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You wouldn't play a game about Incest.
You wouldn't play a game about Abuse.
You wouldn't play a game about Rape.

So why do you play a game about killing and murder?

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>You wouldn't play a game about Incest.
>You wouldn't play a game about Abuse.
>You wouldn't play a game about Rape.

Get a load of this guy!

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Because murder is fun.

The rest are just mildly entertaining and appear in our games proportionally with the amount of fun they provide.

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>You wouldn't play a game about Incest.
>You wouldn't play a game about Abuse.
>You wouldn't play a game about Rape.
You must be new here.

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I would download a car, though.

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But would you steal a baby?

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Because raping the evil guy who's been hounding you the whole game just doesn't have that same oomph as frying him with lightning or beheading him or whatever.

Pure violence always has been more cathartic than sexy violence.

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If you've ever played an amoral/immoral mercenary type character in an evil or nearly evil party, and you didn't even consider raping a woman when given the chance, you need to relax a little bit and stop being such a white knight. Acknowledging that nearly any morally dubious man in history would probably commit rape if given the opportunity, especially in pre-modern settings, doesn't make you a rapist. It's okay. Rape is just a social phenomenon like any other, below murder and above theft on the scale of Random Evil Shit My Evil Character Can Do.

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>less evil than murder
Wow, welcome to the dark ages, bucko

Sure you'll get laid real fast with that attitude

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There are historical reasons why open discussions of violent fantasy are acceptable and sexual fantasy is not, and while I can't claim to be able to explain their origins, that's just the society we were born into and it's commonly agreed that it's better to play games than kill real people.

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Rape is objectively less "evil" than murder.

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Yeah like I said.. you'll be real popular with the ladies...

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I guess the question to ask them would be: "Would you rather me rape you or kill you?"

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>said the little anon in response to a post on a 4chan board for pen and paper rpg games

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>weird sex thing
>weird sex thing
>weird sex thing
Because it's about roleplay, and in whatever universe most folk roleplay in, murder is acceptable and/or encouraged, depending on the target. If you play a game set in contemporary reality, I imagine there would be much less murder.

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But... evil is subjective.

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>Bases opinions around those which get him laid
You sound like an intelligent charming individual with a lot going for him.

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Jokes on you OP I play a game about all of those.

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Maybe not from a moral standpoint, but as crimes against mankind go, yes, it is objectively less evil.

Why the fuck would an opinion make him less popular with girls? I think being on /tg/ is reason enough to not be popular, period.

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ask any woman in the world and she'll say she'd rather die than be raped. MOST rape victims never really recover and spend their entire lives in shock because of it. it's literally the worst thing that could happen to anyone, it's a complete destruction of your sense of self and control and invasion by a hostile and dominating entity. death is just death.

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>You wouldn't play a game about Incest.
>You wouldn't play a game about Abuse.
>You wouldn't play a game about Rape.

Oh but i so will.

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Get a load of this guy.

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Everyone dies. Not everyone get raped. Some deaths can be quick, even painless. Not rape.

If you doesnt put self preservation at all cost in the number 1 priority, one might prefer quick death than rape.

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>Parents of Murdered Children (POMC)

All I could think reading that was "Wah! What are we going to do on the bed? - pomc

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Actually, MOST rape victims are completely fine after a while. I have no idea where you're getting this idea that it's so traumatizing. Maybe you watch too much SVU

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>ask any woman in the world and she'll say she'd rather die than be raped

I hope thats not anecdotal evidence, and I call bullshit.

>MOST rape victims never really recover and spend their entire lives in shock because of it.

Yes but if death wasn't as bad as rape then rape victims would commit suicide, which they don't.

>just death


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>MOST rape victims are completely fine after a while

Yeah and most Auschwitz survivors were 'completely fine after a while'.. Same thing, Nazis = rapist, camp = rapist holding you down, like >>20547031 said, destruction of your sense of self

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>it's literally the worst thing that could happen to anyone
You don't know much about art of torture, do ya?

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>The paladin didn't fall, with the GM saying that he gets his powers from dedication to Good and Order rather than from a deity (as a cleric would). Thoughts?

