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Shocklands confirmed.

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new jace

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Oh god...OH GOD ITS HAPPENING! I hope this is real. PLEEEEASE be real. my rat deck can finally come back from the depths of kamigawa! MARROW-GNAWER IS KING ONCE MORE!

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No it's not.

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dunno why I'm double posting

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jesus christ that's gorgeous.

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Oh my God. Please let me be able to make Junk Aggro with this. I fucking love Gavony Township.

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I wonder what's the azor keyword

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>6/5 First Strike, Haste for 6
Well then...

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Manalith + Prismatic Omen


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speaking of azor...

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so goood

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Oh my goodness. I want twenty of these.

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God, all the dual land arts are fucking amazing.

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>Dat flavor text.

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Please, God, give me some awesome Selesnya cards. The boner I have for GW cannot be contained.

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Holy mother of cunt this thing is a HOUSE. Come on, U/R tempo, daddy misses you.

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how about this?

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some people just want to watch the world burn

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>snapcaster, delver, that, the goblin that reduces cost
Please god, tell me this is real life.

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Oh god, my boner.

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U/R is just going to be so powerful.

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rakdos' <----corrected

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hey guys
guys listen
what if
what if we
what if we reprint rancor

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And thus, Superblightening was born.

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dat flavor text.

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not spoilers, but from the party.

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I can hear my wallet crying in joy already, my boner is ready.

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Whiskey, apple (what), and cranberry juice served on ice. Are there drinks for each guild? It'd be awesome to see them all. I could run a special week on them at my local coffee house.

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did someone say izzet?

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That's my new drink.

Probably tastes like ass though.

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Izzet, I missed you so much.

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ho lawdy

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Mah niggas.

Gonna toss this shit in with some of them Talrands. My friends will definitely stop wanting to be friends.

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it might be just boros since the bar was in the boros section of the party.

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Please no. Izzet is going to be played by everyone. They got too many good cards.

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Why... Why can't Golgari get anything this fucking amazing? Are they afraid we'll break the format again even without Dredge? Wheres the love goddamnit!

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Fucking this. U/R tempo is already good enough, we don't need Wizards to play favorites.

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He's not quite as impressive as most of the other stuff we're seeing, but I still love him. Riku's little brother.

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Please put these in an intro pack together. An event deck, fucking SOMETHING TAKE MY BANK ACCOUNT WIZARDS.

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Take that, Searing Spear.

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Is the mortars an uncommon or rare?
The effect seems uncommon and the emblem looks uncommon, but I can't tell for sure.

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Guys, I haven't had a boner like this since Zendikar was spoiled.

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I know that feel.
This set it going to be bonkers powerful, but I'm okay with that.

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Is that some hybrid mana?

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You should probably get that checked out. It might be the signals of Erectile Dysfunction

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>effect seems uncommon

It's a fucking one-sided wrath for 6 and that's only one of its modes. Granted, only 4 damage, but in Standard that's usually good enough. It's definitely rare.

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Yes it is, but that's almost definitely not the Azorius "keyword." They said they'd have ten NEW keywords (ability words) for each guild.

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This is for those of us who can't afford to drop $40 a pop on Bonfires isn't it?

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Well, the Innistrad block was designed to be fairly underpowered, or was supposed to be after Scars block.

Now they're ramping up the awesome again.

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wow new Jace is.....crap nice art at least

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I guess your right. I guess I'm underrating overload.

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Two miniature FoFs for four mana is pretty damn good in my book. His first ability does nothing except protect him, but his second mode is just great.

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I'm glad new Jace is shit. Now maybe people will shut up about him and whatever new shitcarnation he's come back as.

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4 Snapcaster Mage
4 Goblin electromancer
4 Guttersnipe
4 Delver
4 Searing Spear
4 Izzet Charm
4 Dissipate
3 Think Twice
4 Talrand's Invocation
3 Mizzium Mortars
22 Lands of some variety

So yeah. What would people think of this?

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I agree.
I almost wish the cards went to your graveyard, what with flashback being in standard. Either way, he seems pretty solid.

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the sorcery speed is a big deal and his + can practically be ignored in most decks

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His +1 just seems so....
Not blue. The only blue card I can think of off the top of my head that really matches that theme is Meishin, the Mind Cage, and that is much more blue.

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>Think Twice
Bro, get more burn spells. Make your friends suffer.

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Where is your Hypersonic Dragon + Ponder? Or Gitaxian Probe. Or Pillar of Flame.

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What about fleeting distraction?

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You're right to wish the cards went to yard. It'd be much better that way.

It protects him, but not by much, I'll admit.

It's a very white ability. A little color-bleeding going on to make the card better.

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>RtR Standard

>> No.20561141

Probe & ponder and rotating.

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I suppose, but even that has a card draw. It just seems like such a white ability to me. There are certainly ways to make it more white, but it is more defensive than controlling.

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Dude, that card sucks. I kind of enjoyed it in limited, but that's in the worst limited in recent memory.

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Ponder and probe both rotate.
Yeah, I wasn't sure about think twice, but I just kinda threw this together to get some discussion going.

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I never said it was good, I was just saying that the ability seems somewhat blue to me.

You're right. I don't think the +1 is especially blue, but isn't violating the color pie.

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Azorius mechanic: Detain (Two permanents can't attack or block and their activated abilities can't be activated)

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Give them time, this is a large set so we've got plenty more cards to go through.

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I want three Dragons in that deck. Play your Invocations and Mizzium Mortars as instants.

>> No.20561193

Selesnya Charm: +2/+2 and Trample, Exile Creature Power > 5, 2/2 White Soldier token w/Vigilance

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That's either worded poorly or just wrong. Give us a source.

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Where did you find that?

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So great combat trick, clunky removal spell, or super bear. Sounds good.

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I'm new to magic, only began playing in June. What exactly is a "shock land"?

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Fact or fiction was an instant, EoT is very important in blue. He is just not good. He might be somewhat playable in some matches but mostly he doesn't really do anything. His only good thing is his second ability, and it's just not enough to make him playable.

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Comes into play tapped unless you pay two life, but it generates either of two colors when you tap it.

More relevantly, they have the basic land types, for instance, a Mountain/Island. This has great interactions with certain cards, like Farseek in M13.

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A land with two basic land types [so it counts as a Forest and a Swamp, for example, and can tap for either kind], that enters the battlefield tapped unless you pay 2 life.

