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How would Orks deal with a "Thing" situation (assuming that "The Thing" could replicate an Ork)?

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They have an innate sense of "orkiness". They'd look at the Thing, note that he ain't proppa, and krump 'im.

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Imitating an ork wouldn't really work, since orks fight each other all the time anyway.

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1. Dakka
2. Choppy
3. See 1. & 2.

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Yous a grothead. Da only way orks deal wit anythin. Start a WWAAAAAGGHHH!

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To be honest, if it was ded killy enough, a Nob might take it as a sort of funny little squig.

If it wasn't ded killy it's because the orks already krump'd it or ate it or it got in the way of the Armored Guard regiment ready to shell the Ork campament or something similar.

Of course, if the tyranids got a hold of it it would be made into a ripper on the spot.

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First by no shitposting.

Second, the Thing shows itself as soon as it realizes the gig is up and it's been discovered. The psychic effects of The-Waaagh phenomenon make the Orks react very violently towards whatever does not register correctly (or at all) on a subconscious level. It's what drives the Orks to quickly eradicate any chaos or genestealer cults, and is why possession doesn't tend to last long within their species. They have an unconscious drive to kill any Ork that "isn't actin' proppa", which really just means they are subconsciously aware that the individual(s) in question have something wrong and need killing, even if they don't know what that is.

The Thing would likely be quickly recognized in an Ork society and would react as it tends to... becoming violently active and revealing itself in doing anything it can to hide. The Orks would likely react to it's presence with the usual gusto in killing it anyway they can. Their love of all things fire-based, means they have a lot more flamethrowers to employ against it as well, and it wouldn't take long for them to discover it's weakness to fire.

In short, the Thing would not last long in an Ork society. No longer than most Genestealer cults tend to.

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None of the above know how The Thing works. The only way to kill it is with Burna boyz or maybe some of the Flashiest of Gitz. They'd all have fun trying though.

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I think its pretty clear you don't know what 'The Thing' is. It ain't no blue eyed favourite nephew of Aunt Petunia, that's for sure.

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People aren't talking about how to effectively deal with it. They are talking about how the orks would.

So not well, but they'd have a good time anyway.

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As the person who posted: >>20698354
I sure as fuck know how the Thing works. And Orks have a lot of burnas. Though admittedly not as many as they used to since that eldar-loving faggot got his hands on the codex and removed burna-options from most mobs.

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>So not well,

Between burnas in large numbers (in any given Klan structure), kombi-skorchas being a favorite among bosses, and having a general love for fire and anything incendiary... It would not take long at all for them to figure out what is needed to kill it.

Think of it like this... You know the opening scene in the first movie where the "dog" is being chased by the one survivor who knows what it really is? Replace that survivor with a warband of Orks on vehicles mounted with Skorchas.

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You have to understand, imitating an Ork is one of the dumber things The Thing could do.

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The Genestealer cults in the Ork held system of Octavius spread all over the place without the Orks noticing.

It was so problematic it took a special unit of Stormboyz to finally hunt them down and eliminate them, and by the time they did that it was too late.

So you see Orks aren't REALLY that good when it comes to handling Genestealers.

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Something to note is that The Thing itself is sort of a virus. It "reproduces" by infecting a host and subtly turning its cells into more Thing cells until the host is nothing but a Thing masquerading as its prey. In the movie, it was noted that if exposed to civilized regions, the Thing would fully consume humanity in roughly 3 years.

Still, with Orks being able to spot a Thing while disguised, and because they just love burning things, my money is still on them.

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The 40k galaxy already has things that do crazy shit like the Thing does.

They have had no noticeable effect on the orks yet

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>[citation needed]

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More proof that folks don't read the fluff. especially Ork fans.

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>Orks successfully root out genestealer infestations

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The Original pack of Genestealers that look like this (Picture realated) were killed, but the Genestealer infection (Orkish Hybrids) spread all over the system.

Dear God, dude. Can you not READ!?

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Yes, I can.
>The orks are aware of the genestealers, and combat them
>because orks are spore-based, and reproduce insanely quickly, the cult grew and grew
>the fighting got so bad, they called in mercs
>the fast growth of the cult meant they couldn't exterminate their vast numbers before the psychic beacon was called

NONE of that even IMPLIES Orks aren't good at rooting out Genestealer cults. It's just that Ork Genestealer cults spread to fast and uncontrollably.
The Orks were aware THE ENTIRE TIME.

