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We're back and with a motherfucking fury!

Ok so for who among you are new to this here is how this works. We run a young Chapter on the world of Targon. We are successors of the glorious IX Legion. The Blood Angels.

Game play is split into two parts. One is the part where we make choices as a chapter. The other is where we assume the role of a single member of the chapter.

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Alright. So we are one 26 full battle brothers from the Blood Angels (and one Flesh Tearer, Brother Librarian Arbun) sent in this new founding to the Targon System on the only habitable world of Targon Prime. The planet has one small fortress that was more the ceremonial residence that, with the handover of the system to us, is now ours. The former Planetary Governor is now one of our attendants, he commands the PDF under us.
On our new homeworld has a single large continent. The north is mostly snowy mountains. The people here make food through hunting, trade and light mining.
In the far east is a small desert, roughly the size of Australia, inhabited by a mix of nomadic herders, fishermen and some permanent settlements around the coast and some in the interior. While they are ethnically the same as the rest of the planet they are a bit different culturally. This area is notably a lot like Baal. But with less radiation and no mutants.
The south, west and central area is a mix of forested areas and planes that are used for cultivating fields or grazing cattle.
Several years ago we had a battle with the Blood Ravens chapter as they attempted to plunder our relics on our homeworld. In the end, we killed them all, "sunk" their strike cruiser and went over the the contents of what we could salvage.

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We managed to acquire the following from the Blood Ravens.
1 Contemptor pattern dreadnought with no occupant. Right arm crushed.
2 Rino Transports. One is badly crushed and bares the Lamenters heraldry. Could be used as spare parts.
2 Thunderhawks One landed on a rino in the crash and has a badly damaged cockpit. She will never fly again.
1 Small Manufactorum facility that we have removed and have set up near our fortress.
55 complete suits of various types of power armor plus other parts that do not make a complete suit.
A large assortment of weapons that clearly bear the heraldry of various other chapters some look quite old. We have contacted these chapters and asked for them to come reclaim their relics.
14 drop pods that are mostly intact.
Several Arcane tomes were found in a small Librarium near the ships chapel.

The ship itself has been repaired and been lifted back into space. we have renamed it The Wrath of Targon.

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Check out Chapter Quest. That guy knows what he is doing.

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Several months after the attack, Two Strike Cruisers from Baal came to us to resupply us.
In total they brought us the following.

1 Landrader. In fine condition, might be brand-new.
2 Thunderhawk vehicle transports.
125 sarcophagi. Used as part of the Blood Angels Gene seed ritual.
A stockpile of our Gene Seed.
100 suits of power armor.
Piles of scout gear.
Plenty of ammo for various weapons.
500 bolters 350 bolt pistols 180 chainswords.
Assorted heavy weapons
1000 servitors and 42 tech priests.
8 space based Anti-ship platforms.
16 anti orbital Laser batteries with generators.
Several tons of refined materials to be used for manufacturing.
Along with countless plans for weapons, buildings and vehicles for both us and the PDF.

The Supply force was commanded by none other then Mephiston, The Lord of Death. He has inspected the tomes we collected along with all the relics of the Blood Angels Chapter and her successors and has taken them back to Baal to keep them safe as well as taking the responsibility off of us. He also inspected the tomes we found, finding them all to be safe. In response to our keeping of the relics Lord Dante has commissioned 3 new ships for us. 1 Battle Barge and 2 Strike Cruisers.

The names were chosen as follows:
Battle Barge: Rich Retaliation
Strike Cruiser: Blood Herald
Strike Cruiser: Red Tear
Plus the rebuilt strike cruiser Wrath of Targon and our old Emperor Class battleship, the Accuser and two unarmed transports.

The Accuser is in rough shape, space worthy but desperately in need of a refit.

Lord Dante has smoothed things over with the Blood Ravens. He convinced them that their task force had fallen to chaos and we only did what we had to. We also collected the Gene Seed of the fallen ravens to use as a bargaining chip if need be.

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The Chapter Master is attacked by one of the immensly cute but utterly savage Targon Hell-Rabbits, and is forced to fight it for a night and day. Despite being severely nibbled on the bottom, he prevails, and is inspired to name his Chapter, the Emperor's Fluffy Bunnies.

Their icon is a profile of a blood splattered rabbit, biting the arse of the Emperor's foes in perpetuity.

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It's been a while.
I'm just going to sleep, unfortunately, so here's some suggestions:

The contemptor's arm probably needs to be rebuilt from scratch, have our techmarines look into it.

Arcane tomes, yo, let the librian deal with those.

Thunderhawk - that one that will never fly again, add it to our techmarines' backlog. Salvage whatever can be salvaged for the construction of a new thunderhawk when the time comes. Or build a new cockpit from scratch for the broken thunderhawk.

The accuser needs repairs, right? If we can afford it, send it to the nearest spacedock. If not, just have the techpriests do what they can for now, we can give it more attention when we have additional resources.

Speaking of techpriests, try to find a spot for them to set up their enclave or something - they need someplace to worship and train new priests.

I'm outta time, have a nice thread.

