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Paranormal special forces.

What does /tg/ think of this idea?

I'm talking Delta Force/SAS etc level soldiers, but also trained in exorcism, voodoo, magic, shamanish and all sorts of stuff like that. They would have modern/near future gear mixed with talismans, fetishes and sacred icons; breaching a room would involve breaking wards as much as it would involve flashbangs.

I imagine they would take on cults, experiments gone wrong, demons and all sorts of horrible things. Obviously shit would go wrong a LOT, but they would have a much better chance than the typical "advance special forces team that went missing".

Do you like this idea for a setting/game? Anything you think would be cool to add?

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Could be interesting mixed into a setting like the Dresden Files, but the cover up is maintained in part by the governments of the world in return for magic support.
Already thought of a plot point actually, the resurfacing of Saddam's personal copy of the Necronomicon in Iraq, your team is sent in to retrieve it

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I had an idea for an off-brand WoD setting like this.

Instead of being government funded they were actually just a PMC that gets all their money from pillaging the homes of vampire lords who have lived for thousands of years and accumulated vast fortunes.

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That sounds interesting. Like they were one of those advanced spec ops teams sent in, but instead of getting killed to show how strong the vamp is they actually managed to beat him and raid the mansion.

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yea i was thinking kind of like a corporation backed/pmc warrior monk society

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Sounds like the premise of Clive Barker's Jerico actually. Or FEAR. Just execute it better than either game.

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>implying you wouldn't play an XCom-like game with paranormals instead of aliens, and enchanted items instead of alien technology

I'd even play a PnP campaign of it. There's always been something oddly attractive about playing a faceless rank-and-file mook that's just lucky enough to survive but not good enough to really be considered "heroic"

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A more savvy version of F.E.A.R, basically? I've incorporated something like that in one of my current projects.

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This is, technically, one of the things Space Marines are supposed to be.

Much more pronounced if you have a good Deathwatch/Dark Heresy DM.

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Delta Green
The Laundry Files (more james bond)
Shadowrun in some cases (jaguar warriors)

These references will serve your concept.

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This is .... a brilliant idea

If you want to take a page from old world of darkness as inspiration, Demon Hunter X is the book you are looking for.

Technocrat players guide as well, but they (mages) are on even footing with the supernatural.

Project Twilight is more X-files / Delta Green territory.

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Yea I guess, but with more occult and spiritual stuff. And very low-key magic (if that makes sense), like Hellblazer-style magic.

Witch doctor medics, shaman assault troopers, bruja/witch marksmen, exorcist/priest demo troopers, psychic mediums as scouts/recon. Everyone has an occult class and then a soldier class, and can mix and match them.

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Question is, do we keep the team all-human, or add in a few friendly/captured supernaturals, and go for a more Hellboy vibe?

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Uhm, SCP Mobile Task Forces anybody?

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So we're going for Dark Heresy/CoC-level lethality, then?

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I'm thinking all human, although maybe one of the team has a demon/supernatural bound in a box, that could be released when shit goes south

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SCIENCE determines that reality has a few more dimensions than we previously knew about. Some of them are pretty domestic- a gravity dimension, tachyon dimension, etc- others, not so much.

Not knowing *how* these higher dimensions work doesn't prevent someone from making use of them or experiencing them- for example, we're obviously affected by gravity in spite of us not knowing all the details. It applies to the higher, more magical dimensions.

Your PCs are part of a much bigger organization, which might be part of an even bigger bureau. These special forces soldiers are trained in every conventional form of combat, and are supplemented by magic tech to deal with paranormal threats from higher planes of existence. Specialists include natives (ie, hire a voodoo contractor when taking on Caribbean vampire drug lords), paranormal entities, etc.

A larger plot hook could involve dealings with beings from both higher dimensions and other planets. Think Mi-Go from Lovecraft/Delta Green.