>> No.20561221

A wonderful dual land that comes in untapped if you let it shock you. Also counts as the basic land types it contains (though not as a basic land.)

>> No.20561224


Magical lands that make your manabase's cost skyrocket by a couple hundred dollars.

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I hate my local comic shop.

They only order decks when they first come out and not even that many, other then that it's only booster packs.

When's the ETA on these next editions?

>> No.20561228

Really hoping for something new for my Spirit deck.

Knowing my luck it'll be another Geist of saint traft type of card I will never have as I can't afford it.

>> No.20561232

I can't decide if that's awesome or meh. small fact or fiction for -2 is eh. the +1 is eh. The ult seems to be tailored towards multiplayer again

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I love Red/Blue, but with all this great Izzet shit coming out, I'm making a challenge to explicitly not play it and be great some other way.

>> No.20561236

It's a land that gives you the choice of coming into play tapped or paying 2 life and coming into play untapped. Since you're losing 2 life, it's like the land is shocking you (see the card Shock).

>> No.20561239

Shock lands are nicknames for a cycle of lands from the original Ravnica block. A shock land is a land that taps for two colors and can come into play untapped if you pay 2 life. There was a red card for one red mana called shock that did 2 damage to a creature or player, hence the name.

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mfw I've been playing UR delver and kicking ass and these new cards will make my deck way better.

>> No.20561245

The Fact or Fiction thing is neat. Either you get the best card out of three, or you get two good cards.

>> No.20561247

The land seen in the OP and the others like it, heavily played in Modern because the basic land types are good things to have. So called because you can Shock yourself to have it come into play untapped.

>> No.20561248

A land of two basic land types that would enter the battlefield tapped unless you pay two life. The nickname is derived from the card Shock, a two damage burn spell.

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Why is wizards so biased towards Izzet jesus christ

>> No.20561250

Can someone give me a summary of what each of the guilds specializes in? I love U/R but everyone and their mother will be playing Izzet, so I want to play something else.

>> No.20561258

dat rakdos card was amazing the fuk you talkin' 'bout.

>> No.20561261

For all you neckbeards who failed English as a Foreign Language 101 in your local community college, quit whining about the Rakdos possessive form. Is Rakdos a plural noun? No? Then the full apostrophe + s is correct.

Source: http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/621/01/

>> No.20561266

My suggestion is to look at the spoiled charms. They summarize what the guild specializes in pretty well.

>> No.20561267

Instants and Sorceries all the way across the sky.
Let's play a bunch of little dudes, and then make more, and then get out of control and just swarm you with a billion saprolings.
Fuck forethought. Kill shit.
Use the graveyard as a tool. Sacrifice creatures for benefit.
And now you can't cast anything ever.

>> No.20561270

I like that jace isn't bullshit powerfull

>> No.20561271

>Isn't hyped for BG Beats
Izzet is gay, no fucks given.

>> No.20561275

Azorius: control
Golgari: graveyard shenanigans
Rakdos: trading long-term power for short-term gain

>> No.20561277


But it isn't, it's not that much better than Blightning, infact it takes 5 mana for it to be better. Bonfire is still the better red X spell.

As for the Izzet-bias? Mortars, Electromancer, the charm, Hypersonic Dragon in a format where U/R is already pretty damn strong? Yeah

>> No.20561278


I'm not 100% on my flavor or mechanics memory (since I only started playing around worldwake) but essentially Boros and Azorious are Judge Dredd, Rakdos is violence for violence's sake, izzet is science for science's sake, and Dimir is a buncha spies.

Also five other guilds I can't really think of how they work. I think Gruul (or Golgari? I always get those confused) is basically the slums. Only they get off on living in the slums.

>> No.20561287

>not giving a shit and playing fatties

That sounds glorious.

>> No.20561289

Golgari - Graveyard manipulation
Azorious - Typical blue/white control tactics
Selesnya - Token spamming
Rakdos - All-in aggro style
Izzet - 10/10 GOTY WOULD JOIN

>> No.20561311

Welp, looks like I'll be rebuilding my EDH decks for with these new bomb-ass UR cards.

>> No.20561317

If by fatties you mean super-haste, then yes.

Rakdos basically just goes all in. It's a high risk, high reward strategy that can fuck you over against control decks. That said, we might get some good tools in it this time around.

>> No.20561321

update on detain(azorious mechanic)

Detain wording is basically:

Detain target nonland permanent. (When a permanent is detained, it cannot attack or block and it cannot activate activated abilities until next turn.)

So you can do Detain three target permanents or one or fifty.

>> No.20561333

I want to see a card before I believe this. Give us some reason to believe this.

>> No.20561340


oh I like this.

>> No.20561344

Izzet does instants, sorceries, and crazy randomness. Azorius locks up the game and slowly grinds out a win, similar to the old-school UW decks. Selesnya makes a gigantic army of tokens and overwhelms the enemy. Golgari uses the graveyard as a resource and attrits the enemy to death. Rakdos is all-out offense, throw everything you have at the enemy.

For the next set, Boros is speedy offense, Orzhov is grinding card advantage that nicks your opponent to death, Dimir was a dual threat of mill and hard-to-block guys with some tricks but may be something different, Gruul plays fat creatures and overwhelms the enemy, and Simic is weird creature stuff.

>> No.20561347

>Hypersonic Dragon
>Some new Rakdos card
Spoilers I haven't seen yet?

>> No.20561357


They were up to date but some picture didn't upload

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>> No.20561361

>Archon of the Triumvirate. 5UW. Archon 4/5. Flying. When this attacks, detain up to two non land permanents your opponents control

thats the best we've got right now, no pictures seem to be up of it yet but it's come from the same source that has been posting pictures on twitter of all the other cards.

>> No.20561366

They're up gA. Go look!


>> No.20561372

Fair enough. Thanks.

>> No.20561377

I think it's better to think of rakdos more as the marquis de sade. which is violence because it's fun

>> No.20561380

Detain: Until your next turn those permanents gain "Arrest"

>> No.20561381

>> No.20561383

Goddamn, Izzet getting some mad love.

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>> No.20561398


Why, hello there. Have I introduced you to my friend Rancor? No? Well, you will be.

>> No.20561402

So we have our first official Gatecrash spoiler

>> No.20561403


>> No.20561404


>> No.20561412

With Vigilance

>> No.20561413

>Corpsejack Menace

Bolas-dammit Jund

>> No.20561415

Haha, also neat. Looks like everyone's getting a rare land that taps for colorless and can be activated for some other thing, I suppose? What is that, "Green and white Elemental creature token with vigilance"?