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A RT then passed through our system and we made some purchases from her.
A damaged suit of terminator armor. While damaged it is missing no limbs and the chapter colors are unknown.
A power armor helmet with the face of our primarch. We later found the face morphs to fit the mood of the wearer. Also that the same metal has also been used by the Eldar.
Seeds for some potent healing herbs. However they grow fast and could turn our planet into a deathworld.
Blueprints and plans for civil industrial structures.
2 Aquila landers.
A first edition copy of the Codex Astarties with a stasis display case.
Several books on xenos culture.
A Baneblade.
A strange eldar power sword.
A matching storm bolter and powerfist.
27 reptilian xenos.

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The Xenos turned out to be intelligent and have a device that allows them to communicate with us. Their race was uplifted by humans long long ago. And as such they hold up humans as divine figures. We have taught them of the Imperial creed and the Emperor and they have taken to it quite well. They have their own room and keep to themselves as they translate it into their own language.

We have officially been allowed to preach the Sanguinary Cult on our world and any world we visit. We asked for funding to help build a cathedral but no word came in relation to that.

We gained a new ally. Magos Jarvus who left the service of the RT to aid our chapter.

Heidi (pictured) the head chapter servant is the main wheel in the fortress. If anything happens in the fortress, she knows. Need to find out something? You talk to her. She coordinates the work of others and is quite apt at keeping a tight schedule. She is also a skilled swords maiden. She also seems to be in some sort of a relationship with the Chapter Master.

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Now several years into our stay here a lot has happened, We now have 112 scouts in various stages of training. One of our neophytes had the mutation of a pair of small vestigial wings on his back. They have not grown, but Baal sent us a veteran brother to aid in his training as well as the eventual formation of our Sanguinary Guard once some of our brothers have proved themselves. The scout in question has taken a new name, bellerophon.

A rail line runs from our current fortress to our proper one under construction runs year round even in our world's heavy winters.

Around our current fortress has had one ring of city built around it. It holds fortified family sized housing, weapon and vehicular manufatorums. A drill yard we share with the PDF, a small civil aerodrome and a thick wall with bastions and anti-air and anti-orbital weapons to protect it. The next ring is currently being planned.

Our true fortress is going well. With all the currently planned subterranean rooms and areas completed we have begun to build the upper parts. Some brothers have already been stationed their to give us a presence their.

We have spread fertilizer to various areas around the world to boost production. Also solar charged tractors have been sold to villages and been used to great effect. Throughout the planes we have also built a dirt road network for use mostly by the common folk and it is greatly appreciated.

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In the mountains we have been constructing a medium sized manufatorum. So far we have only begun partial production as the man manufacturing chamber is still under construction. We are about 85% ready.

We have built green houses on some of the Island chains that have melta charges built into them and are staffed by servitors to prevent the chance of the seeds escaping and turning our planet into a death world while we turn the plants into medical supplies.

We also have a planet wide police force known as wardens. They keep both the law and act as first reaction disaster relief and can organize a guerrilla resistance if our world if we are invaded.

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Our PDF now has a complete kit for both winter and summer. While the standard weapon is still Heavy stubbers we have Autoguns, thudguns, small mortars, man portable tripod heavy bolters are available. Several hundred autocannon chimeras have been produced as well.

Our first 7 regiments have been fully organized. The first is our elite infantry. Known as the Purebloods, they will have both a Sanguinary purity seal as well as a chem gland giving a thorough and wide range of benefits. 2-4th are our light infantry. 5th is our Pioneer Regiment with men specializing in both Engineering duties and Sapper duties. Each Regiment also has a dedicated Pioneer detachment themselves. 6th is the artillery regiment and 7th is our Cavalry regiment. The rest of our regiments have have mixed duties and will be assigned once we can supply them for that duty.

We also recently traded the early copy of the codex to the Ultramarines when they came for their relics in exchange for them putting in a good word for us with the Admech to possibly get us some terminator armor.

But we were called to duty in an Imperial crusade to retake a world from a renegade governor! The world of Seldus!

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Do we really only have 26 marines?

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A imperial fleet took us to our destination.

First our battle brothers teleported onto a orbital shipyard and secured it from a much larger force.

Then once in orbit we found an island city that remained loyal. We began to deploy our forces to aid the loyalists and eventually secured the island. Then our PDF that came with us that also supplied the vast majority of the liberation ground forces began the attack on the capital.

Our battle brothers along with our scouts executed a drop pod assault through the palace roof and killed the governor. But not before he detonated explosives on the walls and buried our chapter master alive.

Once our battle brothers secured the city's power generators, crippling the defenses we had victory and dug out our badly injured Chapter Master.

He recovered but now we have been given right of occupation of this world for as long as we desire so long as it does not exceed 100 years. We have also been left a older battleship, to cruisers and two civil transports from the fleet to aid our dominion.

Our dead are being shipped home and in the Bastion we constructed on the cliff north of the loyalist city we have begun to fit bionics to our wounded veterans before we ship them home.

The Loyalist city has also been fully repaired and have began construction of a Sanguinary temple out of their own pocket if we supply the clergy.

