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Or iz it stomp 'nd krump?

Ork general

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I hear meganobz and nob bikers are pretty good in 6e

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meganobz are ok, they can stick it out now against power swords. But still slow

I suppose they're a lot more threatening as krooze missiles now

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Apparently Flash Gitz aren't as horrible anymore? Some guy a few days ago was saying how they're actually a fun, really blasty suicide unit.

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rolled 30 = 30

They're better, but still overcosted.

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gitz are still shit

especially with ork artillery being awesome

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Alright, so I haven't played a 6e game yet.
Everyone in my FLGS is taunting me because I run BattleWagon Blitz and they say I'm gonna get tabled every game because of Hull Points/KFF changes.

So... Is this true?
If it is and the BattleWagonz have fallen from grace... how do I fix a list primarily built around BWs shootaz lootaz and KFF?

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i think runtherd's Grabbasticks are now useless; if they aren't charged (i.e. front of unit) their grabbasticks don't come into play till I2 :P

do like the overwatch fire malarky; it's great to not get the charge these days :D

>>pic related
WIP of my "blue" ammorunt :D

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No trukkz are useless, battlewagons are your only transport now.

KFF got worse but it's fine.

Vehicles becoming shitty actually makes Orks stronger because they have trouble killing vehicles. Are battlewagons weaker? Yes. Does the inability to disembark and tankshock hurt? Yes. Are battlewagons bad and should you be made fun of? No.

Five up cover is still five up.

BWs Shootas Lootas and KFF are 90% of the good ork lists.

Lootas are unbelievable how good they are now.

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They're fine in a large game. "Ignores cover" means that space marines sitting in a ruin on an objective are easy pickings.

"I rolled ap3 and 15 hit so that's 15 dead"
"but that's my last scoring unit"

MSU indeed, yet with the point cost for flashys they're only viable in high point games.

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rolled 9 = 9

Put a bunch of burnas in the battlewagons with 3 of them upgraded to meks. Repair hull points each round.

Or lootas for that matter. A mobile firing platform actually works now. That is if you don't mind snap shooting.

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Eldar shits on orks anyday

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burnas and meks are a good pair

speaking of, should I run my meks with big shootas? I should right?

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Yeah well that's just like your opinion man.

Last time I saw an Eldar general thread I was polite and stayed out, I didn't want to shit it up with my anti-eldar hate speeches. The truth is I love every army in 40k but my greenskins are my favourites. Take your trolling elsewhere, perhaps /b/ would be a better board for you.

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Like the KMB is so good, but it's better when paired with lootas since lootas shoot vehicles a lot. Burnas never shoot vehicles so the meks with KMB in burna squads are kind of herp derp so since burnas shoot infantry I should run them with big shootas right?

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I wont continue and make you cry because you've said it with some class. Now i shall proceed to rip out the pubes of the entire US population. With that hair i shall knit you a nice hat.

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I can always use another hat, bye bye :)

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rolled 65 = 65

It doesn't REALLY matter since most of them will repair the shit out of your wagon.

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Yeah but that wagon WILL die, then what?

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Or, if they repair so much should they just be modelled with KMB in the off chance I want to stick them in with lootas?

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I love you so much right now.
Have a picture from my Ork folder.

Also, how do Orks fare versus CSM? How well do the two work together as allies?

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Aw fuck it, time to dump my Ork folder.
Gonna give back to /tg/ for once.

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It's my pleasure, for the record I'm the OP and I chased away that eldar.

Orks versus Chaos?
Fun games, they're not OP marines and unless your opponent spams forgeworld fliers the game will be run of the mill.

Crazy things will happen if you run crazy units (flash gits shooting at oblits then rolling AP 1 = profit) but for the most part you'll shoot or chop his stuff, ghazgul compares well with abaddon, karn is poo when compared against our stormboy hero.

Mob up his units, outnumber him, cap the objectives, never charge a defiler.

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Should probably note, I'm mostly going to/dumping vehicles and conversions.
Hope that's not an issue.

