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Hey guys, let's homebrew something for the Tau, they are the only faction without any material on the wiki

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That's okay, they have almost no material in the game either.

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Plasma pulse burn.

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Scraplootas are a Tau faction

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You can homebrew your own Septs (It's culture/history/ etc etc)

Or even homebrew your own Gue'vesa faction..

Nah, there is enough fluff about them. Too bad few people read it.

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While it might be an absolute burn, it's also the truth. There's how many books about the Tau Empire? 2? The codex and Fire Warrior? Meanwhile there are literally hundreds of books on every other faction?

Keep in mind, this isn't including the 5 or 6 additional books that they get mentioned, but here's the thing: that's all they get, a mention.

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Oh man, that reminds me of my old project.

A Dark Heresy clone for the Tau.

Fight Chaos cults on Tau planets while avoiding any police patrols (freedom of religion).

Searching sewer genestealers that evade genetic checkpoints.

Slowly going insane from seeing horrible shit, eventually devolving into a brutal prehistoric instinct guided Tau loose from Ethereal control.

Make a desperate run for the Farsight Enclaves or die.

Too bad it never went anywhere.

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It makes sense though. Every other faction holds vast swathes of territory or is important due to historical significance. Whilst the Tau Empire might be big for a xeno pocket empire those few dozen worlds are still a drop in the water compared to everyone else.

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FFG Deathwatch books explored the Tau quite well, If you ask me.

Also I believe there were some BL books with Tau in them other than the Fire Warrior Novel like the ''Star of Damocles''.

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In them, but it doesn't say anything other than "they were here, we killed them" or "they were here, they killed us." I don't recall the Deathwatch books really talking about the Tau Empire other than "we kill these mooks".
That's not really how fiction is supposed to work, if you want to sell your faction, make fluff about it.

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I'd say the Tau are smaller than most pocket empires.

The fucking H'Rud don't even have ground they control, and they hurt the Imperium more than the Tau.

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I really think they need to be made more intimidating. They're too pleasant and naive.

The original concept art paints them as quite creepy. The Ethereals have these Ming the Merciless beards, mechanical business coming out of their neck and hands and are holding syringes. The Tau troops are also far more physically substantial and rugged looking.

Isn't there some fluff floating around about them performing mind control on their own population and sterilizing human converts to the cause? Perhaps something more sinister like that ought to be thrown in.

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>Tau Empire other than "we kill these mooks".

Then you would be wrong. The Deathwatch - ''The Achilus Assault'' book did cover Tau adventures and mishaps in that area of space (What was it? The Velk'han Sept, I think).

You should download it and examine it for yourself.

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>tau will never get another Codex

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kroot need to become an independent faction

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>few dozen worlds
Codex says they have over twenty systems in addition to many alien worlds.

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They already are mate.

Kroot Mercenaries. Kroot don't give a fuck about Tau.

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They are already an Independent faction.

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And it's still nothing on the galactic map.

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Eldar best watch out, Tau are getting close to outnumbering their dying race.

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And still growing at a rapid rate.

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Fuck you man.

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Not to get dragged into a fluff war, but how many industrious, heavily populated worlds which can make significant contributions to the empire do you think twenty systems equals? Because to me it feels like somewhere in the 30's or 40's... Or about three dozen.

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Well, a number of worlds are under control of the Farsight Enclave.

A number of worlds are under control of Orks.

One world was depopulated by Dark Eldar, and another by Necrons.

There's a world that is basically locked off from the rest of Tau space, because the Tau there are extremely violent.

The Tau don't actually control every world in the systems they control. Far from that.

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They should have given the Tau Empire a thousand or so systems, that would have made them actually worth mentioning, as it stands: they aren't.

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E... Exactly...

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That image. I...it scares me for reasons I do not comprehend.

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It was obviously created by a Republican, who also probably doesn't realize they are Republican.

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In 1984, the Brotherhood battling the Ingsoc government sees it as admissible to spread diseases and assault civilian populations with bombs, all in pursuit of the greater good of destabilizing Big Brother's regime. They'd hypothetically be willing to throw acid in a child's face in pursuit of their objectives.

Perhaps the Tau should be willing to do similar things, and disheveled human Tau sympathizers - maybe influenced by mind control - murder, spread disease and sabotage Imperial activities which are contrary to the goals of the Tau. You know, for the Greater Good.

It's more grimdarkerer.