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too* not to

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>"Boss, we's being invaded! What do we do?"

I love orks.

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>So you see Orks aren't REALLY that good when it comes to handling Genestealers.

As with everything in 40k, there are exceptions. And Plot overrules fluff, especially where anything non-marine is concerned.

It should also be noted that the entirety of the Octurus campaign was retconned in both the Ork and Nid codex (both books being cited in the image, btw). Most grievous was the Nid's retcon, which turned the huge stalemate-war into a "Lol Nids win because marines aren't present!"

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If they were aware it from the start, it wouldn't have spread this far and successfully in the System and they certainly wouldn't have needed the help of Super special Stormboyz to hunt them down.

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i wouuld like to point out that it doesnt say in there that its the orks getting infected throughout the empire.

its an empire, and they mentioned hive cities. it seems more likely to me that the orks ruled over a shit-load of humans and the genestealers spread through them.

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Also people forget,
the more fight,
The more Orkz!

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It also seems to imply there were humans involved (Orks often enslave 'umies, so if they had a few hives, they'd have a lot of slaves), and the Orks wouldn't have even cared about the cult spreading through them.

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The method of reproduction that Genestealer Cults employ does not have anything to do with conventional methods of reproduction and impregnation for a species. In other words, human males are impregnated just as easily as human females, and neither human nor ork stealer-cults use their race's normal methods of reproduction to birth hybrids.

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And another thing. The Genestealer infection had time mature and call the Fleet. So this is a huge failure for the Orks supposedly suprior detection skills for unorkiness.

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Except the Orks got impregnated, not humies.

> which turned the huge stalemate-war into a "Lol Nids win because marines aren't present!"


When the plot doesn't go forward you guys whine and when the fluff Does progress WHINE!

There is no wining with you guys. Anyways, according to the latest nid codex the Space Marines and the Eldar are gonna get involved in that war.

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Either the Orks kill it, or they will have a new guy in the gang.

>oh grumbul, did ya hear about tha new boy?
>tha boss ses he found a new kind some crazy git that can be a boy or a snotling or a grot or a humie or a kroot or a fis'ead or a spikey boy or a tin git or a beaky or a bugface or pansy git
>wot? dat's impossible ya dumbshit
>you wot mate? you wan' me ta crump yer ass?
>it's on now ya pansee-ass grot!

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Plot overrules fluff. Especially when it does not involve marines. It's why Orks become characterless kill-tallies in Black Library novels despite their fluff, tenacity, and resilience insisting otherwise.

The problem with the Octurus campaign is in it's beginning it was simply described as a horrific stalemate the Imperium caused by luring Nids to attack the Orks, with neither side gaining any clear advantage. When Kelly rewrote the Ork codex, he just added a timeline blurb and copy-pasted old 2e fluff for the most part (hell he didn't even account for fucking Battlefleet gothic when writing about how Orks travel from system to system). When Cruddace wrote the Nid book, he of course gave it a heavy biased slant towards the Nids (more like excessive).

In any case, fluff and background is always overruled by the writer's need to make plot work. Especially when marines are portrayed as the 'protagonists' in a story, and it's usually to the extreme detriment of poorly portraying their adversaries (i.e. all Black Library Novels dealing with Orks). So in fluff, Orks are very good at detecting and eliminating cults of all kinds. In plot, especially written by current devs who are not interested in Orks beyond 'punching bag adversary' status, that fluff is overlooked and thrown to the wayside.

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the orks on the hulk got impregnated. and they got killed off quickly when they got back. after that you cant specify if its orks or another medium that spread the genestealer infection.

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Kunsida dis:

What if The Thing managed to completely infect a weak ork tribe? Say, primitive remnants of a "cleansed" planet or a newly infected planet where orks haven't yet managed to establish all the technology needed for all the burnaz and whatnot.

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Wait, genestealer reproduction doesbt use the host species? Do they plant literal eggs in the host? I always thought they infected the host. and that hosts babies will be hybrids etc

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I would LOVE to see a novel or a game that had the Orks as the big bad evil villain doing the manipulating, rather than just being the lackeys and mooks to another "more serious" threat. Black comedy would work really well, along with slapstick and plain hysteric stupidity that SOMEHOW works.

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>When the plot doesn't go forward you guys whine and when the fluff Does progress WHINE!
Do not assume that the same people who want the plot to go forward, are also the same people who whine when every plot, ever, portrays their favorite faction as "The Galaxy's Biggest Losers".