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This paintjob makes me wet

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Captcha can suck my dick.

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Now its mostly unpainted conversion/kitbashing.

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What should I use for bomb squigs /tg/ some faggot sniped my ebay bid for an oop metal pack.

Should I just get a set of fantasy squigs?

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And that's all the truly noteworthy stuff out of my Ork folder. The rest is just GD-level Ork paintjobs on infantry and similar stuff.

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Probably, there's no good way to get tankhammers and squigs, fortunately tank hamers are piss easy to make.

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I went a little...


Counts as a GrotZooka.

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oh...oh shit

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I like it

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This is the closest I can get to expressing my sheer joy and excitement upon seeing this model.

And it's not even close.

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What does /tg/ use for bomb squigs? fantasy with gubbins glued on?

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(While I would never advocate buying something when you can scratchbuild / kitbash it yourself, looting ideas is another thing.)

How about something like a Goliath tracked mine as a bomb squig equivalent?

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Oooooooh I like it, since I'm deathskullz I think those would be more death skully!

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about $25 for these bomb squigs, I might be able to find fantasy squigs for cheaper though...

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really? I only see squigg sets for more than that

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Posting orky armored vehicles because why not.

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>the image server does not like me for some reason
While I'm at it, here's a question:
Out of the ork vehicles in IA8, which is the best option for building a tank killer?

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>> No.20498122

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why even bother using a leman russ?
Why not just get a 5 dollar toy if you're going to cover it all up anyway

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Soopa-Kannon on a Big Trakk (lighter chassis), or Battlewagon (MBT/Tankhunter chassis). Provided of course you still want it playable in 40k.

If you're going for Apoc only, then I forgot the name of it, but it's the FW 2-structure tank with the variable ammo, iirc.

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>does not into bitz, kit-bashes, or conversions

Not every kitbash ork vehicle is using an entire model. I personally have about half a sentinel or 3 in the form of just legs, somewhere in one of my boxes, along with 3/4s of a russ, and 1.5 Battlewagons in various states of assembly. Odds are good I will probably never finish those projects now.

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So it has the profile of a leman russ you fucking philistine

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>the FW 2-structure tank with the variable ammo
You mean the Kill Krusha / Blasta / Bursta?

New question: Assuming Codex: Orks only, could a killkannon battlewagon with deffrolla and max rokkits do the job?
(just trying to account for all possibilities, you understand)

Seconding this. Also: buying individual pieces.

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If only they would have left of the arm. Ork urban mech in 40k FUCK YEAR URBY!! Still awesome though.

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I wish orks could have access to assault guns

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>You mean the Kill Krusha / Blasta / Bursta?
Yeah, it's one of those. iirc one has a short range 'demolisher-type' gun that's pretty good. Another is an infantry-chewing machine, and the third has a turret with a decent cannon on it that has 3 separate ammo types, and a random 1-in-6 chance that the grots loaded the wrong ammo (potentially). Without looking at the stats, I seem to recall the ammo-variant one being the better all-around tank hunter, with the short-ranged death ordnance being good if you get up close.

>New question: Assuming Codex: Orks only, could a killkannon battlewagon with deffrolla and max rokkits do the job?
It could work. The Battlewagon + Killkannon and Rokkit(s) is a popular setup to represent a Looted Russ without actually fielding IG allies. You can also throw some shootas or a unit of Grots on-board to make it capable of getting scoring units onto an objective. Deathrollas are the standard go-to for dealing with vehicles, but are predictable and easily outmaneuvered if your opponent isn't retarded. Still though, Killkannon, Rokkits, and Deathrolla can work, though will be expensive. I'd probably put something like burnas with a few meks on board, to keep the thing running, but that's just adding to the egg-basket.

One thing's for sure though, Zzap Guns are STILL fucking terrible.

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I just wish Orks had someone who actually liked the army, writing the book. And not some panzee-sucking developer who opted for a very eldar-like approach, with fewer guns. They needed more options, not less.