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however well trained the characters are, they are still only human and can't stand up for very long against supernatural horrors

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Delta Green. The RPG you're talking about is Delta Green.

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That was probably my favorite movie that's come out this year. I've actually been thinking of running a campaign similar to it, in that the PC's are basically given a cluttered basement full of items that will summon a whole number of different evil things off a chart of some kind.

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Sounds like Hellboy/BPRD. Does no one hear read those?

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Well I guess it's TIME FOR SOME BPRD

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That stands for Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense, for all those uninitiated.

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I'll leave you with this awesome cover of the next issue

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But would they 'fraid of any ghost?

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With all this high tech tacticool shit why are they using 50 year old AK-47s???

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Because they ran out of money when they spent it on everything else.

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Sounds like Ga Rei, OP. Specifically the rival department to the crazy ninja people.

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Because America.

In Modern Warfare series Russian troops are using AK47s too. Not AK74s, not AN94s or anything like that.

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Screw it, I re-read the issue and it needs to be read.

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Russians are hardcore.

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You guys enjoying this?

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Very much so.

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Jesus Christ how horrifying.

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Glad to hear it!

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In the last page the commander just lays back and drinks his vodka like nobody's business.
Cthulhu wouldn't last a month in Russia, even less if it's Winter.

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Yeah! More more more!

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Fuck yeah!

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Hard. Core.

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Fucking captcha. First mistyped and now flood detected.

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Seriously. Fuck you captcha.

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Nice to know eldritch monsters burn just as well as any other protein.

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And there's the issue.

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>No Jericho found
>Goddammit /tg/ can't you do anything right?
Clive Barker's Jericho is what you're looking for.
Heavily armed military personnel with occult powers.

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>Everyone has an occult class and then a soldier class, and can mix and match them.

>mfw invading hell as magitek heavy weapons/explosives guy

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And I'll be leaving you guys with yet another awesome cover. Dave Johnson does some great stuff.

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>Fifth post in the thread mentions Jericho.
>Goddammit can't you at least try to read the thread?

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>Oh, sorry, I was talking about Jericho not this... Jerico thing.
I can see why you might be confused as to how I didn't find that post using Ctrl+F seeing as you're A FUCKING MORON.
>A hey hey hey, I'll be here all week son.

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>tells you to read the thread
>b-b-but muh ctrl+f

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>I don't read threads before I post
You're just insulting people because you made a foolish mistake and aren't confident enough to admit it.

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Your tears and butthurt are delicious.

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Shame I can't find the other version of this which serves as a generic soldier as opposed to someone of the Wermahct.

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Could be cool in a Dresedn Files game as well I guess.

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A friendly bump in hopes the thread will be up tomorrow.

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Yeah lack of jericho is unsettling
From memory
Psychokinetic lesbian sniper
Highly intelligent, but slightly autistic techie
Wordly priest with big fat guns
Squad comander that can posses teammates
Heavy weapons guy who gave up his hand for a fire deamon symbiosis
Girl with a sword and blood magic that used to be abused by her fathers church
And a black guy who really had nothing interesting going on for him.

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Any more comics out there? This is giving me serious level inspiration over here.

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I'm surprised something like this hasn't popped up yet.


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Just google "BPRD cbr" "Hellboy cbr"
BPRD Exorcism is a good, short, recent one.

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Ok, I've got just the thing for you OP. There is an absolutely awesome series of books by Larry Corria about just this. The first one is called "Monster Hunter International". Right now there are three books in the series and the fourth is do out next month.

They are all great reads and I can't reccomend them highly enough. I've been passing my copies around to all of my freinds.

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>I'm talking Delta Force/SAS etc level soldiers, but also trained in exorcism, voodoo, magic, shamanish and all sorts of stuff like that. They would have modern/near future gear mixed with talismans, fetishes and sacred icons; breaching a room would involve breaking wards as much as it would involve flashbangs.

so, you mean the Artist's Rifles, from charlie Stross' Laundry novels?

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