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>Well, a number of worlds are under control of the Farsight Enclave.

like four or five in an area the Ethereal have forbidden the Tau from entering, I think.

>A number of worlds are under control of Orks.


>One world was depopulated by Dark Eldar, and another by Necrons.

Same thing happened in Damcoles. The Tau re-populated them after the world were wiped clean of life. So no reason the Tau can't do the same to these worlds.

>There's a world that is basically locked off from the rest of Tau space, because the Tau there are extremely violent.

N'dras right? This world is back under Tau control after it was cut off sometime. Its Tau are considered untrustworthy but the world is still under Empire control.

>The Tau don't actually control every world in the systems they control. Far from that.

I say the Tau have a tight grip on things in their Empire.

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Tau need a fluff rework. Hopefully their next codex has them making an impact on the setting.

Suddenly... the Tau Empire blossoms to hundreds of systems!

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They already have an impact on the setting. There are Tau IPods on Terra.

True facts

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>Suddenly... the Tau Empire blossoms to hundreds of systems!

Oh man, I'm buying even more Dark Eldar when that happens.

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Too bad the Tau are too dumb to attach a corrupting influence to their items.

It just - is -.

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make them finally get FTL or jump drive systems that basically allow them to shoot off to random parts of the galaxy and suddenly all over the imperium Tau expansionist fleets start popping up without any sort of pattern slowly but surely grabbing footholds in the systems they jumped into. suddenly tau are all over the Imperium and the galaxy are taking far more significant role in the setting as they can appear anywhere at any time but still be at that small start up empire stage. you could probably even grim dark it up with horrible colony stories of jumps gone wrong and planets infested with tyranids or chaos or other horrible xeno races. and you can add in more auxillery races thanks to this as they are bound to meet up with countless new races.

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The Admech think otherwise. Their Technology has something the Priests truly hate. THE UNHOLY AIs. Oh the horror.

They are smart enough to rig all their stuff with spyware to spy on the Imperials.

Tau stuff reached far in the Imperium. Even the far away places like the Sol System.

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which wiki?

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"Aquelarre". (Meaning Witches' Sabbath)

It fucking helps that it is a Spanish game and I'm currently living in London.

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Being a small empire is the entire point of the Tau. It's their theme

Why would you people want to ruin that?

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There's a difference between the AdMech working on the backwater worlds surrounding Tau space and the AdMech at Forgeworlds.

It's like the difference between your computer-savvy uncle and guys that hack the FBI for fun.

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because without being able to pop up around the galaxy and play a major part of the setting the Tau are so restricted in what they can do. i love my Tau but i dont want to be fighting ultramarines, orks and tyranids all day. plus the jump drive idea doesn't steal away the small empire feel it simply allows them to appear all over the place and be a legitimate threat to the imperium as now all of the sudden you have no clue just how many different places the Tau have taken a foothold

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> their theme is being pussies

We don't want to spoil it, we want to fix it.

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Was going to say being able to jump anyway would make them lose their naivete.

But then I realized as soon as they encounter any kind of world, of any sort of real significance, belonging to any of the other races, that Tau fleet would never be heard from again and Tau naivete would be left intact

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The Tech priests over in eastern fringes or the guys in the Mars couldn't stop Tau tech from going all over the place.

That's a major fail right there.

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Tau don't do homebrew well cause they're too small. The coolest things they've got are their suits and there's not much you can do to them to make them cooler aside from have them run experimental new suits with goofy new weapons.

I'd love to see the tau get into a slightly larger conflict with tyranids where they realize they're being a bit stick in the mud with fire warriors and need to give them some new weapons. Commanders need a few distinct suit options like the shadowsun/dow commander suit. Or the new hazard(?) suit that has like fusion cascades, or some sort of upgraded flamer that causes multiple templates. Airburst grenades given to more troops etc.

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It could be like in Ray Bradbury's Chronicles of Mars.

The USA sends like thousands of rockets to Mars filled with millions of colonists, and only a handful make it, and only a handful of the handful survive the landing (crash).

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When you're trying to uncover technological secrets so ancient that just the idea of such old things would give Tau Ethereals nightmares, you don't have to care about smalltime shit like that.

Besides, the Ordo Xenos can just hire some street gangs to off anyone with Tau toys.