>> No.20561417

elemental with vigilance

>> No.20561421

Thank you.

>> No.20561423

We already knew about the shocklands, though.

>> No.20561424

8/8 G/W Elemental with Vigilance.

>> No.20561431

DreadBore R/B

Destroy target creature or Planeswalker


>> No.20561433

Yeah, but just for the sake of covering everything, thought I might as well post it up.

>> No.20561438

Doomblade you say?

>> No.20561439

oh my god
Dreadbore RB Sorcery: Destroy target creature or planeswalker

>> No.20561442


My boner is diamonds. Terminate on crack.

>> No.20561444

Better than Doomblade. Not quite as good as Terminate.

>> No.20561451

Well, I need to buy and eat a hat, because I said they'd never print the words 'destroy target planeswalker'.

>> No.20561453

That's RB, not R/B.
R/B would be broken as fuck.

>> No.20561456

>Or planeswalker

Oh shit.

>> No.20561457


I wanted to go with Selesnya when prereleases came around but I'm starting to think I should take up Rakdos. Might be fun.

>> No.20561466

It's a sorcery.

>> No.20561467

But gA, I am going to use it, and target the other player.

>> No.20561473


You'd rather make sure the creature couldn't regenerate and give up destroying A FUCKIN' PLANESWALKER?


>> No.20561475

You might even open a NIGHTMARE HORSE.

That's got to be the funniest combination of creature types on a card I've ever seen (excluding Mistform Ultimus.)

>> No.20561480


>> No.20561482

No, I want it at instant speed. But it's still an amazing card.

>> No.20561486


Thank you. I feel dumb.

>> No.20561521

Is there a reason these all have so much light obscuring the text? Is it supposed to be a 'figure this out guys' thing?

>> No.20561531


I don't need your planeswalkers! I'M AN ADULT!

And I threw that Mind Sculptor ON THE GROUND

>> No.20561538

The room is probably pretty dark. If it was in a flourescently lit room, we'd have better pictures.

>> No.20561543

themed lighting in the room i guess

>> No.20561559

I believe it's a party going on right now.

>> No.20561594


God damn it, I hate this. Wizards forgets that players are suppose to be planeswalkers.

>> No.20561599

>Chromatic Lantern
Holy SHIT.

>> No.20561614

It doesn't really matter. In rules-speak, players and planeswalkers are already different.

>> No.20561619

Block announcements are now disco parties. They did the same with Innistrad.

>> No.20561624


Suddenly, Artifact destruction in EDH became much more valuable!

Seriously, is there a multicolored EDH deck that *doesn't* run this?

>> No.20561625

I know, right? I'm kind of partial to Pack Rat, myself.

>> No.20561628

You know that someday when they totally run out of ideas, they're going to print a "destroy target player" card.

>> No.20561629

But we needed a card that does this. Flavorfully, I'm sure the card isn't supposed to actually kill Planeswalkers so much as scare them away, because flavorfully, you only lose their loyalty.

I'll be making many jokes about killing a player with this card, but still, we needed to have it printed.

>> No.20561632


I'd populate that, I'd populate the shit out of that.

>> No.20561633

The ones that don't own one. I think this is like an auto-staple in EDH now.

>> No.20561634

When do the guild decks launch?

My local comic shop only has the decks for the first couple of days of it launching then only stocks booster packs.

>> No.20561639

This whole block seems like it's going to be the second coming for EDH.

>> No.20561648


Maro pushed hard for Door to Nothingness to be "Destroy target creature or player". The Rule Manager shot it down. GO PROPER TEMPLATING YEAH.

>> No.20561651


Well, it *is* a Nagle-designed set.

Honestly, I really hope they don't go too overboard with it. EDH... loses a bit, I think, when cards are pushed for it too hard.

>> No.20561665


You know how I run that Jor Kadeen EDH that has like, 18 sources of artifact mana?

Guess who's going FUCK YEAH so hard right now?

>> No.20561672

So, guys, prerelease promo cards are now playable in the tournament. In RTR you choose a guild, and get a guild promo and a guild booster.
Will you choose your favorite guild, the guild with the most broken promo, or the guild with the best overall cards to get the most out of the booster.

>> No.20561673

>guild deck
Guild decks?

Again, I just got home not long ago.

>> No.20561677

Me to. I even ran a Manalith. Now this is coming out.

>> No.20561692


Seriously, everyone I know that's going to a prerelease is saving up as much dosh as they can to attend as many events as possible to hit every guild.

>> No.20561697


Guys, I think we have a problem. Between Burning Vengeance, Snapcaster, Talrand, Goblin Electromancer, and this guy, there isn't enough room for actual instants and sorceries in the UR deck.

>> No.20561700


I disagree, what makes planeswalkers good is that cards like this don't exist. Planeswalkers are getting less playable.

>> No.20561707


I've been using Coldsteel Heart in lieu of a Mana Crypt but I think I can upgrade to this now.


>> No.20561716


the one with my favorite logo because dem spindown counters. So probably azorious.

Probably Selesnya or Rakdos. I almost always play UW or WUB decks and I wanna try something new.

>> No.20561717


So... This is bad because it's not instant?

Well, why not play it alongside >>20560985

Problem solved, enjoy your Grixis.

>> No.20561721

Previously, the only way to kill Planeswalkers was permanent bounce, permanent destruction, direct damage and combat damage. This was necessary.

>> No.20561723

1) Planeswalkers have always had answers for them. O-Ring, Hexmage, Hex Parasite, Beast Within, etc. Plus, they can be damaged easily.

2) When planeswalkers were tough to answer, and there were enough really fucking good ones in Standard together, Superfriends was a deck, and all the Hexmages in the world couldn't keep that card advantage at bay. It's good to have some answers to them.

>> No.20561730


THAT'S what makes them good? Really?

>> No.20561742

>Soulbond with Tandem Lookout
>Every spell in your deck is a cantrip

>> No.20561761


>> No.20561768

Where mah vampires at?

>> No.20561774


I agree with you, but saying that planeswalkers can be damaged easily isn't exactly true. Pretty much all of the good planeswalkers protect themselves in one way or another, which makes attacking them pretty difficult, and using burn on them is burn you're not using on your opponent, so they're still doing pretty well.

>> No.20561779

On Zendikar and Innistrad, where they belong.

>> No.20561780


>> No.20561781

The innistrad block.

>> No.20561822

Izzet seems nice.

