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You see this badass motherfucker on the left of this text? That's Leman Russ, the fucking Primarch of the Space Wolves.

This guy is the Chuck Norris of space marines. He is a goddamn giant space viking who fights hundreds of soldiers by himself.

He was literally raised by wolves. Fucking huge ass wolves the size of cars. His wolf brothers were Courage wolf and Insanity wolf.

He is made of pure mansauce. He eats raw meat. He breathes fire and shits lightning. He beat God in a drinking competition. HE CAN KILL YOU WITH HIS BARE HANDS.

His Space Wolves are one of the only loyalist chapters that doesn't have to obey the Codex Astartes. Why? Because Guilliman knew that if he forced his rules on Russ, he would rip off Papa Smurf's head and skullfuck him.

So allow me to ask you this...why the FUCK do some people consider pussies like Sanguinus cooler than this guy?

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Because yiff.

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He's got you there, OP.

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According to /tg/ canon, Leman Russ turned into a little wolf girl while adventuring in the warp.

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Sanguinius was a total bro, Leman Russ was a bit Genocidicles for some peoples tastes

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Because Ferrus Manus had IRON MOTHERFUCKING HANDS. His hands were so iron, he named his legion The Iron Hands, and nearly every member has IRON MOTHERFUCKING HANDS. Fuck Fulgrim.

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>implying Alpharius isn't the best

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A lot of people can do this IRL, let alone the 40K universe. I bet the average Guardsman or even PDF member could kill the average /tg/ poster.

Sanguinus is a gigantic faggot in comparison to Leman Russ. The Russ tanks alone should be testament to that. The fruity angel wings and long hair as well as the Blood Angels in general should make it obvious. However, Sanguinus's actions and role during the Heresy were pretty badass.

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Is this ancient copypasta I spy?

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You see this badass wolf on the left of this wolf? That's Wolf Wolf, the fucking Primewolf of the Wolf Wolves.

This guy is the Two Socks of Wolves. He is a goddamn Wolf space wolf who fights hundreds of soldiers by hiswolf.

He was literally wolfed by wolves. Fucking huge ass wolves the size of wolves. His wolf brothers were Courage wolf and Insanity wolf.

He is made of pure wolfsauce. He eats raw wolf. He breathes fire and shits wolf. He beat God in a wolfing competition. HE CAN KILL YOU WITH HIS WOLF HANDS.

His Space Wolves are one of the only loyalist Wolves that doesn't have to obey the Codex Wolfstartes. Why? Because Guilliman knew that if he forced his rules on Russ, he would rip off Papa Smurf's Wolf and Wolffuck him.

So allow me to ask you this...why the FUCK do some people consider pussies like Sanguinus cooler than this wolf?

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Ok, lets be fair, the wolf WOLFFWOLLFS OF THE WOLF WOLF this is... a little more recent of a thing.
Well... at it's current level anyway. There's always been a bit of it, but it's never been THIS bad.
... indeed.

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Needs more wolf methinks.

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Well /tg/, that's that.

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>Sanguinus is a gigantic faggot in comparison to Leman Russ

No. Sanguinius is the very definition of No Talk but All Walk. Meanwhile Russ has the most talk out of all the primarchs but never really does much walking.

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His chapter nearly wiped out the Thousand Sons. They were the Failsafe. The Chapter made to kill other chapters.

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I would not argue that Sanguinus was cooler then Leman Russ.

But Sanguinus DID have wings. And he DID duel Horus. And he DID put that chink in his armor that the Emperor later used to kill him.

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>He fell to his knees, crystal tears falling from his cheeks into the crimson dust. Where they fell, alabaster flowers thrived upon the barren and toxic soils of Baal Secundus

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Oh /tg/, you cad.

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So weeping hypergerminating tears onto the toxic soil of a deadly planet that makes flowers grow out of nowhere isn't badass?

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>Meanwhile Russ has the most talk out of all the primarchs but never really does much walking.

Seriously? Russ made people think he was this uneducated savage when really the guy bitched out Typhus (amongst others) TO THEIR FACE

lrn2heresy, fucker

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Sanguinius simply was badass. He didn't need to brag, he didn't need to posture. He was secure in being the most badass individual in the galaxy after the Emperor. When the Emperor left the front to return to Terra, Everyone, including both Horus and Leman Russ, thought Sanguinius deserved to be left in charge.

Compared to Leman Russ, who was very nearly nothing but braggadocio and claim, with very little action relative to just how much talk and guff he was.

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Russ Knew Sangy should have been Warmaster. EVERYONE knew Sangy should have been warmaster.

What Russ did was get manipulated into killing the thousand sons. BECAUSE HE WAS A FAGGOT. While Sangy was just busy being cooler in every way so Leman yiff the yiff lord of planetyiffpiss

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What was The Lion like during the great crusade? He was supposed to be the best tactician besides Horus but that seems to be retconned to have Sanguinius be the number 2 tactician.

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The only "furries" on planet Fenris are the Wulfen. Who are the people who failed to stabilize the Canis Helix before they became mindless wolf monsters.
Yiffing is an automatic failure in the test of Russ.

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Sanguinius' response was, and I quote: "Ewwwww. Icky POOO." He dug what he was, and had no drive to be anything more.

And that was why he should've been Warmaster. He would've gladly hung up the mantle when he was fnished. Look to Cincinnatus. Dorn too staid, Guilliman too rote, Horus most filled with hubris. Only the angel could both fill the role and walk away when its finished.

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The Space Wolves are Mary Sues in that regard. Everyone talking about how they are the scariest and how they are the executioners but they never do anything worthy of that.

They failed to wipe out a numerically inferior Legion with the assistance of a.) the greatest warriors in the galaxy and b.) an army that negated the very thing that made the Thousands Sons effective.

With all this help, with the reduction of the Thousand Sons main strength, with the reputation as executioners, the Space Wolves:
a.) killed a bunch of civilians
b.) didn't kill the primarch they were supposed to
c.) didn't destroy the Legion they were supposed to
d.) were dumb enough to get manipulated into doing this in the first place

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They've killed two legions before and -every single- Thousand Son was a powerful sorcerer. The Thousand Sons were harped on as being the most dangerous Legion all through their book and they certainly believed they were unbeatable.