>There is no wining with you guys.
Actually with Ork players, there is. And it's allowing them to win an engagement once in awhile. And I mean actually win, not "Hurr the Tau are now battling for survivable despite what the Tau Codex's account for the same engagement says!" I mean, actually fucking win something to the point where (like other armies) it's unanimously recognized.

>Anyways, according to the latest nid codex the Space Marines and the Eldar are gonna get involved in that war.

Doubtful. And if GW does butcher that story any more by doing that, it'll be a sad day. Seriously, Space Marines (let alone Kelly's favorite fanboy elfdars) do NOT need to be in every single goddamned war in the setting.

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This is correct.

What made you think otherwise?

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Yes. That's what the Genestealer tongue is, it's an ovipositor of sorts. They inject an egg in you which develops into an infant hybrid that borrows some of the host's DNA, not too unlike xenomorphs (a lot of theme from Alien/Aliens was added to Genestealers btw). The difference however, is the host survives and is effectively a brainwashed servant of it's offspring and the stealer cult, and will be used to make more hybrids.

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>portrays their favorite faction as "The Galaxy's Biggest Losers"

What the hell going on? Is the Eldar, Tau, sisters, and now Orks are competing to the victims card?

>Actually with Ork players, there is. And it's allowing them to win an engagement once in awhile.

So in all history of the Orks there not a single victory against anyone? Really? You're exaggerating hard, sir.

And why winning matters? The Orkish way of thinking is circled around having a good fight. Winning or losing doesn't matter to them as long as they have a good scrap.

Also remember that Orks never lose in battle.

> Space Marines (let alone Kelly's favorite fanboy elfdars) do NOT need to be in every single goddamned war in the setting.

You are telling me that Orks, Spaces Marines, and Eldar fighting together against Nids won't be awesome?

Are you insane?

Huh...and I am under the impression that Plot creates the Fluff.

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Oh, please yes. Please.

The best way to pull this off would be Orks using the IMPERIUM as a way to kick some Chaos ass and get away with some powerful Chaos maguffin, like parts of a Chaos Imperator Titan.


We Orks have been meatshields to you fucks for too damn long.

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>The gene-host survives as a healthy human being, but, upon becoming a parent, the gene-host's firstborn child is indelibly marked by the gene-infection.
From Lexicanum. Which seems to imply it uses the host's reproduction.

>Generally Genestealer-Ork groups are only sucessful when a community of Feral Orks is infected, as more "civilised" Orks are usually able to instinctively detect the presense of alien contamination and will doubtless wipe out the infected Orks.
Heavily implying Octavius was either human-borne or there are a lot of feral orks there.

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Well, you know, which world DOESN'T have Feral Orks?

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You describing the plot of Dow: WA

I think.

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>From Lexicanum. Which seems to imply it uses the host's reproduction.
Xenology backs this up, for what it's worth (very little I'd imagine, given /tg/'s opinion of that book).

>The Skymother will endure. Always.

>She hurls her seeds before her, harbingers of her arrival, couriers of her celestial design. She sows. She spawns.

>A man, then, or woman, accepts the Kiss of the Purii… He or she is ‘contagii’, favoured with the flesh seed. Still human, yet simplified. Distilled by the desire to serve.

>The host breeds. He takes a woman, or she takes a man. Their child is not human.

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Changeling VS. The 'Thing'

round one fight!

>> No.20699179

Any writing on how Ork Genestealers ''procreate''?

I am guessing Spores.

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[_] Told
[X] Fucking Told

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I remember the Warboss in that game manipulating and then smashing the Chaos Lord in that game.

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Khorne-worshipping Genestealer cult? Really?

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Chaos does not discriminate.

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Yeah but I thought the 'nids did.

>> No.20699273

Neither does the Imperium.

40k is clearly a socialistic plot by degenerate Europeans to infect America with Marxist Liberalism.

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Looted Thing, that's all you need to know.

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But orkz don't reproduce via sex...

>> No.20699285

>Does not discriminate

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Fucking this.

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The are using Chaos as a crutch until they have enough power to takeover and call the Hive fleet, I suppose.


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The Imperium does indeed not discriminate. Not by 21th century standards.

All races and all sexualities are equal in the eyes of the Inquisition.

Equal in guilt.

