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Hello fellow members of the Hivemind. I need to expand my Tyranid related pics so I am requesting an image dump. I am looking mostly for funny stuff.
Also Tyranid general I guess.

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Ok gonna start posting more of my pics in hopes of getting more people interested.

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Capture psychic female for the infestation

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Captcha: Queen's turdmen

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Live for the Hive Mind.

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I'm rather fond of a lot of the 2nd edition Tyranid models and art.

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I just know Waldo's hiding somewhere in that picture.

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Cousin what are you doing here? I thought you were still waging war on those human criminals and Rotoss or whatever you called them

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DLFG, post some of the smutty ones.

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I remember this one

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So I getthey're suppose to escary and devastating however it would seem to me GW has gone overboard with the amount of damage they cause. All weaknesses are overcomes by rapid evolution and shear numbers. The fact the 'Nids can call upon the likes of the Hive Tyrant to basically Auto-win. How can the Imperium survive? Besides you know the stagnant time-line.

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Imperium ships.

If they actually get their act together they can decimate Tyranids post haste due to Tyranid ships being alot more close ranged focused.

Also Deathwatch kill team boarding actions

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>How can the Imperium survive?

Frankly? It don't think it can. Everything I've seen in the fluff suggests that the Imperium doesn't have a hope in hell of taking on the Tyranids once the bulk of the Hive Fleets arrive. If anyone's going to do it, it'll be the Necrons.

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That has worked before, yes. But what if Tyranid ships develop some sort of long-range weapon to adapt?

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Well Tyranids are supposed to be the end game winners. I think GW made it pretty clear they are just gonna end up eating this galaxy like the 12 before it. Though we will never find out since the timeline never moves but it is probably for the best in this case.

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Yeah we are!

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>Jive Tyrant

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To be honest though I always pictured the Tyranids just eating all organic life and then leaving the galaxy with the necrons still there. No real reason to fight them.

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There's also the fact that while Tyranid ships might be rather short ranged, there's a lot of them and they're very dangerous once they close the distance. Tyranid ships are vulnerable when they come out of hibernation after a long journey, but once they're fully awakened, are just as dangerous as the vessels from any other species.

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That's true, but remember that several notable Necron groups are either looking for a way of transferring their minds back into organic forms (and thus need to find a suitable host species), or otherwise want to conquer and rule over other races. They're not going to take too kindly to the Hive Fleets sweeping through the galaxy and devouring the same creatures they're trying to study or rule.

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In the grim darkness of the far future there is only Disco

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There are alot of non imperium issues in "our" galaxy. Freaking orks for one, those guys seem to out breed or equally breed with tyranids. Then you have the necrons, who while not so big in numbers don't "die" by normal standards.

Then you have chaos who could just play the come and get me game (tyranids in the warp = dog food) or can toss endless waves of none organic daemons at them... daemons who also don't die...

And that's just the forces that could rival tyranids in numbers. I'm not saying tyranids aren't scary galaxy gobbling monsters, but this universe is far from an easy snack.

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Remember that tyranid plants are able to process concrete, metal and plastics in a matter of weeks.
Maybe they could come up with something to eat necrons. Maybe they already did.

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Tyranids block out the warp So Tyranids yn the warp = nothing happening. And with Orks sure they have similar numbers but Tyranids are a unified force. Orks are not.

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>tyranids in the warp = dog food
Not in most cases.
according to most sources (all of them except the latest codex), they travel in the warp quite safely because the Shadow in the Warp effect, as well as their lack of individual psychology, makes them mostly immune to daemons.

A chaos warband isn't much safer in the warp than an imperial fleet.

So, while there are a few occurrences of hivefleet getting lost/attacked in the warp, they're usually at ease in it.

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Tyranids block out the warp, but if Daemons somehow get through, they'll fight it out. The Tyranid codex mentions a planet that gets swarmed by Tyranids and invaded by Daemons at the same time. The Imperium decides to declare an Exterminatus.

>> No.20658854


The shadow of the warp only effects things like the astronomicon, it isn't going to block out like the eye of terror lol.

And orks aren't unified... until you give them something to fight.

>> No.20658868

Warp Storms can screw over Hive Fleets and we all know that the Big Four can cause Warp Storms whenever they wish.

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>orks for one

Aside from Necrons, Orks are the only other race I'd credit with a chance of taking on the massed Hive Fleets, as a war that large and all-consuming would attract every Ork who heard of it. However, if we take the Octavius war as a microcosm of all-out war between the two races, we see the Tyranids slowly but steadily pushing the Orks back. Like I said, I'll grant that the Orks have more of a chance than most, but I still wouldn't bet on them.

