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So a friend of mine and i are looking to get into table top games, mainly W40k, i was wondering if any of you fine gentlemen have any recommendations.

Personally i'll be making an imperial guard army while he's looking to do dark eldar.

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bumper crops

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only get grey knightS!!! they have way better kit than anything and best strentgh for your points!

my friend max had IG and i beat him EVERYTIME!!

but sometimes james with his ultra marines beats me cause he uses a 'stomp rule' when his libarian jumps out of the valkyrie and stomps my king

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listen to this guy. Grey knights will stomp any and all xeno and IG fagoots

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Well, first and foremost, you want to decide what kind of army you want to do.

Take guard: You want to do mechanized? Fast moving? Elite troops? Mass wave assaults?

So, you pick the theme you want, and then you go and make yourself an end state, a list at say, 2500 points where you want to end up.

So now that you have an end state, you pair that shit down, bring that army to say, 500 points, bare minimum. You buy that and build it, and play around. Since you have a buddy, it'll be easy for you two to get games with each other, but try to play against other people as well, so you don't get stuck in a vacuum.(A good idea might be to have you and your buddy ally up against one person, so you both get to see a bigger game, while your opponent is more likely to have a 1000 point list handy).

From there, it's just a matter of adding to your list as you want. Your 2500 point list will help you stick to a goal instead of just buying randomly, but at the same time, don't be afraid to modify it based on your tastes and what you discover about the game.

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Thanks for the serious post, we're looking at going in this saturday and building an army from there followed by a painting session.

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And remember, more than anything else, that the hobby is about you having fun.

So do what is fun for you, not what others think you should do. People think your list is shitty? If you're happy with it, fuck-em. Don't like painting? Don't paint. Want to win? Well, build a winning list. Be prepared for people to bitch, but do it anyways.

There's always some give in making the game fun for your opponent as well, but the point is, don't make the hobby tedious by trying to conform to what others think. Do what you want, that's the point.

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Guard huh? Don't listen to team killing faggots from Grey Knights. All you need to win is your men on the field, lasguns in hand, tanks at the ready and the Emperor at your side.

Do you know of any other players in your area, or will you mostly be playing your Dark Eldar friend?

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I've spent more money than I care to recall... it was and is worth every penny.

I personally play CSM, mostly because i'm in love with emperor's children both fluff and crunch wise.

Dark eldar are awesome, but in over a decade of play I have never once faced an IG player. I'm often told I am the only emperor's children player anyone has ever played... I long to fight IG...

My tips are simple, buy the codex first. Get a feel for the point size you want to play, plan and then buy your units. Take your time painting them, it is better to field a grey model than it is to hate your pain job.

Get some blue wolf or equivalent, your skills will one day exceed your tolerance of older paint jobs.. you'll want to redo them or replace the models.

Have fun.. and ignore broken armies. Some people never shut up about them, eventually we all seem to get a turn at table stomping.. it's not a big deal.

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Don't go Grey Knights, they're a trap, and are an exercise is frustration to play.
Go Necron, enjoy never losing.

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A good suggestion would be to head to a store and see if anyone is around that's playing the armies you guys are interested. You can watch them play or even ask if it's alright if you use their army for a game or two, some will let you, others might not. But basically get yourself a demo game or two so you can find out if you like the game before you invest.

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Don't listen to des gits, play Orks.

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That's what i was aiming for, i know IG isn't the best in this universe but i just like their style and units.

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Speaking of, I'm going to repost a question I saw in an earlier thread. It never got answered, and I feel bad for the guy. I didn't post it, but maybe the OP can read it and be happy.

"/tg/, I'm poor. I have an army I just purchased from a guy for a song and a dance. Looks like a hundred or two hundred boyz, some Deffkoptas, a few Nobz, one Looted Tank (or something, haven't read the codex), two Trukks, and a bike thing with a sidecar sort of deal.
What should I be looking to do, without any additional purchases?"

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IG are actually pretty good. I don't know how 6th changed them too much, but they were solidly good in 5th.

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Don't listen to people filling your ears with WEAKNESS.


MAIM KILL BURN! MAIM KILL BURN! With Chaos, you have EVERYTHING to gain; glory, prestige, and fucking heads on spikes AS FAR AS THE EYE CAN SEE!


