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City of Heroes is now dead. I've lost a good chunk of roleplaying. I have a void that must be filled.

Can /tg/ offer me some good suggestions?

Have some Deff Skwadron for responses.

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Could play APB reloaded. Nothing beats running down pedestrians while blasting classical music as a cop.

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... Seethers? Is that you?

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The name's Lucky

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I kinda need something for roleplaying. Mindless violence is fun, but god fucking damn. Jewsoft just blindsided the Hell out of Paragon Studios and the playerbase.

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The Secret World has 2 RP servers, if semi-Lovecraftian horror's your thing.

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I can honestly say as a 4+ year CoH player, I am going to cry my balls off when it is gone. I think this is a sign that the world is ending. :(

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Same here. City of Villains was my first MMO, way back when, and CoH has always had that "you know, I should go back and play that some more" quality to it.

It shall be missed.


As much of a hardon as I have for the setting/theme of The Secret World, I've heard mixed reviews about the actual gameplay (and while I know this is a thread about roleplaying, I prefer my RP with some GP). Is it actually a decent game?

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Could always branch into pnp stuff with Mutants and Masterminds or that Marvel one.

What's the name of that other supers mmo that was basically the same game but in my opinion an uglier artstyle? If that's still running you could try there. DCU Online is similar as well. Can't speak for whatever roleplaying communities they might have though.

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Champions Online or whatever?

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I'm... I'm still waiting for the WoD MMO...
D-don't laugh!

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That's the one. It's made by some of the same people behind City of Heroes and a lot of the costume pieces are the same. I always felt like the skin and faces looked too plasticy and you had to pay for all the cool clothes. It's got the added bonus of not being dead yet as well.

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I enjoyed it alot. Gameplay pvp is decent, but I thought pve was quite well done.

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Oh man. I forgot about that, I can honestly say I want to play that. Just cause Bloodlines was the best game ever. To me anyway.

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