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So is OP trying to convince us that we should play motr games about rape, abuse and incest? Because that's what it sounds like to me. I can get behind that.

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>You wouldn't play a game about Incest.
>You wouldn't play a game about Abuse.
>You wouldn't play a game about Rape.
Almost as stupid as
>You wouldn't download a car.

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> Some deaths can be quick, even painless. Not rape.
Enough sleep pills + premature ejaculation = your argument is invalid.

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>Gil in gif is farting the entire time


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>this thread again

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Naw, OP is just another shitty troll thread that we've had a gorillion times

A bunch of troll threads popped up around 4 o clock American Mountain Time, for SOME MYSTERIOUS REASON

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>If you play a game set in contemporary reality, I imagine there would be much less murder.
No there wouldn't. If you played that kind of game you'd be playing detectives/police/gangsters/mercenaries.

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>You wouldn't play a game about Incest.
>You wouldn't play a game about Abuse.
>You wouldn't play a game about Rape.

>So why do you play a game about killing and murder?

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God fucking Hell cunt shit damn I posted in the wrong fucking thread.

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10/10 would rage again.

This is probably the same guy that posted the Anita Sarkeesian image.

As a drawfag, I propose a murder, rape, and pillaging drawthread. Give me your worst.

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>So why do you play a game about killing and murder?
If you don't know the answer to that question, you need to get the fuck out of here and never ever return.

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Kyouko is the best meguca! At least in my opinion.

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I want some FATAL Bugbears (which are like hairier vikings) raiding a small coastal human village. Fire, boats overturned, women getting raped, and so on.

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>As a drawfag, I propose a murder, rape, and pillaging drawthread. Give me your worst.

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Somebody post that screencap about the rogue following the girl around and then stabbing her. Shit was great.

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Khorne thread?
First person to post Kombat Unit is a fag.

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Draw a team of bestial-looking "adventurers" crowding around a helpless slime girl in a dungeon. After all, it's not rape if it's a monster.

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Did you SERIOUSLY just compare Rape (Not violent rape, mind you) to... what is arguably one of the greatest crimes against humanity?

Do you have any IDEA what they did to those people? Rape is included in the long list of things that, by all rights, should have destroyed them. And yet, we had survivors that ended up leading regular lives. Not many, mind you, and they're all likely old and dead now, but some.

Rape? PFFFFT. Of all the women I've known that have been "raped" (Incl: Molestation and the like), only one was traumatized enough to the point where it was still effecting her.

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This guy explains why rape isn't ok but murder is, at least for vidya gaems, but the arguments still stand in tg too

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You know the name bugbear has always really bugged me becaue whenever I hear or read it, I always imagine something like pic related.

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Would you download a FUCKING BEAR?

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>claim [INSERT ETHNIC RACE HERE] is filthy and not fit for breeding, living, are conniving jerks, etc
>your soldiers stick their dicks in these filthy people
I never understood this.

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That would be the most awesome thing ever.

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Doesn't matter if their skin is black, white, or Chinese. They're all pink on the inside.

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It's because at the moment, soldiers have nothing else to stick their dick to. (Well, maybe each other.)

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When you want to do something, coming up with an exuse is the easiest part.
If you are in a crowd, you don't even bother with an exuse - you just do whatever you feel like doing and then tell people about how wrong that is with a straight face three days later.

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> MOST rape victims never recover
> statistics say as many as 20% of women are raped
> Other statistics put percentages at closer to 10% of all humans and rape of men and women as roughly equal

That explains why about one person in ten is a gibbering wreck - oh, wait, that's fuckshit.

A rape victim *might* spend the rest of their life in torment. You know what a murder victim spends the rest of his life doing? Oh, wait.

Morally speaking, ending a life is the ultimate crime. It leaves no room for the possibility of improvement, of recovery, of resurgence. It is the ultimate revocation of the victim's autonomy.

Rape < murder in terms of evil.

