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>Mortis Metalikus the Hellbrute
What kind of parents name their kid "Mortis Metalikus"?

Don't get me wrong, it's awesome, but it makes no sense.

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I have no idea what you're talking about OP, I'm gonna name my kid Evilmurder McNastypersonwithahookforahand.

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>40K always has stupid names
>Space Marines change their names sometimes
>Many Chaos Space Marines change their names yet again
>Dreadnought change their names
>Daemonhood changes their names

It's easy to see how it happens at that point.

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are you even a Scotsman?

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I's bastardized Latin for "Death Metal"

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Probably decided his own name, either when he became a space marine, when he became chaos, when he became a dreadnought, or any time he wanted.

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Nah, I think it's his actual birth name.

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Are we even sure this thing HAS parents? Its chaos, as far as we know the dude inside could have been stitched together from various dead space marines, infused with life, then stuck into the sarcophagus.

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This. Take Damnation crusade for instance, the main protagonist's name starts as Raclaw (regular guy/ neophyte), becomes Gerhart (Spess merhine), and finally ends as Tankred, the Dreadnought.

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holy shit every time i see that model i squeeee I'm gonna extend the barrels on the gun(butcher cannon St8 heavy 4) and cut the fist up so it's in a better pose

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Dark Vengeance is a special kind of retarded when it comes to names, the Dark Angels especially. Used to be, you'd have overtly biblical names of angels and daemons like Azrael, Belial and so forth.

The new chaplain's name is Seraphicus. Sure, it's an order of Franciscan monks, but what are the odds that it was selected because it's a portmanteau of 'seraphim,' with a random 'icus' at the end to make it more gothic?

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When all the greatest people have odd and complicated names, why would you name your kid "Jim"? Do you want him to be cannon fodder?

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Better then Nihilus.

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All my Dreads are name Phil Kelly. It's a long story... sort of.

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No lie, I walked in on Phil Kelly banging a chick in the men's room at the Baltimore Convention Center, Games Day 2007.

Lady's room probably would've afforded them more privacy.

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>It's bastardized Latin for "Death Metal"
YES. At first I was disappointed seeing the OP, because the name in moon runes was clearly 'Death Metal'. Thanks for pointing that out. Now I can rest content that GW called something 'Death Metal'.

With all their crappy corporate practices, it's easy to forget that the guys who make the games are pretty cool dudes (even if they're not that good at making games).

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And so you name your dreads after him now?

I do not follow your logic.

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>No lie
I'd like to believe that's true, but... I can't will myself to do it.

"Ooooh, Mr Kelly! I loved your work on Dark Eldar! Could you sign... down... here..."

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how hot was she on a 1 to 10 basis, real world scale, not nerd scale.

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Mortis Metalikus the hellbrute, son of Murray the Dreadnought and Ozzy the Oblitorator

(get it)

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Not the same person. I'm the first guy. The one who names them after Phil Kelly.
But I will tell thee the tale of Phil Kelly the Chaos Dreadnought. At my FLGS I would usually play a game with one of my friends who played the newest Space Wolves codex. So every time something unfortunate would happen I would blame Phil Kelly for writing at the time was a fairly powerful codex. Given I was playing with the latest CSM codex, not knowing what I was getting into, I would often field a little dreadnought I custom built with bit from various kits. Often I would curse Phil Kelly's name but it would usually be when my Dreadnought tarded out. These things would include, blowing away any nearby friendly infantry, blowing up various rhinos all with my Berzerkers in them, and then finally charging towards the nearest unit with the most Melta guns. ALL IN THE SAME GAME! One game the stupid thing literally killed half my army. He has killed more of my own units than the enemies. So my friends suggested I name him Phil Kelly. I still field him and sometimes multiple Dreads all named Phil Kelly. I never tire of his crazy antics and I love playing games with them as I find I have more fun with them killing whatever they please, as I play World Eaters this is fitting. Khorne does not care from whence the blood flows... only that it does. Phil Kelly understands this. And now sources claim the great one is writing the new CSM codex. It can only be fate.

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I'm massively disappointed that there's been no more details on this clearly fictional story.

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>Mortis Metalikus
>The hapless victim housed within the shell of this Helbrute was once Sevarion Kranon, true brother of the Chapter Master of the Crimson Sabres, Sevastus. Refusing to give in to the bloodthirst that possessed his fellow Battle-Brothers following the cleansing of Umidia, Sevarion was imprisoned by his brother and driven mad during his confinement by the thousands of voices in his head, before finally being imprisoned within the metal sarcophagus of a Helbrute, a creature consumed by rage.

