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Nat 20 on perform and sleight of hand

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Thats why the boss said 'no horse play.'

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>Implying that wasn't a confirmed crit with an Improvised Weapon

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Nat 20 intimidate

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Did a petite little Asian woman just German Suplex a grown-ass man?

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grapple again

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Versatile Performance: Intimidate (Percussion)

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Looked more like a back drop.

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And grapple again

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Natural 20s don't have any special effect on skill checks
House rules don't count

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That's a god damn German Suplex.

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This fucking thread.. I want to like it, but all I keep thinking is

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>dat sleight of hand nat 20

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Back drop, look at the way she picked him up near her shoulder. with a Germen suplexe the guy his lifted with his back against the attackers stomach.

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Nat 20 in luck. Damn.

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This is why you do you squats every week, chilluns

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A German suplex is from a waistlock. She did a back suplex.

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dat reflex save

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Don't forget your oats too, brah.

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>needing to squat every week to toss a 70kg asian male

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What point are you making?

That woman is probably half his weight

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do you even lift?

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rolled a 1 on reflex but a 20 in bluff

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>reflex check for stairs
>we NetHack now

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My sides...

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balance and failed reflex

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reflex to avoid tripping I suppose. Someone probably greased the stairs or something.

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>Someone probably greased the stairs or something.

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Nat 20 reflex save.

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the balance passed ok
but what are youthinking, going to a tunnel with no light at the end of it?

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Bluff and grapple

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holy shit look at that guys arms flailing just to stay upright. fucking amazing. then he was so focused on staying on he forgot to leap left or right

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That's pretty obviously staged.

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Made his ride check, failed perception.

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epic bluff

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20 to hit.

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Its like you are implying wrestling is fake.

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Nat 20 seduction too I'd say.

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Perform (Maid)

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Perfect dodge.

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Natural 20 Brawl
Natural 20 Dodge
Natural 20 every god damn attack skill

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Goddamn Blood Bowl Elves

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Oh sweet jesus, every highlight on ESPN for the rest of the year.

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perform (recorder)

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That man is incredibly robust.

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>Fighter fort saves

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Kids, this is why you have to learn Recorder in school. Now quit your whining and practice.

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20 intimidate

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He didn't really take a solid hit until the end, though.

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20 agility

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I take it you don't play Space Station 13?

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He took a couple from the cop with the nightstick just after he went over the car.

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Awakened goat monk

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rolled 11, 16, 13, 2, 8, 17, 2, 7, 14 = 90

So that's what Cuban Pete looks like

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Can you nat 20 in cute?

>> No.20591487

20 infiltration

>> No.20591507

sure you can

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nat 20 SAN loss

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Rolling a 1 on perform
then a 1 on luck

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That guy died of internal injuries.

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nat 20 on perform

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That kid's dead

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Geeze, way to make a funny image depressing as fuck.

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Ok, now I have to know if the kid survived that.

That just hurt to watch.

Also Nat 20 Escape Artist

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To me, the worst part of this GIF is the man trying to get up, seeing what he's done, and stumbling. That is undeniably the body language of a man who's just realised he's made a big mistake.

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Bowling balls aren't heavy enough to kill like that. Dude will have had his ass kicked by someone though.

>> No.20591588

A bowling ball can be heavy enough to have a good chance of killing a grown man, and that was a soft-skulled baby.

>> No.20591589

>bowling balls aren't heavy enough to kill like that
Bowling balls are fucking heavy and kids are fucking fragile.

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>> No.20591592

did he died?

>> No.20591593


Certainly looks like enough to knock someone stupid.

>> No.20591594

Yes, they are. That kid's neck clearly snapped.

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>Catch arrow

>> No.20591596


Unless... they nail a small child. I mean christ, he hit a kid who looked like he was 6 years old.

>> No.20591599

Thats what happens when you give your kids stats.

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media rolls 20 to bluff

>> No.20591602


>Spider guitar rocking.png

>Catch Arrow

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That image is so justified.