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All POW camps ever, including ancient ones where no one gave a fuck and torture, rape and murder were the norm every single day
>war crimes

A bunch of Jews aren't allowed to eat, but aren't tortured or forced to live in unsanitary conditions (such as with the bodies of their fallen), and are painlessly & efficiently executed
>greatest crimes against humanity

'sup, Jew. We get it, already. Israel can do whatever it wants to the Arabs. No need to keep reminding us.

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I like rape.

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>You wouldn't play a game about Incest.
Yes I would, if it was told well. I love A Song of Ice and Fire, plenty of Incest in there and I would love to try the RPG (Not the video game, the pen and paper RPG)
You wouldn't play a game about Abuse.
Plenty of that in A Song of Ice and Fire too
You wouldn't play a game about Rape.
A Song of Ice and Fire

Stop being stupid OP

All four of those things are part of the world, pretending they don't exist doesn't change that

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> I can get on top of that without consent

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Still 312 posts and 43 images hidden for any thread with "rape" in the OP

Non-greentexted for emphasis. You guys never change.

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He's not "being stupid", at least not in the context you speak in.
He's just trolling us.
And sucking dicks.

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But, I'm not jewish...

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What the fuck is WRONG with you?

I'm pretty fucking sure you can recover from rape

Sure you might be scared, but you can over come it

I don't see anyone recovering from a bullet in their fucking skull

There is something profoundly wrong with you if you actually think that an act of violence (Which is what rape is) is worse than an act of murder

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I feel like with most any other author, A Song of Ice and Fire would come off as gratuitous, smutty fapfic instead of... whatever A Song of Ice and Fire is.

Perhaps violent crime is "handled" better in media than sex crimes because as a society we've got more experience with the former than the latter? Though both have probably been around as long as the Greek epic poems, so take what I say with a grain of salt.

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Everyone on this board needs to go outside once in a while and actually talk to girls, y'all are deluded

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Chances are, /tg/ would suck if it changed.
Look at how long it took us to recover from the nazimod.

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>You wouldn't play a game about Incest.
>You wouldn't play a game about Abuse.
>You wouldn't play a game about Rape.
What? I though everyone here played corruption of champions

>> No.20547246

>but aren't tortured
Is this nigga serious
>(aren't) forced to live in unsanitary conditions
Oh shit I think he might actually be serious
>painlessly & efficiently executed

Okay you clearly know jack shit about the holocaust

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Just please stop posting.

>> No.20547250

> An act of violence (which is what rape is)


Depending on how broad your definition of rape gets (looking at you, feminists) sometimes rape is an act of plain old sexual gratification. No violence or power plays required.

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When you die, you are dead, bro.
You live from rape.

>> No.20547258

>men can't be raped
i'm sorry, what?

>> No.20547259

2 sexism threads in one night? Holy shit /tg/!

>> No.20547261


0/10 too obvious, shoulda left that out

>> No.20547262


I never said nor implied that it was easy

I simply stated the FACT that recovering from rape is easier than recovering from fucking MURDER

>Men can't be raped

Oh, never mind, opinion discarded. Who ever you are I hope you are violently buggered by some big skinhead.

You are a vile repugnant piece of human waste

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ah, no.
If someone is killed, then they either cease to be, and will no longer have to suffer anything, or depending on your beliefs go on to an afterlife/reincarnation/whatever.
People have to LIVE with rape, an usually for a long time, assuming they don't kill themselves.
You could even consider rape a form of torture, which is objectively worse than death.
1/10 for making me reply.

>> No.20547267

obvious troll is niggers.

>> No.20547269

>Rape causes new life
>Murder destroys life
Yeah, rape is just as bad as murder.

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What if someone uses protection while raping?

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If that was not enough for you to accept Khorne as your lord and saviour, you are doomed not to know the taste of battle forever.
I'm done posting for now.

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I doubt a rapist would use a condom.

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> this nigger
> brings afterlife into it
> and he's serious

You funny man. I kill you last.

Seriously, comparing being raped to death is fucking asinine. Troll harder.

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I have played games with incest, abuse, rape...

Mature human beings can do that and not get offended OR furiously masturbate to it.

