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Can we get a Terminator art dump thread?

Termoenator's preferred.

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Bump, c'mon guys I know they're out there.

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I think i've got a couple

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My first few will be Grey Knight Terminators but I've got others somewhere.

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i thinks that it

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Last of GKTs.

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I've got a few. B/W images from rulebooks.

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Er, I was wrong, one more GKT: Grand Master Issac Clarke

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I figured he'd be more Deathwatch, than Grey Knights. But Grey Knights isn't terribly too far off.

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they're both pretty far off. Think about what his profession is.

He's an Enginseer.


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Not art but I still love this mini-diorama.

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Does his gun shoot planes

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Cannot unsee

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I laughed too hard at that

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Just finished that book.

The Iron Hands are dicks.

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he's not even a terminator. Dude's in power armour.


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Im the only one with Chaos love...

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Terminators are best without the baroque detailing chaos throws on them. The tusks are sexy, I will admit. But their design is muddy compared to the bulldog loyalists.

Chaos looks better in power armour.


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>Terminators are best without the baroque detailing chaos throws on them. The tusks are sexy, I will admit. But their design is muddy compared to the bulldog loyalists.

>tusks are sexy

>implying the WHOLE MODEL isn't sexy

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>Implying I remembered the pciture

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Ironic, seeing as that's a loyalist Terminator. Here's another from the same chapter

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>loyalist termie


I thought it was thousand sons.

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Nah, I'm not going to budge on this one. The loyalist terminator design is superior.

>fuck, I'm running out and can't find the ONE IMAGE I wanted to post


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Where are my Dreadnoughts with tusks!?

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How would that be a Thousand Sons terminator?
Doesn't have the colors (pre or post heresy) nor the marks.

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>wanting dreadnoughts in a terminator thread


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It's red, was red not the pre-heresy colors?

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that's just lighting. Take a look at the terminator behind him

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Total dicks, even for 40k. Some cool fan art though.

You want heroic Space Marines? Try Salamanders, Space Wolves or (if Graham McNeil is writing them) Ultramarines.

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I homebrewed a lost legion (I like all the fluff freedom a lost legion allows for), but culturally they could very well be a successor to the Salamanders having a raging hardon to save civilians at all costs at the expense of their own lives etc.

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I want this to be a thing.

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Awful titties?

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ah shiieet, never saw him until I double checked due to you saying that.

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The Space Marines duty is to protect the Imperium, not the pathetic masses dwelling inside it.

Any Space Marine who ignores his duty and rushes to safeguard the weakling masses, is a failure and a fool who can not see the big picture.

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Says the canon traitor

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>Everything a traitor and heretic says is law.

This has interesting implications with the Inquisition.

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That's cleared up, here's some PH 1k Sons Terminators.

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Also Iron Snakes. Closest I've encountered in my readings to canon Reasonable Marines.

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I don't know much about the Iron Snakes outside of they donated a bunch of power spears to the Deathwatch (according to Rites of Battle). My gold standard for Reasonable Marines are the Raptors- camouflage, recon, engaging targets at long rage instead of rushing closer to hit them with their swords. Successors to Raven Guard and even better at what RG are known for. I'll have to see if there's a fandex out there for them, since no codex really captures what they're about.

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just use their rules in Imperial Armour (I think it's #9).

Their chapter master has a stalker boltgun

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The Raptors are a Successor Chapter of the Second Founding, the descendants of a handful of scions of the Raven Guard Legion who were created as a new Chapter after the dark days of the Horus Heresy. Apocryphal legend suggests that the Raptors were originally drawn from a company of new Initiates training on the Raven Guard homeworld of Deliverance at the time of the infamous Drop Site Massacre of Istvaan V that nearly wiped out the Raven Guard Legion, allowing only the Primarch Corax and several thousand of his Astartes to survive.
>several thousand of his Astartes
>implying several thousand is a small number
don't most chapters only get 1000 because "lolcodex" says so?

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Yeah, the Snakes have the other half of Reasonable Marine tactics. That whole "flexible approach" thing they like to do, adapting their tactics for the enemy at hand. Although they do have a bit of disdain for armor.

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Drop Site Massacre was the early in the Horus Heresy, whereas the "1000 to a Chapter" rule is a post-Heresy ruling. Corax started that battle with around 80,000 if memory serves, so to lose 77,000 in that short a time is pretty shitty. I'm pretty sure at least a few legions had over 100,000 at their height; Word Bearers, Ultramarines, and Imperial Fists, I'm pretty sure, all did.

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...WHY DOES THAT RULE EXIST? WHY IS THAT IN THE CODEX?!? "lol guise member dat time we lost hundreds of thousands of soldiers per chapter in one battle? so having more soldiers is a good plan right? well instead of that lets have only 1% of the number we had then, that way when chaos doesn't follow the rules I write they will win, and we can call them dirty heretical cheaters." God damn it Rowboat Girlyman.

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There was actually a few good reasons behind that. Smaller groups are easier to monitor for defect, and in the case of errent mutation/corruption are more easily dealt with.