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EOD roll natural 1 on lockpicking.
Bomb makers roll 20 for detonation.

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I like to imagine that's one of Vladimir Putin's home videos of him personally stopping an assassination attempt upon one of his doubles.

>He let them live for sport, you can tell by the raised middle finger as they fly away.

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What's this from?

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20 for flying kick attack.

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Just contractors in Iraq fucking around with each other.

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The Hurt Locker

>> No.20591637


God damn, smooth

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No, it's not.
This is though >>20591614

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Rolling a 20 on a basic melee attack

>> No.20591648

Crit with a shovel

>> No.20591649

Nat 20 punch

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See, the fact that this was turned into a .gif and unleashed onto the Internet tells me that the kid survived. It would take a special type of evil to actually spread footage of a child dying.

Plus, bowling balls for children can be quite light. It's much more likely that a man would use 5lb balls for juggling than 15lb balls.

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You horrible horrible troll.

>> No.20591658

nat 1 on detect traps

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> It would take a special type of evil to actually spread footage of a child dying.

Welcome to /gif/

Its not just porn, its gore/snuff too.

>> No.20591669

People play the WTC buildings falling, I bet a lot of kids died in that.

>> No.20591670

Why would the parents allow their child to approach a man who is attempting to juggle bowling balls? Just stupid

>> No.20591676

>everybodies favorite hostage rescue team.gif

>> No.20591677

>It would take a special type of evil to actually spread footage of a child dying.
where do you think we are?

>> No.20591678

I thought it was not working for me for some reason.

>> No.20591680

Actually, that thing he was swinging? It was det cord. That explosion was part of the plan, it's why he was running like that.

>> No.20591688

Look at his gesturing, champ. Those are fucking heavy balls to juggle.

>> No.20591689

Wazzat from?

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crit fail on a dodge roll

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>the fact that this was turned into a .gif and unleashed onto the Internet tells me that the kid survived. It would take a special type of evil to actually spread footage of a child dying.
It has a .ru watermark on it.

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Fake as fuck the blood from the stream out of his neck doesnt even land

>> No.20591711

Fake? Bullshit, how can you tell?

>> No.20591717

Seriously? That was the only thing that tipped you off?

>> No.20591729

>yfw you realize you cant crit skill rolls in any way shape or form

>> No.20591776


Is this your first time on the internet? Did your AOL disk just arrive or something?

>> No.20591793

I'm almost afraid to ask, but...

And Googling it is way the fuck out of the question.

>> No.20591803

What's the worst that could happen?

>> No.20591808

>All those Nat 20 intimidate without speakin
You know you need to be a barbarian and you need a feat for it right?

>> No.20591815


Just looking at the .gif that kid must be dead or seriously injured. However you never know when some crazy miracle happens. There's a vid of some guy failing to base jump and he survived the landing. Statistically though, dead. Plus russian so probably dead in some operating room somewhere.

>> No.20591817

I don't know exactly what you're thinking of asking, but .ru means it's Russian.

>> No.20591825

nat 20 on stealth

>> No.20591826

Russian so the kid was dead on the inside anyway.

>> No.20591838

I think he means that the site is sketchy as hell if it has a dying_kid.gif on there.

>> No.20591843

nat 1 will save

>> No.20591849


Why did that make me laugh so hard

>> No.20591854

Natural 20 endurance.

>> No.20591859


Because everyone knew someone who had AOL, and everyone couldn't help but laugh then too.

>> No.20591873

Because AOL is a hilariously failed company that jumped on the internet like 5 years too soon. Pioneered a bunch of crap and then just went the way of the dodo. Also why I think apple's gonna one day tank. You can't make that much money that easily by 'inventing' new things without some company doing it better and cheaper.

I welcome our google overlords.

>> No.20591887

nat 20 on will save

>> No.20591896

Seriously people, use Google reverse image search.
The kid seems alive and conscious.

>> No.20591898

Christ that is one smooth motherfucker.

>> No.20591907

Natural 1 on teamwork.