Why is violence way more common? Because the abrahamic religions only demoized everything sexual and not violence.

>> No.20547293

Penis bad. Gun good.
Zardoz be praised!

>> No.20547294

A male rapist who doesn't want to leave semen all up in his victim wouldn't.

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Why would he bother, when women can't be impregnated during an act of legitimate rape?

>> No.20547296

Okay, ASSUMING there is some form of afterlife - By your assumption, rape victims never recover, so why would it be any different if their consciousness was still existing somewhere.

You can SURVIVE Rape. You can OVERCOME Rape. You...kinda can't do the same with death (If you do, it's...not death).

>> No.20547300

I've date raped two chicks and I used a condom both times. Just because you're willing to uh.. commit certain indiscretions doesn't mean you're evil enough to bring a rape baby into the world.

>> No.20547302


Nothing, EVER, is objectively worse than death

There is always a chance of recovering and knowing joy again

Not so with murder


Why not?

Being a criminal does not mean you're fucking stupid

Not only does using a condom make it less likely to be caught, but it also means that you won't catch anything from this woman that you probably don't know

>> No.20547304

And statistics show that most rapists do use protection these days.
why do i know this?

>> No.20547306

unless they have enough forethought to realize that semen is forensic evidence.

>> No.20547307

> you funny man. i rape you last


>> No.20547312

>A male rapist who doesn't want to end up with some random STD...

>> No.20547313

>since dead people don't suffer killing people is A-OK because pain is worse than being utterly removed from existence
Cool story bro

>people have to LIVE with rape
yes, in fact people have to live with everything, and furthermore people have been doing this for millions of years

People who do not become mewling wrecks after being raped are in fact more likely to produce offspring than those who do, and have been selected for over the entire cycle of human evolution, so your blatantly bullshit ideas about rape being the most traumatic thing ever omg gaiz is, well, bullshit

Also good job Mr. Troll you have got me to respond to your post

>> No.20547314

>ask any woman in the world and she'll say she'd rather die than be raped.

Which explains why they fight to the death to avoid it, right?

Which explains why raping people at gunpoint works, right?

Which explains why rape happens at all, right?

>> No.20547315

>You wouldn't play a game about Rape.
Honestly, the only real reason to not play a game about rape is because rape wouldn't make for a good game on it's own, but completely banning it's depiction in all fiction because it's 'taboo' is a stupid thing to do.

>> No.20547316

If you live in America, and a woman accuses you of raping her, it's pretty much game over for you, lack of genetic evidence or not.

>> No.20547317

I like how the argument is rape vs. murder. How do incest and abuse rate against them?

>> No.20547319


OH WAIT! Don't tell me!

You're the same retarded white knight from that thread we just had

You know, the That Guy thread where some girl pissed her pants

>> No.20547320

That's true. The kind of girl who gets raped isn't exactly "prim and proper" down there if you know what I mean.

>> No.20547321

Because all of media, from the greatest classic novel to the worst campaign run and played by a group of That Guys runs on conflict. That conflict could be emotional, or, as is more often the case, physical. Media needs conflict to exist. Ergo, we must have violence to have media. The viewpoint expressed by this post is one that's been had by a million campaigns before, and one that is literally Political Correctness gone mad.

Physical violence is not as horrible a thing as everyone makes it out to be. Mental torture is far, far worse, in my opinion.

>> No.20547323

What if it is virgin rape?
I prefer my rape victims under the age of 10, if you know what I mean.

>> No.20547328

>Implying more women get raped per year than men

>> No.20547329

I'm playing a call of cthuhlu game with all of the above. Its about Jack the ripper and is based off the royal conspiracy theory.

>> No.20547332
File: 50 KB, 716x672, 52756-Conversion, Looted, Orks, Tyranids, Warhammer 40,000.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Jesus fuck /tg/, we aren't /pol/.
Keep Calm and Thin Your Fucking Paints.

>> No.20547336


>ask any woman in the world and she'll say she'd rather die than be raped.

