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I just got my army put together... I need to paint them but I dont want a generic Cadian army... nor do I want something nuts like a Gaunts ghosts, knowing they are snowflaky. Suggestions, comments? IG general if not.

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Seeings as you've already assembled them as normal cadians, give them an interesting paint scheme, perhaps some kind of camo thats not widely seen, pic related.
type03 highland desert fleck camo.

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So, camo is acceptable in IG? I thought they were a bit... two color scheme kinda thing, like a Olive drab, or a normal tan. With that infromation, that opens up a wide variety... Damn though, I waned some urbain camo then, like the black, grey, white that I saw somewhere...

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I found it! And even on a guard model... This is sexy...

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Very acceptable, depends on what regiment/world your from.
They did do the old metal cadians in a similar look, close to the russian urban camo, personally id love to see someone do a tac-tiger and black flack armour guard army.

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That one also looks good. Almost makes me want to do the red version as well.

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Nice and unusual, perfect for fighting on a alien world.

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You faggots and your red camo.

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I actually don't like the digital stuff. Sure it serves purpose... but classic is better. Perhaps...

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Go for a weird color scheme. Something like maroon and blue.

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classic style of camo is actually not as effective as the "digital"

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Gray fatigues, black armor. Necromundan Spiders. It looks good, quick to paint (just brush on gray, wash Devlan, paint black on the armor, paint the flesh with harsh shading).

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Effective? Yes.

Sexy? Not quite as much.

Their painted miniatures, and in a universe where nine foot space knights are running around in bright red armour stealing peoples purity seals. Swag counts

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I (>>20547297) agree, I play Mordians myself, but it's the best color scheme I know for the plastic Cadians.

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Go with bright orange cloth and mat-black armour. Penal Legion all the way!

Or go with red jackets, blue trousers, and white helmets for a vaguely Praetorian image.

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Now there are some shining exemplars of the Emperor's might.

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Anyone know where those helmets are from?

I'm guess one of the Empire kits.

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the outriders/pistoleers box
you get some fantastic moustaches in that box too

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my inspiration of my IG army is the German Panzergrenadiers from WWII

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You and a thousand other IG-should-be-just-like-my-call-of-duty people.
It's seriously boring.

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Lay off'im, he can paint his army how he wants.

As for me, I'm painting up a "historical" Armageddon Steel Legion army.

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Not debating that he can what he wants, and you can too. Just saying, it's more boring than the standard cadian scheme.
Like all the people painting their mordians as US marines in dress uniform.

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>my inspiration of my IG army is the German Panzergrenadiers from WWII

>You and a thousand other IG-should-be-just-like-my-call-of-duty people.

Moron or troll?

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20th-21st century soldiery is a boring theme for IG and contrary to the themes of the 40k setting.

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>20th-21st century soldiery is a boring theme for IG and contrary to the themes of the 40k setting.

Are you trolling or completely insane? the vast vast majority of official IG regiments are based on real world 20th and 21st century militaries. How is that 'contrary to the themes of 40k'.

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My IG army is based on various periods of French uniforms.

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You don't remember the original Cadians basically being Werhmacht with laserguns?

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The whole of the IG is patterned after French, German, and British military from the 19-21 centuries.

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A decently random camouflage scheme can be achieved by doing the base color, then applying the second and third color by flicking the bristles of the brush at the model using a toothpick or something. I wouldn't use a good brush though.
It works well enough for pea-pattern camo without an arse load of effort per model

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The vast majority of IG regiments are archetypal representations of cultures or periods combined with science fiction elements. How are 20th century armies contrary to the themes of 40k? They're 20 centuries off, for one. They're stylistically incongruous with the dark age themes of the game.

Funny, I don't remember the Wehrmacht wearing chunky plate armor.

The way IG regiments are raised is patterned on the way the English lords offered up knights to the king. They're no standing army, they're a feudal system of mutual defense.

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Am I the only one that remembers GW having a IG camouflage painting scheme tutorial on their website?

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Actually, they were pretty much your 80's americans with lasguns. Well, mostly, the shoulder pads obviously don't apply.

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>chunky plate armor

What the fuck are you talking about?

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Those big chunky plates on 'em.

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GW has removed vast amounts of that kind of stuff from their site over the years. Used to be you could find all kinds of good articles on there about it, then you could only find them on the OZ site, but now it is nowhere.

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Those don't have plates on them. That is a pocket.

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Guardmen don't wear plate armour.

They wear flak and carapace armour. Basically, it's all just bullet-resistant synthetic vibers and plastic.

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A little up and to the left, a little up and to the right.
You know.
The big chunky plates.
That they're wearing on their shoulders.
The tiny little aesthetic touch that makes them anachronistic and backwards.

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Why yes, as a mordian player I'm well aware of that.

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Preferred enemy- nids

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flak is NOT bullet resistant. That's the whole definition of flak jackets. And frankly, if it's just thin armor plate like in modern armor, you might not even see it well on 28mm models. Course...if they did have even modern-day platecarriers, the plates would be stickign out fixed with skullheaded bolts, painted pink and red, and singing Emperor's Carol with tiny speakers, so...they probably don't.Well, the new cadians do.

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IG flak armor is a synthetic fiber that acts as a cloth until hit, and then hardens to absorb the impact. It isn't your daddy's flak armor.

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Well IG flak is fairly bullet resistant, fluff wise it can stop solid projectiles. Its just more effective against blast and fragments.

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You know you want it.

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I'll also point out that we have stats for Autoguns now in 40k. Are they AP 5 or better? Don't think so.

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Autoguns never had AP. Mind, last time they were a regular feature, in second edition, Guard saved against them on 6. Just flak got a +1 save against blasts. The typical frag blast having a -1 mod, all this meant was that IG still got a 6+ save when hit by grenades, so they'd die in droves slightly less when the enemy got to throwing range.

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>having AP

Hahahah, no.

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I'm painting my guardsmen like this. Looks great on catachans, still trying to figure out how to do the cadians though. I'm stuck on solid black flak armor, or a more worn bare metal look.

As a warning, my camara is shit and I'm still learning how to paint, so skilled painters should avert their eyes

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And the grey armor version.

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damn picture didn't link

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So... to camo, or not to Camo... that is the question...

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lols mine are WWII germans too.
>You and a thousand other IG-should-be-just-like-my-call-of-duty people. It's seriously boring.
not for YOUR pleasure anyways

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