

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the selp forest holo has done well for itself, growing fat and happy.

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the Patouel has developed a "brain nub". its a little nerve cluster that is sort of a proto brain. For a walking jellyfish this is a pretty big deal.

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I'd like to think it laughed, and grew fat.

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Meanwhile, some strange structures began appearing in Selp forests. Some of the newly born Selp trees are very different from the other strains. Surprisingly, the concentration of Murder Selps around these new Selps is abnormally high, and they are much more agressive, even going as far as to actively wave their tentacles around in order to preemptively attack any creatures that come close.

>captcha: taught poisfec

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I want to hug it.

I want to hug it very much.

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The Ice Skrimps' impressive tails grow rapidly and to much greater lengths, a swirling trail of colour mesmerises would-be attackers as the Skrimp makes its escape.

An Ice Skrimps' tail is shed periodically, to promote and accomodate their rapid growth; in a pinch, they can force the premature shedding of their tail to distract or release themselves from a bite.

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The happy-go-lucky Patouel, with its newfound nerve cluster, realises an opportunity it can't afford to let float by.

Making use of external digestion, the chitinous Ice Skrimp tails that litter the sea behind them make for a quick and easy meal.

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Hey, hey kid!

Yo kid!


...Wanna Kreeb?

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New Selp 'nodes' continue growing. Their outer layer of leaves hardens and bends forward, closing over the main body. The main body, however, 'blooms', revealing a small pink growth with a small cavity in the middle. It pulses from time to time, and when it pulses, nearby Murder Selp plants go into a frenzy, whipping their tentacles back and forth and randomly sending out their spikes. The 'Nodes' also grow a replacement layer of leaves, and their digestive membrane grows out, connecting with the membranes of surrounding Selps.

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Just wondering why it would evolve that way. I mean what does it gain by doing something like that.

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'Node' Selp plants experience a sudden growth sprut. They are now twice as large as normal Selps, and their pink growth grows into primitive brain and psionic emitter, that occupies most of their body. Because of increase in size, it's cognitive and psionic projection abilites become more powerful, allowing it to direct surrounding Selp plants' growth to better protect it.

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Mainstrain Selp had a little bit of psionic ability to sense other Selp plants. Because of that, and because of their unique reproduction (Selp is an underwater plant, but that propagates by pollinating), they form forests, so they are better able to cross-pollinate. One mutation took that psionic ability to a new level.

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Oh god something psionic shit. Forget evolution. from now on everyone can have supernatural skillz and can evolve however they want.

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We aren't doing "bords did it" again. No psyhcic stuff man

Some of the base holos have gained big ol' jaws, allowing them to catch more plankton and patouels at once.

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No need for such hostility, though it would be appreciated that the explanation for the selps communicating with each other would be something more than simply saying that they are psychic.

They could communicate trough neural root network or something. The plants of Borgas 4 are far more animal like than our plants, they have muscle tissue and nerves, so nerve linked plants wouldn't be anything really strange here.

Anyways, here is an art update for the Hirohas.

The hirohas live in hives made inside corals. The females are larger and smarter than the males, and work as the leaders of the hive. They have more developed light organ to enhance their communication, and their tentacles are more dexterous.
Neither males nor females are really sapient, the females are about as smart as crows, while the males are far dumber.
The intelligence of the hirohas comes from the way they work in groups.

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In small numbers, the hiroha hive is dumb. The females have to spend their efforts on directing the males and doing other menial tasks for the hive, but as the numbers of the hirohas grow, new intelligence of the whole hive emerges. With increased numbers, more females are free from maintaining the hive and guiding the males, as individual female can effectively direct dozen or so males. The remaining females are able to plan ahead with each other, forming think tanks in which due to their combined smarts they can solve exponentially harder problems than they could alone. These think tanks lead the hives, and the larger the hive, the smarter it seems to be.
The hirohas don't have queens, the amount of males compared to females is 50/50. The females however often conduct selective breeding on both themselves and the males, allowing the males and females with desired traits to breed.

Some hives have also formed symbiotic relationships with other roha species, such as the electric cave rohas that they use like guard dogs.

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So the type of communication changed? ok. But that doesn't explain that behaviour. Making other plants to use their energy to flail around hoping to hit something that is near them by luck?

