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Which Legion had the best founding chapters created from its stock?

Lorewise, aesthetic wise, or whatever.

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Whoever spawned the Partridges.

Haters gonna hate.

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The Ultramarines, progenitors of the Grey Knights.

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Quit reading out threads, Ward.

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Blood Angels; from them the only truly noblebright chapter in the entire Imperium was spawned: The Lamenters.

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I do like me some BT

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They seem more like Grimbright

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Goddamn I'm an idea I meanNoble dark

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Thousand Sons.

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Isn't that a Blood Angel?

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>Blood Angel

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Or a Blood Raven, maybe

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a gifted armour perhaps?

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Night Lords motherfuckers Yall need to leave

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Not maybe. It is a Blood Raven.

It is from the Blood Raven section of the Honor the Chapter book.

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No, it's a Blood Raven, but it's a common mistake.

Blood Angels have a winged blood drop on the shoulder and a winged skull on the chest.

Blood Ravens have a winged blood drop on the chest and a raven with a blood drop on the shoulder.

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"Honor" of course meaning "Steal a book from" apparently.

Bloodt Magpies...

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The Ultramarines. So many, so diverse.

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It's not a Blood Raven, they have Bone colored pauldrons with black trim, that's pure red.

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It's stealing. Of COURSE he's a Bluhd Rayvhen.

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Apparently, the Blood Angels are larger than Blood Ravens.

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Well shit.

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Opps forgot my picture

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You really think he started the mission with those pauldrons?

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All the better for being sneaky.

Because...Y'know...Theivery. Magpies!

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So... it IS one of the Thousand Sons.

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The "winged blood-drop" insignia was gifted to us by the Blood Angels chapter. Along with this flamer.

Then the artist screwed up, or the pauldrons were drenched in blood or that marine was gifted his pauldrons from another chapter.

All I can do is point out that the Blood Ravens have the Blood Angels insignia on their chest and the Blood Angels have the Blood Angels insignia on their shoulder, as >>20657131 posted before I could.

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Blood Ravens ARE Thousand Sons.

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>mfw fools claim the Blood Ravens are Thousand Sons

The Blood Ravens are Black Legion. The Warmaster said so.

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Yeah except then there are the various images of blood angels with a blood drop on their chest.

Various to the point that there are probably more pics of blood angels with chest blood than there are pics of blood ravens at all.

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>mfw when you're a retarded sack of shit who doesn't realize the failmaster thinks all of chaos belongs to him.

They're about as a subtle as fisting your butthole with a sledgehammer that the BR are Tsons

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bitch please.
He's the warmaster of chaos remember? In his eyes, all the forces of chaos are his.

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>expecting Biped McUseless to get anything right

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the warp portal fell in and he was unable to kill
"No!" Said Thule "I must kill the Thousand Sons!"
The Vox crackered
"No Thule, you ARE the Thousand Sons"

can't believe I missed that
and then Thule was a heretic

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>Implying Blood Angels don't also wear the Blood Angel's symbol on their chest.

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dumping pics of Blood Ravens to prove they're the only ones with blood drops on their chest.

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God I fucking hate that cover, that guy's head just looks all wrong.

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the warp portal fell in and he was unable to kill
"No!" Said Thule "I must kill the Thousand Sons!"
The Vox crackered
"No Thule, you ARE the Thousand Sons"

and then Thule was a heretic

can't believe I missed that

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Blood Ravens Ravenguard (this is also a Blood Raven specific term)

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This is a pic of Gabriel Angelos when he was just a tac marine.

Angel is short for Angelos.

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Blood Ravens Deathwing company.

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>''Kyras has no right for such claims''
>''The Blood Ravens are mine. Body and soul''

Then explain why Abaddon has such a hateboner for the Blood Ravens and wants to include them in his Legion.

They ain't just a random Chapter of Space Marines in the eyes of Abaddon. They are, of course, descendants of Luna Wolves/Sons of Horus making them Black Legion and making Abaddon their rightful master

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Blood Ravens. They're so convincing they converted an ex-Khorne berserker to their cause.

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Blood Ravens are a pre-heresy legion.

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But that's wrong

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>Biped McUseless

Best name evar.

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Wow, I really derailed the thread with that post.

Anyway, it hasn't been completely confirmed, but since it's been implied that the Carcharodon Astra comes from Raven Guard stock, I'm going to have to go with them.