>> No.20591914

nat 1 for bony
Nat 20 isn't possibly high enough for Dracula though.

Perform (dance), of course

>> No.20591916


Amazing, but did he make it out of the hospital?

>> No.20591927

20 for intimidation.

>> No.20591930

lmfao have these guys never done jumping jacks before? None of them are even doing it correctly.

>> No.20591931


That guy in the middle is doing some weird dance like the 23 skidoo.


>> No.20591932

God damnit

>> No.20591943

nat 1 on fort save against cold

>> No.20591952

But what about FUN?!

>> No.20591955

its a tv commercial promoting the rays

i know that thats uncommon knowledge because no one cares about baseball

>> No.20591960

Seems like he gave the kid brain damage, actually. That he was charged for attempted murder may have confused the whole death bit.

>> No.20591962

nat 20 dodge

>> No.20591963


>Everyone's worried about the guy

Come on people, the little girl was the one who got hit with the bowling ball.

>> No.20591968


I was just going off the .gif. Didn't even know there was a trial.

>> No.20591973

He was charged for the parents' mistake? Are you fucking kidding me. I want to find those fuckers and hit them in the heads with bowling balls.

>> No.20591980


>60 years later he's still watching out for his men even though he has dementia

>> No.20591981

IIRC, they're either Afghan or Iraqi army recruits.
>US Army guy doing correct jumping jacks on the left wearing Camelbak

>> No.20591992

20 on patience.

>> No.20591998

After the third car I think he realized that Fate will not allow him to die.

Mother fucker even wipes off his shoe as the fourth car goes screaming past.

>> No.20592004

I bet he started his day with, "Well, I guess I can just start off by getting them into shape, a few jumping jacks should do it. This day might not be to bad."
Russia as a strange legal system.

>> No.20592014

>I bet he started his day with, "Well, I guess I can just start off by getting them into shape, a few jumping jacks should do it. This day might not be to bad."

>> No.20592015

Nat 20 Disguise
Nat 20 Bluff
Nat 20 Sleight of Hand
Nat 20 Sneak Attack
Max Damage

>> No.20592018

>1 on slight of hand


>> No.20592025

/b/ pls go

>> No.20592030

From what I'm reading, the kid was bowling while the parents were eating lunch or something.

>> No.20592033

Nat 20 Reflex.

>> No.20592037

He laughed at my joke, he can stay.

>> No.20592038

I don't think that makes it better.

>> No.20592048

lol in RUSSIA, even? I'm surprised she was JUST hit on the head with a bowling ball. Are you kidding me? Girl could've been raped, videotaped, skinned, shipped to china, and sold as dogfood before they even realized it was gone. They're lucky all that happened was she got hit by a bowling ball.

>> No.20592054

Kid was dumb, more food for the rest of the russians. Man is a hero.

>> No.20592062

excellen/tg/ifs my brothers.

>> No.20592063

20 evade
20 disguise

>> No.20592065

Jeremey ain't much of a Russian name, gents. It was also ~apparently~ in America, but I'm looking for a more concrete source at the moment.

>> No.20592066

>more food for the rest of the russians
Such is life on Volg.

>> No.20592068


To be fair, the parents should have been watching their child and the guy shouldn't have been juggling bowling balls of all fucking things.

>> No.20592078


>critical "failures"

You people actually have DM's cruel enough to make you critically fail?

I only apply critical failures to monsters.

>> No.20592087


Because only the first one was real, the rest was fake.

>> No.20592088


Why not? He was decent at it and people shouldn't be that dumb. I don't think anyone should go to jail solely because of the stupidity of others. He was doing it long enough for people to get out the cameras.

>> No.20592091

to be fair, we all know what Darwin would say about any child who decides to walk within ten feet of a man juggling bowling balls

>> No.20592092

>Russia as a strange legal system.
This. Anyone with the money takes their grievances to the courts of other countries. Britain is popular; a case between two Russian tycoons was settled there just days ago. No one trusts the Russian legal system, even people who own and exploit it.