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rolled 82 = 82


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rolled 17 = 17


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rolled 57 = 57


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rolled 94 = 94


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If only GW wasn't such a shitty company.
And there's really nowhere else we can go to get our cockney fungus space orc fix.
I mean there might be another game with something close enough for a counts-as, but if there is, I haven't heard of it.

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rolled 67 = 67


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rolled 50 = 50


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Lemme guess: Stormboy Nob?

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rolled 2 = 2


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rolled 93 = 93


>> No.20498736

rolled 53 = 53

im thinking more stormboy warboss

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rolled 2 = 2


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rolled 78 = 78


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rolled 48 = 48


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rolled 78 = 78


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rolled 99 = 99


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rolled 85 = 85


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rolled 87 = 87


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rolled 98 = 98


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Hell yeah, Blood Axes. I remember watching the thread where that guy sculpt that beautiful warboss on the-waaagh.

>> No.20498803

rolled 57 = 57


>> No.20498947

Anyone know of a way to make a decent Blood Axe Nob/Boss that doesn't require godlike sculpting skills?

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>forgot image like an idiot

>> No.20499017

Gather up enough relevant bits for whatever army you're aiming to mimic, and cover him in them as appropriate, while keeping to less of a "pack-rat" style (which is more common with Deathskulls). Try to modify the model to look more like a commander, or self-righteous douche-bag from whatever army your aiming to resemble. Add some rivets, more rivets, and yet more rivets, as well as some orky glyphs, icons, and logos, to complete it. For maximum swank, have him literally copying the pose and equipment setup of a particular character so that it's recognizable.

>> No.20499031


Oh and one more thing... If you're copying IG (most common), then give your warboss a ludicrous number of medals.

>> No.20499318

how many attacks does a shoota boy get in close combat?

>> No.20499339


And the Kommissar (read: Nob) should have an improbably large hat. And don't forget PAULDRONS. 'Umies use PAULDRONS to signify dey'z biggest.

>> No.20499362

Ork boys have two attacks standard. A shoota would not effect this.
A slugga boy gets an extra attack due to having both a CCW and a pistol.
Then you add up any other bonuses.

>> No.20499376

In the rulebook, it says a model gets it's base attacks listed per it's Attack characteristic (in this case, 2), +1 for 2 close combat weapons, and +1 for charging. Shootaboyz therefore receive 2 base attacks, and 3 when they are charging into combat against only 1 enemy unit.

>> No.20499388

Pauldrons are a beakie thing. You don't bother with them unless you're copying the beakies.

>> No.20499482

I have no idea where I'd get a peaked cap large enough for a nob, though.
I can make a decent patrol cap (see image) using plastic sheet and tube, but anything more complicated than that would be beyond my skill.

Not necessarily. All of the important 'umies either have a huge hat, or huge shoulderpads.
If you looted both, then you'd be DOUBLE FLASH.

>> No.20500162

any idea on how that was posed?
Wanting to make an Iron Nob, but no idea how to change the legs

>> No.20501278

Where's the best place to get a lot of lootas for cheap?

>> No.20501288

is it worth starting an ork army with a 4 year old codex ?

are half the models bound to be scrapped ?

idk wat2do

>> No.20501664

Orks are strong than ever with the current codex and there won't be a new one for awhile.

Get lots of boyz and your units won't be scrapped.

So yes, it's worth starting an ork army.

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I'm thinking of looting a Space Marine Drop Pod. Put it on its side with the bottom facing forward. Slap wheels on it. Cut out the interior, replace with gubbinz. Cut out the former bottom, add cannon. Keep flaps movable, add gunners. Magnetize a deffrolla.

You can now field a drop pod as either a looted tank or a battlewagon. :3

>> No.20503813

no that's stupid

>> No.20503861


>> No.20504156

Is it stupid? Yes.
But this is the orks we're talking about. If there's any army that could get away with it, this is probably it.

>> No.20504187

Currently putting my konvershun skills to work on a vehicular combat homebrew, but I've got some Burnas that still need painting and some Warbikes I ought to finish up...

>> No.20504193

>vehicular combat homebrew
Sounds interesting. Details?