[citation needed]

>MOST rape victims never really recover and spend their entire lives in shock because of it

[citation needed]

I really hope you can back these statements, and that you aren't just pulling them from some dank cave in you backside

>> No.20547339

Conflict is wired isnide humans' brains, we get satisfaction from killing enemies and the games simulate that. Games about killing people are popular for a reason, just like porn is popular for a reason.

>> No.20547340

What sort of delusion has to be operating in your brain for you to see a guy you don't like and instantly think "that's that other motherfucker who disagree with my opinions earlier, that can't happen twice in one day!"

This guy says my opinions about birth control are stupid, he must be the mailman who gives me dirty looks in the mornings..

World doesn't revolve around you breh

>> No.20547341

I don't think anyone really cares about incest apart as long as a condom is used (no mutant babbys plz) and the relationship is actually loving and not a twisted heap of abusive dominance

And abuse is bad, but also extremely vague

>> No.20547348

>inherently submissive psychologically and sexually
>evolved to be domestics and child rearers
>evolved to defer to men at all times
>implying any relationship is free of abusive dominance

It's bred into us

>> No.20547350


Well, you're arguing in much the same way and about a vaguely similar topic, and that thread 404'd less than 4 minutes ago

I don't think it was an unreasonable guess, given that the amount of posters on /tg/ at any given time is pretty low

>> No.20547352
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Probably more /sp/ than /tg/, but there's a game frequently played at my Lutheran college called Lap Tag. Basically, a "caller" stands in a circle of people paired off in twos, one person sitting in the other person's lap. The names of two or more people sitting in laps are called, and they race to the caller, while their "partners" try to restrain them by any means necessary.

>any means necessary
>frequently including grabbing and tearing of clothing and "accidental" copping of feels

It's basically Rape: The Game, pic related.

>> No.20547353

Incest is probably the most tolerable of the three since incest isn't really hurting anyone (except their kid if they plan to have one).

Abuse can range a lot, but in cases it can be as damaging or even worse than rape so I'm genuinely surprised how little it's brought up compared to rape.

>> No.20547354

>Implying evolution works on that small of scale
>Implying you have any evidence
>Implying this idea isn't disgusting

>> No.20547355


tg, I love you. I'd hopped on here to post, but you've saved me the trouble. Stay classy tg. Stay classy.

>> No.20547356

Oh good. I'm glad we kinda support that, then. My sister is fucking hot, and I don't want to lose a good thing at my gaming table.

>> No.20547362

What's the use?

>> No.20547364

Rape is objectively less bad than murder because you can recover from rape. I've never heard of anyone recovering from murder.

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>> No.20547371

>Implying evolution works on that small of scale

>Implying you have any evidence
A 1974 study by Hariton and Singer found that being "overpowered or forced to surrender" was the second most frequent fantasy in their survey; a 1984 study by Knafo and Jaffe ranked being overpowered as their study's most common fantasy during intercourse; and a 1988 study by Pelletier and Herold found that over half of their female respondents had fantasies of forced sex.

>Implying this idea isn't disgusting

>> No.20547374

You've never heard of Jesus, brah?

>> No.20547379


I'm a guy and I can be raped. Claiming men cannot be raped is by far more insensitive and ignorant than claiming that people can, and do, recover from rape

1 in 10 rape victims are men. (Rathus, Nevid and Fichner-Rathus, 568)
- Many people do not believe that male rape by a female exists. However, penile erection can be achieved under emotional duress such as anger, fear, and pain even if the male does not wish it. (Greenberg, Bruess and Haffner, 576; Lips, 234)

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What now, mother fucker?

>> No.20547384

>Girls would rather die than be raped!

>Then why don't they fight back?

>Oh, well, they're afraid they might die!

And that's when I turn on my heel and leave the conversation.

>> No.20547389

Considering that he knew it was coming well beforehand, and could have easily avoided it, I'd say that counts as recovering from suicide.

>> No.20547391

A 1995 study indicates that 89% of heterosexual females who are active in BDSM expressed a preference for a submissive-recipient role in sexual bondage, suggesting also a preference for a dominant male, and 71% of heterosexual males preferred a dominant-initiator role.