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>Then explain why Abaddon has such a hateboner for the Blood Ravens and wants to include them in his Legion.

because, as far as we know, they're the ONLY Chapter with traitor primarch geneseed.
If the practise of using traitor geneseed was widespread, then you'd have a point. However everything points to them being unique in this regard.
You can understand why Stretch Amrstrong is a wee bit ticked off that, what he views as chaos forces, are buggering his legion up the arse in the name of the Emperor.

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Except they aren't; there is some canon fluff that very obviously points to them being TS successors, and you're handwaving all of it, in favor of a much more boring, unsupported, and asspulled theory.

So, technically speaking, you're wrong.

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they are

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Blood Ravens are Word Bearers, they bear Eliphas' heraldry.

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gifts, gifts everywhere

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But that's wrong; their only known successor chapter is the Blood Ravens, who are incredibly boring compared to them. In fact, their only interesting feature is their link to the TS. If that could make a chapter interesting, then all of them would be.

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sorry bro, they just didn't bother to change the template for when they did the cinematics.

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>Zaraphiston was not alone in this regard: many before him had plotted in secret against the Warmaster and the husks of their daemon-devoured remains were there for all to see, hanging around the walls of the vast chamber alongside all the other captured war banners and heraldries of thousands of Imperial Guard regiments and more than a hundred Space Marine Chapters, mute evidence of the Warmaster’s victories over his enemies.

Abby just wants a Blood Raven banner to complete his collection. He's already got Angels, Drinkers, Legion and Swords - all that's left is Ravens.

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Blood Raven Chapter Master Gabriel Angelos.

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He's trying to steal from the Ravens??

Jesus christ, he has no idea who he's fucking with, does he?

>why was the fact that his arms aren't visible the first thing I noticed in that pic?

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I love you for that last question.

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It's a common misconception that the Blood Angels have wings in their insignia.

This is the correct Blood Angels iconography.

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>Pure Geneseed
>No Flesh Change
>No Tzeentch shenanigans, Only Khorne and Nurglite corruption

Yep, Totally the Blood Ravens are Thousand Sons /sarcasm

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Oh yeah. Anyway OP, ummm Dark Angels. Because a lot of their successors have a variation on the Dark Angels colours and it makes them look like different companies of a chapter with 6000 marines.

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yep, which is why every descendant legion shares the exact same traits as their parent legions.
Y'know, like how the Lamentors share things like the Black Rage and Red Thirst.


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I think that was a plan of the Dark angels all along, that way they can call all of their successors to aid them because I FORGED U FROM MY GENE-SEED! DO WHAT I SAY U OWE ME! So then they will jst form 1 HUGE chapter to go crusading with the BTs and fuck all the heretics/loyalists. We are still kind of unsure of their alignment right?

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After centuries of tragedy, they succumbed to the flaw of their Geneseed. Their heritage caught up with them.

As the for the Blood Ravens? Their Geneseed is pure and stable. They don't suffer from the Flesh Change that plagued Thousand Sons.

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This, kinda.

I like the Dark Angels successors because they all have a sense of unity and common purpose about them.

Plus they all have bitchin' schemes.

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You do realise that psychic potential is a mutation right?
and they get a fuckton of psyckers post geneseed implantation.

there's also the fact that we have absolutely no idea what happened to their chapter or geneseed pre 37th millenium.
I'm just going to go out on a limb and assume that somebody somewhere has fucked around with it.

Is this a very weak defence that relies on maybes and inference?

However due to the fact that the author of the thousand sons book actually apologised for making the connection too obvious, and all the repeated hints in the game/book series (like pre heresy TS colour scheme, the raven of blood prophecy, the corvidae shit ect ect) I'm going to just wait for Dawn of War 3 to explain how the stuff you pointed out was resolved.

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>You do realise that psychic potential is a mutation right?
>and they get a fuckton of psyckers post geneseed implantation.

Is pyskism a mutation? Maybe. Is the pysker Gift the result of the Geneseed of the Blood Ravens? No.

The Blood Ravens make it a habit to recruit from worlds with large pysker populations such as Cyrene. This explains the high number of pyskers in their Chapter.

>However due to the fact that the author of the thousand sons book actually apologised for making the connection too obvious, and all the repeated hints in the game/book series

Red Herrings all of them. You're being mislead!

>wait for Dawn of War 3 to explain how the stuff you pointed out was resolved.