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No, you're right. He was just PARANOID AS HELL and wanted everyone else to be PARANOID AS HELL.

You can't lead a grand crusade when EVERYONE IS TRYING TO STAB YOU IN THE BACK unless of course you're deployed with Alpha Legion...in which case you were stabbed in the back three months ago.

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>They've killed two legions before

List them.
Provide evidence.

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It's strongly hinted in canon that he did it once before with one of the "lost" primarchs, however.

The lost primarchs are referred to as the "lost" and the "damned".

The lost one is obviously Sigmar, and the damned one is unknown, but was furiously wolfed to death by Leman Russ. (Their legions were folded into the Ultramarines.)

So really, he has a score of something like 1.77/2.

Not that bad, really.

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they aren't into the whole "we like wolves to a suspicious degree"

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I think he was just paranoid about people finding out that Caliban was corrupted. I think he just didn't want his home destroyed along with the rest of the Legion.

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>The lost one is obviously Sigmar
That has been retconned into oblivion. We know for a fact that Sigmar was born a normal human.

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Everyone says Sanguinius is the most badass hero and how he's so understated and silent like Clint Eastwood.

The fucker runs around in solid gold armor with giant angel wings like that faggot from X-Men and cries diamond tears of cleansing Miracle-Gro.

This is the true "best" primarch. No frills, no bullshit.

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Not really. The two worlds are "officially" separate, but everyone knows they were always meant to be linked, and the fluff of the two crosses over often.

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Everyone hates him because of the Smurfs. And he was kind of a huge dickwad as a person.

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>implying any primarch is cool

>> No.20516646

>hurp durp let's cripple the Space Marines so that they'll never be numerous enough to fully replace the Imperial Guard
Yeah, nah.

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I wasn't aware being a nice person was what made someone the best primarch.

Considering how Space Marines are pretty much ALL dicks towards normal humans.

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Didn't he also write a book on astartes tactics that was supposedly superior to the Codex Astartes but the Unforgiven are the only ones who follow it?

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Even if we assume that WFB and Warhammer 40k are 100% unarguably the same universe, Sigmar still can't have been a Primarch because he was born to a normal human mother and father.

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Right after a mysterious twin-tailed comet appeared, of course.

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I often wonder what the hell Lion was doing all those years.

>> No.20516671


A comet flew through the sky, then his mother pushed him out her cooch. Not sure what point you are trying to make here.

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And i was born during a lightning storm. MY BODY MUST ACTUALLY BE MADE OF LIGHTNING!

Wait...no. That doesn't track.

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Yeah it's referenced in the Purging of Kadilus. Namaan quotes it to some over eager recruits though I don't think he actually says anything about it being better than the Codex Astartes but it's implied that the Dark Angels use it more.

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You know that's how the Primarchs were born too, right? The forces of Chaos scattered the embryos.

>> No.20516688

Well, you know the saying. It's all canon. I prefer to believe he came down on a comet and was adopted, as older fluff implied.

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If they scattered the embryos how did Russ survive outside a support system? Unless he was thrown into a wolf cunt...wait it all begins to come together. Carry on /tg, carry on.

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No. They scattered their capsules and there were literally filled with super human baby men. Every single primarch's origin is "hey shit I found a baby killing a giant predator" or something to that extent.

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> -every single- Thousand Son was a powerful sorcerer. The Thousand Sons were harped on as being the most dangerous Legion all through their book and they certainly believed they were unbeatable.

Almost every thousand son had some form of psychic talent, but for the majority it was very minor talent and only a few could be described as powerful sorcerers, who were basically officers in the legion.

The thousand sons weren't any more 'harped on' for being dangerous than any of the other legions in any of the HH novels or short stories in which they were the protagonists. What they were was the most knowlegable in terms of the warp and chaos, and thus one of two large threat to Horus's plans, the second being the space wolves with their military might.

Also the cards were very stacked agains the thousand sons on the battle of prosepro, which compounds the space wolves failure to wipe them out. The thousand sons not only had a primarch who was not helping his legion fight, but was actively trying to hinder them by completely blinding them of any notion of what was going on, sending their entire fleet away, and killing those who did figure out what was really going on before any word got out. Tzeentch also decided that the middle of the battle for their home planet was a good time to have a large number of thousand sons suddenly mutate into spawn. Contrast that with what the wolves had: a primarch fighting with them the whole time, the complete element of surprise, large numerical advantage, a sizeable contingent of custodes, and a large contingent of silent sisters who pretty much shut down any advantage the thousand sons had from their psychic talents.

Yes the thousand sons got the shit kicked out of them, but no matter how you slice it the space wolves also failed in their mission.

>> No.20516718

*they were

>> No.20516724

Dark Angels are still at legion strength or at least hald legion strength also. Azrael is the commander of all of the Unforgiven not just the Dark Angels.

They have a lot of room to grow fluff wise and hopefully we'll see more in the new codex.

>> No.20516734

All of the Primarchs were, to some extent, tactical and strategic geniuses.

All the ones capable of writing such a book without eating the paper (which leaves out Russ and Angron) could probably write a book that the entire Imperium would have benefited from, in different ways.

Heck, Lorgar basically wrote the Imperial Cult's bible. Or at least the foundations for it.

If Horus had written books, the Imperium would benefit greatly from reading them (provided they were written pre-heresy). Any of the Primarchs could have done a fine job writing tactical manuals. ANY of them.

I think the best one would have been Fulgrim, pre-heresy. He was the one most focused on perfection, after all.

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>God his ass beaten down by The Lion.

Lions are stronger than wolves. Go yelp at the table Sons of Russ.

>> No.20516761

>That picture
I always love the "Space Teutonic Knights" Feel Some Dark Angel's art shows.

>> No.20516766

IIRC, Lion cheapshotted Russ when Russ realized how stupid the reasoning for their duel was and broke out in laughter.

>> No.20516773

I hope so. I like DA a lot, despite them being a bunch of fags.