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I think one of the only unique things about Tau is they're not black on the grimdark scale.

if they ARE doing mind control, sterilization, killing worshipers of the emperor, then there goes their mystery. That and guns is all they have.

if you make them grim they are way less unique, and less of a reason to even have them in the setting. They need that good here bad there that they're doing. If anything the septs and their ethereal should have much better personality. Point out what septs go to the diplomacy table with the rails pointed at the planet, and what ones give armistice peace trades.

That said, the fact that both of these fluff exist ALREADY while they're THIS SMALL is fucking bizarre! They should expand on how fractured the thinking of the etheirals are, how the worlds they stay on almost instantly adopt their stance and no other.

There should be more flexablity to its troops instead of pulse rifle? yeah okay. I mean their entire doctrine is "WE ARE FLEXIBLE" why limit them so?

Where are other xenos? Why only include 2 when there are dozens of xeno's featured in the fluff in that sector. (Hrud come to mind).

They make mechs and references in the fluff yet there doesn't seem to be a major showing of cybernetic augmentation which would add a lot of flavor and looks to their units.

They have potential in spades and no one is acting on it.

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It's a shitty theme, is why.

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/tg/ has done plenty of custom tau stuff. Tau have their own Tau Tomb World, a Tau Freebooter Ork tribe, a Tau spehss marine, and a tau hive tyrant that consumes all.

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sure any significant planet, but there are literally millions of worlds out there that dont mean shit and those are very ripe for the picking by a random expansionist fleet all of the sudden coming out of hyper space right outside of your orbit. hell the Imperial navy would probably scrambling if all of the sudden like six fleets pop up within close proximity of each other, either split your numbers thin to attack all the fleets or move slowly from one the other. after all its been proven in the past that Tau against imperial navy/ guard isnt a slaughter either way it tends to end in bloody wars of attrition where neither side can really grab a foothold

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That's all I want to see. Expanding on the concept.
Not something drastic like the Necron rework, but just... interesting things.

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If you don't like the underdog, then why bother with them?

You want to ruin an army theme because you don't like it? You are the reason we can't have nice things, anon!

> i love my Tau but i dont want to be fighting ultramarines, orks and tyranids all day

Picture related. Your lack of imagination disgusts me. The Codex says you can justify the Tau fighting anything in the setting. ANYTHING.

>appear all over the place and be a legitimate threat to the imperium as now all of the sudden you have no clue just how many different places the Tau have taken a foothold

You want to turn them into the Necrons? This is unacceptable.

The Tau are already a llegitimate threat to the Imperium in that region. Enough to warrant to cause the Lords there trouble and warrant three Crusades.

And thay is enough for a small faction. If you don't like it. Then roll with something else.

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Only a few Tech Priests hunt secret and lost Techno-Arcana.

The rest preserve the Tech of the Imperium and guard the Imperium from Xeno and unsanctioned Technology.

The spreading of Tau Tech this far all over the Imperium proves what a joke the Admech are. A small faction at another corner of the universe managed to contaminate the entire Imperium with its Techno-Hersey. Incompetence of this level IS...just sad really.

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Nobody is forcing you to like it. If you don't just move on to the next faction or army.

I mean what's the problem. Is there a shortage of themes and factions in the setting all of a sudden?

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>The spreading of Tau Tech this far all over the Imperium proves what a joke the Admech are.

I'd like to see you say the same thing when the Harrowing swallows up the Tau without even a struggle.

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There's a difference between "underdog" and "why are you even being mentioned". The Tau are the latter, when we'd like them to be the former.

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Wake me up when the Tau invent a transportation method that can actually get them somewhere...

>tau technology
>good at something

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They just need to make ship sized ipods, because those niggas sail all the way to fucking Terra unchallenged.

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I'd like a viet-cong parallel Tau, like a jungle/swamp fighter Tau that doesn't have the benefit of a close supply change. Because of this they have to resort to a bit of crude ingenuity (jungle traps, punji sticks, domesticating krootox on their own). Isolation from most other tau septs could also lead to them being a bit messed up in the head, having doubt of the greater good, drug use from jungle herbs, making blood sacrifices to the greater good, tribal warpaint, stacking their enemies heads on poles etc. Their main antagonists would be warring catachan fighters akin to the parallel of US commandos vs viet-cong.

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They can pull Mcgiffins out of their metal bums, but they can't stop Tau IPods from being smuggled into Terra?

Do you have any idea how much of a failure this is? This like saying the Inquisition can stop Daemon invasion, but can't stop Chaos artifacts from being smuggled to HOLY BLOODY TERRA.