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Yeah, whit so many insane warriors among CSM and cultists, i wonder how they manage to function as army at all. Imgine asylum full of armed patients.

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Nobody could be grimdarker.

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...I'm the only one who doesn't like the new model? it looks like a fucking McFarlane action figure...

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It looks nifty to me. A bit detail heavy and perhaps a little over the top, but it looks VERY chaos-y.

>gur weedsac

Why captcha, that's the clearest you've been in weeks.

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Personally I'm not in love with it. But then I only actually like a limited selection of GW models, mainly Orks and Eldar.

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>im so chaos i have rotting tentacle boner of hate

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So what warband is that fine gentleman in?

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Any more interesting fluff from the WD?

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What are the rules for this sucker? Is it an MC or a Walker?

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The Crimson Slaughter (formerly the Crimson Sabers before Chaos corruption).

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We don't know yet, Chaos SMurfs are supposedly the next codex down the chute, followed by Tau (which I doubt given that there aren't any fanboys in the studio ATM. Best case scenario; we get a low power army as the writer tries to make fair rules rather than rules as OP as he can get away with).

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It's the new Chaos Dread.

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>The Crimson Slaughter
>Formerly the Space Marine Chapter known as the Crimson Sabres, the Crimson Slaughter were declared renegade in M41 following signs of psychological instability and over-zealous prosecution of their campaigns. Their descent towards excommunication began on the planet of Umidia, where they purged the planet’s entire population, believed tainted by the worship of the Dark Gods.

>Subsequent interrogation of captured Crimson Sabres revealed that the cults of Umidia were in the process of summoning a Daemon of Khorne, and in revenge (or possibly reward) for the bloody annihilation of his followers, Khorne cursed the Crimson Sabres to be haunted by the voices of all those they killed. Subsequent bloodshed could silence the voices, but only for a short time, so Chapter Master Sevastus led his followers into the Eye of Terror so they could slaughter traitors to gain a temporary peace rather than spill the blood of innocents.

>Exiled in the Eye of Terror they were blessed with many gifts to further their combat prowess. Sevastus – now Kranon the Relentless – learned of the Hellfire Stone, an altar that could forever free his Chapter from its curse and silence the voices in his head once and for all.

>Joining forces with more powerful Traitor Legions during a Black Crusade, Kranon and the Crimson Slaughter began their rampage across a dozen or more worlds in the southern rim in search for the Hellfire Stone.

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>Kranon the Relentless
>Sevastus Kranon was once Chapter Master of the Crimson Sabres Space Marines. Under this command his Chapter won great accolades, crushing worlds in the name of the Emperor. His brutal manner, however, earned the Chapter a darker reputation too. Now reborn as Kranon the Relentless of the Crimson Slaughter, he is driven to bloodier, darker acts in an effort to silence the voices crying out in his mind. On Bane’s Landing he seeks to banish the voices of his victims forever.

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>Cultist Champions Anarkus and Tetchvar
>Anarkus always felt he was destined for something great. When he slew the staff, students and teachers from the orphanage that raised him, the Cult of the Red Haze quickly found a use for his talents.

>Once a Commissar stationed with the newly raised Procel regiment, in desperation and madness Tetchvar threw open the gates to the fortress, inviting the attackers in. He was spared, but his stormcoat was permanently stitched to his flesh as a reminder of his treachery.

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>Draznicht’s Ravagers
>The brutal slayer known as Draznicht was once reckoned the wisest mind of all the Crimson Sabres. In recognition of his preternatural perception, when the Chapter descended to Chaos, his mind was opened to the Warp and a baleful third eye opened upon his forehead, ever seeking new ways to unleash murder. Now Draznicht follows Kranon, not as counsellor, but as his bloody right hand, ready to unleash the murderous Ravagers on any who stand in the path of the Crimson Slaughter.

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Not as metal as Legio Metalica.

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Okay, so, there was actually a guy called Anarkus as a kid.

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You know what?
All this means is that there are more people with names like
>Evilmurder McNastypersonwithahookforahand.
who have not fallen to Chaos, but died.

Because otherwise the chances of these names appearing in Chaos would be much, much smaller.
So yeah.