Rakdos seems borderline broken for limited.

I wanted to pick Azorius for the prerelease, now I'm not that sure any more. Have to wait for more spoilers.

>> No.20561832

>tfw rewind become couter targe spell deal 2 damage to each oponent draw a card untap four land

>> No.20561860

I wonder if we'll get a Djinn Illuminatus type card for Overload.

>> No.20561863

in dimir

>> No.20561881

Izzet is my favourite guild, but im nothing if not a magic hipster, fuck netdecking etc. So if too many people play them i might have to swap guilds, im thinking azorius. Azorius seems cool. Radkos, selsnya and golgari seem pretty meh to me. TBH cant wait for dimir and orzhov, gonna be goddam fun.

>> No.20561913

it looks like vigilance

>> No.20561922

>Rakdos seems borderline broken for limited.
How can you possibly reach that conclusion from the few cards that have been spoiled?
BR being strong is always entirely dependent on how fast a format is. Remember Zendikar? BR was insane. Remember ROE? BR was shit.
If the format ends up slow (which is a big possibility, since a lot of design space is going to dedicated to fixing), then Rakdos really shouldn't dominate.

>> No.20561929

If you really want to be the Magic hipster, play Gruul.

>> No.20561932

If this is what the set looks like for these guilds, I cannot WAIT for Boros.

Oh Ravnica, how we missed you.

>> No.20561942


I don't think that would work. What happens with stuff like Momentous Fall? Or Feeling of Dread (Up to two each creatures)? I guess they could errata those cases ("If "Up to" something, ignore it"), but that seems clumsy. Galvenic, is there precedent for something like that?

>> No.20561951

I see you've been laughing ever since M10 then?

>> No.20561961

>Top 4 guilds all blue
As it should be.

>> No.20561975

>top 4 guilds are all blue

>> No.20561979

Yeah, but that card was boring. Look at this thing. It's hilariously awesome.

>> No.20561981

Since when the fuck does anyone like azorius? And why is golgari so low?

>> No.20561991

Dude no one gives a fuck about Azorius. WU is the color pair of winning, that's all that matters.

>> No.20561993

Everyone loves U/W, and nobody cares about G/B. Consider that a lot of people who weren't around for original Ravnica are included in this.

>> No.20562000

>that feel when you run black blue zombies aggro dredge
>and nothing in this thread helps that

>> No.20562010


>> No.20562022

Well that explains everything. Someone needs to teach them a lesson with some oldschool dredge decks.

>> No.20562027


Because everything blue has Snapcaster Mage and Delver, that's why.

>> No.20562054

That new Manalith + Prismatic Omen makes me want to play 5 colour control in standard.

>> No.20562063

>Prismatic Omen
what the actual fuck

>> No.20562075


>Yeah, but that card was boring.

How dare you insult Nightmare. It's a classic, it was in every core set until m11.

>> No.20562077

Good luck trying to find people who will play RTR/Lorwyn standard with you.

>> No.20562081

>> No.20562085

Not that guy, but it acts like Manalith and Prismatic Omen.

>> No.20562092


Hey, if it lets me use Doomgape, Creakwood Liege and Worm Harvest with Golgari then I'm in.

>> No.20562093


>> No.20562096

I mean the new "Manalith + prismatic omen" as in the fucking manalith that is also prismatic omen, you fucktards.

>> No.20562122

I fucked up. I read it as "new manalith" + prismatic omen.

>> No.20562126

Ah, so Detain is just a TEMPORARY Arrest. Neat.

>> No.20562129

What the fuck is up with the Izzet love. What's so great about them? Are the wizards of the cost biased towards them or some shit?

>> No.20562131


The power of Delver is going to diminish once ponder is gone. Don't know If I put him in my Izzet deck.. maybe..

>> No.20562134

"new manalith/prismatic omen" would have been clearer.

>> No.20562142

ha ha, oh wow. w/u u so crazy.

>> No.20562143


Naw, really? Never would've guessed.

>> No.20562152

from the mothership.

>> No.20562154

I wouldn't be surprised if there was a 7 cost mythic legend that has "When you detain a permanent, put an arrest counter on that permanent" and "Permanents with arrest counters on them cannot attack or block, and their activated abilities cannot be activated unless they are mana abilities"

>> No.20562166

>as long as you control a gate.

>> No.20562168

Sure, Ponder's awesome but Index can still set up a Delver flip just fine, and then some.

>> No.20562169

>What's so great about them?
Only the greatest dragon to ever live.

>> No.20562177

Why do they keep printing cards that do nothing but lifegain? They could have at least had the courtesy to put it at common.

>> No.20562180


Golgari Guildgate was the one spoiled, they're a common cycle that come into play tapped and make either of their colors with no drawback.

>> No.20562181


>as long as you control a gate


>> No.20562183

A Gate?

>> No.20562187


Why is Golgari so low?

>> No.20562191


>> No.20562195

Hopefully Scars of Return to Alara II: Electric Boogaloo will be the block after RTR, in which case I'll be able to use Cruel Ultimatum with Chromatic Lantern in standard.

>> No.20562198

>dat angel's mercy for 2

>> No.20562199


Because no blue. Gruul is even worse.

>> No.20562200


>> No.20562201

"Indefinite Detention"
Flavor text:
>You're not going anywhere.

I'd love this.

>> No.20562209

That's an old card, iirc.

>> No.20562211


That is one unplayable turd.

>> No.20562224


Next block's gonna be a nostalgia block.

Calling this right now. We had an artifact block on mirrodin, a heavy top-down block, and a multicolored block on ravnica is going on right now.

That and next year's magic's 20th.

>> No.20562226

reprint reunion without the homoerotic art, WHY WIZARDS

>> No.20562230

Make a 1/1 bird then populate for 4, instant

I imagine this card was designed when Lingering Souls was still making everyone go "Omg 4 squadron hawks in 1 card!"

>> No.20562234

About 12 years old.

>> No.20562242

When do these decks come out? Like the earliest I'll be able to get them? My comic shop is retarded and doesn't get that many...

>> No.20562246


Wasn't that the selesnya guild leader or something? Maro refered to it as dryad triumvirate I believe. Azorius still trolling the shit ouf ot the other guilds.

>> No.20562252


>> No.20562260

Hmm. This set makes me want to get back into Magic. It's a shame the school year is starting AND I have no dosh; Rakdos looks sweet as fuck.

>> No.20562261


Just buy fat packs, or if you can spare the cash straight up boxes, instead.

