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>A large cannon shaped object is on a planet exists pointing upwards as a Cybran ACU overlooks it
Doctor Gustaf Brackman: Status QAI...
>The cannon fires, burrowing into a webway portal
>Cut to Abbadon overlooking a screen with an image of the galaxy
Abbadon the Despoiler: DAMN YOU BRACKMAN!
>Scenes across the galaxy involve hordes of chaos worshipers running cross a battlefield, suddenly a wave of energy goes over them, light flickers in their eyes and they drop their weapons shocked at what they are doing.
The webway portal explodes.
Doctor Gustaf Brackman: Its finally over! (cont)

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Elite Commander Dostya: All Regions report complete decontamination and without input from the material all Inmaterium entities shall expire over the next five years.
Doctor Gustaf Brackman: Humanity is now free, Free at Last!
>The Cybran ACU walks into the sunset

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lol what?
thats some of the worst fapfic i've ever read.

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but then humanity gets fucked over by the tyranids because they can't use the warp to get around anymore

i don't think you realize just how badly this fucks over humanity and everyone else that needs to use the warp as a means to get around

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stupid umie! ORKS WIL SAVE DA DAY!

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Orks are just as screwed as everyone else, they use the warp to get around as well.

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orks can hold their own against tyranids, due to their reproductive system and the WAAAGH!

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Suddenly necrons.

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Orks take years to grow up from spores. Its too long term to be really useful for fighting off a nid invasion.

An Ork world that can't get re-enforcements from other parts of the galaxy is just as doomed as any other world. Even with the warp still working letting other Orks from across the galaxy join in the Orks are still loosing the fight against Hive Fleet Leviathan.

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suddenly Old Ones

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You just have to beat the Hive Fleets before they land

Starve the fuckers out and keep them from landing on planets before they get a chance

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keep in mind, wars can last decades, and orcs only get stronger as they age, also they can make equipment faster than tyranids can grow them

my idea is that orks' ramshackle equipment is enough to hold them back for gargants to be made

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Sure a conventional war , but a typical planetary invasion and consumption by nids is usually over in a period of weeks-months.

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have you seen an ork planet? there is everything from squiggoths to navies, orks are very good at defending, as you take out a clan and it will be back next summer

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and the idea of overkill is alien to an ork, as you can always add more dakka

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thats a lot lot harder said than done. They can deploy billions of landing spores in a matter of days over an entire planet.

Noone in 40k fluff has ever beaten a Nid invasion without killing the Hiveships in space, which you'll need you're own space fleet for.

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thats why there is very little ork fluff, because they are made for fightin and winnin

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Wouldnt the tyranophange (tyranid bacteria) just eat the ork spores on the micro level?

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You missed the point. Sure the clan could be back next year. But they won't because by then the nids have already eaten everything and moved on.

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every time an ork dies, hundreds of thousands of spores are released

think of a volcano erupting, there is going to be ash everywhere, no matter how hard it rains there is going to be ash coating everything, also those spores need to be incinerated to keep from still being "alive"

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you miss the point, they will be back next year as the tyranids will be long gone by then

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when is the last time tyranids did an exterminatus? they never have, they want to eat, and orks also eat, if the orks can hold their own they will survive indefinitely as they eat tryanids just as much as tyranids eat orks, so the fighting can keep going until the planet is stripped of biomass by both sides and they exist entirely by eating each other

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Tyranids "extwrminatus" every single world they visit. Too a further degree than most imperial methods. There is literally nothing left on a world devoured by nids. Not just all life eaten but all nutrients and minerals leeched from the soil and the oceans and atmosphere drained.

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orks usually need to be oribitally bombarded into death for the world to be taken, tyranids want to eat everything, orks dig in like tenacious mother fuckers

if an ork world did come under attak, they would probably get more assistance than ever due to them itchin for a fight

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A lot of the genetic information from the world survives though, if I understand nids correctly

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tyranids are ill equipped to fight orks as they cant blast the planet from space and orks fight happy, if ultramarines can fight off the nids, why can't an entire planet of orks?

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So...The Cybrans just essentially destroyed all FTL travel for the Imperium, leaving over a million inter-dependent planets to go through mass starvation and/or technological regression unseen since the Age of Strife, probably killed every Psyker in existence with Psychic backlash, killed the Emperor and all hope of a unified humanity with him, genocided the Eldar who are suddenly floating in fucking SPACE naked because their ships are made of Warp and just disintegrated around them, and left the entire galaxy completely defenseless against the three most terrifying races in the Galaxy: The Tyranids, the Necrons, and the Slaught.

Great fucking job guys, why didn't you just make a magic HUMAN-DISRUPTING virus instead and end it quickly instead of dragging it out?