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Personally, I use my guard as allies. They are able to ally with literally any other army.
Except Tyranids, because no one can ally with them.
So yes. Guard is a great first choice. You can expand your own army, or diversify and try other units from other codex's.

Do you have a theme or type of imperial guard army to run? You want tanks? A scout force? An entrenched gunline? Jungle fighters? Air force?

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... a note on grey knights. I beat the crap out of them pretty often.

I know they are broken and I don't alter my list to play them. (Csm emperor's children guy from before)

They tend to be a mental trap, i have yet to play a grey knights player with any tactical ability. They are over confident, and ignore victory points most of the time.

It's easy to beat a moron and even more so when they are an overconfident moron. They spend the game locked in with tarpit units and having hth units shot to hell.

You can and will beat them so don't worry about it. Who really kicks my ass personally is this one dark eldar player... he stomps me 2/3 of games easy. He is better than I am at unit planning so we teach each other. I teach him how to be filthy and he teaches me about "hollow" units and min/max behavior. I love playing him lol.

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Depends, really, just field as many boyz as you can, leave the trukks at home, maybe use the looted wagon if it has a boomgun.

You might need an hq, do you have one?

It would help to know exactly what you have

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IG is amazing, 6e is shooter edition and they are nothing if not shooty

and you can never go wrong with lemons

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remember these letters, son. shout them loud, shout them often.

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Only a retard buys the codex first.

Buy a box of the basic troop choice, paint it.

If you didn't enjoy painting the basic troop this army is not for you. There's three parts to the hobby:
Modelling, Painting and Playing.

You should have fun during every stage. Since you have a friend that you're getting into there's some leeway here, if he likes to build and paint your army but not play it and you like to build and paint his army but not play it then you have this awkward and awesome deal.

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Foot soldiers of Dark Eldar are like a bunch of sniper rifles that are also combat rifles. Not the range of a true sniper, but the abilities of rapid fire like a combat rifle. Like a real military has.

Imperial guard forces sergeants to hold pistols that you can't change out. Except for one and those are veterans, which cost about the same as the dark eldar. Without being able to wound any creature easily. They rely on transports and being suicidal, making one type of transport die easy when you want to treat it as a flyer (valk/vendetta). When it sets guys down, it get shot at like a normal vehicle. Flyers are harder to hit. It's like making a F-35 go into hover mode over a raging battlefield.

Realistically speaking dark eldar with their fast cheap transports that can kill anything (ANYTHING) with their main gun, everyone on it can fire from it and assault from it. So it's like a mass shooting gallery.

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I'm the guy who posted it originally. Why the fuck would >>20491178 know? (Also, thanks. I let the thread die and never checked back.)

However, what I have is a Big Mek for HQ and the numbers cited above.

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>Only a retard buys the codex first.

If you like fluff, codex first is a solid move, this anon obviously likes modeling/painting better, that's his deal, but you might like something else

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and only a retard buys a codex first

OP download a codex and see if you like, then buy a couple minis on ebay get a feel for them then go nuts

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Give me a point level and I'll build you a list

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yea dont 'buy' a codex i meant, just download one first and buy one later if you like it

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You can read any fluff but you only paint your armies.

If you like the fluff but hate the models then read the books about them but it's not a smart move to start 40k with an army you hate to paint.

If you are dead set on them because you like their fluff then they should be your second army (if you hate modelling and painting them). You can get the models (like maybe one kit a month) and slowly build and paint them, eventually and painlessly you'll have an army you can enjoy and it wasn't a chore.

Having to sit down and build then paint an army you don't enjoy will mean you'll shelve grey minis.

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My LGS typically plays 1500 point games and 2000 point games.
Pick one or both.

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Yo OP read the fluff section of the 6e rulebook to get a good idea of each army, then ask your FLGS players if you can read their codex a bit (or download one illegally shame on you) to make sure you really like your armies fluff.

Just so you don't lock yourself into the IG IS BEST mindset that guard fags have.

(spoilers orks are the best boyz in green)

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See that's my thing, i want a fluffy and effective army that i'll enjoy playing. We get guys in the shop that pick up models before knowing what's what all the time, so as a result I see marines with powerfists and missle launchers.

