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I have decided to run a Star Wars KOTOR setting RPG for two people. In deciding on this game I examined the Dread game and unfortunately Jenga isn't tenable over Skype.

However the Dread system of surveying your players is fantastic. I am enjoying toying with survey questions to help PCs who aren't great at developing characters make them. I even think such questions are useful in taking veterans out of their comfort zones, or making them examine their roleplaying traits.

I think most questions you can ask a player are workable in any genre. Let's brainstorm questions, shall we?

Why did you cheat just to win?
How did you survive the cave in?
Who did you leave behind?
When did you know you were capable of killing?
How did the dark side tempt you?
What broke you, what fixed you?
When you were given to the order who fought to keep you?

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I am confused by this thread.

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Okay I may be drunk but let me try and clarify.

The Dread system demands the play character be created by answering survey questions. This gives the Host (GM) hooks to use to enhance the game. Or make the game interesting. I am making a KOTOR rpg wherein I intend to use this method.

HOWEVER I figured it'd be cool to just have a Dread-Question-General thread. What questions can we ask PCs to force them to make characters that interest them AND give GMs things to work with?

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What light saber do you wield?
Why do you fight?
Does the force serve you, or do you serve the force?
Do you pity those who cannot use the force?
Power, or control?

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Yes, excellent! Thank you!

Do you desire independence or greatness more? (a clever player would argue they aren't disparate!)
How would you fix a broken astromech droid?
When is a life forfeit?

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Control the body, or control the mind?
Do the ends justify the means?
Do the means justify the ends?
Who would you betray for your own benefit?
Power, or Discipline?
Easy Wrong, or Hard Right?
Think or Act?
How far is too far?
Duty, or Honor?
Duty, or Morals?
Happy Pauper, or Miserable King?
Love, or Fear?

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Do you have the right to intervene in the affairs of others?
Does the ability to change things infer a moral responsibility to do so? How about the right?
Whats more important, Control over others or yourself?
Is it better to be safe or free?
Is it more better to lead or to follow?
Can you Paint with all the colors of the wind?

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>>Can you Paint with all the colors of the wind?
Thank you Pocahontas!

What would you die for?
Why is a ruby worth more than its weight in food?
What is important to you?

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