We are not debating Tau Technology. We are debating how much the Admech SUCKS.

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>Read all of that
Well, now I know what I'm doing for my next army.

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All fluff about them describes them as a small expanding Empire with advance tech in the middle of no where. That's their thing. That's one of their themes.

If you don't like that theme then why the HECK did you buy into this army in the first place? What are you a moron? Did you not read the bacdkstory of your army and know what you are getting into? SERIOUSLY YOU PEOPLE!

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tell me about this "the harrowing"

>> No.20635789

It's like buying into the Eldar and then whining about the whole ''Dying Race'' thing.

Godammit it's stupid.

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>The Tau are already a llegitimate threat to the Imperium in that region.
>in that region
You know what's cool about literally every other faction in the game? They're a threat to the Imperium. Full stop.

The problem is it's a shitty theme. Small empire? There are dozens of alien races and humans with pocket empires. None of them are represented as armies because they're too small.
Tau should have a better theme. Maybe something like... "For the Greater Good", or something?
An Empire that's a threat to the Imperium at large, trying to annex all other races in the name of some mysterious Greater Good. Those that accept join their forces as auxiliaries, those that refuse get beat into submission. The Imperium tries it's hardest to contain this Empire to one area, but it's impossible. They're jumping all over the universe, bypassing all blockades and arriving without warning, to offer planets an ultimatum:
>Join us of your own accord, or we'll force you to join us

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This thread just went places that I like.

Some of the tau whose helmets have become unusable should wear deactivated drones on on their head to complete the look.

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No it's not, because "Dying Race" is an interesting theme in the 40k setting.
"Small Empire" is shit.

>> No.20635805

>Deactivated Drones

>> No.20635827

That's your opinion, DUDE!

see this >>20635775

They are small that's their appeal. If you don't like it then buzz off to another faction.

If you don't like that theme then why pick the Tau as your army?

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Im gonna go ahead and jump the gun on this and /r/ a drawfag to give us a V’iet Sept Fire Warrior wearing a deactivated drone hat hiding in a tree.

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>every faction
>threat to the imperium


wait your serious? Holy shit man now I feel bad for you.

look, let me help you out here. Orks are a threat because they always come back, if they all united (never will) they will win. So no, they're not a threat just a strain on resources which the Imperium has in spades. Chaos has unlimited daemons and they are as perverse as the imperium. Necrons never die, they just phase out to be repaired, they can even fuck physics, but there's not enough of them. Nids are a legit threat, Dark Eldar and Eldar do raids, and tau took 3 crusades on the chin

the truth is, all of them can annoy the imperium, but only the Nids and Chaos have a chance at "threatening" as you put it.

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>GW releases Cypher as a faction/army. It has 1 unit that can be upgraded to be 200/500/1000/etc points. No allies.
>If you don't like the theme, don't buy it!

>GW releases My Little Pony: the army
>Don't like the theme? Don't buy it!

Certain themes are not good for basing an entire army around. "Small Empire" is not one of those, because the theme is literally "has no impact on the setting".

>> No.20635880

But they do have an impact. They took 3 crusades on the chin, a hive tendril and the orks but still persist and expand aggressive as hell, taking many Imperials into the fold as well as a multitude of Xeno's all while having the best technology standard in the setting. Plus their tech "heresy" has spread across the entire galaxy meaning even if they all died tomorrow they have forever impacted the setting.

All while being a "small empire that cant effect anything"

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Well this thread is a prefect example why Tau don't have any homebrew stuff.....

every thread become a pro-tau vs. anti-tau dickery.......

DAMN IT /TG/ I thought you guys get shit done!!!


well off the get waisted

>> No.20635901

>a hive tendril

Actually the entire Hive fleet Gorgon and Tendrils from Kraken.

Yeah, they did impact the setting despite being small. Waytago Tau!

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Too bad I've already made a full Tau army in black, grey and red.
I may have to do both.

>> No.20635919

There's some homebrew ideas here man. You can't expect it to just happen. Give it time

Shows their potential branching points and

are going Vietnam Tau on everyone

...actually speaking of vietnam tau isn't it mentioned in the core book that they like to have pathfinders stay in cities taken by opponents in underground bunkers? That they spy on the opponent this way?

Has this been there from the start and we never realized it?

>> No.20635937

Shas'O Nam V'iet is the name of the commander there.

Also we need a sniper drone team or something with the designation charlie

>> No.20635947

Needs more Gooks.