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Gorgutz didn't really manipulate Crull. They just worked together for a bit. If you choose the Chaos route and Crull reaches the psychic gate first, he leaves Gorgutz to die at the hands of his rebelling boyz. In the Ork route, Gorgutz challenges the Khornate Lord to a fight in the final mission, but Necrons appear and Crull uses the distraction to run away and hide. Then Gorgutz tracks him down and takes his head anyway.

That's just the Disorder campaign though. Neither Crull nor Gorgutz are mentioned in the Order missions, and an Eldar ending seems to be canon. Nonetheless, DC confirms that Gorgutz did take Crull's skull at some point.

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I wus jokin' mate.

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this man is painted Green, and is found by Orks
What happens?
Also Hulk meets Orks,but that's less important

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Back in the Rogue Trader era, they did.
The "reproduces by spores" fluff didn't come until later.

>> No.20699353

They both could very well become warlords, they sure have some potential

>> No.20699367

Lexicanum is built by fans, and is hardly a definitive source of information. Hell it's not even remotely accurate in a lot of cases.

>> No.20699372

Armstrong, iz dat an orky name?

Its kinda orky, but a bit stuntie too.

All I knowz iz e's got sum funny ideas bout waaghin'. But 'e knows how ta krump, dats fa sure.

>> No.20699376

>are you a brainboy?

And then a titanic battle not seen in tens of millions of years erupts across the galaxy.

Ork vs. Necron...

The last remnants of the titanic war between Old Ones and C'tan.

>> No.20699382

Why would they have to deal with The Thing? It's not going to do anything Orks aren't already doing to each others. It'll end up pointlessly parasiting some backwater warband and it'll fail to register on anyone's radar.

>> No.20699387

>Lexicanum is built by fans
Are you serious? It's the most anal wiki I've ever seen.

>> No.20699395

Then this piece of outdated fluff (>>20699180) should be thrown away.

>> No.20699396

mfw the Krork were apparently so insignificant during the War in Heaven that the Newcron codex didn't bother to mention them at all.

>> No.20699401

Has a lot of mistakes though.

>> No.20699427

Feel free to correct them. I haven't really noticed any.

>> No.20699449

Considering this is 40k we're dealing with, this has probably already happened. And no one gave a fuck.

When you're in a galaxy where twin evil psykers forever in the shape if children destroy planets out of boredom, who cares about an ork warband acting....well, orky?

>> No.20699451

The Eldar and Old Ones did most of the heavy work.

Why mention a random experiment of the Old Ones? What's the point? Even in the Oldcron fluff the Korks didn't really play a big part. They were just THERE and that's it.

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Green paint does not make the Orks recognize him as an Ork. Orks know what paint is, and they subconsciously recognize other Orks via the Waaagh.

He would just be a human, painted green to them.

>> No.20699507

Too lazy and apathetic to do it, am afraid.

But here is one for you.


Kar'Voth never been stated in the GK Codex to have been deliver to True Death by Draigo. This is a fabrication or error.

>> No.20699508

Diggas then?

>> No.20699509

And it's also laughably incorrect in numerous places. The anal attention to detail is only really in the parts concerning the Horus Heresy, and marine legions.

>> No.20699523


>> No.20699529

I seriously hope you don't actually think the Orks on GorkaMorka recognized the Diggas as 'other Orks'. They saw them as what they were... crazy fucking scraggly humans attempting to be proppa Orks but failing miserably.

>> No.20699556

Wasn't there an article about dangerous psykers around the galaxy?

There they talked about this couple of female psykers, forever young and pre-teen looks, who just went around destroying stuff.

>> No.20699583

The Apex Twins, from the Villainy & Infamy article in the Witch Hunters section of the old GW website.

>> No.20699591

how aware are orks anyway? Do they know 'Umies and Beakies are the same thing?

>> No.20699605

>Ey boss, you krump a beaky 'ard enuff, and a humie falls out!

>> No.20699620

They're aware enough. The know 'Umies and Beakies are the same faction. They're probably not too overly concerned with the production of a marine, or the major differences. But to them they just view marines as 'rare, bigger, and fightier humans'.

>> No.20699629

They know what armor is.

>> No.20699630

Thanks for posting, was beginning to think I was the only one remembering them. Or that I made them up.

>> No.20699642

Suppose they think Space Marines are like the human version of Nobz?

>> No.20699666

They don't. Orks are actually baffled at how humans don't follow the biggest and strongest as their leaders. To them, it makes no sense that some shiny pieces of metal on your chest, and a swanky hat, somehow means your important. And marines are no different to them in that regard.