>> No.20516774

>Russ Cheapshotted Lion first.
Only differences is Lion could actually hit him.

For being from a chapter that is supposed to destroy other Space Marines, Russ got schooled hard by Space Marine Rambo.

>> No.20516779


I don't favor any specific primarch, but sounds like Russ deserved it.

1) Doesn't take the duel seriously.
2) Laughs at his opponent.

Really gonna complain about a loss or a suckerpunch if you do that during a serious duel? You close your eyes when you laugh, don't complain about not seeing the guy's attack.

>> No.20516783

Russ was arrogant enough to think he could beat up his brother and then when he realised he couldn't, lol only joking.

Russ was then arrogant enough to think that despite starting a fight with someone he also had the right to just end it whenever he wanted.

>> No.20516786

>/tg/ still thinks there are people on the board who don't realize Russ and the SW are the biggest Sues in the world and any posts or threads stating otherwise are merely attempts at trolling /tg/ or other chapters

>> No.20516799


Because he wasn't fighting or looking.

Everyone knows that the executioner legion can't lose an outright fight.

Uriel Ventris (Ultramarine captain) vs that one Grey Knight brother-captain ended in swift defeat for Uriel, and the GK said he knew he wasn't corrupted by Chaos Powers during his time in the Eye of Terror because Ventris didn't have power to beat him.

On the other hand a more hostile bout between Great Wolf Logan Grimnar and a GK grandmaster during the aftermath of 1st Armageddon War was over in a second, with in Axe Morkai cleaving the GKGM in half.

>> No.20516815

Or it was because you know, the Lion is a master at killing wild beasts.

>> No.20516825

Guys wait a second.

>Forest Deathworld
>Knights in castles
>Lion found in the forests, never speaking of horrific acts
>Meets charismatic man, follows him in his order.
>Mostly silent and doesn't talk, rather unhinged later in life and prove to paranoia.

The Lion's backstory sounds alot like Guts? Luther is his Griffith, both friends, but one betrayed the other to evil gods from beyond for power.

>> No.20516830

Russ is Lucky Lion didn't cut his throat while he was knocked out.

That dude was unhinged.

>> No.20516833


But after Luther struck Lion down, he instantly realized he had struck down his beloved and went mad with grief, forcing Chaos out of his head.

>> No.20516835

You seriously thinking Griffith didn't homolust after Guts?

>> No.20516840

Lets not even get into the theories that Luther wasn't even evil at all, and it was Lion who was planning on joining Chaos if it turned out to be convenient for him.

>> No.20516845


But not enough to give up his godhand powers for him.

>> No.20516853

It's strange though.

In order to use your behelit you need to sacrifice those you care about or your dream, Griffith said he cared about no-one but Guts really, so when he sacrificed the Hawks, was it his dream he was sacrificing?

Either way he managed to cheat the system and get reborn as a human anyway, so he got both his dream and part of him became Femto.

Would the reborn Griffith Kill guts though?

>> No.20516854

Tell that to the last five HH stories featuring him.

>> No.20516858


You mean Traitor Primarch fanfiction right? I hate most of the HH books for being so damn whiny and stupid.

>> No.20516863

Because Russ was a total tool and was more or less responsible for Magnus' betrayal.

>> No.20516870


Not only is Horus Heresy canon, it's the most carefully designed canon GW has ever done with all authors having regular meetings with the head of IP.

Instead of calling them fanfiction, I'd say the old 2e and 3e fluff was just that.

>> No.20516881

Well of course not. Luther and The Lion were likely lovers, whereas Griffith just had an obsession with Guts, who BETRAYED him.
See when Guts and Casca hooked up, Griffith lost his best friend (and the object of his obsession) to Casca, and lost his most loyal follower to Guts. In Griffith's mind they BOTH BETRAYED him for the other. Raping Casca was less about wanting Casca (he probably didn't, seeing how he could have had her any time he wanted for a long time because she was in love with him before she fell for Guts) and more about wanting to HURT Guts for BETRAYING him.
Mind you Griffith is and always was, at his core, a power mad, manipulative, sociopathic Nietzsche wannabe, but you could write whole college length essays on WHY he decided to take the deal at the Eclipse.

>> No.20516882

>HH is the best!
>All the traitor Primarchs are sad, emotionally broken waifs who go around being super special and awesome.
>All the loyalists are assholes, every last one.
>Even the Emperor is an asshole.

Nah, HH is written by faggots who spend to much time whining about their Chaos Space Marines being beaten all the time.

>> No.20516891

Because Russ was more or less the one who caused the TS to go Chaos and costs the Imperium an entire Space Marine legion who were loyal until Russ' furfag ass came along.

Oh and Dorn is the best.

>> No.20516895

>Luther and The Lion were lovers
Probably closer to "Taming a wild child" thing than actually lovers Luther was already pretty old, The Lion was probably more like a son to him.

Like Anakin and Obi Wan, only Obi Wan turned evil.

>> No.20516902

Too bad this predates Berserk.

>> No.20516904

You don't have to like it but you can't just go "nope I hate this entire series nothing that has ever happened in it is canon".

Well, I guess you could but that's silly.

>> No.20516905


>even the emperor

If you ever thought the Emperor was a good guy or even a decent guy, you've been spending too much time on /tg/ reading HFY wank which is a habit you should quit right here and now. He's exactly as he should be.

If anything, they've made the traitors seem worse and the emperor better than in older times.

Index Astartes had Russ convince Emperor that Prospero and Magnus needed to be destroyed. Now it was a Horus plot, as if the traitors weren't puppy-kickingly evil enough before.

>> No.20516907

Could have sworn that GW said repeatedly that there is no canon in 40k.

>> No.20516913

Actually they said everything is canon.

>> No.20516914


They've never said that.

>> No.20516918

They have officially stated that everything with their logo is canon. Are you Syndrome?

>> No.20516922

> Kal-El confirmed as one of the missing Primarchs

>> No.20516923

Fair enough. Point is there was a real emotional connection there. Griffith was never able to make a real connection with Guts, a contributing factor in his whole "Everybody betray me! I fed up with this world!" thing at the Eclipse.
Similarities can exist and be remarked on without one needing to actually draw from the other. Nhil nove sub solum and all that.