>> No.20547394
File: 38 KB, 220x321, grigory-rasputin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


also what he says:

>> No.20547398

>So why do you play a game about killing and murder?

Because force and the threat of force are the basis of much of human interaction, as they are the way we enforce our views upon the world. Violence in games is merely a way of inflicting our will upon perceived enemies as a way of satisfying the ego, combined with pleasure derived from overcoming challenges.

Incest can result in birth defects, both mental and physical, problems with illness and general ill health. These defects are not overly common, but continued generations of incest dramatically increase the chance, and the human (Or at least western) brain has been conditioned to view the chance as being much higher as a means of discouraging it. However, incest CAN theoretically be satisfying, and it has connotations of being a 'forbidden fruit', which is why so much porn revolves around it.

Abuse is the systematic mistreatment of another human being, often for reasons we view as illegitimate, and thus we view it negatively. Additionally, abuse is neither challenging nor satisfying, as by its nature it is usually inflicted on those weaker than the abuser, and it goes on for a length of time, often with no good conclusion. Finally, the abused party is often viewed as an underdog, garnering further sympathy.

Rape is the forced physical and emotional violation of another human being, and this makes us sympathetically uncomfortable.

Violence is faster, easier, less morally repugnant, less emotionally difficult (as it is inflicted on 'villains' or those intending harm), and incredibly prevalent in our society, as said society and government exists primarily by threat of force upon those who transgress societies rules.

tldr: Violence ain't that bad comparatively.

>> No.20547401

>Physical violence is not as horrible a thing as everyone makes it out to be. Mental torture is far, far worse, in my opinion.
Mental torture can be a result of physical torture. I don't get why people are saying you can just shrug off physical injuries like it's nothing, but having sex against your will scars you for life like nothing else. What about almost drowning? Or burns? Or car accidents? Those things cause mental traumas as well.

>> No.20547402

>A 1974 study by Hariton and Singer found that being [...]
Is it the same in South Africa? Or India? Or Russia? I mean, what was the sample population? Did it span multiple generations and cultures? No? Then it's bullshit, there is no Cosmological Principle for human cultures.

>> No.20547404

Fear isn't logical, idiot.

terrible thread all around

>> No.20547408

BDSM is consensual. Rape is not. Using BDSM roles in a discussion of rape is stupid.

>> No.20547413

..We're from the same genetic stock, bro.

>> No.20547420

If they are afraid of rape more than death, then why are they not fighting to the death to prevent it?

Because they are more afraid of death than rape.

Saying death is preferable to rape means willing to risk death to avoid it.

>> No.20547421

Rape causes physical wounds too, you know. Vaginal tearing is awful.

>> No.20547422

From 1973 through 2008, nine surveys of women’s rape fantasies have been published. They show that about four in 10 women admit having them (31 to 57 percent) with a median frequency of about once a month. Actual prevalence of rape fantasies is probably higher because women may not feel comfortable admitting them.

For the latest report (Bivona, J. and J. Critelli. “The Nature of Women’s Rape Fantasies: An Analysis of Prevalence, Frequency, and Contents,”Journal of Sex Research (2009) 46:33), psychologists at North Texas University asked 355 college women: How often have you fantasized being overpowered/forced/raped by a man/woman to have oral/vaginal/anal sex against your will?

Sixty-two percent said they’d had at least one such fantasy. But responses varied depending on the terminology used. When asked about being “overpowered by a man,” 52 percent said they’d had that fantasy, the situation most typically depicted in women’s romance fiction. But when the term was “rape,” only 32 percent said they’d had the fantasy. These findings are in the same ballpark as previous reports.

>> No.20547427

So women into BDSM want to be submissive within a controlled environment?

holy dicks batman call the news media


>A 1974 study by Hariton and Singer found that being "overpowered or forced to surrender" was the second most frequent fantasy in their survey; a 1984 study by Knafo and Jaffe ranked being overpowered as their study's most common fantasy during intercourse; and a 1988 study by Pelletier and Herold found that over half of their female respondents had fantasies of forced sex.

there's a huge difference between fantasy and reality. /tg/, of all places, should know this. you could love fantasizing about murdering dragons and murderhoboing it out, but you would never do that in real life.