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And how, exactly are you going to do that now that most of the Imperium is effectively cut off from naval support, and a good chunk of said naval support, along with millions of merchant ships and tens of billions of colonists are now lost in transit and effectively trapped in Hell for five years with every nightmarish denizen aware that its days are numbered and that humans are to blame? Everywhere that doesn't already have a fleet is FUCKED, and almost all of them will get overwhelmed eventually because reinforcements and major repairs are impossible. Really, humanities only hope is that there's a really fucking heavily fortified Forge World with a shipyard and at least three Titan Legions in the same system as an Agri-World, and even then it's still probably going to get shitstomped once all the Necrons wake up/The Tyranids bulk up on defenseless Human worlds/The Slaught get their game faces on.

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No FTL communication or travel for 5 times, in which time trillions would starve as hive worlds are cut off from their supplies?

Congratulations, you just caused a second Age of Strife.

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ANOTHER braindead vidya crossover thread? Don't you EVER grow a brain?

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dont worry, gork and mork will think of sumptin

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Unless you have rain that's been modified to multiply, seek out, and fucking eat ash?

For every Ork planet capable of going all Octavius or whatever it's called, there's going to be literally thousands of planets rich in biomass that will get eaten, and sooner or later the Hive Fleets will swing towards the planets with fucktons of active Genestealers IE the ones the Orks are fighting on.

It's only a matter of time until too many nids' show up for them to handle.

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Ork worlds are no harder for nids to devour than other races. Plenty of ork worlds have been nommed. Even the largest work empire isn't able to beat off a large hive fleet.

And no not even the ultra marines can beat
a hive fleet. The battle for macragge was won by the imperial navy in space

Sure within the Tyranids themselves. But thats only useful to the nida.

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"Tip of the spear my boy, tip of the of spear."

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Unless Gork can punch a hole through to realspace, everyone is either getting eaten or scraped off the bottom of a Necrodermis boot.

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genesteals can't work on orks, canon points out that they don't share the WAAAGH! and near by orks can sense this, also orks tend to kill what aint orky

its all a matter of how strong the ork world is and how strong the splinter of the hive fleet is, nothing can stand up against the massive wave of fuck thats slowly working its way into the galaxy

but i am a bit curious of how well a full strength black crusade could fight off hive fleet leviathan

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they are WAAAGH! entities, completely detached from the warp, which is why they weren't killed by the chaos gods like the eldar's

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Canon ALSO gave us a genestealer-ork hybrid miniature.

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They're a result of the effect of the WAAAGH! on the warp. That's how they beat up Nurgle.

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because one is cunningly brutal and the other is brutally cunning, and its not like they never entered the materium before

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canon also gave you chaos spawn minis, doesn't mean you should use them, also remember when noise marines carried guitars? they also got rid of the ork chefs

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It specifically says several times that Gork and Mork are Warp Entities in rulebooks. If the four big bads are stuck walled off from reality until they die, then the Orks Gods are too. Just because they're your favorites doesn't mean they're immune to everything because you say so.

Also note that I never said "Orky Genestealers", which HAVE happened in BL novels, just "Genestealers". As in, the kind of Genestealers that Tyranids use as shock troops regardless of whether they've infested the local population or not. A lot of Nids' fighting something in one place is going to draw more Nids' in.

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the dark eldar have the easiest time killing tyranids due to using poison on every fucking weapon

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ive been purposely fucking around, the tyranids and orks are pretty much equal, they both have huge fuck numbers, roughly equal in strength battle tactics, their units are on par with each other and they both are a bitch to paint

orks are more beneficial to 40k than tyranids because when tyranids show up its usually to kill a setting

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hey how much say does somebody opening a webway portal have over where it comes out? like, is the destination predictable, does there need to be specialized machinery present where the portal opens, or is it possible to open one up inside the core of a red supergiant star and just flood the whole fucking thing with extremely high pressure plasma?
also how much internal volume does the webway have? WOULD draining a star into the webway wreck all of it, or just a small corner of it?

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death by tyranids means they were hungry
death by orks means they were bored
death by chaos means you were in the way
death by space marine means you are a traitor
death by eldar means you are a tiny cog in a great plan
death by imperial guard means the emperor wills it
death by dark eldar means they are horny
death by SoB means you are a heretic

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webways are just tunnels in the warp, not even gods can force their way into them

over time many webway routes have collapsed or become difficult to use, on the more destroyed ones is where you find dark eldar

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Since their current codex, Necrons have been able to get into the webway too.

6e rulebook says the Necrons have entire fleets hidden there.

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How to ruin both SupCom and WH40k in one post.

OP is truly an expert in shitting outside the bowl.

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How do you upload a computer virus into a magic tunnel through hell built with brain powers?

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Not that difficult.

The Webway is filled with half-destroyed parts swarming with demons.

Since the Webway is stabilized Warp, the Necrons can easily get in there and just kill off all the demons, and just camp the shit out of those spots.

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never read sixth edition
i just imagined a perfectly clean bathroom and just a 6 inch pile of shit half a metre away from the toilet

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>no demons in webways
>stabilized warp implies its stable

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