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Because I'm only saying this once, you bunch of sorry maggots! Throne on Earth I can't believe you sorry sacks of ice thawed out to join the Guard. I'm sick of having to see Commissars unable to use their pistol and sword at the same time in the Only War system. But not just them, I'm also sick of the fact that Sergeants don't get to do it too! Emperor's golden ballsack I fucking hate this.

I also haven't seen one Valhallan Only War campaign. What's wrong with this? So here is the layout:

Commissars and Sergeants get to start with all talents allowing them to use both Pistol and Melee weapon in combat. All Characters get to start with all their comrade abilities and special abilities. Starting Experience is going to be 5,000. Starting Logistics is going to be 35. Which allows players at least some chance of getting anything useful.

If you don't have the book, I can easily give you one, with bookmarks. If any of this interests you, send me an email. Don't email me questions. Ask questions in this thread.

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Time zone
Starting date
Which days do you want to run it

The general shit.

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Regiment creation will use Imperial World for the Regimental Origins, but Regimental Officer and Regiment Type will differ on what the players want. Of course Fieldcraft(Tundra) will be used to generate Valhallan resistance to the cold.

Homebrew is highly advised. I love to generate vehicles and equipment, so long as it's fair. Also talents if they're reasonable.

Now then, any questions?

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To the point. I like you.

I'm in Central American Standard Time, GMT -6:00 for those over seas.

I want to run this either Thursday(Friday for Aussies) or Friday(Saturday for Aussies) at any time that best meets my player's schedule.

Just so you all know, I've run six Only War games. One mini-campaign, two oneshots, and three campaigns two of which are still running.

I want to make this a oneshot, or a mini-campaign. If I, and the players like it, we can make it more.

Any other questions?

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Do you mean this coming Friday/Saturday.
As in tomorrow or the day after?
Ausfag here.

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Whichever works best for my players. Tomorrow or next week. Although I think it will be better for everyone if it's next week.

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On a side note, enemies the players will be facing will be Chaos Heretics. Mostly renegades and mutants on an assaulted world. The regiment is being aided by seven other Valhallan regiments. The battles are big, desperate, and explosive. After the combat the players can relax, drink some tanna, and try to not let the Commissar see they're relaxing for fear of trench digging duty.

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One shameless self-bump.

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You doing this over IRC, Skype, what?

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Whatever my players are most comfortable with.

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I excepted some interest to be brewing, especially with all these questions. But not one email. Maybe I'll just leave this thread on ice and start it up again tomorrow.

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Fuck, sleep is calling. I'll stay awake for just fifteen more minutes for more questions and if I get emails.

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>Starting Experience is going to be 5,000
Is this 5k total, or 5k spending?

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This is 5,000 on top of starting experience. So Specialists would get 5,600 experience to spend and Support Specialists would get 5,300 experience.

Any more questions?

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Is it alright if I don't know much about the Vahallans?

They're Space Soviets is pretty much all I know.

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Pull up a chair lad...

The Valhallans hail from the Ice World of Valhalla. Once, it was a fertile Agri-world before a comet smashed into the planet, knocked it away from it's sun and orbit in the solar system, sent the world into below freezing temperatures, and nearly killing every single soul on the planet.

It's also in the middle of fucking no where as far as planet's go. So it has to manage on it's own. Massive hives under the ice have been dug out for slowly growing population. Vats making tasteless edible algae feed the growing people.

It was only until Orks landed on the planet and tried to steal these vats for some reason that the Valhallans became useful. They have become the greatest winter ork killers in the Imperium. They have Armoured Regiments, Artillery, Line Infantry, all types. A Valhallan Regiment holds 100,000 men.

Any more questions?

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>lady general
>Man face

Yep, this looks like official art, alright.

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I'm running out of pictures. Sue me.

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I was referring to how GW always gives women a man face in 40k.

As you can see here.

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If OP is still there,
Are the players attached to a specific regiment?

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Jesus christ

They look like Trannies.

I usually like to save little tidbits from the Rogue Trader / Realms of Chaos days. How this escaped by gaze I will never know.

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It is up to the players. They want Armoured, we go Armoured. They want Line Infantry, we go them. They want to be light infantry cannon fodder, more power to them. I even have Houserules from the FFG Forums on Artillery Regiments if they want them too!

The goal of this game is to have fun.

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I'm interested, do you mind people who are relatively new?

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Everyone has to start somewhere my friend. Send me an email. I and the other players can walk you through the steps.

On a side note, we have two players, three if you join. Enough to start a game. Any others are just icing on the frozen cake.

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Sign me up.

pic semi-related due to lack of actual Ice Warrior pics.

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are those not the janissars?

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You are correct sir, those are the Maccabean Janissaries

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They are...

Here, some delicious John Blanche to wash it away.

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Fuck, that shit gets me hard.

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Have some more?

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My bad,
Orks are my main army and IG fluff-wise I'm a bit rusty I guess lol.

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Alright folks, I'm headin' to bed.

If you are interested though, don't hesitate to email.

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That image...

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Going to give this a morning bump.

Incase anyone is interested, the roster so far is:

Heavy Weapons with undecided
Weapon Specialist with Flamer
Undecided but leaning towards Medicae newbie to the system but not WH40k
Undecided new guy foreign to the system and 40k.

If you are interested in this game, send me a message.

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