>> No.20547429


Technically Rasputin didn't recover from murder, he was at one point knocked out, but in the end it just to a lot to murder him. Related to rasputin, I don't think the guy could have been raped. Because you can't rape someone who wants to fuck everyone and everything.

>> No.20547433


>355 college women
Oh boy, that's one representative sample.

Seriously fuck psychology.

>> No.20547435

If you click the numbers in the posts you can see the posts they're replying to. The discussion was about whether women are inherently sexually submissive or not, to which "women are observed to be inherently sexually submissive" is indeed relevant. I hope this helps your posting career on /tg/, friend!

>> No.20547440

Again, not the same thing. Fantasies are consensual. The person guides where it's going in their head and they have a fairly romantic idea of it. Actual rape is completely different, and 2 women I know who HAD rape fantasies before being raped admitted that it was nothing like the way they imagined it and they were stupid for ever thinking it would be good.

>> No.20547443

>You wouldn't play a game about Incest.
>You wouldn't play a game about Abuse.
>You wouldn't play a game about Rape.
Yes I would, and I do.

>> No.20547448

Speak for yourself. I'm 100% sure given the chance the vast majority of /tg/ would kill a dragon in real life.

>> No.20547462 [SPOILER] 
File: 212 KB, 900x833, 1346454877333.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not quite Anon...

>> No.20547466
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>You wouldn't play a game about Incest.
>You wouldn't play a game about Abuse.
>You wouldn't play a game about Rape.

>> No.20547467

>You wouldn't download a murder

>> No.20547468

>to which "women are observed to be inherently sexually submissive" is indeed relevant.

No, that link said that women into BDSM want to be inherently sexually submissive WITHIN A CONTROLLED ENVIRONMENT (no words about that study's sample, even).

That's nothing for a discussion about whether all women are inherently sexually submissive.

>> No.20547475


Maybe, If offered a dragon in real life to fight I might not kill it so much attempt to make it capitulate with my plan to mass produce dragons. There is profit to be had there. However if the dragon was not willing to join me, I would kill it and then work very hard on cloning it.

>> No.20547476
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>and murderhoboing it out
Do I need to spell this out for you?

>> No.20547478

They're saying it confirms other studies and estimates.

This article is the first systematic review of the research literature on women's rape fantasies. Current research indicates that between 31% and 57% of women have fantasies in which they are forced into sex against their will, and for 9% to 17% of women these are a frequent or favorite fantasy experience.

>> No.20547479

>I'm 100% sure given the chance the vast majority of /tg/ would kill a dragon in real life.
that's an odd way to spell "seduce"

>> No.20547481
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I always associated bugabears with Kingdom of Loathing

>> No.20547496

Woman here,
Hear it from the horses mouth!!

-Murder is worse than rape.

-Females TEND to be more submissive, whether from nature, or nurture is unclear. Not all females are, so dont judge books by their covers

-Physical violence is more common in media than sexual, or mental violence, because of the simplicity of it and the negative stigma that is placed on everything sexual in our society.

>> No.20547497

>greatest sexual fantasy is being chattel
>sex drive is the single most important and vital instinct in a conscious organism, given higher priority than survival
>but I don't REALLY want to be chattel

OK. It just evolved for no reason, along with:

Several recent works have questioned the whole idea of gender differences in abilities: Even when average differences are found, they tend to be extremely small. In contrast, when you look at what men and women want, what they like, there are genuine differences. Look at research on the sex drive: Men and women may have about equal “ability” in sex, whatever that means, but there are big differences as to motivation: which gender thinks about sex all the time, wants it more often, wants more different partners, risks more for sex, masturbates more, leaps at every opportunity, and so on. Our survey of published research found that pretty much every measure and every study showed higher sex drive in men. It’s official: men are hornier than women. This is a difference in motivation.