Perhaps that's a designation for Kroot?

>> No.20635954


What is this 'wiki' with no tau homebrew stuff?

>> No.20635959

Tau discover a Squat colony.

They team up together a make a giant mech that fights crime and transforms into shit.

>> No.20635964


link plox

>> No.20635971

I think he meant the /tg/ Wiki.


>> No.20635979

I think it's in their codex. Let me look through it and give a page number

>> No.20635992

Instead of zipper heads, they're slitfaces. We get to make up all new racial slurs.
Steal suit leader Shas'El Chal'rie perhaps? My Knowledge(Tau) isn't up to snuff so feel free to correct any inaccuracies I make in their military or naming structure.

>> No.20636019

You know i've always liked that Tau nobles and Knights have the El' designation

It makes me imagine all Tau nobles as Spanish romantics and all their Knights as conquistadors

>> No.20636031

There is one person you need to blame for that.

>> No.20636052

Andy Chambers?

>> No.20636053

Shas'Vre Chal'rie V'iet would be his full name. also the highest rank i've seen Stealth suits is Vre not El but im sure either things can happen

>> No.20636057

Hey, I tried to propose a ruthless, brainwashed, Tau sympathizer fifth column, but nobody gave a shit.


>> No.20636063

Clearly this is all HugeTau's fault. Damn him and his fatass waifu!

>> No.20636099


It should be Char'rie.

You know, because Asians can't pronounce L.

>> No.20636104

Found it, page 12

They like to make hidden bomb proof bunkers and spy on the enemy from them as they occupy their territory.

The name of this bunker type?
Soudns a lot like TUNNEL dont it?

God fucking damn it they've been Vietnamese all this time

>> No.20636105

No No No.

I meant XENO, It's all here fault. Since she was created everything Tau related when to shit.

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File: 453 KB, 160x120, GALO.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20636122


>> No.20636129

You're right! We must kill Blue, that greenskin harlot!

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File: 129 KB, 505x529, V'iet Sept Hunter Acolyte.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've been working on this since I made that first post about vietnamtau.

(and yes tis I)

>> No.20636200

Not bad, but it doesn't look crazed/desperate enough. I defiantly want him helmet less and with a look of "the horror" on his face.

Plus the spear is a bit odd.

>> No.20636224

Remember to make the armor scored and rough, otherwise it will look out of place.

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File: 114 KB, 500x375, 3878928598_4ce83cd5d5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reminds me of these.

>> No.20636237

>Melee weapon


>> No.20636257

Now imagine if you added the ability to be anywhere in the galaxy.
Imagine if there were Tau all over the place.
Instead of 20 sectors clustered around their homeworld, they have 20 sectors clustered around their homeworld, and dozens of sectors and systems and individual planets all over the Galaxy.
Nowhere near the size of the Imperium, and still practically nothing compared to the other factions but...
"Small Empire" that is actually meaningful to the setting as an army!

>> No.20636275

Sounds to me like the Tau are asking for a lot of dead colonies.

The Orkz have a way of showing up where they're least welcome.

>> No.20636301

They already have that ability

it is stated that Tau semi-warp travel is about twice as long as the imperium's

the imperium can cross the ENTIRE FUCKING GALAXY in 4 weeks.

8 weeks ain't no big.

>> No.20636321

Anyone remember Typha IV? When the Tau attacked deep into Imperial territory and caught the Imperials in surprise?

>> No.20636324

Then why don't they use it? Why do they only have that one corner of the galaxy?

Christ, they have to zoom in to a SUBMAP to show the Tau Empire. Why? Whyyyy!?

>> No.20636352

They do, it's just not mentioned much. Plus they're probably playing it safe as they've been around the block only a few years and everyone's already tried (and in many cases succeeded) in killing a fuck ton of them

They very much hate to lose people in the battlefield, so sending them out to random places they know nothing about is something they'd never do.

HOWEVER it'd be really cool if they did that with IG converts. sort of brewing a second heresy, but instead of CHAOS it's "did you hear about the guys over here? check out this Ipod they gave me"

>> No.20636371

I just realized they wouldn't do that either as they're worried about humanities ability to turn on itself. That's why gue'la forces don't fight imperial forces.


>> No.20636372

The aren't enough tau to colonise worlds, hell, they already have too many planets in their corner of the galaxy, they even gave planets to the gue'vesa to colonise (granted they were tropical planets, which is like hell to a tau.)