Actually don't buy fat packs. I only get them because I like having boxes to store my shit and for some reason I really, really love spindown counters. That are different from the others I have, mind. Still need to figure out what to do with the four or five copies of the AVR ones I got from the helvault.

>> No.20562274


Ponder is a good card. Index is not a good card. That's the difference. When you start putting crappy cards like index in your deck, the deck will start being crap.

>> No.20562275

The Selesnya leader is a trio of dryads who represent Mat'Selesnya.

The leader for the Azorius is Isperia, Law Incarnate, but the Azorius themselves are sort of 'made up' of three different sections, each represented by a tower of New Prahv. I'm assuming the leaders of each section are the 'triumvirate' in question here.

>> No.20562292

Hey, a Scavenge cost cheaper than the CMC.

Good to know.

>> No.20562298

so? Its still fucking awesome. I may be going W/B/G tokens for this block

>> No.20562299

Relentless rats is back!

>> No.20562301

Found it.

" Isperia is advised by three arbiters, each representing one of the “Columns” of the Azorius: the Jelenn Column, which makes the laws; the Lyev Column, which enforces the laws; and the Sova Column, which judges the law-breakers."

>> No.20562302

I wish I had more than one Snappy, Izzet Delver or Midrange looks like a real blast.
Time to start trading for snappies and sulfur falls, I guess.

>> No.20562304

Whelp, time to start splashing black into my Splinterfright deck.

Mulch and Tracker's Instinct all in one? Yes please.

>> No.20562316

not buying RTR fat packs for those sexy, sexy lands

>> No.20562318

Looks like my Heartless Summoning Deck is getting retooled in Jund. Why? Corpsejack Menace + Undying/Olivia Voldaren/Unleash.

4 Corpsejack Menace
3 Olivia Voldaren
4 Carnival Hellsteed
4 Hound of Griselbrand
3 Deadbridge Goliath
4 Flayer of the Hatebound
4 Demonlord of Ashmouth

4 Dreadbore
4 Mutilate

4 Heartless Summoning

4 Blood Crypt
4 Overgrown Tomb
(3 Stomping Grounds) in GTC
3 Rootbound Crag
4 Dragonskull Summit
4 Woodland Cemetary

>> No.20562320

This. Fucking this, man. I was THINKING of playing Azorius just to get some mileage out of my Drogskol Reavers, but Splinterfright dredge is looking more and more attractive by the minute..

>> No.20562326

>Lyev Skynight
Budget Geist. But I like that, slows aggro, cool shit.
>Sluiceway Scorpion
Oh baby
>Heroes Reunion with Thragtusk
Wizards please reprint Rain of Gore

>> No.20562338

I can't contain myself. Honestly thought about going with Rakdos before this. Fuck that, R/U goblins, here I come!

>> No.20562344

>no dimir

>> No.20562349


Yeah, that's a good card.

>> No.20562360

>> No.20562361

They aren't until the next set. You should know this by now.

>> No.20562367

Huh, Selesnya's prerelease promo is the land that sacs to be an 8/8 vigilance? That's interesting.

>> No.20562376

>wait, why is that-
>golgari graveyard shenanigans

>> No.20562377


>> No.20562385


How the fuck are you supposed to use Auger Spree?

>> No.20562387

>Gate Care

What the fuck is a Gate card?

>> No.20562393

As removal.

>> No.20562399

Big fucking creatures, that's how.

>> No.20562401

>Axebane Guardian
Sweet Jesus.
>Gatecreeper Vine
Seems decent. Like the synergy.
>Auger Spree
>Selesnya Charm
Nice combat trick you got there.
>Transguild Promenade
Second Rupture Spire? OK.

>> No.20562403


Like Nameless Inversion, removal that gets around destroying or if you're ballsy and have a 5/5, make it a 9/1

>> No.20562405

Auger Spree is great in limited.
Let's think about this. Is there ever a situation where you want a creature to get -4 toughness?

>> No.20562408


make a BFM into a bigger FM.

>> No.20562409

Removal on their dudes, pump on your dudes that'll live through it.

>> No.20562410

>shocklands back
How <spoiler>shocking

>> No.20562411

Flexible. Either removal of little dudes or pump your big dudes. Trouble is I can't really see Rakdos' creatures being terribly toughness heavy. But hey, mediocre common is mediocre.

>> No.20562416

This is a Gate. >>20562191

>> No.20562422

If I'm guessing right, it looks like the land is Selesnya's, the horse is Rakdos, the dragon is Izzet, the Archon is Azorius, and I'm not sure for Golgari.

Holy shit, if the dragon is the Izzet one, I can see people going all-out Izzet.

>> No.20562426

>When Gatecreeper Vine enters the battlefield, you may search your library for a basic land card or a Gate card, reveal it, put it into your hand, then shuffle your library.
>Gate card

>> No.20562429

Learn to read the thread.

>> No.20562432

This is a Gate. >>20562416

>> No.20562436

For like the fourth time, a Gate card is a common cycle for each guild. They ETB tapped, and can be taped for either color. They have the land type "Gate".

>> No.20562438

I can't see any of them being heavily played in standard at least. The highest chance one is Golgari, assuming it's Deadbridge Goliath.
The dragon, while good, and probably making a lot of people wet their pants with delight right now... it's only going to be good if there's a midrange deck with UR in it, and that midrange deck has a lot of sorceries it wants to use at instant speed. Otherwise it will go for Thundermaw Hellkite.

>> No.20562447

>How the fuck are you supposed to use Auger Spree?
>Target creature gets +4/-4 until EOT
Excellent card in limited, not amazing in constructed. Basically it's a small-mid removal or large creature buff.
On something with 4 or less toughness it's removal, think a weaker form of dismember. But if you have a fatty that got through unblocked you can toss this on them to pump them for the kill.

>> No.20562450


>> No.20562451

a gate is a dual land that comes in tapped

>> No.20562452

wtf is a gate

>> No.20562456

This is a Gate. >>20562432

>> No.20562460

>Transguild promenade
That feel when they will never reprint City of Brass.

>> No.20562461

Wow, after looking at these I kinda want to build a Selesnya Conclave deck now.

But alas, I've already dedicated myself to Izzet MasterRace

>> No.20562463

Alright, stoked as fuck to see the shocklands back, but now this begs the question:

Will my wallet have to be raped to get them since they've been reprinted? I imagine there'll be a shitload more floating around than the original Rav had, because $20+ a land is gonna hurt.

