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how much mutation makes you a "burn the mutant!" in 40k?
is it just a visual check or gene screenings for everyone?

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Depends on the planet. You make the rules.

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Usually, physical (notable, of course), psychic powers. Some mutations might be more tolerable than others (strange eyecolour) in some planets. In others, it might get you into the stake.

Also, certain institutions and such might make the individual pass through different tests, depending on the technology level, etc.

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It varies. Very little is stable across the entire breadth and width of the Imperium. On some worlds, any kind of mutation whatsoever is considered purge-worthy. On others, nobody cares, or all it means is you have to get a license.

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shrine worlds are fairly strict, with the most loose on the subject allowing mutants to exists as long as the mutation is just disfigurement and grants no actual special abilities and even them they work them like asses
hiveworlds' slums allow mostly anything since authority does not visit them often

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forgot to say, the on most notorious exemption being Ogryn, who most of the ecclesiarchy loves since they only need hear 'is for the emprah' to comply, they also make few questions and are a good source of manual labor

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Navigators can be spotted out of the crowd immediately, what with having a third eye that is a gateway to the warp for anybody who looks into it. Beastmen are sometimes used among guardsmen, Ogryn and Ratlings are also included.

It's based on the stability of the mutations, who the progenitor of the mutation is, and how far it deviates from the holy image of the human form.

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heck I think on some planets even the governors are mutants!

It all depends if it's an inherited/natural mutation or if it's a chaos caused one I think.

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Got a mole? BURN THE MUTANT!

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my understanding is stable adaptive mutations are tolerated as long as they're useful - see ogyrn. So like if a planet is inhabited by people with gills it might not be burn the heretic time if it's a water world

It also seems like some of the stable mutations could be vestiges of genetic alteration by the original settlers, but that's all Dark Age of Technology level stuff

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why dont they succumb to chaos in hiveworlds

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If your skin is too darkly pigmented, you are labeled a mutant and burned.

That's why there are no black people in 40k.

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>is it just a visual check or gene screenings for everyone?

Literally every multiple choice question like this regarding 40k is a 'Yes'. How do you not get the setting isn't uniform in its standards yet?

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Does it make noticeably very different from those around you? Is there a lot of local devotion to the Ecclesiarchy? Then you burn.

The one exception is abhumans - they're tolerated because despite not being baseline human, their mutation is stable, so they're less twisted mutant and more like a subspecies.

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Yes, but no ordinary citizens. The Astartes are special and have all kinds of augmentations that would be considered mutations if they showed up in an ordinary imperial citizen.

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Even for the Astartes, being charcoal black is strange. But nobody gives a fuck because Salamanders are bros anyway.

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so, then, if a child was born with all the abilities (or manifested them while a teen) of a Space Marine the Ecclesiarchy would track 'em, find 'em, and kill 'em?

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*germen super science baby

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Salamanders aren't black, they're blackened.

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Well, for one, they often do. The Mordian Iron Guard's entire fluff is that they're recruited from a planetary defense force that fights cults and cannibals all day every day.
Secondly, Chaos isn't logical.

On Necromunda, psychic powers are present in one of every ten people, noticed or not. Minor mutation is literally universal. Necromunda will never be cleansed, in spite of this. It's useful to destroy, it's too dense to map let alone conquer, and its feudal system is too pervasive to be overthrown.

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No, if they manifested an organ that let them eat brains to gain knowledge, that would be freaky and need destruction.
If they were just the best human warrior their clan had ever known, that would warrant recruitment for any number of Imperial agencies.

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what if the child naturally got the physical aspets of a spess muhreen, as in strenght, stamina, speed, agility, and intelligence. So then they are super awesome warur and the actual muhreens recruit/kidnap him to fight xeno scum and heretics, he gets DAT GENE SEED and becomes ULTRA SPESS MARYSUEMARINE! Basically a primarch without being a primarch.
captcha>hercules ecountre

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>manifested an organ that let them eat brains to gain knowledge

which you'd only discover be feeding the baby brains. why are you feeding an infant grey matter? now, seeing if they have acid spittle on the other hand is quite easy to discover

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Ogryn are abhumans, not mutants. Abhumans b breed true whereas mutants are random.