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he capitol that is mostly Hab blocks and factories the produce centaur hulls are still rather badly damaged. The sewers and waterlines are mostly repaired.

The people of this world bare clear Asiatic features and are ardent collectivists. So they have been eager to get back to work.

A PDF is slowly being formed from the militias of the Loyalists.

We found some human ruins to the south east of the capital city. Our acting chief Librarian is leading an expedition into the ruins supported by half a regiment of PDF.

The economy is picking up again. Fishermen who supply 99% of the worlds domestic food production are back on the seas. The mines are working again but the refineries and factories are still heavily damaged. Roughly 78% of the Planets population is unemployed.

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Back on Targon Prime Magos Jarvus has been running the show. He says he has worked out a solution to our Hotshot lasgun problem. He found that if you have a chamber to direct the excess heat into on the lasgun you can buffer the heat and eliminate almost all the problems with the hotshot design with the exception of it being needing to be cleaned more often. The new pattern has been tested and can be made to fit inside the same frame as our G3 pattern subber rifles.
The heat catching chamber can also hold roughly enough heat generated from 2 mags before it needs to be released. However this design is unsuitable for laspistols, hellguns and Lascannons.

As for his other work he says that he is working on a major project that will glorify the machine god and tells us no more.

Going through the Governor's records we found he was in contact with a large number of RTs. One in particular. Further digging brought no names but we have a full list of ship IDs instead.

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Then as we were making our way home through the warp when we collided with something and our Gellar field collapsed fora few seconds and let a deamon on board. The event caused most of the crew to go insane and several dozen casualties from the intruder. As such we made for Baal for repair and resupply. We also took the tome to pay homage to our Angelic father where he lay in the mighty fortress of our father chapter.

Now resupplied we make our way back home. We come to see out big ol' battleship escorting the two civil transports moving supplies and PDF rotations above our homeworld.

Upon our return we find that Jarvus' project was a massive Anti-Orbital gun platform carved into the top of one of the northern mountains with several concentric rings of smaller antiship batteries and missile silos. While this is good and will protect almost all of the northern hemisphere, it was a massive undertaking and it would seem all other projects not related to its construction were halted. Apparently it is going to be the center of this worlds machine cult.

With the growing tent city outside our fortress we have shifted production to building small factories and hardened housing from plans given to us by the Salamanders when they came to pick up their relics.

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... Holy shit, we have a massively over-sized battlefleet compared to our paltry marine numbers.

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Then we went to the homewold of our little Xenos. They have translated the Imperial Creed into the 3 major languages of their world and have made banners with images of the Emperor and the Primarchs to hold high when they arrive.

Replications of the translation devices have been produced and given among the selected first contact crew and our brothers.

They took us to a small rural town and we can clearly observe that they lag back considerably. They do have trains and small motorized vehicles but you see they lack things such as luminescent bulbs or easily assessable electricity.

We are treated as exalted guests. Fed and entertained as much as they are able.

after speaking with the Xenos we have a bit of history on the humans of this world.

Long ago the humans came to this world and settled it along side the Xenos and did teach them much and civilized them.

The humans then went on to build cities in the clouds that floated around the world.

They did this for the longest time then things changed. They became quiet and did not speak to the xenos any longer. Until what is recorded as the Day of "Firesky" where the cities used their awesome power and destroyed each other, killing all known humans on the world.

The ruins that remain are crashed cities and installations built for things such as cultivating food, mining and production to dangerous do be done in the cities.

They also say that they have some machines left over from the human era but have not been able to get them to work.

We manged to have an imperial outpost built here.

250 members of the various research teams.
350 Security forces.

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Now we have yet again returned to our homeworld. Targon is close to harvest time and another round of games to choose our next recruits.

We have some clear options on the table.

With the shipyard above Seldus is empty and we could take our battleship their for a refit?
Or we could take time to rebuild the industry on Seldus instead?

On our homeworld do we expand the size of our PDF by 3 regiments bringing it to a total of 10?
or should we concentrate on building our city up?

Do we open ties with nearby systems or remain insular for the time being?

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We have only one functioning strike cruiser that we rebuilt. The other is on loan from Baal and is commanded by our father chapter. The other 3 are still under construction.

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choices choices.

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I think i'll keep this as an idea for a later game. or perhaps a /tg/ chapter

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bumping with glorious IX Legion.

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Glorious Angelic Primarch aka, "He who should have been Warmaster."

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Sanguinius is a pretty cool primarch. he breaks bloodthirsters over his knee and doesn't afraid of anything.

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I loves my Servo skull....

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Black rage aint nothin but a thang.

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I have always wondered if the angry Marines were IX Legion or a chapter or XII loyalists.

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If the Lamenters would just label their buttons perhaps they could into victory?"

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Dude, it's been 3 hours. No-one wants to play your shitty quest game.

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Even as the spaceship burned around, the Lamenters refused to admit their disco had taken a turn for the worse.

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probably not the best of times to start a quest bro. alot less people on now.

i would play, but i got to go to the airport shortly for buisness.

cheers bro

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If only they could turn down the funk for just a moment.

Anyway, i was bumping while I played minecraft. We will see what tomorrow is like.

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