For women throughout history (and prehistory), the odds of reproducing have been pretty good. Later in this talk we will ponder things like, why was it so rare for a hundred women to get together and build a ship and sail off to explore unknown regions, whereas men have fairly regularly done such things? But taking chances like that would be stupid, from the perspective of a biological organism seeking to reproduce. They might drown or be killed by savages or catch a disease. For women, the optimal thing to do is go along with the crowd, be nice, play it safe. The odds are good that men will come along and offer sex and you’ll be able to have babies. All that matters is choosing the best offer. We’re descended from women who played it safe.

>> No.20547499

Incest is wrong from a biological standpoint.
Abuse, psychological, physical, or otherwise, is unnecessary cruelty.
Rape and Murder are both bad things. I won't dive back into the trollpen debate of which is worse, but killing someone who has done evil (by whatever standards that may be) is generally seen as more acceptable. Also, it usually isn't called murder in those cases.

>> No.20547503

Even more so, i'm sure most of /tg/ wouldn't mind to take over, or even destroy, the world, if they had a chance and power to do so.

>> No.20547504



>Incest is wrong from a biological standpoint.


>> No.20547507

Well, I can't see the population there. But I've never saw a globe-spanning study about this particular issue. Could we please just say "American college women"? Because that's the population used.

>> No.20547509

You're like one of those minorities who think they speak for everyone, or that their opinion matters

>> No.20547524


There is no profit in destroying the world anon. Yet.

>> No.20547525

But it's not. Are you saying you think several respectable peer reviewed journals allowed for faulty sampling on numerous surveys and polls which are hilariously easy to take? What? They're referring to the general consensus of poll results within the psych. community, and saying it lines up more or less with the results they got in that one poll.

>> No.20547533

I actually just thought it was funny how some people in here were all "ask ANY woman" and I ate the trollbait.

Hey, I'm not perfect...

>> No.20547534

>Are you saying you think several respectable peer reviewed journals allowed for faulty sampling on numerous surveys and polls
Yuuup. That's exactly what I'm saying.

>> No.20547536

Just doing it for shits and giggles not enough for you?

>> No.20547539

>>you don't agree with me, so you're wrong.

>> No.20547546

>your evidence is invalid because i personally don't agree with any method available to validate it

>> No.20547549

>implying I wouldn't play all of those

>implying fictional characters are people

>implying self-defense is murder

>> No.20547551

Profit is overrated.

>> No.20547561

Do you see this shit, this shit right here, from the people in this thread no less?

There are, in fact, crazy people out there who can't tell the difference between playing pretend and reality.

Don't listen to the people who want to ban or just "reduce the occurrence" of anything that might be socially objectionable in your games, as they are insane (The literal definition of insane, not just lol so crazy!)

Just remember /tg/, the next time someone wants to remove some depiction of evil from your game "because it's Evil", tell them "No."

Zero tolerance /tg/, stay strong!

>> No.20547563

Based on nothing more than that their findings contradict your preferred vision of reality

Ahahaha I hope you're in a STEM major

>> No.20547566

I never said that but clearly you like putting words in people's mouths.

>> No.20547573
File: 259 KB, 1280x1024, CoC chart.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Maybe you wouldn't.

>> No.20547575
File: 30 KB, 200x257, 200px-ChangelingTheLostCover.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>You wouldn't play a game about Abuse.
>You wouldn't play a game about Rape.

>> No.20547576

I'd play games about all three of those!

>> No.20547580

hey, hey OP


there are people that play that shit

>> No.20547587

I don't want to commit incest
I don't want to abuse children
I do want to rape but I don't need /tg/s to roleplay that

We are animals and we want to, but we also don't want to actually do it because we have morality, society, ethics, and all that.

tl;dr we are humans so we want to do things we know we shouldnt, thats why we pretend

>> No.20547591


You two would make shitty pirates. First you get the goods, then you get the money, then you buy the bitches and brandy.

>> No.20547594

>Implying things that we consider bad things on real life, should be banned and treated like taboo on tales, narrations and games.

"No.. no no no, the little mermaid didn't disolve into bubbles, she.. uh, magically got the prince, even if she was some sort of mute retarded commoner"

>> No.20547598

ITT: Moralfags

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