>> No.20636375

>Tau Heresy
Oh. Uhm... right.

I'm out.

>> No.20636378


The Galaxy is a big, big, big, big place. There's no need for crazy big expansion because industry/pop growth simply can't keep up.

>> No.20636391

I would play the hell out of that.

>> No.20636401

The Imperium of man and Tyranids aren't really giving the Tau even breathing time to expand as they want.

Also the Tau like to take it slow and steady. Conquer, assimilate, build up, then repeat. If they are just about Conquering and extermination, then they would expand like crazy.

>> No.20636407

>Entire Galaxy in 4 weeks
>Rogue Trader book
>An Odyssey across the galaxy - Several years

Yeah no

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>HOWEVER it'd be really cool if they did that with IG converts. sort of brewing a second heresy, but instead of CHAOS it's "did you hear about the guys over here? check out this Ipod they gave me"
They already do that though.

>> No.20636448

>expand like crazy.
Not necessarily, because the Imperium outside of the Ultrasmurfs might actually notice them.

and even if that wouldn't assure their destruction, it just makes the Tau a bigger target for orkz, they're having enough issues with a fairly small WAAAAGH as is.

>> No.20636456

actually, its both
>The Inquisition War
>The journey to the Eye and then the return to Terra, though measured in weeks of warp time, would have cost Jaq years of real time.

>> No.20636460

They give out free IPods AND hugs too?!

Screw this, I am joining now!

>> No.20636465

Well the imperium will call it Heresy, but what don't they? Anyway I realized it wouldn't work anyway

okay, several years x2 for an ENTIRE GALAXY! Does no one realize how fucking fast that is? Even on "slow" Tau speed?

>> No.20636468

> consistency
yeah no
protip: A Warlord Class Titan is canonically both 25m tall and 200meters tall

>> No.20636525

Well acording to 40k all fluff is true. So there's a forge world that uses mini titans (probably based off of old designs) and then the current tech take on trying to reproduce it.

Also means there's ships that normally take 4 weeks warp travel for the whole galaxy and arrive before they left as well as ships that take 8 years but arrive 1000000 later

>> No.20636537
File: 231 KB, 622x555, charlie.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20636548

Iron Hammer and Zeist Crusade proves that they got the Imperium attention at the fullest.

Also I was not aware that War of Dakka was a small Waaagh. Where exactly did you read about it being small?

>> No.20636570

Yeah but the Orks are by Farsight's enclave worlds and he has YEARS of experience fighting the Orks well as do his men

Fucking Awesome. I hope the Rail Rifle becomes a standard load out choice for Fire warrior teams this way they can have a heavy weapon like tactical marines can get missile launchers

>> No.20636614

Yet he is failing hard.

Also the War of Dakka isn't contained in the Enclave. It spilled into the Dal'yth Sept and the Space Marines are considering helping the Tau with their Orkish problem (Battle Brothers Woooh!).

>> No.20636627

>He is failing hard
>all fluff on him stops the moment he leaves

we don't really know. Also the Kroot and Orks have been going at it for ages as well. The orks there must be really fucking stubborn, more stubborn then usual.

>> No.20636649
File: 93 KB, 640x914, 1095752968-00[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here are some other ideas for fluff art I'll put to a vote:

Rusting broadside suit retrofitted as a canopy turret
V'iet Shas riding a knarloc
Helmeted V'iet fire warrior submerged in swamp in preparation for ambush like pic related
V'iet fire warrior sounding a call in the canopy with a krootox horn

>> No.20636683

I'm seeing battle suits striped down to bare bones. All scrap going into keeping the servos and jetpacks going. So literally wire frames with a few guns and a jet pack on them, all patch worked

maybe broadsides reworked into shitty walkers? maybe no broadsides at all?

>> No.20636693

Tau go for quality expansion over quantity. They have less worlds, but each world is much less susceptible to being stuck without help from the Tau military or being unable to defend itself. Which isn't to say it doesn't happen or that the tau don't get caught with their pants down, they just don't go through planets like they're candy like virtually every other faction does.

>> No.20636696

Hammer heads need to be the missile launcher variant to convey anti air

(no not skyrays)

>> No.20636716 [DELETED] 
File: 108 KB, 800x799, 1346214113604.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I bet they give away whole piles of blueberry waifus, too!

>> No.20636718
File: 287 KB, 247x166, ohme.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Tau Sept based off the Viet Cong

Came at us, Catachans.