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In most cases they probably change their names upon joining chaos. You don't want to be known as Scottie the Slaughterer, you want a cool name like Korgoth the Skull Taker.

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Have you looked at the names the very Heroes of the Imperium of Mankind possess?
I don't think they change their names all that much, buddy, since the theme they're going for there is their reality.
Which means that they would much rather changed it to the aforementioned Scottie.

Here are a few planetary governors I just copy and pasted.
>Gerontius Helmawr of Necromunda
>Herman von Strab
>Lufgt Huron, former "Tyrant of Badab"
>Marius Hax, Sector Governor of Calixis and Planetary Governor of Scintilla
>Xian Torus of "the World that died in One Night"
>Mykola Shonai, of Pavonis5
>Lukas Alexander of Kronus.

While these might not be all that beep-boop, I believe that my point still stands.

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None of those names are anything except esoteric, a little odd by our standards, which they should be. Would you enjoy Gaunt's Ghosts as much if it was called Phil's Ghosts? Or how about Chapter Master David of the Ultramarines, or instead of Ursakar Creed you have Charles White. The esoteric names exist for a reason, it helps to illustrate how different the Imperium is than the modern earth. Besides it has been 38,000 years since the present, of course names change a little.

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>> Would you enjoy Gaunt's Ghosts as much if it was called Phil's Ghosts? Or how about Chapter Master David of the Ultramarines, or instead of Ursakar Creed you have Charles White.
>Would you enjoy Gaunt's Ghosts as much if it was called Phil's Ghosts?
yes, a lot more
>or instead of Ursakar Creed you have Charles White.
holy shit, thats an awesome name for an hero
> Or how about Chapter Master David of the Ultramarines,
they are romans/greeks in space, david is not a latin nor greek name, it will be as ridiculous as a chinese emperor called Elvis John Wayne Kennedy

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'Gaunt' is a surname, not a given name, and a perfectly plausible one.

His given is 'Ibram,' which sounds archaic but isn't ridiculous.

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The Ciaphas Cain books had like, Janet Sulla.

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>Phil's Ghosts
10/10, I'd buy that shit any day.
Also, how the fuck does one get 'imprisoned' in that thing? Its a Dreadnought with a very visible toothed-anus on the front. Did they just stick him in and hope for the best?
Also also, its great his name is Death Metal, but talk about a double standard.
>Mortis Metalikus
>Ferrus Manus
>pffft nice subtlety GW.

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It changed while he was inside

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When it comes to names, no one beats Governor-General VANCE MOTHERFUCKING STUBBS.

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When I get turned into a giant murdermachine from hell, you be damn sure I'll call myself Mortis Metalikus.
Wait, what's latin for "Power Metal"???

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I want to see someone make a full Dawn of War IG force. Sturnn and Stubbs leading, and all those bad-mother-fuckers from Retribution supporting.
>Command Squad
>General Stubbs
>General Sturnn
>Veteran Squad
>Lord General Castor
>Sergeant Merrick
I play Chaos, my Lord will be inspired heavily by Eliphas (grey skin, white eyes, etc)

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I want to be "bay area thrash metal"
what's the latin for that?

>> No.20495718

Can I be finnish folk metal?

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If he was a Space Yiff, his name would be Wolf Wolfington the Metalwolf of Wolfhell.

That or Michael Wilson

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rolled 34 = 34


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Frozen wasteland people metal, because Finnish and Folk don't translate.

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You forgot about that one Heavy Weapon's team that survived, alone, against what appeared to be fucking endless hordes of Chaos / Eldar / Orks / Tau and didn't even know if the rest of the planet was lost or not.

They just kept shooting in the name of The Emperor.

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I'm naming the Chosen after the members of Rammstein, but the Cultist squads will be known as Metal Health, and Cum on Feel the Noize. The Hellbrute will be known as Dio.

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its THRASH, not TRASH, cucumberhead

>> No.20496028

Oops, missed that consonant. Anyway, "thrashing", unless referring to the carding of wool, doesn't translate to Latin. A beating is "verbera" and a flogging is "verberantia". So maybe prope sinus metalicus verberantis? "Bay vicinity flogging metal."