The only Orks who DO know and understand all this, are the Blood Axes, who make it their purpose to work as mercenaries and copy the ideals and mannerisms of other species. Their warbosses are still the largest, but they are also the ones with the swankiest hat, most medals, or flowing robes and well-practiced thoughful/knowing gaze.

>> No.20699671

He is stated to have been slain while in the Warp in the Codex, which is exactly what the article says.
I understand that whether this implies True Death is debatable, but the fact itself is perfectly accurate.

>> No.20699700

>Thoughtful gaze

The kommando nob model DOES have a pretty thoughtful one anyway.

>> No.20699751

''A True Death is the act of destroying the essence of a Daemon entirely''

Draigo didn't destroy that Daemon's essence, he simply slew him. It is said in the GK Codex that the damage Draigo inflicts in the realm of Chaos doesn't last. The daemons that he slays reform and again take shape.

Why did Kar'Voth was presumed to be truly dead when the Codex doesn't say so?

>> No.20699773

I've seen people here claim that killing a daemon in the Warp destroys it forever, though I don't recall a source ever being provided. I guess whoever added Kar'voth to that article was going off that belief as well.

>> No.20699782

If they think that far, they might think of it that way. They might also consider humans to share a similar relationship to Marines as Gretchin share to Orks. There are clear similarities, but the Marines are clearly superior, and more fun to fight.

They certainly wouldn't have a unified opinion on the topic. Imagine it whatever way most appeals to you.

>> No.20699801

Isn't that like believing that, by kicking the sea, you will be able to destroy water?

>> No.20699855

I've always figured that the only way to actually cause a daemons true death was major fuckery. Like the GK who outdumbed a Lord of Change into obliterating himself, or Necron/Pre-Fall-Eldar level technological shenanigans.

>> No.20699859

It goes to show (Again) that people just don't bother to read the fluff properly or have a lack of reading comprehension.

>> No.20699918

Calgar true-deathed M'kar with a magic knife.

>> No.20699924

Except that in the case of Draigo, his fluff really is so bad that when read properly it still comes across as horrible fan-fiction... Even though he can't win any meaningful victory, it is extremely bullshit everything he does and the fact that immortal non-Khorne daemons are terrified of him. His whole story, especially his "tragically stuck in the warp unable to do anything productive" reads like a 40k version of a Twilight novel.

>> No.20699947

>the fact that immortal non-Khorne daemons are terrified of him

Not once are any daemons said to be afraid of Draigo. Dear Emperah, you exemplify this guy's >>20699859 point.

>> No.20699977

Do you always read everything in a literal sense? Or just posts on 4chan to make yourself look like an autismal faggot.

>> No.20699996

Do you even read at all? They no longer seek to corrupt or kill him, that does not mean they are afraid of him.

>> No.20700047

>that does not mean they are afraid of him.
No fucking shit, sherlock! Congratulations! You get a gold-star for understanding that the original background story does not actually say that other daemons run away in terror of Draigo.

Christ, it's like I'm fucking dealing with an 8yr old who doesn't understand concepts such as exaggeration, sarcasm, or satire is.

>> No.20700057

Whether they like the fluff doesn't matter. Writers of wikis should be...what was the word? Ah yes, they should be objective and write the fluff accurately.

Leaving misleading mistakes and misinformation is not a good way to run a Wiki.

>> No.20700063

>, or *what* satire is.

>> No.20700117

Don't exaggerate and then use the exaggeration as a negative point. Unless they're Khorne crazies they wont bother trying to hunt him down, that's a world of difference from being terrified.

>> No.20700173

They can start with going back over any fluff that doesn't involve space marines. Their Ork fluff is particularly abysmal, as it just helps to perpetuate the "Clap Your Hands If You Believe" nonsense that new players misunderstand. The Waaagh is not magic-voodoo "makes shit work" sauce. It's psychic duck-tape and WD40, it doesn't mean their technology ONLY works because they think it does.

Yet the Lexicanum confirms that it does indeed work that way, because they're basing everything on a 3e blurb by a low-ranking tech adept who is confused by the multitude of redundant parts/wires in an Ork gun. This is the same faction that refuses to believe Tau tech is anything but inferior, that Eldar wraithbone is even technology at all in a sense, and that routine prayers and incense help to keep weapons from jamming. Nevermind the fact that Ork technology is never explicitly stated as being 100% reliant upon belief by Orks in order to work, or that there was an IG regiment (Armageddon Ork Hunters) who used salvaged Ork equipment, and that the latest RPGs allow anyone to use Ork weapons and just says they're unreliable, unwieldy, or prone to jamming in the hands of a non-Ork.