Without the practices implemented by the Codex.. there'd be a lot more Chaos Marines, and the quality of the Loyalists would be significantly lower due to degradation of the practices and organs needed to transform initiates.

Space Marines are one of the few areas of the Imperium that haven't gone TOTALLY backwards. A large part of that is because of the Codex.

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It's to make sure that if a chapter defects, then it's only 1000 Marines instead of tens of thousands. Or something. Surplus Marines are used to make a descendant chapter instead.

The Black Templars ignore it, and we love them for it.

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That may be because the black templars are so non-heretical and so xenophobic that the only way they would go chaos was if the emperor became a chaos god, but stayed true to his nature, even then they would probably call him a lying heretic traitor scum maggot and do battle.

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The Basilica Mortis is the Mortifactors Fortress-Monastery, a star fort orbiting Posul. The halls are filled with rows of engraved skulls taken from the bodies of fallen Space Marines and the main chapel is filled with the skulls of foes claimed in the aftermath of victory.
The Chapter' funerary rites are led by its Chaplains, recruited from the priest class of Posul and many characteristics of the Chapter cult is drawn from their culture.[6]
The tribal wars of Posul created a population suited to become Space Marines and since Posul is a night world, Mortifactors are accustomed to fighting in low-light conditions. Even trough Neophytes are inducted and indoctrinated into ways and traditions of the Adeptus Astartes and the Ultramarines' Primarch, they still maintain a significant amount of culture of the feral tribes they were drawn from. Some of these traditions include meditating before battle, to reach a death-like trance in an attempt to commune with the Primarch and their ancestors, and after the battle drinking the blood and flesh of their enemies and then severing their head and flensing their skull. To others of the Imperium the Mortifactors appear to be on the verge of heresy and are often held with suspicion by the Ultramarines or its Primogenitor Chapters, but they stand as some of the Imperium's most stalwart defenders.
I am SO going to nominate them for "most likely to worship Khorne soon/now." Beheading of enemy/friends, drinking blood and eating flesh. Fuck how can they not see how anti-emprah that is?

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Marines can eat the brains of friends and foes to gain their knowledge, cannibalism is common amongst marines.

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There's also the fact that a single chapter couldn't muster the resources to assault Terra if they did go traitor.

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Yeah b-but... I forgot that like a fucking tard... But still keeping skulls and drinking the blood and eating the regular flesh? I bet they are going to go to Khorne one day and be like "Happy fucking birthday, we have been waiting years until we had the largest mass of skulls, blood, and flesh, JUST FOR YOU! So... can I be ur champun plz?

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probably is implied khorne, but skulls are a holy symbol in the imperial cult.

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S-stupid Khorne. It's n-not like we want to be your champions or anything. We just want the power you can offer us! So don't get the wrong idea! B-baka!

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there's that too, but keeping marines loyal, geneseed pure and combat strength at peak efficiency across a wide front is the real benefit of the codex.

Small autonomous chapters are much more suited for the post-heresy environment than legions would be.

'course, online folks like to ignore all that in their blind hatred of the Ultramarines.

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Yeah, except in real life that wouldn't work that way.

In real life having your genetically engineered super warriors live in small groups, by themselves, far away from anyone, sending them into wars with insufficient numbers while also making it their own responsibility to make new recruits would lead to constant disloyalty, dereliction of duty, infiltration by enemy agents, defections and general unprofessional behaviour.

Which are all things that happen on a regular basis in 40k, according to the large number of renegade marine chapters.

In truth, the problem with the Great Crusade Space Marines wasn't that they were in legions, but that they were more loyal to their genetically similar Primarchs than to the Emperor.

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You know what I don't understand? "lol guise we found a planet completely unknown to man, it has relics of our marines and a schematic to build a better land raider"

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those primarchs are their fathers, it makes sense that they would have loyalty to the ones who sired them, also they have a smaller tie to the emperor who they are supposed to worship, so basically worship grandpa while dad is sleeping off a hang over

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>in real life that wouldn't work that way.
Enlighten me on galactic logistics with warp travel.

Please. Because if there's a real life guide on that shit I'd like to know about it.

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Humans conquered the galaxy with the aid of the STC system (Basically went transhuman/created a singularity) but then the AI turned on human and the massive sprawling civilization collapsed in on itself leaving humanity scattered and clinging to scientific relics.

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nobody told me that, Why are all the thousand years+ old relics way better than anything new? Wouldn't the tech have advanced because lol imperium science?

>> No.20550924

Yeah OK, you've just listed a bunch of things Space Marines do.

How does that affect their loyalty though?

There have been hundreds of threads about this issue you perceive and the conclusion of all of them is:

If you find it inconceivable that an imaginary setting has rules, systems, internal consistency and is based upon principles resembling that of the real world, such as logic and basic scientific principles, then you should stop playing a systematic game based in that setting and go back to playing make believe in your head while throwing sticks at your 7 year old friends telling them they are dead.

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The Imperium doesn't know how to do shit, they are in a dark age. All science is controlled by a religious cargo/mystery cult who obscures how things (when it actually knows) work for its own benefit.