>> No.20516925

Oh thank god

I almost thought I had to keep reading these books and stuff

So what do we do with our lives now guys? Magic?

>> No.20516926

Oh, I accept it's canon.

I just think it's fucking stupid.

>> No.20516932

I agree, Alpharius was the best primarch.

>> No.20516965


If we're going to go with terrestrial creatures in a contest of individual lethality, yes.

But wolves are by far the more successful predators. Like, it's not even a competition. The only predator on the planet that even comes CLOSE to the grey wolf's domination of the land food chain is Man.

Besides, Russ lost because he was drunk (whether he would have won sober is something we will never and should never know). I thought we all knew that.

>> No.20516976




>> No.20516979

>Grey Wolves
>Outcompeted with by Cougars and bears
>Emperor Eagles pick off the young too.

>Only thing that competes are Hyenas.

Errrmm no.

>> No.20516988


He was always drunk. I don't think that's an excuse.

>> No.20517002

Vulkan is best primarch.

I'm surprised it took so long for him to get mentioned. He's the only real bro-tier primarch.

>> No.20517015


Wolfery wolfaggonton of the wolf brigade of wulf.

>> No.20517084


>> No.20517105

You did not read A Thousand Sons.

>> No.20517143


That's a huge exaggeration of how effective wolves are at hunting. If you want to see a real predator just look at african hunting dogs.

>> No.20517149

>He's the only real bro-tier primarch.

Vulkan was indeed bro tier but so was Corax. They were about the only 2 with decent heads on their shoulders.

>> No.20517158

That would explain why his chapter is the only one that still uses stealth tactics in something resembling an efficient manner. Now if only you could teach them to use camouflage.

>> No.20517165


And that's why corax was so easy to manipulate and destroy mentally.

He loved his men too much.

you have to be like dorn, or as much as i hate to use their name in the same sentece, rowboat girlyman to persevere.

>> No.20517167

Wolves aren't that more successful.

I think Leopards have the same geographical distribution.

Brown Bears have a smaller area but are still close to the geographical distribution of wolves.

Lions used to be everywhere. Do you know why they aren't anymore? Because there are no longer enough animals for them to eat.

Wolves are by definition a pleb-tier form of lions so they can live off the pleb-prey animals.

But, ultimately comparing the distribution of predators across the world you aren't going to be able to infer much about their success. There is one consistent pattern with predatory animals, regardless of how tuff they are. The longer they live near humans the less successful they are.

Saying that humans 'approach' the wolf's domination of the food change is so absolutely fucking laughable my sides detonated and killed my neighbour's children.

Humans were on a path of killing every living thing on earth because we didn't like them.
Now we're on the same path, but we're doing it by eating everything those animals used to eat.
The ocean is literally running out of fish.
Humans are moving down trophic levels to survive.

Therefore, the Emperor is the most dangerous animal.

>> No.20517173

What did Sanguinius do that wasnt bro? (genuine question)

>> No.20517175

You forgot the Raptors. Who not only use stealth, they ALSO use camouflage. Well, camouflage for Jemadal anyway.

>> No.20517181

Angels can't be bro's mahn.

He was pretty aloof too.

>> No.20517188

Corax was never manipulated. He got fucked by guilt after the alpha legion fucked with the primarch project data and his new ravens but it was for much more than just his men. He didn't hold up his end of the deal he struck with the emperor to get it. And he did preserver, as he finished out the war and helped ratify the codex astates which he saw a penance for the legious astates as a whole.

>> No.20517192


The original distribution of the grey wolf has the entire northern hemisphere. We have removed half of their territory and they STILL have a greater geographical distribution than any other land predator. The only predator that actually dominates them within their range are tigers, a creature that specializes in a select few habitats (while wolves are generalists).

Of course, all of this ignores that the grey wolf is technically the only large predator guaranteed to live on into the future (as domesticated dogs are technically still part of the grey wolf species).

Or the more directly relevant fuckhuge size of Fenrisian wolves.

>> No.20517208

Pass on a genetic legacy of mindless bloodshed and corruption to his sons and when they tipped over the edge he killed them with his bare hands. seriously it's in the first 20 pages of fear to tred.

>> No.20517209


They used chaos to infect the living tissue.

Instantly deforming the youngest of the raptors.

Whether you like it or not, chaos manipulated his mind by fucking his boys up.

>> No.20517231

You must not have read deliverance lost. The used warp essence to corrupt the geneseed data directly before it got implanted in the last batches of raptors. It laid dormant until they sent the signal which caused it to go nuts.

>> No.20517266


Re-read the book.

It retroactively corrupted all but the oldest of the implantee's.

Hence why during the battle, when alpharius was infiltrating and corrupting the gene seed, the raptors fell in battle.

Deforming, having to be drug into the rhino by their sergeant.

>> No.20517286

Lemann Russ is my favorite Primarch, and by extension Space Wolves my favorite Space marines, solely because they named my favorite tank after him.

>Guardsmen are better than all.

>> No.20517311

>Fucking huge ass wolves the size of cars
So that's why he always have two wolves with him.
An acceptable canon. I would hate Russ a lot less if he was Horo.

>> No.20517327

Rogal Dorn will always be the best in my book. Truthful, Honor bound and Loyal to his Emperor without an ounce of praise needed.

>> No.20517346


Yeah, the historical distribution of lions is southwest Asia, Middle-east, Balkans and Africa except rainforests and Sahara. Now they have scattered patches.

Wolves had entire Eurasia and North America, and North Africa, overlapping with lions in vast areas. They still have northern halves of Eurasia and North America. Wolves are a "least concern" species, lions are "vulnerable".

>> No.20517360


Calth, you chucklefuck. That is all.

>> No.20517361

I really like the space wolves, secretly. Once I get past the furry bullshit, I think I might start an army.

>> No.20517362

there's a distinct lack of space batman in this thread....

