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Is it possible for an elf in a fantasy world to have a British accent?

Help me put a heated argument to rest.

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No, unless Britain exists in said Fantasy World. If it does not exist in said Fantasy World, the elf would merely have his homeland's accent. If it is similar to a British accent so be it, but it technically would not be a British accent.

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I don't know who you've been arguing with, but both of you need to nail your genitals to a 200kV power line, the sooner the better.

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>Fantasy world
>British accent

Dear lord....
Okay, it's fantasy, correcy? That means it can be anything you please. That's kind of the point.

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What would a common accent sound like?
Germanic with a lot of 'uh's like English?

What would Elfish accents be? Dwarvish? Fuck what would Orcish accents be like, sort of like Elvish?

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Sure, provided they learned English from a culture that speaks with a British accent.

I've met arabs and orientals who live in England who talk with a British accent, so I don't see why an Elf who lived or studied in fantasy England would speak with a similar accent.

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Dwarves are never portrayed as having Scottish accents

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Why the fuck not?


Do you need to settle an argument with the High Betalord of Splerginstein or something?

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Yes, of course. Transfer the utterly foreign of your fantasy world to your real-world experience.

The example that really opened my eyes to this is the dub of Azumanga Daioh. There's a character named Osaka who is from the Osaka region of Japan. Apparently Osakans are considered the hicks of Japan. Whoever cast the dub decided to give the English version of Osaka a southern accent. This got the point across perfectly even though it would make no sense in the original Japanese context.

Therefore, whatever real-Earth national/ethnic sterotype the elves hew closest to in your setting is the accent they should have.

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This. It also follows that if a place called Britain exists in that world, even if its accent sounds nothing like what we think of as a British accent, that accent would still be British.

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British accents are NOT actually accents, they are DIALECTS.
The difference between a dialect and an accent lies in this: An accent is from another language. For example, a German, Russian, or Chinese accent. A dialect exists WITHIN a language. For example, an East End, Brookly, or Southern dialect.

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Everything is an accent. Using an American accent in a fantasy world is just as strange as using a british accent.

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Anything that doesn't sound like Peter Jackson or WoW elvish is shit.

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>implying it's not much stranger
Generic fantasy with American accents is never a good idea.

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>A dialect is distinguished by its vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation (phonology, including prosody). Where a distinction can be made only in terms of pronunciation, the term accent is appropriate, not dialect.

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Oh, this is the new version of the copypasta where demons talk with weird accents because they're based on the demon girls from Panty and stocking with Garter Belt.

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Which may or may not decrease the odds of horrific death by stabbing.

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For example, Warhammer is english, so people in it have english accents. The elder scrolls is American, so the people in it have american accents ( with a european accent of some kind thrown in every once in a while). Regardless its all strange. These people shouldn't even be speaking english, they should be speaking the language of whatever fantasy land they are from

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Actually I hate to say this, but the osaka to southern accent translation has no real reason behind it. Its at most that osaka(as an area) has a stronger accent, which is itself rather notable, so when they do a dub of someone with an osaka accent they always make them southern because its one of the few notable american accents where you can get a good voice actor to portray it. As for osaka, its actually kind of an affluent area and has been for a long time, and the accent is, um, posh I guess?

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I always make elves in my campaigns speak with a thick Scottish accent.

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Why do some Space Marines and all Imperial Guard/Space Marine commanders/generals/heroes have an American accent?

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Osakans have a history of being portrayed as dim-witted louts in Japanese media, however. This is why horrible Brooklyn accents are also sometimes used to "translate" if you will, the Kansai regional dialect to English.

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>As for osaka, its actually kind of an affluent area and has been for a long time, and the accent is, um, posh I guess
Texas is also a reasonably affluent state, and has been for quite some time. And, as >>20516167 said, there are a LOT of "Osakan moron" type characters.

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Fucking weeaboos, I swear to God, this thread was supposed to be about ELVES DAMNIT

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Can we meet in the middle with delicious brown weeaboo elves?

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The thread's about accents/dialects. We're discussing an example of the use of one accent to represent another. The example is Japanese, yes, but we're still largely on-topic. Cool your jets.

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It was about accents, its still about accents dude. Japan has accents too, and they are what we were talking about.

Personally no race has any accents in any of my settings, for the simple reason that I don't like to bother. If players want to play them as having an accent, fine, I don't care.

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...Does that mean no brown elfs?

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Fuck you for ruining my fantasy.


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its your fantasy, do what the fuck you want

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Brown elves are always welcome.

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This being /tg/ I don't think you will get many complaint about brown elves being posted.


Its just that the accent of osaka itself sounds clear and sharp, its really quite different from a southern accent, so I take issue with it because if I switch from dubbed to subbed it freaks me out. As they usually try to get one voice actor to sound like the other.

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"Why does your elf have a British accent ?
- Elocution problems."

There, problem solved

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>brown elves

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I'm okay with this.

Dragon Age already has Welsh elves, so is that close enough?

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Got any male brown elves? Or traps?
I need them... for science

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While Kansai is a rather wealthy region, the most common character type to possess the dialect is a loud, obnoxious lout who likes to drink and fight.
A stereotypical Texan is a loud, obnoxious lout who drives a bigass pickup and likes to drinkin', rodeos, and fightin'.

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No elves, but Cultist-kun is kinda brown.

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>trap brown elves
I don't know how I feel about this.

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I hope I'm not the only one posting elves, I'm gonna run out of SFW elves in about 50 images.

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I can post a few, but I have to leave for work here shortly.

Why do all the good topics only come up this time of day?