>> No.20636730

>we don't really know.

Yes, we do. It says that because of Farsight's aggressive tactics he was outsmarted by the Orks Brutal cunning which caused his defeat. The Orks did not stop there, oh no, they looted Farsight's men gear and tanks then march into the Tau Empire and caused a heck a lot of trouble.

More Orks are flooding to the Waagh against the Tau Empire. The poor Tau are stuck in a war of attrition they can't afford.

>> No.20636737

>ambushes everywhere
>nothing happens because no one abandons their jungle ambush points

>> No.20636741

I am envisioning a death world like jungle planet. On it, there are three factions vying for domination.

Sept V'iet
and Ork Kommandos

Jungle Fight is go.

>> No.20636820

D'yannoi is referred to as a Swamp world according to Avdanced Tau Tactica


>"regressed to a more basic level of technology"
>"rustic and backwards"

sounds about right for our savage VC Tau.

>> No.20636900

Well being that other Tau commanders are ambush specialist I think it will work out in the end. But yeah every army has fluff of them kicking ass and getting their ass kicked.

>> No.20637312
File: 289 KB, 580x626, swampside.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

stripped down broadside

>> No.20637424


I always thought a Dark Heresy supplement were you play as the Tau secret police would be neat.

>> No.20637433

Fuck yes, I am loving this.

>> No.20637470

Would anybody else be interesting in creating more grimdark fluff for the Tau, so that they're more in-keeping with the rest of the setting?

How about sacrificing whole worlds for strategical convenience and then joyously celebrating it as a beautiful martyrdom?

>> No.20637530
File: 10 KB, 256x256, D'yanoi_Sept_Symbol.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cool. We now have a symbol for the VC sept.

>> No.20637677

1d4chan entry feel free to contribute

>> No.20638360

is anyone going to archive this?

>> No.20638590


>> No.20638634

I'm surprised there's not more focus on the differences between nice, kindly old Aun'shi's approach to Etherealness and power-crazed old shit Aun'Va's MO.

I wonder if there will be a schism? And the Kroot are getting restless too.

>> No.20640091

Assuming the Viet have no logistics, would re-purposed captured equipment come into play?

>> No.20640942

never even thought of that
brb gotta draw up an imperium autocannon on a no-longer functioning stealth suit

>> No.20641033
File: 193 KB, 1000x643, 1000px-Jungle_Pirates.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I was reminded about these guys.

>> No.20641055
File: 101 KB, 700x1350, Vagabundo render.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck yes, fight junkies.

>> No.20641357
File: 103 KB, 602x560, heavytau.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20642008

I could contribute some writing, if I get a rough idea of what to do it about.

>> No.20642175

Read up on Viet Cong tactics, theres a link in the 1d4chan article.


Generally just very dirty but ingenious fighting tactics and fortifications, all from the least amount of resources possible.

As far as specific to the V'iet, they are skeptical of the Greater Good after being exposed to so much bloodshed without resolution. Any sort of moral code or rigid traditions held by the home-world Tau have been diluted by the living conditions of the deathworld. They cannot rely on technology as much as their brethren because they have limited interactions with the supply chains of the logistics caste and other septs.

>> No.20642215

last time there was a Tau original content thread we talked about a tau sept living on an eldar craftworld that had accepted the greater good after a bunch of their warriors got eaten by nids. helping the eldar integrate and getting them to be less racis. that was a cool idea.

>> No.20642227
File: 27 KB, 482x540, Paulfinger.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i like to think of tau as the anal probing kind of alien.

>> No.20642238
File: 601 KB, 803x1280, 1339356416865.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

More like the anal probed kind of alien.

>> No.20642245

A squad of veteran Fire Warriors, (with a Kroot and his Hounds) fighting through a world like Catachan would be awesome. They're tired, desperate, low on supplies, and want to get back to the Ethereal ASAP. When the mind control starts to fade and they get a bit more brutal, things could be fun.

The seedier minor xenos would be wonderful allies for the Tau Empire. Tarellian Dog-Soldiers and Hrud would both fit. (I'm a big fan of both of them.)

>> No.20642658

I'm very familiar with PAVN tactics, so if you guys want me to go that far I will.

3 man squads, narrow tunnels, sapper infiltrators, random landmines, and hugging the belt.

I'll post it tomorrow.

>> No.20642687

Err, 3 man cells. 3 cells made up a squad.

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