>> No.20562464

But Golgari's promo card is gold, which Deadbridge Goliath ain't. If that's what we're discussing here?

>> No.20562466


>> No.20562468


I just want transguild courier back. I don't even know why, I just liked him.

>> No.20562469

But it's not instant speed, so it's not better.

>> No.20562470

>Azorious taps into my love of pacifism effects
The best. I hope my local is running a pre-release..

>> No.20562473

So what makes people like shocklands over the lands that come into play tapped unless you have lands?

>> No.20562475


>> No.20562476

judging by the many, many ways to get mana that have already been spoiled, no. I hope

>> No.20562478

gA, two things:
1. at the start of a judge thread, add a line saying "A gate is a new common land cycle for each guild, it taps for either colour and comes in tapped. It has the land type 'Gate'"

2. You need to pin a Judge's Familiar to your shirt whenever you're judging.

>> No.20562480

You don't need those lands to use them immediately.

>> No.20562483

Actually, most of them are floating in the 12 to 18 range right now.

And I imagine that the prices will spike at first [increased demand due to Standard playability, but no increase in supply YET], and then the prices will kind of settle in, depending on the meta. Overall they should be a bit cheaper just because there's MORE of them.

But fuck me sideways if I don't want to swap my old ones for new, the art on these is amazing.

>> No.20562484

Fetchable, gives 2 colors on turn 1

>> No.20562485


We don't like them over them, we like them in addition to them since they enable them.

>> No.20562491

You could always cheap out and just run gates and m13 lands. Shocks are clearly better but you should be able to get by without them if you're playing casually.
They have basic land types for starters.

>> No.20562492

Because sac lands.

>> No.20562499

It's better than Murder.

>> No.20562501

I am going to do my fucking damnedest to get enough Judge's Familiars to make a 3D card.

And as many foils as possible.

Fetchable, provide both kinds of mana immediately if needed, can avoid the 2 life blip if you don't need the land untapped.

>> No.20562503

shock lands count as two land types. that means they can be grabbed by any card that says "search for a forest/plains/island/mountain/swamp. In other words, farseek just got really, really good

>> No.20562505

Yes, that is true. I will run it, but it's not terminate just because it's RB.

>> No.20562508

You think so?
I really prefer the old shock art on most of them.
RTR Steam Vents does look better, though.

>> No.20562510


In standard, they will have good synergy with tap lands. But, the best thing about shock lands is they have the basic land types connected to them.

>> No.20562519

The old ones are still really great, but especially Temple Garden just looks really nice. I mean, the old one looked nice too, but I just really dig this one.

>> No.20562522

The Golgari one is probably Corpsejack Menace. >>20560791

>> No.20562524

Hey guys, newbie to Magic here.

What's a pre-release and what's it like? What happens there? Is it worth attending?

Same questions as above but with "Magic Celebration". If I understamd correctly, free cards?

>> No.20562528

So how would you rank the guild keywords?

They are:
>Izzet - Overload
>Azorius - Detain
>Golgari - Scavenge
>Selesnya - Populate
>Rakdos - Unleash

>> No.20562531

If one deck is really tearing it up, the mana base for it will remain pricey. (see: price difference between individual Scars rare lands)

However the shocks go down a little.

>> No.20562532

read dis

>> No.20562535

Prerelease is a six-pack sealed tournament, where you build a deck with only six packs of cards. They provide basic land. One of the packs at Ravnica release will have only cards from the guild of your choice.

There's a bunch of promotional stuff, and it's great for new players.

Magic Celebration is just standard constructed but with a couple promo goodies.

>> No.20562539


Pre-Releases are great. You get more than your money worth of cards and swag and have a fun time.

>> No.20562540

Doesn't look like a 4/4, but it's honestly so tiny it's hard to tell.

Also my eyes hurt now.

>> No.20562543

A prerelease is an event that's held a week before a new set comes out. You pay money, usually about 30, 35 dollars, and get 6 packs of the new set. Using that, and basic lands provided, you build a 40 card deck and play against other people. Finish well, you get more packs. You also get a promo, and they're fun.

If you like playing with brand new cards a week before you can buy them, getting sexy foils [and in this case, also getting a sticker, a spindown, and a letter from your Guildmaster], and being around lots of other people having a fucking blast, it is totally worth attending.

>> No.20562547

With the cards spoiled so far:

1. Detain
2. Scavenge
3. Overload
4. Populate
5. Unleash

Obviously subject to change as spoilers continue

>> No.20562548

Pre-releases are a magical time where there are no douchebag netdeckers or tournament decks to be found

>> No.20562549

Eh, then none of them are really standard impacting, so nobody should make any money decisions.

Overload > Scavenge > Populate > Detain > Unleash
At least imo.

>> No.20562553

it has the same mana cost and p/t so its a possibility. I find it weird they're make a giant angry shrub into a golem, but that's them.

>> No.20562555

That's really had to say. I want to say Detain is the worst, but it could get a really good card. Most of us thought Unleash looked boring, but then NIGHTMARE HORSE.

I'll go with this

>> No.20562570

Detain is the worst? Are you nuts? It's straight up removal.

>> No.20562571

Thanks guys.

How tolerant would they be of a new player who dooesn't fully understand the rules?

>> No.20562572

You know what would make Unleash fun?

Giving an unleash card undying. Do you want the +1 now, but it only gets one life, or the +2 later?

>> No.20562575

Detain seems pretty useful to me.

you could lock half's an opponent's field down for one turn. and with cloudshifts, deadeye navigators and other forms of flicker, you could lock down quite a lot of your opponent's field multiple turns over an over.

>> No.20562577


just going by what I know so far Overload>Populate>Detain>Scavenge>Unleash.

>> No.20562585

He might be quite good with scavenge, especially with cards like Grisly Salvage. Seems like a really good Black/Green deck is coming.

>> No.20562587

Incredibly. Prereleases are the best place for new players.

Just be aware that some guys are assholes. Don't trade cards with people unless you trust them. Some people prey on new players and set up terrible trades for them, so just be careful.

>> No.20562593

There's always people at magic events who will help you.
Prereleases have a pretty causal atmosphere, so you should be fine.

It would probably be good to brush up on the rules, though. You need to actually know how to play. Bringing a friend who knows how to play is a good idea too.

>> No.20562600

Hey there. >>20562318

>> No.20562602

Not really. It's temporary Arrest, but unless it's on something like the Archon where you can do it every turn, it's not 'removal'. The Skyknight, for example, only detains for a turn.