>(tyranids in the warp = dog food)

That would be a valid point if the Tyranids were mindless or stupid enough to blunder after any scrap of biomatter no matter the circumstances. As it is, it's irrelevent - Tyranids regularly divert around Tomb Worlds and Hive Fleet Kraken specifically avoided attacking heavily defended planets in favour of demolishing weaker worlds, even if they might have rendered up less biomass. There's no reason to assume a Hive Fleet is going to charge into the warp considering the Tyranid don't have gellar fields to protect themselves.

>> No.20658883

moot point, orks in the octavius system originally outnumbered the nids 1000 to 1; and the nids still won.

As for daemons, they have no reason to try attacking a full hivefleet. It could provide them powerful host bodies, but that's about all they could gain from it. A lot of efforts for something they might as well ask the soulforge to manufacture them.

>> No.20658896

>whenever they wish
Whenever they can. That is to say whenever they don't need to do it elsewhere, and whenever the other gods let them.
It's irrelevant, anyway. A tyranid hivefleet practically causes a warp storm by existing. So, it's a matter of who's biggest at that time.

>> No.20658900

It doesn't block the warp. It causes static that makes it hard for anyone to Dial 616-Chaos Daemons-666 and have stable and clear connection.

BUT If there is a powerful Daemon, like Mister M'kar, or sorcerer, he can summon his Daemon Legions and ignore the effects of the Shadow because they have a strong connection to the Warp.

>> No.20658904


I find the daemons unlikely to attack tyranids until they start messing with the chaos gods food supply. Once the Dark gods decide that the ammount of psychic mojo lost is unacceptable they'd war on the tyranids just to keep the humans to them selves.

>> No.20658922

I thought 'Nids had Narvhals which goes FTL when near a suitable bio-mass. So warp travel & warp storms aren't a issue.

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Correct. It's a common misconception that the Shadow in the Warp acts like some sort of pariah effect that nullifies the Warp. If anything, it's the opposite - anyone else trying to access the warp finds themselves drowned out by the sheer mass of psychic messages flashing back and forth across the synaptic web. But that wouldn't stop a Daemon Prince or Greater Daemon of enough power being able to simply open a localised warp gate to bring troops through.

>> No.20658932

in the 5th ed codex, yes. In all other sources, they just go in the warp.

>> No.20658934

''This is our galaxy. Ours to corrupt. Ours to enslave. The gods will not be denied their prize''

-Xereth, Sorcerer of the Black Legion (Tyranid 4ED Codex)

Chaos needs no reason to mess with you. It is CHAOS After all as in Chaotic.

And if you give them a good reason to mess with you, then God help you.

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Tyranids don't use warp travel. The Narvhal manipulates the gravitational fields of far-off planets to create a sort of gravatic slingshot that propels a Hive Fleet towards their target. It's slower than warp travel, but far more reliable.

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>> No.20658956

All i'm saying is it isn't as clear cut as "nids win" or "necrons win"

The whole 40k universe is a massive free for all. Each faction has the capacity to ally with or turn on the others and no one wants to just roll over and let the nids have the galaxy.

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Though this remind me I once saw someone make a Warhammer 50,000 setting where the imperium tricked the Hive Fleets into going into the Eye of Terror. This caused a feed back loop which fused Daemons and Tyranids together. Kinda weird logic but I always thought that sounded cool and wondered what they would look like.

>> No.20658980

Ok I got it, just when all hope seems lost The Silent King comes back from wherever. With a huge Necron army he defeats the Tyranids, but at the cost of most of his army, which was most of his race. 'Nids are reduced to small splinter fleets, Necrons break into small dynasties. IoM barely survives, and in need the Emperor wakes up and shit hits the fan.

>> No.20658981

it happened to the Hive Fleet Ouroboros.

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Emperor wakes up and NOTHING. He isn't any more useful with a sword than on the throne, since his purpose is to protect all human psykers. What he needs is to be autonomous again.

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He wakes up unhooks himself from the astronomicon fixes the blasted machine by probably changing the oil out. He then starts anew crusade... FOR CHAOS.

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Only the dead will know peace from the rustling lol


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Only Orks are manly enough to weaponize and control a nid.

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And only I have the brains to rule Lylat

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Ok I have a question about nids. Is the hivemnind a physical entity or more of a concept or force that all the nids are link too.

>> No.20661298

It's a gestalt psychic entity. It exists as a force in the warp. It's generated by the psychic energy of the entire tyranid species, but exists independently of them.

>> No.20661408

The Hivemind is a psychic entity made up of all the minds of all the tyranids that are communicating psychically at one given moment.

It is a single intergalactic network common to the whole tyranid race; individual tyranids may be isolated from it, or neglected by it, though, but they're programmed to be able to operate independently.
Swarms of Genestealers can also develop temporary hiveminds before being taken over by a hive-fleet.

Individual souls still exist within the Hivemind, but ultimately, it is the Hivemind itself that makes all decisions, apparently by reaching a consensus.

>> No.20661432

no, that's the other way around

tyranids can exist independently of the hivemind, but since all others literally generate the hivemind, it cannot exist without them.

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