>> No.20592102

20 to ignore fire

>> No.20592104


I make up funny shit for my players when they critically fail. I try not to set them back too badly though.

>> No.20592105

>I don't think anyone should go to jail solely because of the stupidity of others.
If it was solely other people's fault, nobody would have gotten mad. His incompetence was what fucked her and him.

>> No.20592106


oh wow

>> No.20592112


In combat, if a player rolls a 1 in my games, he simply misses. Unless it's a horribly stressful situation or something really stupid they got themselves into, a 1 is just a one.

I think you're supposed to "automatically miss" with a 1 but fuck that nonsense.

>> No.20592117

Nat 20 Perform

>> No.20592125

Nat 20 agility

>> No.20592128

Every time. I mean, shit, this gif is at least 5 years old.

>> No.20592132

Afghanistan may be the most primitive country in the world. Imagine convincing a pack of chimps armed with spears intent on genocide to play nice and you will begin to appreciate the magnitude of the problem.

>> No.20592133

It's less incompetence and more bad luck. He didn't stroll into a daycare and start juggling chainsaws. He probably said: "Hey guys, get out your cameras I'm going to juggle these balls." and the parents of the child should have stepped in at that moment and protected their kid. At worst he should get convicted of misuse of a deadly weapon or whatever they give out to victimless car accidents.

>> No.20592141

That he cocked up is itself proof that he wasn't skilled enough to be juggling bowling balls in public.

>> No.20592145

I do not approve of the use of "deadly weapon" charges for completely innocuous items. But this is 4chan so the niceties of legal ethics are lost on people so retarded they agree with the farce that is Russian justice.

>> No.20592146

Isn't being near an explosion (even in full gear) fucking dangerous for your internal organs? You know, wave compression and shit like that.

>> No.20592148


Well yes, kind of. There's a difference between an adult doing something stupid and a 5 year old doing something stupid.

The kid is too young to know any better, hence why the parents should keep a better watch over her.

>> No.20592157


My car was a "deadly weapon" When I took a turn to fast in the middle of a Wisconsin winter. I'm pretty sure dropping a bowling ball on someones head would count too.

I'm not saying calling them deadly weapons is right, it's just what they do.

>> No.20592162

I don't know if this is a nat 20 or a nat 1 but this guy has a maxed out swag stat.

>> No.20592167

After a bit of looking, it seems that the story might be bullshit. Couldn't find anything credible to support it.

>> No.20592169

That's part of darwinism too, if the genes/parents can not instill enough self-preservation then that line should/will die.

>> No.20592176

Nat 1 perception.

>> No.20592187

Nat 1 drive and a nat 20 save.

>> No.20592192

Nat 1 at Portal through Dimensions.

>> No.20592193


Nat 20 fort save.

>> No.20592198


Nat 20 preform

>> No.20592202

Natural 1 something.

>> No.20592211

Goddamn birds. Fucking stupid.

>> No.20592212

That's just so depressing.

>> No.20592213

Rolled natural 1 on agility.

>> No.20592231

He just looks so happy and about to immensely enjoy that jelly-filled doughnut roll thing.

>> No.20592269

Nat 20 on climb.

>> No.20592288

Fort loss.

>> No.20592299

to think, the girl spergs on /an/ hate outside cats

>> No.20592303

Really? Why?

>> No.20592304

Imagine being that kid and meeting someone from your childhood. "Hey, aren't you Billy? What'd we call you? OH YEAH! Billy Pukester! Haha! I remember when you puked on Sara McGeller in music class! How've you been, man? Hey, keep it down while you're talking to me, will ya? Haha, I'm kidding! But seriously."

>> No.20592310

20 Intimidate.

>> No.20592322

Because they are spergs and enrage for no apparent reason. They say things like "outside cats are nuisance animals" and point to them breeding and pooping in the petunias as justification for setting out poisoned food and shooting them with firearms. I've also seen them claim "it's for the animal's own good" as it "can't survive in the wild."

