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I'm sure you're wondering why I've asked you all here.

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Actually I'm wondering how I'm going to kill all of you and how much humanity you all have.

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not really, no

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I'm wondering where "here" is.

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Fuck, I'm already dead.

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I assume everything is going according to plan?

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We're pawns into some incredibly advance scheme of yours that, either way, will result in you coming out on top, right?

Our have you finalized when you're having that wedding? Because if not know this lovely place in Ireland....

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Pray tell my dear esteemed Original Poster, why am I here?

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Not really. When Jonathan Frakes asks me to meet him somewhere, that's all the explanation I need.

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>not havel/giant fairy flip grass crest electric claymore wrath of the gods spammin mutha fuckin up in this invasion

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I was told there would be punch and pie

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To hunker down and get comfy?

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Uh about that buddy, I think he might be a step ahead of you...

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It's Kirk.

The guy we all thought was evil but is actually totally not as evil as we thought.

He's not a Dark Wraith. He's a Chaos Servant

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>I'm sure you're wondering why I've asked you all here.

I thought there was going to be dinner.

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You want to be a manipulative cunt, like always. The WHY is pretty easy.

I'm just here to see what new HOW you're going to try. That last one with the midget and the Weinermobile was memorable, to say the least.

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I wouldn't find it out of the ordinary, if our other guests end up as appetizer, main course or dessert.

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Errybody quiet down and have a seat

Dis gon' be good

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Ooooh, here's a Mr. Johnson who thinks that he's all clever.

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if I had a circulatory system

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Because if we're going to be your pawns one way or another we might as well get paid?

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Well, friends and not-quites, it's simple.

As you know, the Illuminati have controlled the world since the dawn of civilization. However, the society now stands on the brink of schism, and it is up to those of us gathered here tonight to resolve the mess.

The majority of us still support Romney, whose plan will keep us all swimming in money, and as a bonus, reassert ourselves over the upstart.

There is a sizable group within our number, however, who would see a non-member continue to rule. This weakens our hold, but they claim that if it seems like the lower classes have "won," they will no longer fear us or watch for us, allowing us greater freedom in the future.

How do we solve this, friends?

And please, while you're here, have a drink. The vintage is incomparable.

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And then the thread stopped mattering.

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You know what? No, fuck you and whatever you're blathering on about.

I know why in the Emperor's name we are here. Clearly your world has signs of a strike force of Tyranids. They are a strange species, lacking in the Hive Mind and apparently having their own intelligence.

This is the first in all my years spent serving the Imperium that I have ever heard of Gargoyles naming themselves.

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Wot? I woznt listinin'. Da grotz causin' trouble? Krump 'em all! Get da Killdozza an' squish da occy-pies!

An' this beer tastes like squig piss.

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Faulty premise, my friend. You're proposing an either/or situation. No, what we need is Option 3.

We fake a revolution. No 'nation' or other administrative structure lasts forever, and sooner or later they all need to be streamlined or replaced. So, we pull all our supporters out of the existing parties. Then we incite the rabble to vote or take arms against the 'ruling class', just like we did in France all those years ago. We let the rabble-rousers think they've won, like we did in Russia when we pulled the Czar out and renamed him Josef. Destroy both the existing parties and use our contacts within the lowborn to build 'new' parties and governmental structures. I've done the math, it would take all of 14 months, result in less than 12,000 deaths, mostly amongst the elderly because of disruptions in services and utilities, and set up a fresh administrative structure that will last us another 250 years. In the shake-up we can even shuffle some of our corporate assets, move some of the pieces around so the more perceptive rabble rousers lose track of them. All in all it's high-profit for minimal cost.


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>How do we solve this, friends?

Simple. We kill the man who dresses up like a bat.

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