>> No.20700252

>Don't exaggerate and then use the exaggeration as a negative point

Fair enough. Then stop being retarded for a second and consider the context of what was said. You have millions of immortal daemons in the warp. All of which do not like Captain Stue hanging out in it (exaggeration, since you have problems with that). They are literally immortal, but he is not and is never shown to be capable of such trickery as to 'True Death' daemons beyond possibly 1. They all come back after being killed, as if nothing happened. And they're just going to walk away from this? They literally have all of time, past, present, now, and squirrel to bury him under millions of ever-returning daemons until one finally kills him, with no concept of pain or death (because they're immortal daemons, remember?)... and they just give up and/or walk away and let him do his thing?

Yeah... no. That's fucking shit-tier writing at it's best. What immortal legion of imaginable horrors trap someone in their realm that they want dead, and then just get tired and walk away? They have an eternity to kill him, no matter how many billions of times each one may die. He does not.

>> No.20700317

I think you gave the answer yourself: they have all the time to do it, why rush things?

>> No.20700329

He may as well be immortal, they've tried to kill him, that doesn't work, they've tried to corrupt him, that doesn't work, so why bother with him? For a daemon dealing with Draigo would be like banging your face against a wall. It might come down eventually, but you've probably got better things to do.

>> No.20700363

Draigo is an anomaly within the Warp. He is the one thing in there that is not a part of it, and on top of that, he is immune to it. There is no point in any daemon pursuing him, just like there is no point in him killing any daemons/burning gardens/topping towers.
Why is one anomaly in a plane of existence literally woven from anomalies OMG SO AWFUL HORRIBLE

Also: it's just unstoppable force vs. immovable object. That's what it is, boys and girls.

>> No.20700487

If banging your face against a wall when your face grows back and causes no real discomfort for you, knowing that eventually this wall that you loathe WILL die (because he's mortal and thus fallible), then why wouldn't you do it constantly? It's not like it really hurts. It's not like you're suffering or have a threat of death. Your face, through sheer unstoppable value, will eventually wear down and destroy any wall. And hell, if you're immortal, smashing your face against this wall every day for the next billion or so years will probably be a nice distraction from what you otherwise can look forward to for the remaining infinite duration of your existence. The fact that the Daemons have NOT worked it into their daily routine as: "Wake up (oh wait, we're already awake), have breakfast consisting of souls, drink orange soul-julius, go to daemon-mart and buy a new swanky hat, smash face against wall, go have sex with hawt lobster claw man/woman things, maybe invade some mortal world where the barrier is thin and treat it like a rousing game of 'last man standing' (you won 1300 years ago on some dumb world you don't care about), go to sleep (awake?), and do it all again tomorrow.

>> No.20700509

>The fact is that the...

>> No.20700520

>because he's mortal and thus fallible
see, if you read the fluff, you'd know that's what they though, until they figured out it wasn't true.

>> No.20700531

I'd actually think a Warboss who finds out about "Da Ting" would actually make it his pet.

It's something that turns anything living into a giant, horrible fighting and killing machine. What wouldn't a Warboss love for about it?

>> No.20700535

>Also: it's just Little Timmy's 40k Twilight story.

>> No.20700545

Maybe they think that giving him a heroic death is not the best they can come up with?

What if they want to play with him, trying to break him by making him realize how pointless his struggling is?

>> No.20700556

Oh please, citation and exact phrasing where it says that Draigo is not fallible, nor is he mortal. Because that would only make his background that much worse.

>> No.20700578

I'd imagine it does cause them some degree of discomfort. Grey Knight psychic spooge is supposed to be pretty nasty to daemons. Your face might heal, but it doesn't make the experience pleasant.

>> No.20700595

>What if they want to play with him, trying to break him by making him realize how pointless his struggling is?
Then it should be written that way, instead of as the colossal dev-wank material that it is. You can't read more into it then there is, while in the same breath yell at people for reading more into it then there is.

>> No.20700613

The Daemon reforming process isn't as easy or as ''painless'' as you think.

There are consequences for being defeated, assuming that the same rules of banishment also apply inside Warp.