>> No.20592327

20 on Perform.

>> No.20592334

20 on Charm.

>> No.20592335

Are we talking feral cats or just cats that owners let roam around outside?

Because if it's the former then fuck you, they ARE pests and should be handled as such.

If the latter, fuck /an/.

>> No.20592337

I've lost household cats to those trigger happy chuckle fucks.

>> No.20592338

Jamaican some crazy music, mon.

>> No.20592387

this is a cat.
this'd be achievable with any roll above natural 1.
it's what cats do.
it's how they roll.

>> No.20592388

One of them abandoned an ~8 week old kitten in our yard once.
We took care of it for 2-3 weeks but then my mom forced me to give it away.
That was an awesome kitten ;_;

>> No.20592410

Guys, much as I agree with you I don't really think we should be shit-talking /an/ in case we piss off /k/.

>nat 20 at deception

>> No.20592423


>> No.20592424

The people who poison cats for shitting on petunias aren't even a significant minority on /an/. Lurk more.

>> No.20592434


/k/ommando here, I'll let Putin say it:

>> No.20592435

Well, shit.
>Pic related: nat twenty on attack roll vs. my sides
>every fucking time

>> No.20592451

20 on sleight of hand.
Surprise attack.
Critical hit.

>> No.20592452

20 intimidate

>> No.20592480

Oh no, they're coming for us!

Quick, load the peasant railguns!

>> No.20592487

>implying black bears aren't just pussies

>> No.20592488

Did she kick him?

>> No.20592495

delete that reddit-tier faggotry from your hdd, dude

>> No.20592501

right in the nuts

>> No.20592503

Maybe not, but he think she did.
Maybe that Sleight of Hand wasn't a nat 20 after all.

>> No.20592512

I see no nut kicking.

>> No.20592514

Watch her legs, she kicks backwards with her heel

>> No.20592560

He simply does not give a fuck, look how he stands there!

>> No.20592719

As fucking awesome as this is, How the fuck would you follow up? I mean, the entire interview just ends, right there, and he's now expected to make every catch, ever, for always.

>> No.20592744

Nat 20 disguise
Nat 20 intimidate

>> No.20592751

Nat 20 bluff

>> No.20592753

nat 20 damage
nat 20 damage
nat 20 damage

>> No.20592758

24 stamina

>> No.20592762


>> No.20592783

GM: Fuck that. No more xp this year.

>> No.20592843

Pretty sure I just woke up the room mates with how hard I just lost it.
>What the actual fu- How did he - FUCK.

>> No.20592847

... are the peasants ammo or the infantry?

>> No.20592849


>> No.20592858


>> No.20592884


Neither; they're the gun!

>> No.20592889

Jackie Chan's Armor of the Gods.

He did it by having a stunt crew helping him do it.

>> No.20592892

Anon, fuck off with your gore shit. This isn't the place for it. I fucking hate you bastards making walk in on bowling balls and fucking abuse. You hateful shitheads deserve every bit of loneliness you're inflicted with.

>> No.20592898

/k/ can suck it. I want my God-damn three-years-missing cat and his five-years-missing mother back, as well as some recompense for the poisoning that nearly took another and caused him to not be able to eat for three fucking days.

>> No.20592903

Nat 20 on Psychic Rubic's Cube

>> No.20592914

Nat 20 Agility

>> No.20592925

Surely you mean nat 20 Perform.

>> No.20592938

Notice how after the second dodge, he just doesn't give a fuck anymore.

>> No.20592945

There is no danger after the first one. The first one is the only one that exists.

The rest is shooped. Come on, /tg/, you're better then that.

>> No.20592955

man i bet his collarbone hurts

>> No.20592973

"roll a perception check"

>> No.20592994


This is /b/ material, not /tg/. That said, I'm curious what exactly could cause such strange damage to a face, where just the skin is ripped off but internals are more or less intact.

Of course it is a lot more likely to be a shoop than anything.

>> No.20593005

"I see... Everything!"

