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Has anyone played Black Crusade?

Stories? Interesting happenings? Funny rolls on the Gift of the Gods table?

Black Crusade General.

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You mean unlimited grenades general.

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Are you allowed to pick your own Armor Customization?

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I personally have no clue to the 40k universe (apart from the utter basics, the gods, who they are, factions etc) but love the idea of black crusade

Would really love to play in a game or two.

Anywho story
>playing as face-man, with a tech priest, and a gunslinger of Khorne
>recruited to rescue a few high priority heretics from a prison
>prison is on a dead world, nothing but expanse of desert teaming with a local fauna which half bear, half alligator thing.
>only two places on this entire planet, the port/local quarters for the off duty guards and the prison some 100km away
>acquire our way into this quadrant on a larger vessel, I convince a handful of working boys to jump ship to join us


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I really like Black Crusade for not restricting your character to class advances, and the Gifts of Gods are all kinds of fun. Dark Heresy and Black Crusade are probably my favorite 40k RPGs from FFG.

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Always wanted to play Black Crusade, but my group much prefers Dark Heresy. I can't complain, because hey, I still have games, right?

But I'd really like to try it out. Anyone up for organizing a game?

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>land at port, come up with ingenious idea that the gunslinger is a bounty hunter and here to drop off these boys to get us in the prison
>boys don't too kindly to that idea, gunslinger rends one in half with power sword, suddenly the rest don't think it's such a bad idea anymore
>get to port, held up by docking guards. Bribe them a few hundred, say we're gonna be quick and we'll be gone
>bluff roll: 12, fuckyea
>make our way over to the prison, drop off the working boys
>tech priest asks to use coms room to alert the bounty office to transfer our payments, head guard agrees
>I start sweet talking the head guard, say I like what he's done with the place, ask if he can give us a tour
>sure, wait, with your weapons
>well yea, it is a prison full of weirdos, I wanna be safe
>guard gives me the "not sure if srs" look
>roll to convince: 8
>"sure man, come on follow me

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Well there was one time the GM ran a module for RT which was adapted for BC.
In the module our ship ended up being trapped orbiting some planet thing.
Two characters get the bright idea of using a shuttle to hurl debris at the planet so see what happens.
GM says the debris is destroyed before hitting planet.
The two guys then decide to hurl a larger object at the planet, however the "debris" was serving as the monastery for the other trapped survivors.
The guys who did this recorded the decent and kept mentioning we should put this on Chaos-youtube

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Contibuting a GM's story:
>all human BC group
>a Renegade, an Apostate and Psyker
>a Chaos Lord tasked them in capturing an Imperial world, gives them a ship and crew, an sends a band of Chosen to oversee matters
>the renegade decides to attach 2 extra arms and buy the proper talents for fighting with shitton of weapons
>turns into an Ultimate glass cannon
>one of the Chosen gives the PCs the idea to take part in a tournament hosted by the Word Bearers, basically the loser warbands joins the victor
>the Renegade becomes the participant, manages to beat all, despite coming up against Slinnar War Machine, Ogryn Berserker, Blood Pact Demigaur, Pontifex Guard, Possessed Marine, Plague Marine etc.
>manage to put together quete a sizeable force
>it's invasion time!
>demolish the imperial fleet guarding the system
>proceed with the invasion, it doesn't go too well, it seems like the Imperials had been warned, paranoia ensues

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>>the Psyker and the Apostate become Slaanesh-aligned and mistreat the brutish renegade
>The Renegade ends up being persuared to embrace Khorne by a Daemon bound to the Collar of Khorne which she (random rolls for gender) took from the Blood Pact champion
>the Renegade discovers that the true purpose of the mission is to free a Khornate Daemon Prince imprisoned on this world
>also, they discover that one of the Chosen is named Lerneus. Alpha Legion everywhere!
>the invading force collapses into infighting

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Ran a Dark Heresy game one where the group was imperial guard, filled the rest of the team with NPC`s, one of the NPC`s a woman from a fudal world named Maggot had the Nascent Psyker elite advance.

So every time she got seriously hurt she manifested a random power, when they had a boss fight she suddenly manifested the Dark Heresy version of Burning Body and turned into a fire elemental. Three out of five party characters died, some to the boss some to his xenos pet and some to the burning inferno.