I can't wait until Abaddon finally reveals the truth behind the Blood Ravens. Damn Thule and Gabriel for being tight lipped bastards

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>Is the pysker Gift the result of the Geneseed of the Blood Ravens? No.
yeah, it really is.
It and their obsession with knowledge described in the backstory is something that has sparked the interest of the Inquisition.
If it was the planet itself that was producing the Psykers, it would have been blown the fuck up long before it did. Which brings me to my next point
>The Blood Ravens make it a habit to recruit from worlds with large pysker populations such as Cyrene. This explains the high number of pyskers in their Chapter.
forgive me if I'm wrong, but it's never stated anywhere that Cyrene has a large psyker population
and that's a moot point, it got blown the fuck up and it hasn't stopped the high proportion of psykers in the Magpies.
>Red Herrings all of them. You're being mislead!
as that was merely my opinion, I can respect yours. even if I disagree with it.
>I can't wait until Abaddon finally reveals the truth behind the Blood Ravens. Damn Thule and Gabriel for being tight lipped bastards
we'll see.
although I'm personally just as interested in seeing Abaddon get Sindri'd by Eliphas.

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>it would have been blown the fuck up long before it did
fuck I'm a retard it would have been blown the fuck up long before it actually was
fuck retyping and fuck not proof reading

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''A tome allegedly penned by Azariah Vidya himself called the Apocrypha of the Un-Founding postulates that the Blood Ravens are a Chapter dear to the soul of the Emperor Himself, and that their history was hidden by agents close to the Throne, to keep them secret from the Emperor's other sons but not from the Blood Ravens themselves''

Which Legion the Emperor loved the most?


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Oh come on, name the space marines that DON'T think they're dear to the emperor.
and I don't think the book, written by Chapter master calling his own legion the favoured of the Emperor, is a particularly objective source.

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Well the Blood Ravens hold a lot of Ultramrines armaments....

>dear god, I'm just imagining the Blood Ravens being turned into Ultramarines using that line as justification

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It WOULD explain why Dawn of War is the ONLY time another chapter was featured in...Well, anything.

Thought Mystery Psychic chapter?

NOPE. Is actualy Ulta Merins.

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>there will never be a 40k kart racer featuring the white scars

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please stop giving the unholy one ideas!!!!

well they do share latin names, and Tigurius does have similar powers to Jonah OriDEAR GOD I'M DOING IT NOW
kill me!

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Heh...Why would we want White Scars?

>> No.20657715


>implying there wouldn't be multiple factions each with their own racers.

>> No.20657717

>For many centuries, the Blood Ravens used the planet Cyrene as one of their primary bases for recruitment. The verdant world had a prosperous agrarian society and a population that enthusiastically embraced a military lifestyle. Its inhabitants showed an unswerving loyalty to the Imperium. The capabilities of its well-respected soldiery were only exceeded by the competence of the several Imperial Guard regiments that the planet had tithed to the Imperium. The world’s only known failing was a propensity for a higher than normal number of mutant and psyker births

Here is proof that the Cyrene was a Pysker world. After that planet was blown didn't you all notice a decline in the Blood Raven Librarian numbers? Only Kyras and Jonah were librarians, the rest were just normal Marines.

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>What do you expect from traitors? Courage and honour?

Blood Ravens (or at least Avitus) confirmed for Ultra.

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Even given the option, would you choose any other racer?

>> No.20657738

Ok this Blood Ravens are Thousand Sons/Lunar Wolves shit is kinda gay. The Thousands Sons link is Better/More belivable...

But what I'D really fucking like is if the Blood Ravens were one of the founding legions. You know? There were TWO WHOLE LEGIONS who's data was expunged after the horus heresy.

Unfortunately GW, the Black Library and the Horus Heresy books seem to have forgotten this fact, and now they're probably going to ignore it...

>> No.20657744

I'm imagining Mario Kartesque one, the crates give interventions from the Emperor/the relevant Chaos god.

vanilla racers would be:
Space Wolves/World Eaters would be the heavy guys, fast but crap acceleration/manourevability
Death Guard/Imperial fists would be the medium'/heavy guys
Ultramahrens/Black Legion would be the middle guys
Raven Guard/Iron Warriors are the medium/light ones
White Scars/Emperors Children are the light and manoureable ones

Other Chapters are unlockable

Blood Ravens are unlockable Mediums, and have the twist ability to, instead of getting powers from crates, get the ability to steal a power from a nearby karter.

I'd buy it.

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Raven Guard Landspeeder Storm with a bunch of scouts literally riding shotgun!

Ork War Trukks with boarding planks!