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So I got a bunch of boys from a friend and then bought AoBR and this is what I'm planning:

2x 30 Boys: 17 Slugga, 10 Shoota, 2 Big Shoota, Rokkit Launcha, Ork Nob with klaw, bosspole, eavey armor, twin-linked shoota

2 Looted Tanks with Boomguns

5 Nob bikers: 3 Skorcha combis, 2 rokkit combis, bosspole, klaws for most. (Kitbashing the 3 deffkoptas I have for the 3 of the bikes, have 2 old plastic kits for the others) With the new edition, would it be better to have them with more twin-linked big shootas?)

Warboss: Power claw, bosspole, attack squig, twin-linked shoota

Planning to scratchbuild 3 Zzap guns for my third heavy support.

All of these put me at about 1200-1300 points. To kick it up to 1500 I was thinking of throwing in a Big Mek or a wierd boy.

Theme-wise I was going with Ork Freebooter Kaptain carrying around a retinue of ork meks as they travel around. So Pirates + Super science! I am mostly going with what I have on hand as its far cheaper that way but once I get done with this batch I'll start including more and more themed units as time goes on. Like my own scratchbuilt grot tanks and grot missiles.

>> No.20504341

Meant to ask for your guys opinion of it, since I'm still new to 40k. (Though not to wargaming in general)

>> No.20504711

Double check the codex. I'm pretty sure that some of that stuff isn't legal.

For one, you can't take a mixed slugga/shoota mob, and a Boyz Nob can't take a twin-linked shoota.

Also, zzap guns suck. Take lobbas or kannons instead.
Wierdboys aren't worth it either.

If you go for a Big Mek, give him a Kustom Force Field and use it so shield your boyz.

>> No.20505530

I demand moar pics!

>> No.20505801

How about you start?

>> No.20506043

>Want to finally get some meganobs now that they've gotten a buff
>15 pounds for one failcast meganob on GWs website
>23 fucking pounds for a failcast Ghazghkull

Fuck you GW, fuck you

Off to Ebay I guess

>Meganobs on ebay go at a ridiculously high price and are usually snatched up instantly


>> No.20506081

Get some AOBR nobz from Ebay
Get some sheet styrene + tubing
Build some zoggin' MANZ

It's just a bunch of square shapes, pistons, and wires. Shouldn't be too hard as far as scratchbuilding goes.

(image related) is a warboss rather than a nob, but you get the picture

>> No.20506088

>forgot to add
Also: it's not like you'll need that many of them, right?

>> No.20506443

Zzap gun's don't suck their just inconsistent, however, they do average out at about strength 7, which isn't to bad and can have the potential to be shooting out 3 strength ten shots at BS3, I find a squad of 3 with a Big Mek SAGunner can be pretty effective.
Lobba's on the other hand, provide Anti-infantry in a heavy anti-infantry army, and don't have the benefit of being able to switch from anti-infantry to anti-tank like the kannons do.

>> No.20506471

By Gork and Morks Ballsacks....

That's nice.

>> No.20507776

we'ez da green skinz, we'ez da bestest most shootiest most choppiest of dem all!

>> No.20507831

Now I know what to do with all my extra nob bitz I have lying around

>> No.20507884

aren't MANz larger than nobz though? And you still need 40 mm bases

>> No.20508802

I'm pretty sure converting nobz to meganobz doesn't work

>> No.20509311

Warbikers are fucking expensive, is there a smart way of getting them /tg/?

>> No.20509489

I've seen a couple of people convert the deffkoptas from AOBR into bikes/trikes

>> No.20509643


But those aren't nobz

>> No.20509827

What I did with AOBR orks and battleforce:
take the aobr nobz and saw off their torsos. Slap em on the regular bikers legs (you cant tell the difference between the nob legs on a bike) and put them on the bikes with preferred weapons, etc.

You can also take a aobr deffcopta that you're willing to butcher and follow this tutorial:


However the bikes are very large this way and barely fit on the base, so I did this with only my warboss doing a wheelie, which looks awesome.