The old relics are better becuase they are either salvage from the dark age of technology and were A.I. designed super science, or they are from the great crusade era where humanity tried to start science back up again.

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You're still trying to apply real-life logic to these scenarios.


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>nobody told me that

Nobody told us much at all. Instead of making fun of the setting based upon misunderstandings you should probably read a rule book and then browse the lexicanum for a while.

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Master terminator armor.

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>If you find it inconceivable that an imaginary setting has rules, systems, internal consistency and is based upon principles resembling that of the real world, such as logic and basic scientific principles, then you should stop playing a systematic game based in that setting and go back to playing make believe in your head while throwing sticks at your 7 year old friends telling them they are dead.
Cool sidestepping the point, bro. Post-heresy space marines are superior specimens by word of god, thanks to the more stringent testing and training that goes into them.The chapter/codex system is also a superior choice IN THE SETTING.

A setting may have some basis in reality. That does not mean your own brand of un-logic based on global logistics supersedes what we've been given.

>and for the finisher; The logistics of the general Imperium have NEVER been based in reality. The very nature of Warp-Travel and Astropathic communication makes it impossible to draw a reasonable comparison.

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>implying it all was not just a power play by Rowboat Girlyman. His legion did birth most the new chapters.

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>If you find it inconceivable that an imaginary setting has rules, systems, internal consistency
>internal consistency
40k has nothing at all resembling internal consistency. Tell me, what size is an Imperator class Titan?

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>Cool sidestepping the point, bro. Post-heresy space marines are superior specimens by word of god, thanks to the more stringent testing and training that goes into them.The chapter/codex system is also a superior choice IN THE SETTING.

Post-heresy space marines initially were superior specimens, when the Codex Astartes was first written as a tactical treatise and organizational rule in a savagely bruised but still relatively enlightened Imperium.

That was before it was passed down by copyists and oral tradition for ten thousand years.

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Should be about three feet tall tabletop, as would be consistent with the Epic design, Mike Biasi's then-licensed attempt to build and cast one, the image in the Apocalypse datasheet, etc.

>> No.20551030

Whatever size GW wants it to be. Which includes, but is not limited to, every possible measurement in the entire universe/warp/other dimensions or planes of existence.

>> No.20551042

Official number is only fifty meters.

>> No.20551043

Is that not a warlord class titan?

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But I do agree that in-universe Space Marines clearly are an effective force by word of god. Lots of stories feature them in huge wars where they're less than practical. Lots of stories feature them splitting up and moving quickly to stop minor crises before they escalate, where they make more sense. It helps to imagine the original, more provincial, scattered Imperium instead of the monolithic one that's more popular in recent material.

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Space metres. Space metres are affected by the warp.

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Damn it, I know but I just can't help myself I ALWAYS DO IT TO EVERYTHING I CAN. ESPECIALLY HALO! (you can't blame me for that) Also what is that image even... I can't... What?

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I liked the story in the third edition marine codex where a few marines conquer a world easily. it sort of allows them to make sense if most confrontations go like that one. Marines show up, dismantle orbital defenses with battle barge the telleport and kill leadership

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Tech HAS advanced, but only so much. The Dark Age of Technology was fucking post-singularity advanced, and just when humanity was starting to recover they got fucked over by a massive Daemon-fueled civil war that also resulted in the Techpriests murdering each other and destroying all their recorded knowledge whenever the other side was about to take a facility:

"I will see the Arkamis-pattern Sentry Turret lost forever before I see it fall into Chaos hands, BLOW THE CHARGES!/Those damned loyalists are about to get a hold of memory bank full of the few weapons we designed that AREN'T dependent on Daemons, LAUNCH THE MISSILES!"

And the survivors had all their high-tech shit wrecked and almost no real knowledge to work with, the lower ranks degenerated into a Cargo Cult and the higher-ups kept it that way to maintain their monopoly.

And that's why the Imperium is so fucked up. Well, that and the Administratum going full retard and everything the Ecclesiarchy does ever, but that's a big part of it.

What the Imperium really needs is for some Pre-Heresy armies that got lost in the warp to pop up again and call bullshit, or for Leman Russ, Vulkan, Corax, Khan, or Lion El' Johnson to come back from wherever they fucked off to and start fixing shit.

"What is this bullshit? The All-Father forbid the Imperium from worshiping him. No, that's not "Heresy", it's fact. I was fucking there, don't you dare argue with me. I-Put the gun down, trust me, you do NOT want to pull that trigger OW FUCK, THAT'S FUCKING IT."

Three days later the Space Wolves lay siege to the Imperial Palace to retrieve him, the Ultramarines declare them heretics and make several hit-and-run strikes on the Fang.

And thus begins the Fenris War.

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we've just got slightly different views on this, I guess. Live and let live in this case, since I need to be getting to bed.

bit different, actually. They boarded and killed the stations to a man, then purposely decimated the PDF before laying siege to the governor's palace.

It's a nice bit of fluff though. The other two in that codex were also fun

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