Now it may look awesome, but you can't play it like that, so he is either going to have to "counts as" alot of units or remodel them.

The way I see it if you buy the codex first and don't mess it up you can return it in a reasonable amount of time, but if it's your thing you now have a road map to what you want to buy and how you'll want to build it.

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Big Mek with KFF and PK

30 shoota boyz, 3 big shootas, Nob with PK and BP

30 shoota boyz, 3 big shootas, Nob with PK and BP

30 shoota boyz, 3 big shootas, Nob with PK and BP

Looted wagon with boomgun and 'ard case

deffkopta with TL rokkits

deffkopta with TL rokkits

deffkopta with TL rokkits

10 nobz, 3 pk, 5 big choppa, painboy, cybork bodies, waaagh banner, bosspole, trukk

435 (god help me)

total 1500

I cannot in all good consciousness stretch that to 2000

godspeed and may the WAAAGH! be with you

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Thank you very much, sir.
So, shoota boyz are better than slugga boys?

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undoubtedly, shooty orks might sound wrong out loud but in this edition you can't skimp on dakka

for future purchases I recommend more boyz, bikes for your nobz and battlewagons

and it's always a pleasure to help a git in need

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also a biker boss and lootas

>> No.20491650

Do Deffkoptas do a damn thing? Or Grots (I think that's what they are. Small buggers, tiny-ass bases.)?

>> No.20491685

grots can man guns in fortifications and provide ridiculous amounts of meat for the grinder (a grot is 3 points) I run a maxed out squad of gretchin with my SAG mek for beef

deffkoptas just zoom about and rokkit shit, they're good at popping light vehicles (the bane of DE players) and just generally being a nuisance

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The KFF isn't as good in this edition as it was in 5e it's still ok but your list is flawed besides that


Your list is awful and I can tell you why, the question is will you listen or has your ADHD and nerd rage combined so you're no longer reading my sentence?

Your list does two separate things, your shootas will start foot slogging it up the board, maybe shoot something, then the opponent will pop your trukk and kill all your nobz for free because you brought one vehicle to a 1500 point game.

Those points would be a million times better spent on lootas.

You can take two squads of 14 lootas for those nob points. The enemy will only know death as a wall of bullets kills them to pieces.

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Grots are kind of bad, I mean they are a sizeable mob but they have garbage weapons and aren't very good in melee combat but they can sit on points.

You're better off going with tons of shoota boyz though, the whole gretchins camping an objective in your deployment zone is better for lists where all of your boyz are all mobile, nothing but bikes, trukkz, daffkoptas and battlewagons, kareening around willy nilly causin' a ruckus

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I'm not angry at all friend, I'm aware the list is bad, but here's the thing

He doesn't have lootas

He doesn't want to buy lootas

He told me what he has and I made him a list with it


KFF is not as good as in previous edition but neither is any other kind of cover, there is no reason not to take one on mob lists, you'll just make sure all your boyz can stand in the open and still get cover anyway

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one of you should play dark angels and the other chaos

much much cheaper. and after 1000 or so points, if you still want to play guard have at it

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It's not that I don't WANT to buy Lootas. I like my armies to be effective. It's just that I'm flat broke right now, and want to play with what I have.

>> No.20491796

It's understandable, it's just that some people have a hard time dealing with the idea of building lists with what you have instead of what you could have

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op here sorry for bumping an old thread i just got called off to work on short notice and i figured more money is good if i'm going to get into 40k

Thank you for all the advice, i was wondering if anyone knew where i could get a codex?
I was hoping to go for an entrenched sort of play through, i get hard at the thought of defensive lines.

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> i was wondering if anyone knew where i could get a codex?
At the nearest game store that sells 40k, or you could find a used one on Ebay for cheap.

>I was hoping to go for an entrenched sort of play
Invest in an Aegis Defence Line. For 50 points you get a big-ass line of 4+ cover you can park your platoons behind, and for 50 more points you can get a bitchin' Quad-Gun to assist in shooting shit up.

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Yeah i saw the aegis defence wall in a store, i'm currently reading this though for my codex needs


so far my only options for shopping for warhammer related items is.




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