>> No.20517369

Didnt get to read book. Can I get spoilers. As much detail as you wish to write plox

>> No.20517384


Fucking, what do you want to know?

>> No.20517390

>This guy is the Chuck Norris of space marines
>Chuck Norris

>> No.20517396

If Omegon or Alpharius are still alive, what are they doing in the year 40k?

I think that's the Horus Heresy novel retcon I dislike most.

Everything else bad seems like bad execution, but one primarch actually being 2 is so stupendously relevant that should dominate the entire series.

>> No.20517404

>>why the FUCK do some people consider pussies like Sanguinus cooler than this guy?
Because shitheads like you ruin anything good about Him with your twelve year-old wanking like you just discovered your own penis.

Oh and
>>This guy is the Chuck Norris of space marines
was the straw that did it all in.

>> No.20517407


Why would it be that relevant?

Other may or may not be dead. They are indistinguishable from other Alpha Legion marines by design. What would it matter if one survived the Heresy?

Alpha Legion would plot and be super secretive? Just like they've always done?

>> No.20517408

what happens?

>> No.20517424

fighting retreat from isstvan 5, company commander in charge of the legions new recruits gets warning from some dude having night terrors about corax and the legion, scut along with their membrane voids/cloaking device, escape, go to terra to visit the emprah, emprah cannot visit corax in person, busy with big shit, emprah opens vaults to corax after corax proves himself, corax gains the original gene seed, and data that created the primarchs. flies back to raven thing, raven raven raven, adeptus mech dude and chief apothecary create better geneseed that makes new astartes that are better, harder faster stronger than original legionaries, mature to full strength in a few weeks as opposed to years, take a test run, throughout book some alpha legion astartes are impersonating dead raven guard.

>> No.20517445

After first batch of new recruits is implanted, go on a trial run to annhilate a small wb outpost, new astartes fuck things in the anus with boltguns everywhere, corax learns that the process is now much faster than it used to be, can lower standards of recruits and make them stronger than old ones, suddenly hundreds of new astartes, alpharius does some reporting to alpharius, and many other alpharius' do as well. alpharius is given chaos infected poision by dead drop from alpharius, during large scale attack of production facility alpharius slips away from squad, and injects chaos-mutagen into the pure primarch geneseed, suddenly all but the oldest of new astartes mutate wildly, some devolving into animals, others retaining astartianity, all either die or are rescued by progenitor astartes, one scene a brand new ravenguard is being drug into a rhino by his seargeant, sergeant goes and stacks his buddies into the rhino with him, as he is the only old astartes. Days later corax and adeptus mech dude and chief apothecary try to figure out what went wrong.

buy the book you cheap fuck

>> No.20517446

Love you. hat did corax do to prove himself. WHy was this even necessary. Seems like this info should be given to all loyalist.

>> No.20517452

big E wasn't sure who is and isn't loyal.

Really it was a maze that only big e could open with anything resembling ease, but he couldn't be diverted from his bidness.

>> No.20517464

interesting. Do you think the infected primarch geneseed mean that no primarch can ever be created again or just a corax type primarch.

>> No.20517486


It was the pure gene seed that created all of them.

Pretty sure chaos corruption is forever, and fairly sure Big E isn't in any place to donate more.

>> No.20517499

Because the presence of a Primarch has a war-influencing effect.
Because they are the ideological focal points of the Loyalists and Traitors.
Because they are genius strategists and leaders in war and in peace.
Because thousands of years later they individually have the same influence as the entire tau species.
Because the Horus Heresy was largely fought between the Primarchs with their legions as proxies.
Because there is only 18 of them yet they shaped the fate of the galaxy.

Oh but wait there was actually 19 lol forgot about that sorry

>> No.20517500


Emperor couldn't create any Primarchs after the initial batch, and Corax's new marines weren't primarch level. You need more than gene-seed to make something like that.

>> No.20517527


>Because the presence of a Primarch has a war-influencing effect.

So has the presence of any daemon prince/phoenix lord/c'tan shard/warboss. Nothing one can't overcome, as shown by the Grey Knights' ability to deal with Angron and Mortarion, and their supporting forces.

>Because they are the ideological focal points of the Loyalists and Traitors.

Alpharius is the very opposite which is the entire point of him. The presence of loyalist primarchs leading the Imperium after the heresy did not lead to Imperial victory, they all died or disappeared. As for Chaos, it's Abaddon who commands the greatest loyalty and leads the most important Crusades, not any Primarch.

>Because they are genius strategists and leaders in war and in peace.

Any Space Marine commander is a genius strategist.

One living primarch more or less changes absolutely nothing. Especially when it is the sneaky runt of the litter. Alpharius, Omegon or both being alive doesn't change the character of their Legion or the galaxy at large.

>> No.20517528

It means they can't create a new chapter of custodes.

>> No.20517672


Do you even fluff?

>> No.20517693

I meant in the terms of a new genetic strain of Custodes-tier superhumans.

Each of the legions is genetically separate from the others, so there are 18 maybe 20 types of space marine dna you can get

There is only 1 type of Custodes dna you can get now, but it seems like Raptors were another type.

With the original gene seed you could make a variety of superhuman strains on the same level as the custodes, but with variation like you see between the space marine legions.

>> No.20517702

What about Grey Knights? Aren't they formed from the Emperor's geneseed? So they can still get shit from him. Why not make more primarchs? I bet the AdMech could replicate that process

>> No.20517704


When corax was initially sifting through it after they got to raven delve he pointed out that the material they had was fit to create a new primarch, however the process is so time intensive and they are missing massive pieces of it, it is more useful to them to create more astartes.

Essentially, they got a clock with a thousand different settings, and they knocked off parts until they had 20 or so.

Streamlining the process.

>> No.20517719


Grey knights are all psykers, which is a necessary part of selection.

All are literally " faithful " to the emperor.

Garro, believed in ole empy as a god.


>> No.20517963


>> No.20518021

"Amateurs talk about tactics and strategy, professionals of logistics"

This nigga, no matter how much Ultrasmurf hate, was the fucking best militar mind.