>> No.20657751


No, The First Heretic mentions them. Lorgar even makes a snide comment about the Ultramarines getting some extra Legionaries after the...unfortunate events that led to the loss of two legions. My money is on discovering already corrupted/dead Primarches. THAT might have dear old Empy disolve a legion...

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Oh SHIT I'm not on that yet. I'm actually glad you told me that.

Postan evidance anyway. Just because sources and shizzle

>> No.20657777

Other Chapters
>Get mindwiped, slaughtered, their recruits stolen etc etc by the Grey Knights

Blood Ravens
>''the Chapter appears to also maintain unusually close relations with the Grey Knights of the Ordo Malleus. It would appear that the Grey Knights, psykers all, feel an affinity for the Blood Ravens and trust the Chapter with the knowledge of their existence''
>''The Warriors of the Inquisition are yours to command'' The Grey Knights have given the Blood Ravens command of their men in several occasions
>The Grey Knights have lent the Blood Ravens Gear and Weapons

Can anyone tell me why the Grey Knights treat the other Chapters as crap, but treat the Blood Raven Chapter like Brothers?

>> No.20657780


>limiting it to spas maroons
>no eldar shining lancers/guardian bike riders (or even a warlock biker)
>no Dark Eldar reaver jetbikers
>no Ork Warbikes
>no necron destroyers/tomb blades
>no Tyranid gargoyles
>no Imperial Guard riding ATVs

>no Dark Angels Ravenwing master Sammael on imperial jetbike final boss.

>> No.20657792

first off, that doesn't mean that it was the only reason for psychic potential, plenty of other librarians were recruited from other planets.
Jonah is from Calderis (I think) for example and he's ridiculously powerful.
>After that planet was blown didn't you all notice a decline in the Blood Raven Librarian numbers? Only Kyras and Jonah were librarians, the rest were just normal Marines.
that was for two reasons
A) gameplay and story segregation, A fully leveled Jonah was a gamebreaker in Chaos rising. Granted Cyrus and Thule were as well, but can you imagine AN ENTIRE SQUAD OF JONAHS?!??! that would make tzeentch himself shit his pants, even if they had half of Jonahs abilities.
B) we only saw 2 strike forces in Dawn of War 2 (hairgels and Diomedes' and Diomedes' one comprised mostly of hairgels), that's hardly indicative of the Blood Ravens full complement is it?

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File: 140 KB, 597x302, Grey_Knight_Justicar_Squad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Because lolDoW.

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See? They ARE Ultramarines! Who else would the Grey Knights trust but the sons of thier, and everybody elses SPIRITUAL LEIGE?

>> No.20657819

>serving with Boreale
I'm just going to say that the ones they gave to Boreale had either fucked up royally, or were substandard GKs that dodged the entry requirements.

>> No.20657821

> There were TWO WHOLE LEGIONS who's data was expunged after the horus heresy.
>Unfortunately GW, the Black Library and the Horus Heresy books seem to have forgotten this fact, and now they're probably going to ignore it...

It's mentioned frequently throughout the Horus Heresy books. Blood Ravens being a Legion is really unwarranted and makes no sense. There aren't enough of them and they wouldn't have been made into a Chapter until after Guilliman rearranged everything.

>> No.20657838

I think they even mind wipe Ultramarines descendents.

From unit quotes, "the Ordo malleus has sent us to aid you", Gabriels connection with the inquisitors and Kyras' ability to BLAM a planet with sod all evidence, it implies that the Ravens have some good connections with the inquistion and that's how they pulled it off.

>> No.20657842


I always liked the idea that all the crused and troubled 13th founding chapters had been made with saved Heretic geneseed. Could explain things. Would still say Thousand Sons, but it WOULD make it a little less...Mary...Sueish for them to be THE ONLY ONES TO HAVE RESISTED TEMPTATION AND CHAOS TO REMAIN PUUUURRRRE!

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>> No.20657862

A better question is why didn't the Grey Knight detect Corruption among the Blood Raven ranks.

>> No.20657876


Oh hell, who knows. Maybe they can't. For all we know, grey Knight's are full of shit and just wait till whoever they're watching starts to grow horns.

"Ha-HA! I knew he was corrupted ALL ALONG! See? HORNS! That means he was evil! CALLED IT!"

>> No.20657878

>Unfortunately GW, the Black Library and the Horus Heresy books seem to have forgotten this fact, and now they're probably going to ignore it...

you dumb sack of shit, they're ignoring that on purpose you retard fuck ass piece of shit asshole fuck

>> No.20657883

I think it's less resisting the corruption and more just not being around when the shit hit the fan.