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>The Renegade takes whatever forces she can muster and makes a desperate dash towards the spot where the Daemon Prince is imprisoned, the Slaaneshi PCs, Alpha Legion and the Inquisitor with a Grey Knight Strike Team on her heels.
>End up successfully freeing the Daemon, killing the other Heretics, the Inquisitorial forces and Alpha Legioneers
>stands among the carnage saying "The strongest become stronger alone", the same words the Dark Apostle said to the Heretics before their departure for the tournament
>become an Exalted Champion of the Blood God
>leave the planet towards greater exploits
>the Slaaneshi players were pissed though
>thats proper Black Crusade by my standards

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So, Dark Heresy: Ascension is fucked, but Inquisitors are awesome. Has anyone ever thought about scavenging the good bits from Ascension and using the system from Black Crusade.

As for the advances, you can use humours instead. Nurgle: Melancholic, Khorne: Choleric, Slaanesh: Sanguine and Tzeentch: Phlegmatic.

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I don't get it

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I like the concept and early-game, but when it nears the end it becomes more like "Roll for forcefields: The Game", at which point my group usually just try to stay away from, combat and make shit up

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Does anyone have more of these gifts from the gods?

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That was pretty clever actually

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I don't know much abouot 40k, I collect mostly the art. What is Black Crusade?

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One of the RPGs produced by Fantasy Flight Games.
You and a group of 'friends' playthe role of a group of heretics. You can either be a flavor of a normal human or a flavor of a chaos marine. Then your group goes ahead and does whatever the fuck it wants that it can.

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Anyone have any more Black Crusade stories?

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Tzeentch is trying to turn my guy into a table. Why? Because Tzeentch is a dick is why. Fuck the 'gods'. Seriously.

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>My pocket watch has a slannesh drug addicts soul locked inside it by a Thousand Sons Sorceror.... She tries to get me high all the time.

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Did this guy die?

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Eh, you get that with all the games. I houseruled that you can make a called-shot with melee weapons to bypass the shields, ala shield-fighting in Dune. Move the weapon slow enough to get past the shield while still inflicting damage on your target. Tricky to do, but the only reliable way of getting through them. Lots of things about RT and BC annoy me when I GM though, I houserule my games like it's modding Skyrim.

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This is my first time storytiming, so bear with me. I have a story or two from the group I GM for. The game started with only two active players attending, a Psyker and a Renegade. The psyker died after one or two sessions due to rolls on perils of the warp and player rolled an Apostate after that. They both got themselves a minion or two to even the odds in combat.

>characters get taken as prisoners for heresies/crimes they haven't done
>prison officer sells them to pirates, cause he needed money for booze and there was shittons of prisoners anyways
>pirates are on an errand from a Word Bearers warband
>Word Bearers know/are convinced/make it happen that the Tyrant Star is going to pay a visit to Calixis sector
>Prophecy tells that from the mortal fodder they have gathered a mighty warband shall rise

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This weekend our Psyker rolled his much-wanted Slayer Limb. You should've seen his face.

Unfortunately for him, he's unaligned and the only weapon he was carrying at that moment thanks to last week's Perils of the Warp, was a shitty Bow I'd built him in a hurry.
You should've seen his face.

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Oh man. How pissed?

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Player in my second-to-last game got slayer limb twice. Plasma cannon and heavy bolter. GM literally threw up his hands in despair.

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>>20506824 continued

>thousands of mortal fodder is soul-marked to the Chaos Gods in a ritual
>mortal fodder is send to the planet that is going to have a visit by the Tyrant Star to "prepare the planet" for a raiding fleet
>whether they like it or not, the PCs are now heretics and now also on a long trip to a unknown place, locked inside a cargo crate along with hundreds of other people
>both characters are voidborn and as thus have never been on a planet, let alone a hive one
>they manage to escape the cargo hall and after many days of travel get to the underhive
>slowly rise in power, taking control of a few underhive gangs. Psyker dies at this point and apostate-ish NPC becomes a PC
>our wannabe-heretics decide that its time to up the stakes
>decide to Chaos up the upper hive
>end up in a midget-bordello located in the hive's Las Vegas for nobles
>infiltrate the bi-monthly totally-not-heretical fetish club gathering held in the club
>Renegade realises, that no, you are the Slaanesh and convinces a noble woman to take part in fetish whipping, thus killing her because she is on heavy drugs
>heretics kill the owner and take the club for themselves
>conduct ritual to summon "something sensual and otherworldly"
>ritual fails, apostate gains mutation through failure, pic related
>apostate realises its hard to be the party face if you, well, don't have a face

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Your GM should get technical. Have it so his body begins to break down at the massive consumption of his body mass/energy. Make it so he has to start popping a fuckton of chemicals and shit or modify his body in order to keep up with his own weapons.

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I would hate going to the toilet after both my hands got turned into manredning instruments of death.

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Ah, the gods can be merciless with their curses.
Slaanesh has obviously taken the apostate's face until he pleases her enough for him to return it.