>> No.20700630

You're immortal. And clearly have no grip on sanity (which is a curse of immortality). Why the fuck would a bit of stinging/burning bother you? Why WOULDN'T you go seek that out and smash your face against it to cure yourself of the boredom of being immortal? It's not like there's anything else to do... you've done it all a billions times already.

>> No.20700644

But, but...I never yelled anything at anyone...

>> No.20700660

Guys... what if... guys, are you listening? I got this idea... what if... the Daemons are just walking away from Draigo because they know Gork/Mork are coming and will just smash him like a bug?

>> No.20700669

There's more pleasant things to do, you're immortal, doesn't mean you wouldn't rather get raped by razor dildos than eat cake. Smashing your face against Draigo would not only be painful, but dull too.

>> No.20700674

This is /tg/. There is only yelling. And hurt feelings.

>> No.20700684

>doesn't mean you wouldn't rather get raped by razor dildos than eat cake.

Slaanesh would beg to disagree with you on that.

>> No.20700686

Check this out. And check out the bit
>That anything could exist in the Realm of Chaos, yet be utterly immune to the will of the Chaos Gods, was a fresh impossibility in a domain riven with the impossible.
And above that
>The Grey Knight had time and again proved his utter resistance to corruption
and his entire passage basically emphasizes how he is a special thing in a special place that exists in a special setting.

>> No.20700701

>The most powerful Daemons will call upon any servants and tributary Lesser Daemons to help them achieve their revenge.
I like to think in this case the daemons capable of summoning aid are too embarrassed to. After all, Draigo's just one guy, and he's in the Warp, the place where daemons are supposedly strongest.

Apparently it's where psykers are strongest too.

>> No.20700709

was supposed to link to >>20700556 in addition to the post it linked to

>> No.20700724

Well, if that is true, good sir, thank you for opening my eyes. And fuck you all, just for good measure.

Am I doing it right now? :3

>> No.20700726

>and his entire passage basically emphasizes how he is a special snowflake stue.

>> No.20700824

In summary, your complaint is that the Lexicanum seems to say that Ork technology works because Orks believe it does, while in fact it merely works BETTER (in spite of the laws of physics) because Orks believe it does, and that's simply unacceptable?

>they're basing everything on a 3e blurb by a low-ranking tech adept
The 4e Codex has a tech priest (a genetor, admittedly) confirming this, and adding that many weapons and devices captured from Orks do not work at all in human hands.

>refuses to believe that Eldar wraithbone is even technology at all in a sense
Well, it's easy to see why.

>the latest RPGs allow anyone to use Ork weapons and just says they're unreliable, unwieldy, or prone to jamming in the hands of a non-Ork
It also says that "simply put, Ork technology should not work" and "Orks are insistent that it be true, and thus it becomes so, despite any mechanism for it to happen other than sheer determination."

>> No.20700829

in the special snowflake stue realm of a special snowflake stue universe

>> No.20700876

Things Kaldor Draigo has going for him:
>Carved a name in a Daemon Primarch's heart
>incorruptible, even within the Warp
Things Kaldor Draigo has going against him:
>is an unstoppable force against an immovable object. nothing he does impacts the Warp, and nothing the Warp does impacts him

>> No.20700893

>The 4e Codex has a tech priest confirming this
page number please. I'll look it up when I get home. I've gone through the fucking book front to back.

>(a genetor, admittedly)
That's like asking a first-year quantum physics student about whether he thinks String Theory is a possibility.

>and that's simply unacceptable?
No, what's unacceptable is the asshats who perpetuate the notion that whatever the Orks believe, happens with no regard of physics or limits within reality. This is never backed up anywhere in canon, though the Lexicanum perpetuates it. It's why you get shitposts liked "Hurr what if Orks all believed Emprah was alive and well! durr....". Per canonical fluff, the Ork Waaagh effect is psychic WD-40. It keeps weapons from jamming, gives an extra horsepower or two to red vehicles (though it is said that it may just be how the meks unconsciously build their vehicles), but otherwise all their equipment does work even if it is confusing as fuck for anyone to figure out.

>> No.20700943

Don't forget that he's a grey knight (the stues of all stues), and that his 'trapped in the warp' is typical "tragic setback" that ultimately doesn't matter worth shit.