>> No.20518102

No, Dorn was a dickwad, especially with Sigismund being all ''hey daddioI got a psychic vision of failure if I go on this quest imma going to stay here and watch your back as it'll do much more good.'' then Dorns all ''You're Tearing Me Apart, Lisa/Sigismund!!!!!'' what a dick.

>> No.20518111

>head smaller than two of his fingers


>> No.20518131

That's been disproven, the implied reason that the Lion held back was to ascertain loyalties of each legion before walking into a trap, also he suspected Guilliman of harboring notions of a consolidated Ultramarines empire. As Dorn remarked to the Custodes General the Emeror is not the Imperium, the Imperium can ednure without as it is more important.

>> No.20518204

In The Outcast Dead Dorn is wearing a skirt. So no, he is not a badass, he is a sissy little girl in the body of a man.
Thats also the reason why he likes to build castles so much, he just wants to have his own giant puppet villa.

>> No.20518233

Have you seen a roman legion? They're all wearing skirts.

>> No.20518414

Sup fags, next time play nice or I'll break even more of your shit.
Yes I'm well aware he's been sitting on his ass for the past 10000 years doing jack shit and he was the least warlike primarch.
Also, wasn't the Lion butthurt that he wasn't Warmaster and Horus was? And what's the deal with SW and DA relations? Do they hate each other or are they bros to the end?

>> No.20518450


Guilleman was made even more badass by Dan Abnett. He claws his way along a ship's hull after being vented into space, and punches heads off with his BEAR HANDS.

>> No.20518498

The lion was pretty pissed, but then again he was a bit of a sourpuss, so he was always annoyed about something

Also, DA and SW are tsundere with eachother because of a fight Jonson had with Russ

Thing is DA represent Teuton civilization while SW represent vikings, so they're natural enemies

>> No.20518502

If so, Powerfists are definitely not bare hands
If not, enjoy the artwork.

>> No.20518583


No, in the book it is literally his bare hands. He was in ceremonial armor: He wasn't even armed. He was punching Word Bearers so hard they EXPLODED, and survived decompression without a helmet.

He later remarks: "What does not kill me is not trying hard enough."

(when he does fight, he uses a Lightning Claw and a Storm Bolter.)

>> No.20518661


holy shit.

>> No.20518683

>His chapter nearly wiped out the Thousand Sons. They were the Failsafe. The Chapter made to kill other chapters.

Nah. The Thousand Sons nearly wiped out the Thousand Sons. Space Wolves, Sisters of Silence and Custodes were just there to light the fuse of that time bomb.

>> No.20518697

And thus, we find out the Ultramarine's dark secret.


>> No.20518724

I'm copyrighting 'Ultra Bears' right now.

Everybody stay the fuck away from my chapter name!

>> No.20518735

guys don't do a google images search for ultra bears don't do it guys

>> No.20518736

Emperor couldn't trust other Primarchs. He mindmelded with Corax to see if he could trust him with it and gave him limited knowledge to be able to decode some parts of the Primarch Geneseed/Emperors DNA. Also, Dorn was too busy prepping defences and everyone else was afk.

>> No.20518760

Yeah, the thousand sons were quite alive and well.
Well, not so well. They were having a bit of a problem with the warp.
Then they got FIXED by Ahriman's little ritual. In the "repairs completed" way for the psykers, and in the "sorry, boss says I gotta cut yer balls off" way for the all the normals in the legion.

>> No.20518771

Fulgrim is the best. Naked in the snow it takes a dozen wtf powered lords to KO him, and he gets off on it.

Add to that his "lol titan" powers in the reflection cracked and you have a virtually unstoppable hedonistic killing machine.

Also who doesn't love hedonistic killing machines.. i mean seriously

>> No.20518772

Codex chapters are just mad that their organizational structure sucks dicks compared to the Space Wolves structure; which predates the Codex.

But, no, I guess it makes perfect sense to put your oldest guys in the retinue of your chapter master. The Space Wolves put their strongest guys there, but I guess if you don't mind waiting 300 years for replacements, that works.

>> No.20518783

What would Russ do to fix the Imperium if he gets back?

What would Lion do?

>> No.20518797

Russ? He'd murder every psyker around for sorcery in a totally non-hypocritical way, saying they're all aligned with Chaos, then declare that the Emperor was a heretic because he was also a sorcerer. He would then proceed to lick his balls while ignoring the fact that his legion is full of fucking mutants.
Then he'd dig some holes to hide his favorite bolter.

>> No.20518803


>> No.20518817

>He is made of pure meat. He eats raw mansauce.

>> No.20518819

Wait, the Emperor trusted Croax over Sanguinius?

>> No.20518865

Sanguinius was off the grid fighting demons. He'd been recalled but they hadn't heard from him or Khan, Guilliman, Jonson, etc. Vulkan was supposed dead. Emperor mind fucked with Corax when he returned to earth and saw that he was totally loyal, no doubts, "lets kill the traitors!" so trusted him. Which was a pretty big thing because Corax had spent barely anytime with Emps, being one of the last found or near enough.

>> No.20518866

Sanguinius was busy and didn't have his legion decimated by betrayal.

>> No.20518871

Legions by loyalty at start of the heresy, descending order
1 alpha legion
2 imperial fists
3 space wolves
4 blood angels
5 raven guard
6 salamanders
7 iron hands
8 white scars
9 thousand sons
10 ultra marines
11 dark angels.

>> No.20518879

Have you read Legion? They weren't the most loyal at any point.

>> No.20518894

Yeah the Cabal chose them because they were the least blindly loyal.

>> No.20518901

Aside from the obviously wrong Alpha Legion...

>9. Thousand sons

They were still practising sorcery, or at least Magnus was. How is that more loyal than the Ultra "Lead Imperium through Hell" Muhreens?

>> No.20518914

Roboute "I should have been Warmaster, no Ultramarine support for you, better practise fighting the Salamanders just in case" Guilliman was hardly the most loyal. Guy carved out his own Empire and kept it his.

>> No.20518933

I honestly don't know, because I refuse to read the Horus Heresy books, but who did he say that to?