Or maybe Slaanesh envied it enough to steal it for her wall of faces, to caress, causing the faceless apostate to feel an ethereal pleasure constantly.

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'Nutrient recycling.'
Eh. If it was my game that's probably what I'd have done, but he got very territorial early on about me not poking in with what I'd do in his position. Worst part is now I have no game and nobody wants to play or gm except me.

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>>20506871 a very very close [half of it may be near paraphrasing, but it was just sunday night, should be mostly accurate]
"Alright, Pick of of your weapons and mark it down"
"Any of'em right?"
"Any you have on you yes"
"oh shit"
"?... well its gotta be my Beamer [melta]"
"dude, no"
"you blew it up"
"... fuck.. FUCK... Someone throw me a fucking weapon, PLEASE!, I'll make my next two aquisitions FOR you I fucking SWEAR. Shit, Rich your guy has like six guns"
"All Integrals. Got'em all hooked up last week."
"Already slayered"
"You know I can't give anybody Goremaw"
"I couldn't let them toss you something for this, really. mechanically you get to pick the weapon, but really its the whim of chaos that just 'happens' it to you"
"fuck me"

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"Damn buttons....ahhhhh, i needed that toilet bre...*K-Chick*..... Please, please please, tell me that was not the sound of the safety going off..."

And that was how Karzochnk the Defiler acquired his chemgeld talent.

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So...how does it work for him, exactly. You said it's a handcrafted bow? Probably of lower than average quality?

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Infinite ammo on plasma, melta or exotics is rather nice.
our Slaaneshi Apostate got a Spore Caster done this way. Now its BEEEEEEEEEES everyfuckingwhere.

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>Renegade gets Reward of Slaanesh: a Daemon Weapon bolt pistol bound with a Daemonette for participating in ritual (this also explained where their daemon summoned by the failed ritual went, handily)
>heretics realise its not a good thing that they failed a summoning ritual, somebody might have noticed
>escape back to the underhive, after the Renegade insisted that they must get "more fitting" clothing as in him being decked out in something resembling a carnival outfit
>he fails to realise that he is the only one who sees the grandeur of his outfit, since he doesn't know that he has also picture related mutation
>heretics plan to get into a grand ball held by the Lord Governor of the planet
>handily they managed to squeeze some info how to get to the upper-upper hive(basically the living grounds of the nobles and governor)
>heretics manage to sneak/deceive their way in, Renegade wonders why nobody seems to notice his cool clothes or his bolt pistol, Apostate is finding it harder and harder to speak since his face is melting
>heretics bluff their way to the grand ball, telling everyone that they are some distant relatives of some unnotable noble family
>Renegades seduces a noblewoman with his lack of understanding of noble dance routines or etiquette, defiles a temple to the God-Emperor with her, kills her and "hides" the body on a trophy room pedestal

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Oh. Question. If I were to have obtained an Executioner Pistol off of an Eversor I killed, or a similarly locked weapon/exotic weapon. If it were to become a slayer limb, would it automatically become ulocked to me DNA-wise and would it become a sort of 'natural weapon' which would make it so I don't need the exotic weapon training?

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My Heretek is not completely incompetent in matters of survival. Its actually Good Quality... Which uh, gives it reliable. What can I say, Craftsmanship is my Pride, I HAD to go that far for nothing.

His arm is now a bow. Lost his hand, his forearm deformed into the bow proper, and its split down the middle from the elbow, out of which splinters of bone get fired by the long, sinuous bits. The bow-stave itself is lined with muscles which contract into the drawn state.

To help reduce the pain a little, the gm allowed him to use explosive instead of regular arrows as his slayer type. Its still crap though and he's permanently on a -10 to hit because of it.

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ymmv. We judged that until that's broken [on a coveted legion plasma], its not *yours* and won't get picked. Chaos helps those who help themselves

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>Apostate has convinced the High-Ecclesiarch of the planet to take him on a tour of the Governor's extensive library, for they both are interested in philosophy
>Apostate wins the High-Ecclesiarch in a philosophical debate, then tells a philosophical allegorial story containing the message "I am going to kill you right here, right now"
>Apostate proceeds to kill the man with a heavy book on the subject of Mortality of Man and Immortality of the God-Emperor, written by the same High-Ecclesiarch
>Apostate decides that now would be a good idea to conduct a totally sweet-ass ritual of summoning "something fitting and daemonic" by defiling the Arch-Ecclesiarch's still warm body
>Proceeds to succeed in summoning a Pink Horror, but the resulting Psychic Phenomena turns into a Perils of the Warp roll which turns into pic related
>Apostate burns shittons of infamy to not get his soul eaten by a Greater Daemon, all the while gaining shittons of failure corruption and getting the pictured mutation (it being the Tzeentch flavour, it was only fitting that the summoned Horror fused with the Apostate or something)