>> No.20700947

Also, after checking, the author of the 3e report was not a "low-ranking tech adept" but also a Genetor Major. The essay was transmitted to Mars, edited by a Genetor Primus and apparently presented to the Fabricator General.
He is certainly as unreliable as every other imperial narrator, but at the very least he could perhaps be believed when he reports that "many weapons and items of equipment indeed do not work unless wielded by an Ork" ?

>> No.20700958

Jesus fuck people...
> the author of the 3e report
3rd or 4th. Make up your mind and cite a page number.

>> No.20700963

>page number please.

Page 10, the grey box at dominating the bottom half of the page. I believe it's actually a reprint of the fluff from the 3rd edition Ork codex.

>> No.20700964

>typical "tragic setback" that ultimately doesn't matter worth shit.
Oh yea? Because being removed from the setting doesn't matter.

>b-but people run Draigo in their lists all the time!
People run Eldrad too, lol.

>> No.20701187

>page number please
Page 10, in the box. It's basically just a rewrite of the 3e report though.

>That's like asking a first-year quantum physics student about whether he thinks String Theory is a possibility.
No, it's like asking a genetics professor if String Theory is a possibility, if said professor came from an university that put a heavy emphasis on physics in all branches.
Genetors are high in the Mechanicus hierarchy, but technology admittedly isn't really their speciality.

>Per canonical fluff, the Ork Waaagh effect is psychic WD-40.
"Canonical fluff" in this case being Rogue Trader crunch and the anecdote of a PDF or IG force or whatever being able to salvage some ork weapons?

>It's why you get shitposts liked "Hurr what if Orks all believed Emprah was alive and well! durr..."
Your pet theory is that every shitposter on /tg/ never reads the official material and instead treats the Lexicanum as a Bible?
You don't think that maybe the official material itself presents things in such a way (which is why the "Clap your Hands" theory ended up becoming predominant in the Lexicanum in the first place), or that the fluff in general is a confusing mess?
Hell, even the fact that you believe that there is one correct answer to "how does Ork tek work?" and that answer can be found in the fluff is pretty baffling.

>> No.20701221

> technology admittedly isn't really their speciality.

Assessing the WAAAGH field is an issue that would require an expert in the field of sorcery.

>> No.20701224

Was it older fluff that talks about the Waaagh! Effect and it's magical properties? The fifth edition codex doesn't mention it AT ALL. I've gone over it several times, seeking it out.
The closest it gets is in the description of red paint job, but at the same time it pretty much explains red paint jobs as working because the faster ones get painted red (in the Trukk entry)
So... with only the 5th edition Ork codex to work with, I have no idea where LOLWAAAGHMAGIC comes from.

>> No.20701243

Well, no wonder it was confusing: the author of the 3e and 4e essay on Orks is actually the same guy; Genetor Anzion. I missed that somehow.
Page 10 of 4e codex.

>> No.20701251

There is not 5e Ork Codex.

>> No.20701383

When did 5e come out? I thought it was pre-2008? I have a White Dwarf celebrating the release of the new Ork Codex from 2008. Always swore that was 5e.
Okay... so... 4e... yea page 10 does have that little bit... but I still feel the description of Trukks is sufficient in explaining the "true" reason why red ones move faster.

>> No.20701435

Orks were release January 2008, 5e was released July 2008.

>> No.20701529

guys, of course the ig think ork tech is inferior.

they're used to standardized lasguns with magazines that can be charged by the sun. what machine shop creation could compete against that?

>> No.20701948

>I have no idea where LOLWAAAGHMAGIC comes from.
Nobody really does. Everyone cites Genetor Anzion's little blurb, like the chucklefucks here: >>20700963
But the thing is, it's a blurb written by a biological specialist of the Adeptus Mechanicus, an order which is already prone to plenty of crack-pot theories on how technology works. And the tiny bit of fluff being held as bible for the "Ork Waaagh Magic" is even quite vague in it's own right, talking about opening up a shoota and finding a confusing mess of wires and bolts and assuming it shouldn't work. The only real hard-written, non-anecdotal fluff concerning Ork technology is that:
1) It's crude, robust, and straight to the point. I.E. vehicles have 3 speeds: fast, FASTER, and WAAAAGH!.
2) It is unnecessarily complex with a multitude of redundancies and excess confusion built-into it.
3) It makes a great club, no matter how much crap it fires.
And 4) Only the meks know how most of it is supposed to actually work. Essentially Ork technology is like the Orks themselves. Crude, tough, quick to repair, and built purely for war.

>> No.20702085

Found it!

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