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Imagine getting a blowjob from both of them at once

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Two for the price of...

Yeah, I can't. That's fucking gross.

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no, just no, i'd rather put my dick in a blender

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i think they have bikini pics fyi

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That would be super-difficult due to how their spines have grown. You might be able to get one on the base and one on the head, but even that would be tricky.

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Fuck, I'd do it. It would be an interesting experience.

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They make a noise that is a cross between a retarded child's laughter and a delighted walrus when they are pleasured. Still in?

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Depends on the planet and any inqusitors (witch hunters) that coming poking around. Some mutants (abhumans) are wild accepted such as Ogryns or Ratlings. Back in the day there was even some beastmen IG regiments which may or may not be canon now.

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Read a book where the Imperial Guard had a conversation with the Ecclesiarchy regarding mutation. The Guard commander reported locals in the area to be mutated. The Ecclesiarchy asked if they were natural mutations, to be expected every so-often from birth defects, or whether they were mutations of the warp. The former meant the commander was guilty of wasting the Cardinal's time. The latter meant the commander and his entire unit would get killed for having contact with a creature of the warp.

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Generally speaking, someone is a mutant when their mutations are unstable.

Two Ogryn will produce an Ogryn. Two regular humans will produce a regular human. Two Ratlings a ratling, and so on and so forth. These are "acceptable" mutations in the human genetic code, because they are stable, predictable, and caused by time and evolution, rather than the warp. These kinds of "acceptable mutants", or "abhumans" as they are called, are subject to the normal prejudice one would expect from a culture clash combined with biological differences. However, their mutations are not a sign of warp fuckery.

If a man with tentacles brought on by a warp storm mates with a woman with a second head brought on by a gellar field fuckup, who knows what the kid will look like? Their mutations are a sign of warp fuckery, and where mutants go, the warp follows.

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mfw I started imagining a hive world with posters like this in the deep hives

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At your local chaos cult

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But wait there's more
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>A copy of Liber Chaotica
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>Your own Chaos themed clothing****

Join Chaos Today!

*Price will vary with number of heads, hands and penises
**May cause loss of soul, body and mind. use with caution
***Its recommended not to share with family (Look at the horus heresy for why)
****-Does not come with corruption

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I remember a bit if a documentary about them.
They spoke normally, as I recall.

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Any noticeable abnormality will make someone subject to purging. If IG are traveling through the warp, when they arrive, even a suspicion of warp taint would be reason for a trip out the airlock.

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That's clearly a raisin

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What if a regular human and a felinid have sex?

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they don't

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What if a man made a baby with an ogryn lady. Could they make a half-ogryn?

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>Any noticeable abnormality will make someone subject to purging.


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Sure, why not.

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The similarities are striking

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no niggers policy

I love this game

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Not sure why any neckbeards ever parrot this backwards bullshit.

Yeah, because on the million or so worlds with different environments that comprise the Imperium, there won't be any people of color.

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The first post was a joke. The second post was a lost and confused /b/kiddy thinking he found a home.

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sounds like paradise.

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When I look at that picture, I cant help but hear this voice

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I'm not a real connoisseur of 40k art, but I can't for the life of me remember seeing any with non-white imperium citizens or soldiers. I would love to be proven wrong. I don't think its deliberate racism, only white artists from the UK and US drawing what they know,

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You only see them among brutal and savage factions like Catachan or Kanak. Never amongst the clean cut forces like Cadia or Mordian.

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Can someone give me/ link me to a crash course on WH40k? My buddies want to play Dark Heresy and I've never heard of 40k prior to today.

I am currently drinking in everything here but I have no other knowledge to base anything on

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I was actually wondering about this earlier, since so much are mutations (Widows peaks, for instance).

What do they use as a baseline?

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Fantasy armies fight in space with huge guns and lasers. Orcs with heavy machine guns and cannons, elves with dainty useless weapons, humans be diverse with the big guns, etc etc

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oh wow thank you

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Pic related: it's like this all over the galaxy.

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It's like a Where's Wally of carnage!

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Also at least 6 other factions that are exactly the same way.

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>Holding your sentinels back in a tight corridor
shit nigger what are you doing

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