In that vein: your shocklands are worth good money. Do not let people trick you into trading them away unless it's for good stuff.

>Flicker spells
Yes. I will make this.

>> No.20562606

Mendicant is gonna love the judge's familiar...
Also, I want a alt-art of that card with pic related on it

>> No.20562608

The prerelease promos for RtR look really good.

>> No.20562617

why is everyone saying overload is the best? how is "pay more than double the mana cost of this card to effect each creature" good? even with lightning goblin whatshisface any overload is still expensive as fuck

>> No.20562624

It has the most design space. That's why it's the best.

>> No.20562627


Mortars for the Overload cost is a one-sided Wrath. Please explain how this is bad.

>> No.20562628

Mainly because of utility. You can use it now as spot removal, or later to fuck everyone's shit up.

You topdeck a turn 3 Mortars, it's removal now.

You topdeck it turn 7, and it's "There went your board, hombre".

>> No.20562636


I don't want to talk for everyone else but personally I just think it has the best and most design space for future use.

>> No.20562637

You're on the right track, I think.
Resto Angel + This in a tempo-control build could be bonkers.

>> No.20562639

its not that hard to avoid bad trades, just know the value of the cards you're trading to and for. Although every once in a while theres THAT GUY who always overvalues his cards and undervalues yours. Fucking hate that guy

>> No.20562641

Hello I am a fatty fatty timmy creature, your six mana will not keep you from a face smashing.

>> No.20562645

As a new player, go to as many drafts/sealed formats as possible. You can build up lots of cards from people who don't want cards they got out of packs. I remember giving away 60-70 cards every m13 event I went to.

>> No.20562648

because it costs six. whipflare is far better. yes I know its rotating.

>> No.20562649

And he brings in his friend to hover over his shoulder and tell you the wrong values of cards. My first year or so of Magic I went to FNM every week, and these assholes would bully me and other people into terrible trades all the time. Fuck those guys.

>> No.20562660

Playable in humans?

>> No.20562663

>implying he'd waste overload against an army of fatties
he'd just overload a Better spell, or just focus all his shots on your fatass then wait a turn and overlord the rest of your board, or some other crap idk i dont play blue so i can't think like them. But logic, please

>> No.20562665

But new players might not know the value of their cards, ESPECIALLY with brand new cards.

>> No.20562666

Eh, seems like half the people at my LGS are cutthroat assholes.

Maybe I should go to one of the other stores in town but I like this owner more than the other guys, and I suspect there are going to be assholes everywhere you go keep on fighting, R-1.

>> No.20562667

Well good luck Azorius scum I'm playing Izzet masterrace

>> No.20562672

why doesn't detain just say "tap target creature, target creature can't use abilities?"

>> No.20562674

do we need a new thread?

>> No.20562678

Ooh, I didn't catch that it was a human. Maybe.

>> No.20562679

Fuck, this pre-release sounds awesome... but I have no cash.

There goes my chance to get into the game.

>> No.20562682

my thoughts exactly

I usually hate control, too.

>> No.20562684

Because tapping it would accomplish roughly the same thing, but it would be better overall because of the fact that it would be, well, tapped.

>> No.20562685

Because Selesnya, and its >tap an untapped creature you control shenanigans.

>> No.20562688


Fortunately, there are apps to help with trades now. Or just ask someone not doing shit to look up the price on Starcity or TCGplayer on their phone.

>> No.20562689

Because I can still conspire with them

>> No.20562692


By that logic you could argue Bonfire of the Damned is not a good card. Go ahead, argue that.

>> No.20562696

at that point I ask someone with a smartphone to look up the prices. Although I try as hard as I can to not trade with jews, but sometimes they have that one card you really need.

>> No.20562697

You've got a month to save up. Good luck, man.

>> No.20562700

Drafts are a great way for a new player to get into the game.

If you don't have money now, save some pennies and wait for RtR to come out and go to a FNM draft.

>> No.20562701

So /tg/.

I don't really play magic much. I love the game, but really, most of my time spent on it is just building decks in cockatrice or making custom cards for fun.

That said, I love prereleases. And I don't plan to miss RTRs. Thinking I might just give away everything I get at the end to various players. Hell I might just take my entire collection and piece it out to everyone there.

How bad of an idea is this? All these cards are just collecting dust right now and I really, really don't see that changing any time soon. Should note that said collection has cards from all over the history of magic, though a bit over half of it is from zendikar+.

>> No.20562702

Even then, the only time you should let yourself get screwed over in a trade is if you abso-fucking-lutely need that card right goddamned now.

>> No.20562704

I think you mean

"But those Jews always Jew that card you need off a non-Jew."

>> No.20562708

a little off topic, but someone probably knows
I use Tragic Slip on an indestructible creature and bring its toughness to less than zero. Does it die?

I want to say it doesn't but I could be wrong

>> No.20562711

No. Just no.

>> No.20562714

Don't give it away.
Get it appraised.

>> No.20562717

Yes. Only stops DAMAGE.

>> No.20562721



>> No.20562722

you might want to pick out a few choice rares, see how much they're worth, and sell those.

give away anything under $10.

>> No.20562723

I don't know about ditching your whole collection, but you may be able to find people willing to 'sponsor' you. They'll pay your entry fee, and then take the cards at the end of the event. Usually they let you keep some, or winnings if you get any.

Yes, it does. Having 0 toughness doesn't destroy a creature, it just places it into the graveyard.

>> No.20562724

Star City is fine for trade prices as long as both sides are using it.


>> No.20562725

It does. Same thing with any other effect that reduces the toughness.

>> No.20562726


I say that, because that's what the store owner uses. Besides, they seem to have comparable prices to TCGplayer

>> No.20562727

what if its a mythic rare that nobody else has? I've been looking for Ajani CoP for fucking ever.

>> No.20562729

If you're comparing SCG prices to SCG prices... what's the fucking problem?
Yes, you shouldn't buy or sell cards at those prices, because they're at a premium, but it's a good, trusted method of ascertaining trade values so nobody gets fucked.

>> No.20562730

And destruction.

But not having its toughness reduced below zero.

>> No.20562738

Doesn't matter. Unless you absolutely need it right then, don't get jewed. Especially if you can get it online for cheaper.

>> No.20562739

It actually doesn't stop damage, it stops death by damage.

>> No.20562743


Man, I want that Rakdos kit they'll be giving away. I've got no source of income, which pretty effectively bones me.