>> No.20593052

Goddamit, I only noticed it's the same car after you mentioned it.

>> No.20593054

I fucking had a DM, in an epic level game, have me fail a fucking listen check because I rolled a 20 and ended up having like a 60 or some shit on my score. He said that I hear everything and it's too distracting.

I should have flipped the table and left.

>> No.20593114

Death Wish 2.

>> No.20593139



>> No.20593198

Fuck me...


>> No.20593217 [SPOILER] 

Nat 20 for kick.

>> No.20593313

nat 20 distraction (follow the blue ball)

>> No.20593333

Natural 20 Craft (trapmaking)

>> No.20593344

my brain...

>> No.20593356

Which one?

>> No.20593365

there is only one

>> No.20593371

rolled 1, 18, 18, 2, 17, 13, 9, 6, 14 = 98

Not true, the device directly below the basketball hoop is completely disconnected from the rest of the cycle.

>> No.20593376

Incorrect - there are at least three places where the ball falls off the screen, and does not return.

>> No.20593428

Now you're just stretching.

>> No.20593623

Critical success: Perform(automobile), Success: Piloting(automobile).

>> No.20593862

Nat 20 (Hide) as bonus to Intimidate

>> No.20594008


That picture in the PX food court will forever haunt my dreams.

>bluff DC: 35
>rolled: 34

>> No.20594034

You ever heard "build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door"?

It was crafted with a natural 20. That's why.

>> No.20594056

Nat 20 Fortitude save

>> No.20594064

Nat 1 Escape Artist

>> No.20594071


Actually, look up to the top of the screen when a ball falls off the bottom, and to the far left when right and vice versa.

>> No.20594084

Holy crap, it's a closed loop.

>> No.20594096

Natural 20 (Disable device), even eating the penalty for using an improvised tool.

>> No.20594115


When I saw that gif before clicking on it it looked like it was a gif on a washing machine spewing money everywhere. I suppose that'd be a natural 20 without the improvised tool.

>> No.20594148

They where clearly playing Feng Shui.

>> No.20594194


But that's impossible! NOBODY plays Feng Shui!

>> No.20594204

Nat 20 Stealth

>> No.20594212

I want to play Feng Shui, last time i tried, I had 10 players.

10. Players. All learning a new system.

And i had an idea that started off with a car chase... I couldn't catch a break that session.

>> No.20594314

1 on charm animal

>> No.20594325

Natural 20 perform check


>> No.20594330

20 to raising kid

>> No.20594342

ok, need help with this one

>> No.20594360

1 on forage?

>> No.20594365

Nat 20 Ride (specialization: trike)

>> No.20594366

nat 20 to drive

>> No.20594384

20 on a san check?
'this is normal, i swear!'

>> No.20594413

The GM's reaction to your insistence that this is what your Nat 20 results in...

>> No.20594415

if i was playing a bum in a modern setting, i would want this. everybody rolls up on motorcycles, '63 chevy novas, whatever, and i come rolling up on a big wheel. that squeeks.

nat 20 to explaining math. finally.

>> No.20594421


I have played precisely two games of Feng Shui, but my first game with the system was the most memorable. It was me, another player, the GM, and a pre-written campaign scenario for speed's sake. We did the entire thing in 6 hours.

I was an old-ass Kung Fu Master with a few perks from the Drunken Master tree, and my buddy was a gun-fu cowboy Gunslinger. Here's some highlights from the game...

>judo-flipping a hoodlum across a 7-11 by his nose with a pair of chopsticks.
>Turning a battle in a warehouse into a sliding block puzzle with ridiculous kung-fu kicks
>Sparing the one henchman who pointed out that my kicks were physically impossible, and telling him to go back to college
>Sending a bomb truck to blow up an iron gate, then following up on a two-man motorcycle and grabbing a piece of the gate to use as a lance
>pic related
>Running across the heads of a lined-up table of feasting henchmen, followed by pie antics
>Captain America-ing the BBEG's Crab Totem bodyguard with a silver platter
>Effectively re-enacting the ending of The Great Gatsby on the BBEG

Those were good times.