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>Instead of Lord of Change possessing him, a Bloodthirster is merely summoned, for the warp shall not be denied by foolish mortals
>Apostate decides that right about NOW would be a good idea to call the Renegade and make like a bat out of semi-literal hell out of the upper hive
>Heretics steal a shuttle and have a escape scene where the Bloodthirster is flying after them all the while its wrecking the whole fucking upper hive
>Heretics manage to escape the Bloodthirster down to the underhive, where they spend two weeks locked inside a reinforced cellar, hiding from the Bloodthirster
>The Greater Daemon has decided that this is a good time to open a major warp incursion and have some fun with the Khorne daemon-boys
>Later the Chaos raider fleet arrives, the hive is pretty much in ruins and the players are the only mortal fodder who have survived
>mfw when I just originall visoned that an adventure on a hive planet might be cool

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Can you post more of these mutations?
I'm finding these all pretty neat

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There is around 14 pages of mutations in the Black Crusade Core Rulebook, which you can find on /rs/. Also I off for a few hours soon, so don't have time to copy them all, sadly.

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Holy cow 14 pages of mutations. How awesome is that. Still, I've never fully trusted /rs/; i've gotten like, seven viruses from downloading from there.

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If you like mutations, check out Tome of Corruption from Warhammer Fantasy

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Forgot my pic

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>implying Flame Falcons are traitor

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Nobody else interested in converting Black Crusade for an Inquisitor game?

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Here's a question that's been bugging me since the game came out:

How do you handle characters with Fear effects (from Gifts for example)?

Are other PCs affected by the Fear, and if so, how often they should roll? And what about NPCs? How does the scary Lord of Doom and Death get anything done when his underlings run away, scared shitless?

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>Are other PCs affected by the Fear

Nah. They're only affected by fear from sources like hostile daemons (And the big ones, too, unless yours haven't been around long enough to find the lessers mundane) and suitable Imperial/Alien sources, like Astartes or Grey Knights, temple assassins, Inquisitors, that Phoenix Lord with the chain strap-on that reads "YOUR ASS" down the two-foot length of it and such.

Mind your PCs are working -for- chaos, they will get used to things like fear from minor sources. And just because Bob the Apostate has a fear aura of 3 now doesn't change the fact that he's still Bob and you've worked alongside him for 10 years. Sure he might startle you mightily, but he's still the same ol' mass-charming Bob. Granted, he might charm less of the masses now, but still the same fellow.

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>And what about NPCs? How does the scary Lord of Doom and Death get anything done when his underlings run away, scared shitless?

Applicable NPCs like Inquisitor retinues, or Imperial Guardsmen without a source of Into the Jaws of Hell or what have you might flee in terror. Slaves, and fellow heretics might bow to your character a bit more readily. Or maybe you're just feared as well as respected now if you already were not.

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I much prefer using Black Crusade as a system. I've run a one shot using BC for acolytes and it worked just fine as is really. I spose you could do a proper conversion, but seems like a whole bunch of effort for nothing really. Just houserule anything from ascenssion your PCs bring you that they like the flavour of and go for it.

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So do you guys use music for your Black Crusade games? I'm trying to get a collection together, so far I'm going to include the Rome: Total War OST, Dawn of War, random Gregorian music, and select songs from the Shin Megami Tensei series. I'm up for any song so long as it matches the theme.

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You could try the Star Wars: Republic Commando OST, its quite awesome. It has songs like http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VyuVz1_knGQ

More or less, fear tests should only be rolled when the thing that has Fear rating is hostile or in non-combat situations where there is something partically fear-inducing, like staring unprotected into the warp.

The fear system isn't really clear on what happens when a player with, like example the Pseudo-Daemonhood mutation like my group's Apostate, high fear rating meets something with as high or lower fear rating. How should a PC with Fear rating of 4 react to a daemon which has fear rating of 1? I don't think that they updated this part of the rules with that in mind, other than giving heretics +10 to fear tests.

I have been thinking of how to houserule it, maybe you could get (Infamy/2)x10 bonus to your fear tests and maybe having fear rating gives you immunity to Fear rating up to half your own if the target that has it is warp-spawned. So then a badass half-daemon heretic doesn't get his jimmies much rustled by a mildly scary looking mutant but when he meets a inquisitor of Ordo Malleus he might still piss his pants.

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I used Only War's aptitudes instead. Worked pretty well.

>> No.20511398

I don't know, it's not quite so freeform. How did you give out aptitudes?

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