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So what can we gather about the current state of Yamigawa from Tamiyo?

I mean she's got to be from the future of Yamigawa as we once knew it.

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We can gather that Tamiyo is perfect <3

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/tg/ waifus general?

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It's so sunny, it needs shades

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>>/tg/ waifus general?
I can get behind this!

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You guys need to see a doctor...a good one.

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No sequel general.

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also Blitzrape ending general.

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/tg/ waifus general.

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Need a doctor?
I think I know just the man.

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is that a franken fran h-doujin?

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This is. Warning, multidick futanari and body modification incoming.

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>franken fran h-doujin
There's one, actually. a shame that just posting the cover is ban-worthy.
I'll tell you this: on Gurochan more than one guy quoted it with the "I can't fap to this" picture...

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>multidick futanari and body modification incoming.
Would you expect anything else from a Franken Fran doujin?

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I love how it is tagged as "offensive to everyone". Seriously, people think this is offensive to EVERYONE? I mean look at who made it, this is par for the course for him.

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fucking nice people...diregard what I said here>>20528137, its a lie

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Doesn't hurt to remind people there is an outside perspective from which this does indeed look unforgiveable.
Now excuse me, I have a boner to stroke.

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>sexualising Fran
How could you? ;_; She's pure maiden!

Now Gavrill, on the other hand...

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...because its out of character. no joking now. I remember people on more than a thread /a/ being pretty pissed back then about this.
I was one of them.

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Almost. The girl who writes it isn't exactly in the most sane of minds.

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Ss much as I believe we are way nicer than /a/ and automatical response shouldn't be "Boku no Pico", you really _should_ have at least given him "sad panda" to overcome...

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>out of character
Man, if I had a penny for every out of character action in a One Piece doujin, I'd be rich by now.

You know the deal.
/tg/ - You don't even need the other boards anymore.

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Now I'm just waiting for someone to make Fran conversion as Dark Eldar (Ancient) Haemonculus...

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>Being angry because of doujins
How did you stay alive this long?
>Not an insane medical servitor created by a mad Tech-priest

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Maybe he only raged at medical-themed doujins?
By the way, is there by chance any porn of Monster floating the internet?

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>Luffy too dumb to know where the penis goes
He's like Goku v 2.0

yes, I know Goku has two sons, Chichi is a slut

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Well, being cartoon is kinda part of being a waifu...

It's that you don't post pictures of real girls on the internet. Especially not on 4chan. And especially especially if it's a girl you like.

So instead, you post waifu. Waifu is already on the internet, so there is no harm in doing so

Well, at least that was originally the idea, but then /a/ kinda misunderstood it and took it to another level...

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>raged at medical-themed doujins?
That's a very specific thing to rage about.
Also, this monster?

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Is there another I should care about?

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Yay, it's like the only anime ever set in Czech (well, Czechoslovakia, but w/e).

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Shit, my other image.

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At the risk of getting back on topic, I'd say she shows the fusion between mortal and spirit has become a pretty common thing. Perhaps not universal, but it wasn't just the twin princesses who combined their natures.

Tamiyo has a mortal appearance, rather than the twisted forms of the Kami, but has the cloud of floating objects around her, where in Kamigawa's visual design was a clear sign that such a creature was a Kami.

If we ever do see more of Kamigawa, I'd expect to see creatures with two Racial subtypes- Both their mortal race, and Spirit, to reflect the union of two kinds.

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ITS A GUY. this is all Hox's fault...
no fun allowed.jpg
teasing newfags is a classic.
>How did you stay alive this long?
high HD and saves

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I think those are just scrolls she's levitating with blue telekinesis magic, not kami spirit objects.

>I'd expect to see creatures with two Racial subtypes- Both their mortal race, and Spirit, to reflect the union of two kinds
I was disappointed the patrons didn't have their race as a creature type alongside spirit.

If we do go back, we might see less of spirits and focus on mortal races and stories involving them.

If you want type shenanigans, check out Silent-Blade Oni. It's the only blue oni, the only ninja that's not a human or nezumi, and the only oni that's just a demon, not a demon spirit.

Maybe it's a stage between oni and ogres? Neither a true kami not fully mortal? Maybe it's a different kind of oni from a different Japanese-themed world.

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It's explicit that the original Kamigawa block took place a long time ago comparatively. One of the Legendary samurai, Toshiro Umezawa, is the so-many-greats-grandfather of Tetsuo Umezawa, who once sort-of-killed Nicol Bolas.

On the subject of waifus: Sheoldred.

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Contributing. I'm in love with this guy for all his fear.

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Dumb bitch is gonna get her scrolls wet.

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They're magically restored when they go to the graveyard

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How? She's floating!

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>wearing socks and sandals

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rolled 2 = 2

Orzhov waifus are best waifus. Just hope you never wind up in divorce court.

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rolled 9 = 9

>Dumb bitch is gonna get her scrolls wet.
Only if she uses 'em right.

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The female vanguards got rather attractive art. Shame it's just portrait-sized.

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Nice also ew

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Tamiyo is from Kamigawa. Kamigawa is styled after Japanese myths and legends. That "socks with sandals" thing she's doing really is, historically, a thing in Japan.

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Classy, Japan.

But I suppose it's an easy way to make sure everything stays on.

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>Be a Kamigawa fan
>"Oh boy a Kamigawa thread in /tg/! I'd love to discuss it!"
>Waifu thread

Hopes = Crushed

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You don't have a Kamigawa waifu? It was Ink-Eyes, wasn't it?

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my waifu was always heartless to me

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