>> No.20510161

Also, you'll notice that there's only one set of nob biker handlebar arms included with the biker boyz. You have three options: Just go with the boy arms if it looks like it won't be that noticeable, use some careful conversion work to saw off the pistols off the nobz and adjust the hand to fit on the bar, or let them ride in a bike holding their weapons with no hands on the bars, like a propa ork.

>> No.20510633

I'll look over this stuff thanks

>> No.20511022

Anyone have a picture of a nob standing next to a meganob?

>> No.20511120

From left to right,

And I think the Nob in question is the one from the Boyz box, so a "real" one would be a bit bigger.

So yeah, there isn't much of a difference size-wise.

>> No.20511691

Is it worth just fielding boyz in a mob now? Or are PK nobz still very necessary?

>> No.20511848

>And I think the Nob in question is the one from the Boyz box, so a "real" one would be a bit bigger.

It's not. That's a metal one. The nob in the boyz box, is the same size as a boy.

>> No.20511871

PK Nobs have always been a necessity. Even in the days of 3rd ed. They are STILL a necessity, because you need something (*anything*) that can save your ass from dreadnoughts and monsters, and allow the mob to do something against a wider variety of targets (such as tanks). PK nobs are a Necessity, and giving that same Nob a Bosspole is highly recommended.

>> No.20512435


Might you know whether or not the Nob in the Warbiker Mob box is as big as a regular Nob?
Is it smaller? Is it the same size?

Thank you in advance.

>> No.20512557

I'm fairly certain that biker nobz are the same size

>> No.20512730


As allies they do very well together

Orks provide all the bodies and chaos gives you stuff to open up metal boxes easier

>> No.20512909

Orks ally with everything.

Orks + Eldar

Farseer gives good psych defence and other options open metal boxes

>> No.20513001


cool story

poster that poster was responding to asked how well they allied together with chaos and I answered .

>> No.20513698

I'm just saying that you just saying chaos and orks ally nicely is shit.

Orks offer one thing to any army (bodies) and in return they get things to cut open some tin cans.

To be fair the best allies are eldar because that farseer.

psyc defense up in my brain

>> No.20516526

time to start working on my bikes :)

>> No.20518407


>> No.20518493

>The nob in the boyz box, is the same size as a boy.
It baffles me why they did this, the "nob" in the boyz box is a right runty fucker and looks like shit. especially next to the propa nobz which are awesome.

>> No.20518723

Let me straight this up in my mind. A 30 boy squad of orks led by a nob is 30 + 1 nob or 30 orks with one being a nob?

>> No.20518916


The latter

You upgrade one boy to a nob, you don't add a nob to the mob

This is the same reason you can choose to give the nob a big shoota or a rokkit launcha, not that you'd want to

>> No.20519444

I have a rokkit nob, I had to cut the hand off the rokkit launcher and stitch it up with a shoota piece

>> No.20519559

Pic related for rocket buggies, link related for warbikes.

>> No.20519587



>> No.20519654


Nah, I paint my gunz BLOO cuz bloo iz best!
Wot? No I've had dis 'un 'ere for ages! Iz my favourite!

Oooz "Pounda" yew say? Da shoota is pounda you git!
'Cuz he pounds 'em ya see?

You say you're 'Pounda'? Are you saying I'ma thievin' git? I'LL KNOCK YER TEEF OUT! WAAAAGH!

>> No.20521692

Anyone wish you could take up to 5 buggies in a squad?

I mean you can have 5 Gun Trukks a squad!

>> No.20523874

I play deathskullz because they best reflect who I am as a person.

I mean, being an engineer comes with its perks.

If we believe something works then it must be true. (I'll just round gravity to 10, just to be safe)

If I take apart the toaster and the remote I can supplement my speaker system.

Building and programming and making.

Most importantly though, the beer.

Orks do five things (meks do six!): Fight, Eat, Sleep, Loot and DRINK! (mekz build)

I wish I could taste fungus beer, I'm sure it's divine (false it's probably just Budweiser since it's made from ork shit)

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