Anyone know what the pre-release cards are?

>> No.20562745

Somebody has it somewhere, or they'll open it.
If you don't need it right that second, don't let yourself get screwed over, you'll only regret it.

>> No.20562748

Read the fucking thread.

>> No.20562749


It's mostly just commons/uncommons. I've never been much for buying singles, I just like the feeling of opening packs I think.

Maybe I should see if that one teacher I had in high school wants them. He had a club that was basically all about playing magic and we did a draft every semester. Even let us keep the cards we got at the end.

>> No.20562756


>> No.20562763

One of the most sought-after cards in the game is an uncommon.
It's Force of Will, and it's worth $60
Rarity means shit all if they're old cards, it's all about playability.

>> No.20562764

Rakdos's return seems kind of bad.
It's a nerfed Blightning, which even then wasn't unfair when it wasn't being cascaded into.

>> No.20562775

It's got the same 'problem' all X spells do. At lower values of X it's fucking awful, but that's made up for by the fact that on turn 10 it can hit for more than just a stock 3.

>> No.20562787

When Br zombies gets flooded right now, it falls over and dies.
If it draws Rakdos' Return at that point, it's just destroying the opponent.

>> No.20562818

Man, I'm really tempted to build a Rakdos/Golgari hybrid deck based around Corpsejack Menace, considering it can benefit both Scavenge and Unleash (and will most likely be a hell of a lot cheaper than Doubling Season). Probably end up throwing some Kresh the Bloodbraided in there as well.

>> No.20562833

Somebody already did it for you. >>20562788

>> No.20562838

So I just got into the game.

I bought the Monstrous Surprise starter deck and two starter packs. The pack that came with the deck didn't really have anything surprising but the packs had these. Did I get lucky or are they common/useless?

>> No.20562841



I... I saw the owl in you post, and I was like, "Gosh, I sure do love that Judge's Familiar"...AND THEN THE POST WAS ABOUT ME.

I didn't think anyone outside of /mu/ (besides gA) knew who I was.

I LOVE YOU ANONYMOUS. The card is going right into my owl collection. (Stupid Baleful Strix being $10)

>> No.20562844

They both kind of suck, but Jace can be traded away to a few people, and they can both be played in some fun decks if you want to build them.

>> No.20562846

Worldfire is like 2 dollars. Jace is about 10.

>> No.20562858

>Baleful Strix
>10 dollars
>I checked and it actually fucking is
What the dick? Why?

>> No.20562865


Planechase single.

>> No.20562871

Cantrips and holds the ground and sky like a boss. Simply the best two drop creature in a control deck.

>> No.20562881

So? Silent-Blade Oni is a single from Planechase too, and it's 2 fucking dollars.

The only formats you can use it in are Legacy and Commander, though. Well, I guess 60 card casual, but I can't imagine there's enough demand among casual players for it to be 10 fucking dollars.

>> No.20562895


Legacy. Efficient two-drop or something along those lines. I really am not 100% su---


Well yes, but there still has to be reason for it to be that high, regardless of where it's from. There are other Planechase-only---


>> No.20562907

Being playable in every single U/B Commander or casual deck, and being that you're only way to get one is buy a 25 dollar deck, buy it, or trade, it's worthy of $10.

Supply and Demand. Why is Time Warp $250?

>> No.20562914

1/1 that trades-with-anything and doesn't cost a card for two mana.
It's a Vampire Nighthawk on steroids.

>> No.20562919

I may not know legacy well, but I cannot think of a single Legacy deck that would want to run that. I could be horribly wrong, mind you, but it seems like Legacy decks have better things to be doing for 2 mana than dropping a chump blocker with a cantrip stapled to his ass.

It's not really all that amazing in Commander. It's a chump blocker that draws you a card. It can be abused with blink effects, I guess, but it seems like it's not good enough to warrant the demand that would lead to that price tag.

>> No.20562924


No, damnit, there has to be a better reason than that.

Shardless Agent, from the same set, went up to $10 because of Hypergenesis decks. There has to be the same sort of reason for Baleful Strix.

>> No.20562939

It does more than just chump block. In multiplayer Commander, they just don't attack you. It's the perfect storm of efficiency. It's like a Vampire Nighthawk, but better.

Again, there's also just none around.

>> No.20562948

See, Agent I knew would be in Cascade decks just because it's in the colors to cascade easily into Hypergenesis, but I cannot think of anything where what is essentially Seal of Doom that draws you a card when it ETB is good enough to cost 10 dollars.

>> No.20562956

Nope. It's just that it's perfect in U/B, and anyone who really wants it will shell out the dough.

>> No.20562959


Well yes, but nobody plays Vampire Nighthawk either. EDH decks don't need to be extremely efficient in most cases, so doing something that's good for the cost (but not great overall) just won't cut it.

>> No.20562973

I run Deadly Recluse in a few decks, and it's not that amazing. At best it just makes them swing with a couple of dudes they can afford to lose until you use up your rattlesnake.

I'm not denying that the thing is USEFUL, but I cannot fathom it being useful enough to cost 10 dollars. That's like telling me that Heroes' Reunion gains you SEVEN LIFE, man, that's so much, that's why it's an 8 dollar card.

>> No.20563013

Look at it this way. Baleful Strix eats anything an opponent plays, so it's a one for one. But then it also draws you a card, so it's a two for one.

But while it waits to get it's card, it's a Propaganda, making your opponents attack eachother instead of you, especially because early on, someone probably doesn't have a blocker. All of this in U/B, one of the best combinations to just be ignored.

And it's just two mana. And there aren't many floating around the marketplace. It's nothing like Heroes's Justice except that it costs two mana.

>> No.20563133

If it's a pre-release I wouldn't trade anything unless it's a hyped card that will have a diminishing value(every planeswalker for example)because prices aren't set yet, and you will most likely be getting ripped off

>> No.20563184

>tfw I pulled a Temporal Mastery at the AVR prerelease and windmill traded it on the spot
>tfw you do the same with Time Reversal at M12 event

>> No.20563196


What was Time Reversal at its peak? I was around then but I can't recall the price at all.

>> No.20563223

Preorders were at like 40, 50 dollars.

>> No.20563234



Is there anything else that dropped to that low of a %?

>> No.20563715

Starcity way overprices stuff. Use TCG.

>> No.20563728

It doesn't matter that Starcity is overpriced if both parties are using it.

>> No.20566281

Jace, Architect of Fuck You Selesnya

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