>> No.20594431

nat 20 on 'craft disturbing image'

>> No.20594463

The cat probably doesn't like what the rest of the floor feels like on it's feet.

>> No.20594472

nat 20 to dawwwwwwwww

>> No.20594483

the most unnatural 20 you'll ever see

btw, where can i get a loaded d20?

>> No.20594493

you shot the BBEG while he was in the pool?

Or did he run over your girlfriend in a yellow coupe?

>> No.20594512

nat 20 to luck (not wis)

>> No.20594543


Dude the carpet is lava, that cat is acting perfectly sane.

>> No.20594549


We shot him in the pool. His bodyguard was supposed to be a miniboss, but because I SPANG'd him, the boss was still on his floaty-chair-mat when the gunslinger plugged him. Poor bastard never stood a chance.

>> No.20594560

ok, the definitive 20 to perform (dance)

>> No.20594584

20 to intimidate, plus bonuses

>> No.20594600

Successful Balance Check
Nat 20 on Grappling

>> No.20594617


Remember that 'IRL Zombie'; story from a while back? The black guy who got off his tits and ate that guy's face. That was the aftermath.

>> No.20594621

1 on diplomacy

>> No.20594636

Odd - I'd have expected more damage, if the face was bitten off. It strikes me as a tad to uniform.

>> No.20594640 [SPOILER] 


Bullshit. No way. Please be lying

>> No.20594660


>> No.20594691

i'd managed to not see that picture while it was news and then dismiss that post as fake... thanks.

20 to happy place

>> No.20594741

Nat 20 Perform

>> No.20594763


No idea. I just remember seeing it on the news after they go "THE FOLLOWING IMAGE IS EXTREMELY GRAPHIC", thinking "Oh, when they say that it's never that ba-OH GOD TURN IT OFF AGHAGH"

>> No.20594780

That costume... I want it.

>> No.20594794

Nat 20 Hora

>> No.20594804

20 to... what, exactly
1 is too easy

>> No.20594811


Nat 20 sneak attack

>> No.20594831

nat 20 to amuse (self)

>> No.20594893

0 ranks in ride

>> No.20594898

I wouldn't mind if she was
Shut up and take myboner

>> No.20594903

20 to 'like a boss'

>> No.20594927

If i was shown this gif atleast once!!!!!!11

>> No.20594971

this is the one i wish i could have seen

>> No.20594991

two twenties to avoid trap

>> No.20595008

It's a commercial. http://offthebench.nbcsports.com/2011/05/16/fake-or-real-evan-longoria-saves-reporter-with-bare-hand

>> No.20595045

best baseball fake is the ballgirl showing up the outfielder

>> No.20595067

20 to disguise

>> No.20595078

Holy shit that double jump.

>> No.20595112

1, then 20 on spot check

>> No.20595120

Screamers are so 2005.

>> No.20595136


Horra Horra Get Dorra

>> No.20595197

I was literally watching that and went, "What am I supposed to be looking at here, I don't see any differ...ooohhh, there it goes."

>> No.20595242

17 to hit, 20 to damage, 20 confirmed. Thrice.

>> No.20595718

nat 20 hitchhiking

>> No.20596604

The fat guy is the only one who got it right, but he's out of phase.
Seriously though, how are they so uncoordinated? Why can't they even copy the action?

>> No.20596904

How retarded are you guys?

>> No.20597027


>> No.20597102

You, yes you reading this post.
Roll Perception.

>> No.20597130

Fortunately for me, I'm either fearless, or nearly fearless.

>> No.20597159

I'm suddenly reminded of our many spider threads.

>Upon closer inspection, you notice that the spider is made out of spiders.

>> No.20597199

Not just that, but it is powered by spiders and bleeds spiders when wounded.
It's like Chus in LoZ.

>> No.20597417

MFW I'm looking at spider pictures and then feel a slight tickle somewhere on my body.

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