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In Wh40k, how does one fight against a psyker without having psychic ability? I mean firearms and melee combat, sure, but wouldn't it be incredibly difficult to fight against a psyker who can throw you against a wall with a thought? Do they have anything to really keep psykers in line?

Yes, I'm new to 40k.

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Boom. Headshot.

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skilled combatants in close range combat
long range takedown
Nulls and Blanks (Specific Anti-Psyker type of assassin of these kinds which grow more powerful the stronger the psyker is.)
Explosive collars
Men ready to shoot a psyker in the head the second they do something off, and that's their Ally!
the power of Faith

Or your own psychic powers. There is many, many more options as well.

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Blanks, psybolts, calexus assassins, enough shooting(psychers aren't that hard to shoot), psych-out grenades for the more exotic hunters, and of course just straight up denying their existance, ala Witchhunters.

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psychic powers are risky in 40k. if anything you goad them to use it more as you retreat and watch killing themselves

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Psykers come in many shapes and sizes. Most only get a minor buff in luck or something.

The ones that are superfuckpowerful have to always be onguard though because they attract a lot of attention from monstrous daemons that you don't want the attention of. Their powers can leave their mind broken too.

There are a few options for taking on the more powerful dudes, including using things like nulls and pariahs. I'm not 100% sure on the terminology but these are those completely untouched by the Warp. This means psyker powers have little effect on them. Some just leave psykers feeling uncomfortable, others are like anathema to them. The other option is calling in other Psykers or going to other powers. This is all depending on the level of your opponent though. Sometimes a good old bullet to the head is enough.

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What do you mean by "the power of Faith"? Good sir.

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The Power of Faith

No really, that's it

The extremely zealous and faithful can use their faith as a shield in 40k

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Faith in the God-Emperor can literally protect you in 40k if it's strong enough.

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>Some just leave psykers feeling uncomfortable, others are like anathema to them.
No, nulls and blanks leave regular people feeling uncomfortable. They all physically hurt psykers if they get too close and can negate psychic powers in their immediate proximity.

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Here's one way to explain it

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Sorta like the Chaplains' powers seem to be almost "magic" in nature?

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>In Wh40k, how does one fight against a psyker without having psychic ability?

Swamp him with bodies, the Guard way.

no one can be on watch at all times, so while the psyker is popping the heads of the rest of the platoon, a guardsman gets behind him and severs that mutated brain with a bayonet

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Stuff like Psyhoods and hexagramic wards basically. Any of the stuff Witch Hunters and the Grey Knights have, that can go some distance towards doing it. While a lot of people in both forces do have powers, not everyone does. They basically use equipment to deal with it.

You also have stuff like the Sisters, who use the blazing power of their Faith to act against psykers.

Another tactic is sheer bloody mindedness. lacking any better options, an IG officer or Warboss might simply drown the pskyer in blood and corpses until they get overwhelmed or push themselves to far and their head explodes/they get sucked into the warp/etc. In this line, you also have simply being willing to sacrifice troops or resources luring them into death traps and the like.

After that, you always have the option of blowing them the fuck up. Less impressive psykers will succumb to artillery and airstrikes, and the bad ones... Well that's one reason why Orbital Bombardment and Exterminatus are options.

A good example for how one might react to such things is actually F.E.A.R. (Both the way the way Alma is treated, and the way the clones incessantly try to kill the Pointman with underhanded tactics and traps. Except that's FAIR, and they used restraint. The I.G. might just do something like release a deadly nerve toxin into a confined space to deal with an out of control Pskyer.)

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You use: "Summon Bigger Fish"

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Chaplains rouse people up with fiery speeches/heroic deeds, and their "shield of faith" is an advanced force field.

the "faith" exhibited by non space marines (priests and sisters) is just "fucking magic" and never really explained. Even psykers and nulls have the decency to say "this works because the warp"

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Or the Emperor can sense them through the warp and grants them a measure of protection.

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Yeah, an example is in one of the Eisenhorn novels. A Kasyrkin sticks a Daemonhost like a pig with his Bayonet. He promptly gets fried, but hey, it's a Host. Some Guy who was mostly human would promptly collapse in a pile of blood and writhing pain if you stuck them.