I know he was a bit pissed about not being Warmaster but so was the Lion.

>> No.20518955

Exactly this. Roboute was dicking off at calth, and the twin primarchs chose to side with horus out of loyalty for the Emp. Not there fault that the cabal misread the ouji board. Magnus may have been disobeying, but he was loyal.

>> No.20518987

I think that's why Dark Angels are just below the Ultramarines at 11th spot.

>> No.20519001

I thought that was because of the rebellion fermenting on Caliban.

In my mind, Lion El'Johnson has always been loyal to the Imperium if not he Emperor. He seems to be typified as anti-chaos before it was cool for space marines to be anti-chaos.

>> No.20519002

Because Sanguinus held the eternity gate, by himself, against an army of traitors and daemons.

Also, he broke a Bloodthirster's back over his knee.

>> No.20519030

The lion was bench sitting to see who won, and blew luther and the other terran astartes to hell for wanting to go save the emp. Thats why he got sucked into the warp, and luther didnt. He was tainted

>> No.20519091

Except he's napping in the Rock

>> No.20519109

Dark Angel, with thine aching lust
To rid the world of penitence:
Malicious Angel, who still dost
My soul such subtile violence!

Because of thee, no thought, no thing,
Abides for me undesecrate:
Dark Angel, ever on the wing,
Who never reachest me too late!

When music sounds, then changest thou
Its silvery to a sultry fire:
Nor will thine envious heart allow
Delight untortured by desire.

Through thee, the gracious Muses turn,
To Furies, O mine Enemy!
And all the things of beauty burn
With flames of evil ecstasy.

Because of thee, the land of dreams
Becomes a gathering place of fears:
Until tormented slumber seems
One vehemence of useless tears.

When sunlight glows upon the flowers,
Or ripples down the dancing sea:
Thou, with thy troop of passionate powers,
Beleaguerest, bewilderest, me.

Within the breath of autumn woods,
Within the winter silences:
Thy venomous spirit stirs and broods,
O Master of impieties!

>> No.20519114

The ardour of red flame is thine,
And thine the steely soul of ice:
Thou poisonest the fair design
Of nature, with unfair device.

Apples of ashes, golden bright;
Waters of bitterness, how sweet!
O banquet of a foul delight,
Prepared by thee, dark Paraclete!

Thou art the whisper in the gloom,
The hinting tone, the haunting laugh:
Thou art the adorner of my tomb,
The minstrel of mine epitaph.

I fight thee, in the Holy Name!
Yet, what thou dost, is what God saith:
Tempter! should I escape thy flame,
Thou wilt have helped my soul from Death:

The second Death, that never dies,
That cannot die, when time is dead:
Live Death, wherein the lost soul cries,
Eternally uncomforted.

Dark Angel, with thine aching lust!
Of two defeats, of two despairs:
Less dread, a change to drifting dust,
Than thine eternity of cares.

Do what thou wilt, thou shalt not so,
Dark Angel! triumph over me:
Lonely, unto the Lone I go;
Divine, to the Divinity.

>> No.20519116

And then Vulkan was the good guy.

Seriously, though, I thought the fact that he just vanished after the Codex was signed was one of the weirdest pieces of the fluff. Even Alpharius was accounted for in some way, but the only good guy in the entire fucking setting just disappears?

>> No.20519126

more homolust here than in Code Geass and Legend of the Galactic Heroes

>> No.20519190

Vulkan ruled for about 3000 years before he took off. The Salamanders need to find 2 more relics, and he will return. Im wagering the final relic is a stasis tomb, with vulkan chilling in it. Lion was a backbiting, paranoid, tainted scum bag. The only reason he did not side with horus, was because he wasnt sure who would win.

>> No.20519206


>> No.20519207

What? No. He vanished after the Scouring. And they're short four Artefacts.

The Obsidian Chariot (fanon says it's a ship)
The Unbound Flame (nobody knows)
The Engine of Woes (nobody knows)
The Song of Entropy (nobody knows)

>> No.20519217

Don't doubt the guy that writes the Codex.

>> No.20519219

The Lion was loyal, he and the Night Haunter got into a few scrapes in the Heresy in the Imperium's equivalent of the Outer Rim, and Konrad kept taunting him about how since he spent so much time fighting the Night Lords (and keeping them from wrecking everything), and not on Terra, people would think him disloyal. Still doesn't change the fact that yet he was a paranoid loner with a superiority complex.

>> No.20519223


>> No.20519232

How the fuck is having the greater part of your legion and especially your fleet decimated, and being cut of from the rest of the galaxy by gigantic warp storms, all the while being unable to ascertain the loyalty of any of your brothers, "dicking off at Calth?"

>> No.20519251

>His wolf brothers were Courage wolf and Insanity wolf.
Go away.

>> No.20519259


You missed a few... and by a few I mean like 1/2 the freakin legions.

>> No.20519621


How'd he get there in the first place?

>> No.20520107


>I honestly don't know, because I refuse to read the Horus Heresy books, but who did he say that to?

>I choose to remain ignorant but please enlighten me

>> No.20520168

>So allow me to ask you this...why the FUCK do some people consider pussies like Sanguinus cooler than this guy?
Because Sanguinius managed to slay a blood thirster, while Russ went into the warp to find a non-existent object and got lost. Also Space Wolves are the most special snowflake chapter there is.
>Gaiz, gaiz, look at my chapter.
>Okay, so my chapter doesn't follow the codex Astartes, because fuck the Ultramarines
>They also hate the Inquisition because they kill innocents sometimes.
>Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, that they can transform into wolves, and ride wolves into battle.
>Their scouts are also a dedicated assault unit, because that is how cool they are.
>Oh, oh, they can also a fire a bolter one handed, because fuck everyone else, they also can get awesome wargear combinations like dual power fists, because fuck Calgar.
>Also, they don't have psykers, instead their psykers get their powers from Fenris.
>Um, um also they don't have any successor chapters, because of a geneseed flaw and when they tried to fix it the thousand sons messed them up, but they are still badass because they kicked their asses during the Horus Heresy.

