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Shit boy, is that some Digimon?

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I remember I bought the starter set for this game back in the day. My friend got an Androidmon or whatever (the robocop looking fuck) and he would stomp me. I know we had some Leomons too.

Then I bought a booster and got fucking METALSEADRAMON who was my favorite of the bad guy alongside machinedramon since piedmon and puppetmon were faggots. Unfortunately I was missing the ultimate stage of seadramon so I couldn't make a seadramon deck.

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Wow, this sounds terrible. I had some pokemon cards back in the day but it was pointless because everyone just used to point to the attack and that was how they decided if they won or not.

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Like "Playground Rules" Pokemon TCG. People ignored energy and evolution and basically it was "whoever gets their best card out probably wins"

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The main difference between the Pokemon TCG and the Digimon TCG, People actually played digimon.

Not very many, but there were players

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Yeah, it was just silly to play.

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>Nobody saying it



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Wizardmon killed EVERYONE. I had the Mega for Gatomon, the giant pink dragon thing. Wizardmon beat the snot out of her, despite only being Champion level. Wizardmon was unbeatable among the cards I had.

I wish Renamon existed back when I played that game.

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At least I played Pokemon TCG (with the real rules) with my friends, but no one even collected digimon cards here.

I have to admit that it was difficult to find someone to play Pokemon with, but it made trading cards easier since most of the kids didn't know anything about the cards' actual value in game.

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Wait, people didn't play Pokemon TCG with its rules? Why not? I certainly did.

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>that feel when you're a kid and your parents already bought you a bunch of Pokemon cards so they sure as hell weren't going to buy you more, at least for a while
>not enough damage counters

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>not just cutting out little circles of paper
Step it up, Child You.

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>not trying to memorize all the damage
>and constantly forgetting if a pokemon had taken 20 or 30 damage

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not using aquarium stones for damage

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Got a bunch of those in the Magic: the Gathering Portal Second Age starter set. I still have them.

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