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Dumpan to begin with.

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Chaos cultists are a FAR underrated part of 40k, and deserve a lot more recognition

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That's because they're constantly presented as cannon fodder for CSM. Fuck that noise, they're badass in their own right.

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they are, by a close margin, the coolest and most varied fighting forces

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Really? They all taste the same to me.

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I intend to use as many cultists as I can with out commiting tactical suicide once rules are released.

I have this idea of taking a blob squad of cultists and a slaaneshi champion to make a mockery of challenges. If i could get in on a solo character lol... oh the rerolling.

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Love me some traitor guard. That's why I run them.

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May Khorne forgive me for posting this.

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Fucking flood detection

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So, recommended reading for Khorne cults?

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tar pits to protect the marines imo

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Nah you're missing the big picture. Having so many followers =) you can hide some nasty shit in a large expendable unit.

Add to that the tar pit factor... hmm i think it should cause a major tatical shift in csm players.

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last one of him, I promise

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Last one for now.

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I'll pick up the slack with some Cultist/Traitor Guard minis.
I hope everyone's okay with that.

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Holy shit, no one has posted this one.

Favorite cultist picture aside from OPs one

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Slow dump. I'm currently painting a cultist right now, cannot multi-task for shit.

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Second last one.
I may have some art/other stuff kicking around, I'll double check.

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Gaunts Goats has the Blood Pact. And while I know a lot of people hate anything where the guard are presented as being anything approaching a capable fighting force, chaos and it's armed forces are some of the coolest parts of the novels. The Pact are actually a challenge to the Imperials because they're an actual military force with tactics and strategies of it's own, where most cult forces are just random mobs of armed spawn and mutants.

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Lets see what we got..

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Anyone paying attention? Or am I dumping for no-one?

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I have a Legion of the Damned. Does that count?

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Keep dumping mon amis, I'm saving all of it.

Here's some boobies.

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But cultists are cannon fodder.

During the battle cannon fodder for the enemy, after the battle some training fodder for the Chaos Space Marines and Champions and whatever.

Perhaps not everywhere, but Khorn Berzerkers chew through Cultist regiments like it's no business.

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Your tiny picture makes me chortle.

Have the full sized one

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Poor Fire Hawks, you were too cool for the Imperium.

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Hey! It's Dan's army! He's an absolute bro.

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OP here, saving them all.

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Question. Why do Renegade Guard have to be chaos aligned? Can they not just rebel against the Imperium without worshiping Chaos?

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fool! bask in the glory of the true full version

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Yep. You just don't hear much about them.

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But they're still serving the Imperium.

And they can't die.

Hell, when it's the 100th millenium, they'll still be cruising the Warp.

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Who he?

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>inb4 there's an even bigger picture

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Not being allied to the Imperium or Chaos is basically setting up a sign for Tau, Eldar, Orks, Tyranids, whatever "Come rape us please! We can't get reinforcements!".

So they generally keep quiet and try to keep off the galactic interest.

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Cruisin' and paroosin'
Kicking ass and not bothering to take names.

Such is the life of an immortal ghost space marine... thing.

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Every single non-GW cultist picture is exactly why I hate cultists.

Pathetic emo-looking swine in SOEDGY situations and magically killing everything.

Cultists are cannon fodder, they're useless bootlicks to be thrown at the enemy and destroyed like the weak scum they are.

They make Imperial Guardsmen look like space marines. Cultist filth.

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Unless they're a special snowflake faction that's being led by a Sensei or something.

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gah now I feel like a douche because I asked that and then fucked off back to painting.
That said, I think I'm just about out of Cultist/Traitor/LatD stuff.

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You are so incredibly wrong on all levels...

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B-But what do we do now? Do we...do we dump porn? I have porn...

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Well, they can, but when the Imperium comes a knockin' asking about their tithes and such like, the cultists come out and offer to help you defend against the Loyalists, as long as you offer them sanctuary against the Imperium, and the freedom to start up their own temples.

That's how it starts.

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Ain't nothing wrong with being Cannon-Fodder.

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Please, Cultists are the pathetic dregs following gods who simply enjoy watching them die.

They are the worthless cowards that even the so-called Emperor will reject.

They can't even keep their weapons in working order, look how pathetically ragtag they look.

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Does anyone know where someone could get one of these? (power scourge) They look so goddamn sexy but I didn't see anything on forgeworld...

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Sensei bands tend to be more like Inquisitorial henchmen than renegade guards though.

Less troops, more variety, and often xenos.

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No he's not.

Count the amount of Imperial Guard regiments noted for their discipline and training.

Cadians, Mordians, Voyostran, Valhallan, Cathachans, Steel Legion, Kriegers...

And the cultists?

I remember the Bloodpact. And the rest... not really mentionable.

And it's because Chaos itself doesn't care about how well their Cultists do.

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Hold your tongue Eliphas, or it will be you who is sent in first instead of the cultists!

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Less of your shit, I think they're fun.

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Who said cultists weren't fun.

The fact that they're so expendable makes them so much fun.

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Perhaps you would like to step through this portal and make me Araghast!

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Anyone got any non-CSM sorcerors?

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Fine then Eliphas, open the portal!

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what's stronger a chaos cultist or an imperial guardsman

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inb4 everything

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Depends, Cultists can come from many walks of life and can gain lots of power.

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Damn, why does everyone use thumbnail sized pics?

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Are these a box set or conversions?

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They're snap-fit minis from the new chaos vs. dark angels starter box.

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From the new starter set.

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FML, I might have to get a hold of these

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'They hide their faces in snarling iron, but the cruelty in their hearts is manifest in their brutal deeds. We are lost and we are done. May the God-Emperor forgive our failure and protect our souls.' last transmission of General DeLestt, Urdesh.

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Anyone have a shot of these unpainted / unassembled? I'm thinking they might be useful as conversion fodder.

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>'If you are the last man standing, you're not fighting hard enough.' attributed to Colonel Kaldenbach's commissars, facing the Blood Pact at the Civitas Beati, Herodor, 773.M41.

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Do cultists always have to look like self-mutilated raving maniacs? I know chaos is a corrupting influence but surely there are various stages of commitment.

It would be cool to see some less-extreme cultists.

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Cultists are pretty much wild cards, you could have a spindly little idiot at an altar right up to the mortal human choices in Black Crusade. No telling how they might be armed or what mutations they might have.

Any non-martially inclined cultists would probably get thrashed.

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>"A right bunch of cunts" Chief Scout Sergeant Oan Mkoll of the Tanith First And Only.

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I wrote a short story about a Guard unit's descent into corruption because their officer was obsessed with having the most perfectly drilled soldiers. They drilled so hard so much and with such dedication they fell to Slannesh and served as a Chaos vanguard on the assault of their own planet.

Twas tragic.

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is it on 1d4chan? i'd like to read it.

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So THAT's what happened to the Mordian Iron Guard...

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That's boring as fuck, you've got Guard for that shit.

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