Honestly if someone proposed a chapter like that to you, you would shoot it down too. The whole idea just reeks of special snowflake. Space Vikings I am cool with, hairy space marines who ride wolves and can turn into wolves, and name all of their ranks and units after wolves is retarded.

>> No.20520413

I want a Whitescars Codex. Would that hurt? Would that even be a crime?

Also, Iron Hands. Because the opportunity for wanking jokes would be wasted otherwise.

>> No.20520453

> Honestly if someone proposed a chapter like that to you, you would shoot it down too.
Then I guess it's a good thing that the Space Wolves aren't actually like that.

Either that or I missed the part where wulfen are no longer FAILED Space Wolf aspirants.

>> No.20520503

Sir, a question, did Leman Russ manage to hold the entirety of the Eternity Gate all by himself, all breaking the LORD OF ALL BLOODTHIRSTER'S back by slamming him across his knees?

Did Leman Russ go up to Horus's Battle Barge, did he walk up to the avatar of all four Chaos Gods alone, wounded, exhausted?

Did he manage to resist the temptation of all four Chaos Gods speaking to him all at once?

Did he, knowingly, battle an enemy he knew he could not defeat, could probably not even hope to inflict the lightest of wounds upon?

Because that's what Sanguinius did and this is why he is considered more badass than Leman Russ who didn't even manage to kill Magnus properly.

>> No.20520522

>Leman Russ

>> No.20520545

Wolf? He looks more like a "bear", if you know what I mean.

>> No.20520639


If there were any Primarch who deserved manly tears at his passing, it would be the golden haired geezer with the wings and the halo.

So, we've established that Sanguinius was the greatest Primarch - now, let's ask who the coolest Primarch was. My money's on Angron - the original Angry Marine.

>> No.20520658

I thought in some stories he cracked Horus' armour and that's how the Emperor got to him? Or was that something different?

>> No.20520687

Oh, he did, which makes his battle against Horus even more awesome simply due to the fact that Sanguinius, very well knowing he would not manage that and very well did not even in the slightest believe he could manage that, managed to do it, despite every single odd stacked against him.

>> No.20520951

Every time I see that picture, I hear The Scout:
>You'll never hit me! You'll never hit my tiny head! It's so tiny! I've got a freakin... such a tiny little head!

>> No.20521120

The only primarchs worth hating are Lion el Johnson, for being a fence sitter till the smoke was about to clear, and killing the loyalists in his own chapter just like the traitors at istavaan III. Luther and the terran dark angels, along with the Lord Cypher are loyal. Now, some of the Fallen have resorted to chaos in the last 10000 years, but there are many who just try to lay low. Lorgar, for letting Kal and erebus slowly poison him against his father, and Horus himself, for not listening to magnus in his fever dream.

>> No.20521153

>the lion is a traitor
John was an asshole and not all of the "fallen" were heretics, but Luther was the one who fell to chaos.

>> No.20522044


Space Wolves 13th Company, asshat.

>> No.20522050

>every time he lands a hit with the power maul


>> No.20522211

1.) The Space Wolves don't have a thirteenth company anymore. Or can I complain that the Emperor's Children are using chaos technology?
2.) Even if they were still part of the Space Wolves, the curse of the wulfen doesn't turn them into wulfen. They become more wolflike, but that doesn't turn them into wulfen. They just enter the primal bestial state that an aspirant enters after he first imbibes the Canis Helix but before he stabilizes it.

>> No.20522440

>This guy is the Chuck Norris of space marines.

>> No.20522555

>Or can I complain that the Emperor's Children are using chaos technology?

This makes no sense seeing as how they are a Chaos chapter now. So yes? You can? Just like how Space Wolves are fucking wolf transforming faggots.

>They become more wolflike, but that doesn't turn them into wulfen. They just enter the primal bestial state that an aspirant enters after he first imbibes the Canis Helix but before he stabilizes it

No one gives a shit you wolf-cock sucking yiff faggot. This was the entire point

>They become more wolflike

Neither me or the other guy who accused the SW of having a long list of Sue traits care about the technicalities of your special snowflake yiff genetics.

>> No.20522709 [DELETED] 

Right now, you're at name calling. I'm at counterargument. You're going to have to get up to AT LEAST contradiction before we can continue.

>> No.20522719

Right now, you're at name calling. I'm at counterargument. You're going to have to get up to AT LEAST contradiction before we can continue.

>> No.20522789

I would like a word with you.

>> No.20522816

>best primarch
>not perturabo

>> No.20522830

>best primarch
that's funny, that isn't a picture of Rogal Dorn.

>> No.20522846


Shouldn't his armour be yellow then?

>> No.20522902

>If Horus had written books, the Imperium would benefit greatly from reading them

"Commentarii de bello Orkium"
"Commentarii de bello Astra Civica II: bigger and bader"

>> No.20523005

"My name is Lemon Russ and I hate everyone of you".

>> No.20523124

Fulgrim would had written "The Misfortunes of Virtue WITH SPACE COCAIIIINNNEEEE".

>> No.20523142


I just want to know something. Fulgrim is no longer possessed, right? He is serving Slaanesh willingly, right?

>> No.20523179

>not realizing the splitting of the legions was so mutation and corruption of the Gene-seed could be easily discovered and eliminated
The idea is pretty sound. He probably just pitched the idea like a huge asshole.

>> No.20523302

I like Guilliman.
Dude was a good administrator.
While everyone was more occupied doing whatever, Guilliman was transforming Ultramar in one of the most decent places to live with

>> No.20523337

He meant Sanguinius had yellow armour

>> No.20524462


>> No.20524497

That's what "Fulgrim" claims. Whether or not it's the truth remains to be seen.

>> No.20524536

I can feel the wolf overtaking me ...it is a good pain

>> No.20524628

Hero and martyr ( + being nice to "normal humans") usualy help when "connecting" to your average Millenium 40 human.
He is basicly a Paladin
And he has wings! And red + black = One of the coolest colors combined

>> No.20524653

And what, praytell, is wrong with fags?

>> No.20525181

Significantly less that is wrong with Dark Angels, filthy traitor chapter.

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