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>non-space marines
Black Templars can get it too though. Specifically the Emperor's Champion.

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The same way you fight everything else.

With hugs.

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What, the vows and stuff? That falls into the same category as the Chaplains. He's a space-knight heroically boasting about what he's going to do to that space-dragon, inspiring his fellow space-knights to greater space-deeds.

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Imperial Cult faith (note that most Marines, including Chaplains, do not believe the Emperor is a god, but most other humans do) occasionally achieves things which are definitely not rousing-speech induced, though, particularly the acts of saints. Saint Celestine comes back from the dead over and over again, for example, and not as zombie, so that's pretty fucking miraculous and can't be explained by "oh she just believes really hard". I think the best explanation is that, well, it IS the Emperor intervening on their behalf; he is, after all, a psyker who can still broadcast a psy-beacon across the entire galaxy, and is partially dead and thus maybe partially a god in truth (well, in the sense that Chaos gods are gods, which is to say a really powerful Warp entity). If one can contact daemons with their thoughts, then theoretically they can contact the Emperor with prayers, and theoretically he can make shit happen like magic.

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that's what I specifically mentioned in >>20557381

it's never explained, it's just "fucking magic". Black Templars haven't been shown to display the same "fucking magic" because they generally do not need it. They're holy crusading knights, but ones who don't need a helping hand as payment for their worship.

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this. or a lascannon in the face to instakill that cheating motherfucker

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Null field matrices, gloom prisms, pylons, or sheer force of will.

They tend to exhaust themselves quickly so you can usually just mop up their mess and regenerate whatever damage they might have caused.

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> think the best explanation is that, well, it IS the Emperor intervening on their behalf;

Makes no sense, its their belief that saves them not actual power.
Psyker powers are an extension of will, you can ignore it by being stronger than the psyker casting.
If you truly believe the emperor protects you it will help because you have a better chance of combating your doubt, not because belief in him makes it more special.

Everybody has a chance to ignore psyker powers, not just those with the faith of the Emperor and they all express themselves at about the same rate (ala deny the witch).
Its actually just them forcing out the will of the psyker that is trying to harm them.

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Everything warp-related appears to be "fucking magic". The Grey Knights Codex even states that there is no distinction between using warp abilities, chaos warp abilities or Sorcery.

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>Psyker powers are an extension of will,

But that's fucking wrong

A psyker is an individual sufficiently sensitive to the warp to to pull power out of the warp and bend it to their will

Sure they use their will to tap into the warp, but this doesn't mean that psyker powers are "an extension of their will"

Also, Power of The Faith have nothing to do with Deny the Witch

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>But that's fucking wrong

>A psyker is an individual sufficiently sensitive to the warp to to pull power out of the warp and bend it to their will

You disagree with him but then agree with him in the very next sentence.
The warp is just the energy to project their mind and, while it can consume them, they need to focus their will to use the power.

If their target has a stronger will the ability can fizzle out.

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>You disagree with him but then agree with him in the very next sentence.

Uhhh, no I didn't

The way he said it, Psyker powers would be CREATED by the Psyker's will

This is not how it works, the Psyker simply opens the floodgates and uses their will to direct the flow

And let me repeat, Deny the Witch has nothing to do with Power of Faith, they are not the same

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It all comes from the same source it really is all just a point of view, magic words and sigils are really ornamentation for mental bolstering purposes if it works for you why question it?

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Khorne hates that shit and he's hardcore.

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> Deny the Witch has nothing to do with Power of Faith, they are not the same

But are expressed in exactly the same way...huh
If anything its the belief that faith makes a difference that makes the difference, nothing else.
The Emperor is a potato whose dying synapses power a celestial flashlight (or more likely channel the souls of 1,000 dying psykers into a celestial flashlight).

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Most of the Imperium has a HUGE issue with it.

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doesn't everybody get a one in six chance to say "LOL NO." to any psyker powers now?

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It does and it does not, it's like deailing with mutants or xenos, to the unwashed masses it's SUPERBADWRONG but with high up Imperial servants an entirely different matteras pinted out both The Emperor and Malcador were sorcerers.

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