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Extra nutrients from the bodies that the dangerous selps manage to kill?
That could be one explanation for that behavior to propagate across the species.

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The Swimming Derros streamlining extends to the rest of its body. It loses those ridges on its back, and the little "feet" dissapear

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A split off of the skeletal patouel develops leg like things it uses to climb on the icy pillars forming underneath the ice cover, and on the bottom of the sea. They are most common in shallower areas of the arctic ocean, where the ice cover reaches nearly to the bottom, forming "forests" of icy pillars growing to the seabed.
These patouels climb along these pillars, lurking for prey to ambush with their oil spray. They sense the approaching prey trough the vibrations they cause in the water.

These ice forests often have many cedyas who feed on the detritus and the nutrient rich warm water coming from the seas around the southern continent. These warm waters are what keeps the ice from completely growing to the bottom in these shallow areas. (The shallows are due to underwater ridges that exist at the eastern side of the polar oceans.

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fat holo gets fatter, but a bigger fin to move faster. big jaw holo gets a bigger mouth to strain the sea water for food. patouel develops a new organ. the stomach, and a bigger "brain". one dero gets faster with a sharp edged face, the other gets more ribs. cedya gets refined, skrimp all just keep on skrimping.

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Excellent work. Now if only I could think of some way to give the kreeb some love...

Wait, I just had a silly idea

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Some of the smaller Keebs get very small. So small that they have a new way of living opening to them:Parasitism.

These new keebs are very small, and very smooth. They will find someone not payin attention, make a slice in them, and them smoosh themselves right in. Attempts to remove them result in releasing poison. These guys are jerks

As for how this is silly: look at the file name

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Allrighty, if all goes well I'll be starting the oceanic tribal thread soon-ish. Who's still here?

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I've been quietly observing since fooling with Ceydas early on.

>> No.20752982

Going to bed, but I'll be here for Ocean Tribal. I've already got plans for a flexible caste society of Seek'kres

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I am monitoring this thread, but I will only be able to post during evening, which is still many, many hours from now.
I also have few ideas for a current chart of the oceans.

>> No.20753816

Welp, started the thread! GOGOGO

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boney patouels develop a large oil reservoir for prolonged fights/ hunts. an offshoot of the parasitic creeb has an armored spike like body that will embed into the skin of it's host. It really doesn't want much. Eventually if enough kreebs burrow into the host's skin it will look like armor.

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hurt my wrist a little, and drawing is a pain for now. The surface of the pack ice polar region is now slowly filling with life. selp forests clinging to the underside of the ice have a natural antifreeze in them, and grow from the roots, upside down, to spring out the surface, with newly budded selp. Patouels, creebs, and walking deros now explore the edges of the great pack ice tundras. the fat holo has managed to evade the dero by launching itself onto the ice and comically rolling away. it cant be outside of water too long.

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Not all holos have turned into obese fatsos. Swimming in selp forest is easier for those who are thinner and more skilled in maneuver.

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Node Selp grows even bigger, and it's four 'legs' elongate and curl over it. Leaves use these legs to hang on, grow and create big 'platforms', on which smaller species of Selp begin to grow. The appearance of Armored Parasitic Kreeb is welcomed by Nodes, and they direct Murder Selps to stop attacking these small crabs. Because of this, a number of armored patches appears on the outer layers of Node Selp plants.

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Not all holos could keep on the diet, and got massively overweight. if you could hear them panting underwater, you would. trust me. They are rare and delicious prey animals emerging from the selp forests periodically.

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Ctrl + f pokemon
No hits.

I can't believe nobody said it yet. Oh well, I guess I have to.

ITT making pokemans.

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what can i say, we do the game better. feel free to grab a creature and have your way with it.

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last bump from me

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The ice skrimp introduce a strange new plant into their diet. The plants fruit causes them to develop faces.

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haha i lied. This thread may be tapped out on ideas, but im going to do an ice ocean "pack ice" essentially many glaciers and loose ice, packed together. land based evo game. feel free to keep evolving if you want.

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I might do evos later today.

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...or not.

Too tired.
Still trying to keep this thread alive though.

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No worries man. tonight if i have time ill throw out a few evos.

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