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>drop pods unit
>call them Holy Divers
Ok, fuck evrything. I'm going to do a metal CSM army

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thats actually a somewhat sympathetic fall
Alright GW, I'll give you that one

>> No.20496278

>visit GW's site to see WHAT'S NEW TODAY
>Dark Angels
>oh at least you're showing the unpainted... oh. wow. hahaha.
>only DA model I'm keeping is the chaplain. fuck shaving all that crap off the terminators.

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Since we're discussing Chaos, I have a quick question for Daemon allies.
Should I go with Plague Bearers or Bloodletters? I don't have the Daemon codex, but I want some Daemons to accompany my Marines into battle, and I hear good things about those two (plus they're cheaper than getting another box of CSMs)

>> No.20496375

7 hours in photoshop
Sorry, I couldn't resist

>> No.20496410

Bloodletters if you want to kill anything that's not a terminator.

Plague Bearers if you want to keep objectives. Can allies take objectives?

>> No.20496446

pretty sure
if its a troop choice, of course

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Mc is more often an irish prefix. you're thinking of Mac. Although some clans on the western shore of Scotland use Mc, thanks to lots of cultural cross-sharing with them and Ireland.

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1) Metalicus isn't a word, it'd be "Metallum". If you're trying to keep it all being masculine, you can bastardize that into "Metallus".
2) You probably shouldn't use a preposition in a name. It doesn't directly translate into "bay area" or "near the bay", but I'd recommend "Litus", which covers all sorts of shore-like areas.
3) There is no real word for trashing. To beat is "Verbero", so I'd use the participle "Verberatus."

Litus Metellus Verberatus

Does anyone else need bastardized Latin names?

>> No.20496682

You're a fantastic person.
I don't need any bastardized Latin (as of right now), I just thought I'd drop by and say that though.

>> No.20496757

Do Nurglings take up a force organisation slot or is it like fantasy where they don't count towards the minimum core units? Would love to have a nice mix of the 4 Chaos Gods in both the Daemons and the Marines.

>> No.20496785


Wow, that actually makes me feel bad/sad for them. all they wanted to do was seek redemption from their past sins and can't actually receive the redemption they want/deserve.

>> No.20496817

This makes me wonder, what if a Space Marine was infected with the Obliterator Virus as he was being put into a Dreadnaught?

>> No.20496820

>Phil's Ghosts
Don't be stupid. That name is ridiculous. It would be Grahams Ghosts.

>> No.20496832

Expensive Dreadnought with all the weapon options. This should happen.

>> No.20496841

Could you help me a bit, I gotta scribble some pseudo-latin bullshit on some ruins. Enjoy my pathetic tries at translating:

Diseased god of the dead, "Deus morbus inferi"

God of ash, "Deus cinis"

Judge of the world, "Arbiter mundi"

Also enjoy some actual Latin:

Nec pietas moram instanti senectae afferet morti

Oderint dum metuant

Pulvis et umbra sumus

>> No.20496842


Then He'd be an Obliterator Dreadnought? Just picture a dreadnought witha big amalgamated flesh and weapons on it. Somehow reminds me of a nurgle dreadnought

>> No.20496860


Which perfectly describes the new CSM models

>> No.20496869

It'd certainly make Iron Warrior armies more interesting.

>> No.20496915

color me impressed with that bit of backstory GW. Making renegades somewhat sympathetic is a feat I didn't know you could accomplish with your piss poor fluff of late.

anybody else wish they find the hellfire stone and get a chance of redemption in a future 40k work? Wayward, damned sons coming back to the emperor's light would be a real candle flame in an over the top grimdark setting

>> No.20496917

>obligatory s'mores joke when using a flamer or melta

>> No.20496932

kind of like the new starter hellbrute?
has the unpainted pics for it come in yet?

>> No.20497028

I find that the less time I spend on /tg/, the more I hear that. Thank you.

MORBIDUS DEUS MORTUI - It took me a bit to figure out what the best word for "the dead" would be. However, you had everything in the right conjugation. Bravo.



Other Latin enjoyed, good sir.

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Speaking of names.
Does anyone else remember Inquisitor Obiwan Sherlock Clousseau?

>> No.20500411

>Crimson Sabres
>do their duty
>get cursed by a third party, exile themselves
>plucky rag-tag band of pond scum

>Dark Angels
>fall of their own accord
>act like total assholes to everyone
>large force of hyper-elites armed with the most advanced arms and armour

I'm not usually one to root for the forces of disorder, but in this case I think it's justified.

>> No.20501346

Aww yeah.

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