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Sup, /tg/? I'm trying to create a rigger deck, but I'm not sure what to put into it. A playset of this card, obviously, but what else?

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rolled 2, 6 = 8


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4 Steamflogger boss
4 Shatter
4 Lightning Bolt
48 Mountain

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Lots of Changelings and Adaptive Automaton, I'd guess.

If you want to achieve the flavor, maybe look at things like Goblin Welder and the whole "blowing artifacts up to forge new things" theme red had in Scars block.

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>Not automatically putting in four Fling-Flangers

Do you even Magic?

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>mfw the back of my binder has a foil playset of 'Steamflogger Boss'es.

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I hate them for putting this card in PC. I'll be waiting for Riggers and Contraptions forever.

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Why mono R?
Obviously you wanna go BR to include this guy.

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>Cards That Annoy You


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same here.

what could Assembling a Contraption actually consist in, rules-wise, while we're at it?

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>mfw Izzet gets Riggers with the Assemble keyword after Gatecrash

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i imagine if they did ever make it a mechanic (sadly I doubt they will, but we can hope...) it would be something like this:

'T, [cost]: Assemble [N] - put [N] Contraption artifact tokens onto the battlefield.

Contraptions you control have [some rule e.g. T: deal 1 damage to target creature or T: add 1 to your mana pool]'

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Contraption is a new artifact type. There are currently no artifacts with this type. And there's no current game meaning of "assemble."

Has been like this for the past 5 years.

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Moriok Rigger because he's a rigger
Changelings because they're also riggers
Goblin Welder, Kuldotha Rebirth and Ichor/Mycosynth Wellsprings for tokens, cards and land
Conspiracy to make your non-rigger non-changelings into riggers

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>contraptions you control have
potentially too powerful. I'd prefer
(cost) target Contraption gains (ability)

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I said what COULD it consist in. Not what does/will it consist in.

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Hmm, possibly. Maybe reserve 'Contraptions you control have...' for high-cost bombs or something...

dammit, I'm going to end up wasting time on this in MSE later, I just know it...

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Clone and Xenograft is all I can think of just add a truckload of beaters to go with them

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To be fair some of the timeshifted cards got reprints. Though that said out of the 1s that got reprints, only 6 were in a normal set, the rest got reprinted in duel decks, archenemy/planechase/commander, or in premium decks. It's possible that Steamflogger Boss gets some company in a later set, though it would have to go all out with the steampunk/mechanical theme, to match the Steamflogger Boss.

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If contraptions must be tapped to use the abilities, that might be a balancer on the whole 'all X gain this ability'

contraptions don't have to be creatures, either; you could have a mecha-pilot rigger with T: target Contraption becomes an X/X construct creature until end of turn, where X is the number of Contraptions you control.

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