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Start a NSFW thread in /h/ or /d/ and link it here, please

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/e/ would be your best bet. They usually have an elf thread floating around somewhere.

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Everyone speaks in Transatlantic accents.

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Does real XXIII's stuff count. It's brown but not elf.

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Sure, why not?

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Just went to /e/

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Ah, good. They love it when we visit them every so often.

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Why are brown elves more accepted on /tg/ than normal elves?

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Twenty years later, still the best brown elf on the market.
Brand Hagiwara.

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Don't question it, its one of those things that just is.

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The people who like brown elves don't mind regular elves to be honest. These are not the same people who like to shit on elves.

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Ah...nice question.

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Because brown elves are far more delicious.

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They aren't more acceptable, we just like them a bit more is all.

Also, m00t needs to stop spilling tentacle grape on the servers.

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Because brown skin contrasting with white hair is just plain delicious.

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None of your characters are even speaking English. In order to get modern English (or middle English), you'd need for there to have been a Roman empire, whose Latin influenced the language of the Franks and mixed with the Germanic tongue of the Angles and Saxons when William the Conqueror seized control of England. None of that happened in your fantasy world. So everything your character (or any other character) says is technically in another language, but is relayed in English so that everybody can actually follow what's going on. A British accent would be no more literal, but would be a stand-in to show that elves speak the language of humans with an accent, or to show refinement or a stiff-upper-lip bearing or whatever else you might associate with a British accent. So there's no good argument against using an accent because "it's not realistic". Personally, however, I dislike people using funny voices (which is what it boils down to 90% of the time) as it's annoying, makes it hard to take things seriously, and it makes everything about the accent rather than what you're actually saying. But not everybody feels that way. As long as it doesn't irritate your group, I don't see a problem with it.

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Where are these photos from? People keep posting different people with the same weird facial expression.

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I wish for more delicious chocolate elves. Can we please have more delicious chocolate elves? Pretty please?

>omveDae suggested
Yes, that's the suggested course of action, captcha. More elves!

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Yeah why did they stop.

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>Not superior mexican poncho papalla elf with maracas

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Shit...now i want pic of mexican elves with sombrero and speaking in spanish...

...i hate you anon.

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Why wouldn't it be? The only reason for it to not be possible is if no region had a British accent. As long as there is a place that the elf could have come from that speaks that way it's an option.

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Aren't spanish elves basically drows with mustache?

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Yes, the MMO is shit and Paul Barnett is not precisely the best game designer out there, but this rant is PRICELESS and definitely related to this thread:

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... How do you even make that connection?
What about mexico and drow comes off as so similar?

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I think there is a fantasy miniature game out there set in a pseudo-Napoleonic era Europe where Spaniards are Dark Elves because of their guerrilla tactics against the invading French.

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I'd say Drows are more Caribbean.

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wat? i demand pictures

inb4 spaniards aren't white

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Of course it's possible. Planescape. An elf baby was somehow brought through a portal in Sigil to Earth and raised as a plucky Brit with bad teeth.

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but elves can't have bad teeth, they're purrrfect

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If anything the Drow are russians. They're constantly involved in bloody affairs with everyone who shares their part of the world, their leadership tends to show a dogged determination to slaughter their own people for the lulz, and all attempts by outsiders to invade and crush them as a whole are met with inevitable failure.

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Yes, because it's fantasy and it's the land of imaaaagination.

I like the vision I have of a plucky elven lass with a cockney accent, even if hearing real people speak cockney normally gives me an aneurism.

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The game is called Flintloque.

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A fantasy british accent has to be like our british accent?

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Is it possible for an elf in a fantasy world to have a strong Russian accent, da comrades?

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>British elves

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Blimey, the languages that give me boners are french and spanish. how do we fix that matey?

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I houserule it that all Elves must talk like Elvis

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I support this motion!

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Oh. Oh God.

>imagining Legolas in blue swade shoes.
>elven guards calling the elf queen 'momma'
>elves wage historic war with orcs over theft of hair gel
>orcs are rockabilly
>dwarves now have face paint like Gene Simmons

Where is this thread taking me?

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>orcs are rockabilly
Oh shit, not Terry's Angels again!

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Does this mean all Evil Outsiders are played by Lordi?

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To wonderful places.

>> No.20517284

Brutal Legend?

>> No.20517285

Gentlemen, this thread is going places

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What are halflings, gnomes, humans?

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Welcome to fantasy, where everything's made up, and the points don't matter.

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For some reason I see Halflings as being Country and Western...

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/tg/ the only place where you can derail a thread 3 times and still end with awesome.

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Gnomes are annoying so they get dubstep.

>> No.20517307

Gnomes have to be folk gypsy I think.
Dunno about humans, but Kobolds get Jazz

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The inventers.
The tinkerers.

They need hard Techno.

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>Implying that doesn't belong to warforged.

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Fair point.

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How can you not look at a gnome and think Willy Nelson?

Some gnomes go down to Fulsome Prison, following the path of their God, Johnny Cash

And the Giants Invented Cotillion. They still practice battle ballroom dancing to this day.

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All war forged shall now look like Daft Punk.

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I am imaging all halflings with Burt Reynolds mustaches.

I don't know why.

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Dont elves in fantasy worlds usually have british accents?

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In our current campaign, the elven nation is basically Soviet Russia. "High" elves speak with a Russian accent, and they've been waging a cold war against humanity for gods know how long in order to keep them in the Dark Ages.

According to the GM, dark elves do exist. We've yet to meet any however.

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Dark Elves as some sort of talibans fighting a guerrilla war against the Russian Elves is a very cool idea sir.

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