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Sup /tg/
I bought CoC recently, and I've wanted to start a game as keeper. I have lots of ideas, but i can't bring myself to transfer them to the system, so i want to just run an example game from the book, or the 2 other campaign books i got. I have a few in mind, but I wanted to ask, any tips or stories of your own?
I want to have my first few involve mythos to keep things interesting but then i wanna go straight. Just an indenpendant race, or criminal activities disguised as "creepy aliens" mixed with actual non-mythos creatures.

tl;dr : Tips or stories of Call of Cthulu for a new Keeper.

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Op here, thank you

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Everybody dies.
Those who don't go insane.
San and HP left? Keep digging!

The premade adventures are very well made. The overall quality of CoC adventures and settings is magnificient and much better than what people are used to from other games. Use them.

Read a few short stories by HP Lovecraft. His style is very distinct and a great starting point for figuring out narrative focus and flow in CoC.

Stay within the genre. Don't go pulp. Pulp is great, but use Spirit of the Century for that. The premise is that events are much greater than any human could ever sanely grasp. Don't break that. Or do it with Delta Green or Laundry.

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The only problem i'm having is all my players have heard the stories of "every pc dies" so they don't wanna put any thought into their characters or personality because they believe they are gonna die in the first scenario. Possibly some will, they've only played dnd before and might need to learn if they rush headstrong, but otherwise i wanna avoid the straight up "are they dead yet?" thought.

I don't wanna make alot of pulp, but i figure "which mythos being are we fighting this week" ruins the whole feel of them not giving a damn about us, which is why i was just going to use creatures in the main book (vampires, mummies, etc) as the only non human thing in every, letsay, 5/7 adventures.
I've read the book and all of the mansions of madness books, so i think I have a grasp on the game, trying to create that feeling of insanity and horror to my players is what i'm thinking i'm going to be at a downfall.
I wanted to run Edge of Darkness as my first scenario with the group.

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read Lovecraft's stuff, there's some good compilations kicking around.
run Masks of Nyarlethotep. to date, it is my group's favourite adventure of all time for any system. I ran it Indiana Jones style, and they absolutley loved it

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That seems interesting. I bought Masks, haven't fully read it, just been stuck around the "gate to heaven." but considering one of my players is dedicated to being indiana jones, that might be good. I still wanna run a quick oneshot before hand though to get them into the world. Did you do many changes to make the indiana jones style?

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I made a lot of changes actually. I played it as if they were actually heroes, not just investigators doomed to die/go insane. During the pyramid scene, I had Nigel and some British MI6 agents help fight a la James Bond.
Some of the clues and places to investigate are really hard to catch if the players aren't master slueths, so you may need to feed them a bit.

During Kenya with the firestarting guy, I added a rooftop parkour chase. And lastly, you can never run out of mooks to have killed. My players for legions of stormtrooper esque cultists that died in droves.

O, and if you can, develop some good accents for all the foriegn characters. My Silas N'kwame was a mix between Jamacian and Norwegian. He quickly became my player's favourite character, and they turned him into a butler

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> all my players have heard the stories of "every pc dies" so they don't wanna put any thought into their characters
CoC is clearly the wrong system for your group. If they're not into conflicted doomed characters then you should play something else for now.

BRP is still great and you can use your CoC books for any genre you like. But if the first thing your people will check is the weapons table then they will be disappointed, not only by the 20 or so guns available.

Alternatives were mentioned, some even use the same crunch. Let me add Savage Worlds and conclude.

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What era are you looking for?

Anyway, for the independant race, you might be interested in Serpent men.

You can pull off David Icke-style conspiracies.

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I was going for 1920's and Serpent men I wanted to look more into, along with star vampires. Independant races that could be in the same room as them and they'd be none the wiser.

They just think that is how the campaigns start, climax and end, with total team kills. I've talked to one so far when i've had the chance and he's interested, they just didnt want to have to remake characters 4 times a sittting. That same friend is looking into savage worlds.

I'll get started on learning accents then haha. But I'm probably going take those ideas for my maskes then, although maybe not them as heroes.

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Well, Serpent Men, Mi-Go, Tcho-Tcho, K'n-Yani, Wendigo, certain Ghouls.

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Don't forget the the great race of Yith.Those guys are always fun.

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Run Delta Green.

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What are some good campaign books for this setting?

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I still have no idea how to pronounce Cthulhu.

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You're not supposed to.

Try K'-TOO-Loo.

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For DG? Just check out the main books. They are full of good stuff (Scenarios, characters, background fluff etc).
Also check out the new DG webpage they have some other scenarios and fun stuff on that too.

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Four things to remember as a keeper:

1.Let the players know what they're getting into.
Players need to know it's challenging and it requries a little more brains. Not much because survival is really just a matter of luck. Don't tell them that though.

2. Don't try to kill the n00bs. They're probably going to die on their own. Don't make it harder because you may turn some of the people at the table off. Play two starter campaigns by the numbers and then put the screws to them.

3. Let them know how the game works.
It took me three story arcs to realize that Library Use was the most important skill in the game, learning other languages, especially latin, was essential, and you could learn magic BY STUDYING MYTHOS BOOKS. Seriously. We got left in the woods without to two sticks to rub together and our keeper expected us to survive. Screw that guy.

4. Let players retire their character...if they choose to.
If a player gets a Mythos of 15 or higher and a sanity of 20 or higher, give the player the option of making their character an NPC. It solves the sanity or death fear that a lot of players get. Also, it's fun to have a grisled veteran telling Mythos-nam stories.

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They're is a pronounciation key in the sixth edition book

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See, that's how I said it and then a friend corrected me. Phonetically (his opinion, not mine) it's K-thoo-loo.

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I read somewhere once that it's a bit further from the actual spelling. Like, "Kh'loo-loo".

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You're...mocking me, aren't you?

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What? No, I'm completely serious. The pronunciation guide told me that you pronounce the second consonant as an L.

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Same guy. Found it on Wikipedia. By that I mean "Khlûl'-hloo", which is (one of) Lovecraft's self-interpretations of it.

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In the core book, it mentions common nick names
One was Thu thu.
My party won't stop talking about thuu thuuuuu as if it was a kids show character. And we havent started playing yet.

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The word is seriously not meant to be pronounced by a human tongue. That's why it gets a bit iffy.

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I usually say K-thoo-loo, but if I really want to go for the effect (say, it's a cultist or something saying it), then it's a phlegmy back-of-the-throat "Khlul-hloo". It's not supposed to sound like a human word at all.

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