Considering the Corvidae cult got up to all sorts of shit, it might not be unfeasable that a detatchment of 1000 or so was isolated in some ass end of the galaxy and forgotten about.

"hey guys, what did we miss?"
"why are you looking at us like that?"

>> No.20657899

>Blood Ravens
They are descended from loyalist Thousand Sons who weren't on Prospero with the rest of their brethren when Magnus surrendered himself to Tzeentch. It's not so much that the Blood Ravens were ever founded, but renamed to distinguish themselves from their none loyalist brethren.

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But Baldeale was bestest Spase Mairun commander. He used transports and drop pods to get his men close to the enemy instead of making them run across miles of open ground from their stronghold, didn't make all his reinforcements reliant on a single building, built his orbital relay inside his base instead of on a remote hill where anyone could walk up and take it, and knew how to contact his own ship, unlike Thule.

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File: 2.66 MB, 2000x1434, The_Purging_of_Mager's_Stalkers.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nah, Prognosticars.

>> No.20657958


Just as some bonus info, this is from our friends over at Lexicanum. The quote is from Thousands Sons. Oh, Horus Heresy novels...What fun.

>>The psyker Kallista Eris had a vision concerning the fate of the Thousand Sons shortly before the Burning of Prospero. Among other things she mentioned "The Ravens. I see them too. The lost sons and a Raven of blood. They cry out for salvation and knowledge, but it is denied!"12b There are several possible interpretations of these words, but the language used is clearly pertinent to Blood Ravens speculation.

>> No.20657960

true, they do have the whole
"we're Grey Knights, we ain't gotta explain shit"
thing going for them.

>> No.20657966

So if the Blood Ravens are descended from Thousand Sons, what other loyalist chapters might trace their geneseed origins to traitor chapters?

>> No.20657976


"Hey! Arsehole! Nice armor! Real fucking shiney!"
"Got something to say, big man?"
"...Oh look. The Prognostocars say you're all tainted by Chaos. Woops. Poor you."

>> No.20657980


Minotaurs are World Eaters.

>> No.20658054

none that we know of, though the Minotaurs might be World Eaters.
It's highlighted with the Ravens because they inherited the TS obsession with knowledge, meaning the suspicious black hole in their history is brought to the forefront quite a lot.

If there are any others out there, they probably were either
a) hunted down by their parent legion.
Even if the Thousand sons are aware of the Ravens, most of them probably don't care, can't do shit or are like Magnus and prefer trolling the Space Wolves.
Hell Ahriman's positively friendly to them.
the World Eaters are just too batshit insane/fragmented to care about the Minotaurs

b) Not possessed with an obsession with knowledge. So they're just another nondescript chapter that everyone puts down to being Ultramarine or, in the case of the minotaurs, Dark Angel/Space Wolf descendant.
You can't really see the (possibly) world eater descendants giving much of a fuck about their heritige can you?

>> No.20658066


Nope. Minotaurs are too busy being the High Lords of Terra's attack dogs to care about anything else. MAIN KILL BURN! MAIM KILL BURN!...For...The Emperor. Yes. That.

>> No.20658107

What evidence is there pointing to Minotaurs being World Eaters? Just rumours?

>> No.20658116

just faggot piss ant chaos shit heads who thinks chaos did everything. suck ass scum

>> No.20658155

They're another Chapter that doesn't know the identity of their primarch, according to Avitus, this is incredibly fucking rare.
They're also Batshit insane melee centric combatants that practise similar tactics to the world eaters, and treat their neophytes in similar ways (though they don't go as far as lobotomizing them) without the expected mutations you would expect from a loyalist primarch that shares similar traits.

>> No.20658372

Read Rebirth from Age of Darkness. They're the Thousand Sons 4th Fellowship.

>> No.20659110

Imperial Fists or Raven Guard.
>Crimson Fists
>Black Templars
>Space Sharks
Dark Angels also have some pretty bitchin' successor chapters, but nowhere near as accomplished as those.

>> No.20659153

Rumors, plus IIRC, there were decent sized remnants of loyalists from many of the traitor legions (namely the World Eaters, Emperor's Children and Luna Wolves).
While the Blood Ravens - Thousand Sons thing is a bit far-fetched IMO, there were a large chunk of World Eater loyalists who could have very well formed the Minotaurs post-heresy.

>> No.20659337

That marines got some purdy hips.

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