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What painting are you /tg/entlemen working on?

I just started a youtube channel for my painting, hopefully will be adding as the week goes on.

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Modular graveyard I finished a while ago...

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I painted a Guardsman. I think he turned out well enough for a first attempt.

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What line are those figures from?

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Neat Reaper Bones there OP

Did you do the KS by any chance?

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I have a Legion of Everblight warpack or whatever the starter kits are, and I've cleaned everything up, but I'm terrified about actually painting them. I tried to greenstuff the gaps in the Carnivean's body where the segments meet, but I don't think I did a very good job. Any protips about filling gaps/getting started painting?

Also, it's been raining a ton here (Floridafag) so it's shit weather for priming.

Looks like Reaper's Bones line.

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No he didn't. Stop saying that.

I saw the pictures.

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Didn't say it didn't need work. Besides, if I like it I really don't care what the faceless internet says about it.

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Kickstarter. If you don't know about it, don't worry.

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>What painting are you /tg/entlemen working on?

a friends awesome old slayer miniatures (the first ones), one slayer at the time (love the poses and injuries). also mass painting, together with a another friend, the friends Empire state trooper blocks so he'll have a solid fully painted, low character count, army of 1,000-2,000 fully painted to be expanded on (he has alot painted , countless knight units, be we need to get them state troopers fully painted too, no to mention the tens and tens of thousands of points he has unpainted).

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>post on internet asking for opinions
>ignore negative opinions, didn't want them anyways

Why does this happen so often?

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I'm not painting any plastic mans. I'm painting a facial prosthetic for LARP, intended to mimic a Freddy Kruger-style burn scarring for a face.

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I started an Etsy store, but I actually need to make the goods for it. Thinking of just spending next saturday churning out trees, and selling them 5$ (and shipping) for 3.

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rolled 62 = 62


Gap-filling with GS can be a bit tricky sometimes, but general tips would be making sure it blends in well with the surrounding area. Liquid greenstuff seems to be good at filling in most small gaps, so maybe try that out.

As for painting, well--if this is your first time painting models, realize it will probably look like shit. But that's okay! Everyone starts off like that, but the tip is to persevere and keep trying. Look up some how-to guides on the internet, and learn as you go along, always experimenting with different techniques when you feel comfortable with trying it. Remember that it's a hobby and something that should be a fun, relaxing activity--don't get stressed out over it or you'll just get burnt out (believe me, it's happened to me far more often than I'd like).

Also! There's this stuff called Gesso, artists use it to prime their canvases. It's a good alternative to basic primer, as it isn't ruined my rain or humidity from what I've been told; a friend of mine lives in Florida as well and swears by the stuff. You can find it at Wal-Mart.

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That seems like an entirely reasonable deal.
If I had any plans to make a board, or any remaining funds, I would probably take you up on that.

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Show me this guardsmen..
i'm not an expert... anything I say after that is superfluous.

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It's more: "I did thin the paints, I did do a wash, I fudged on the face yes, but still no good?"

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You fucked up. This is /tg/. We take ourselves very seriously here.

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Not much to complain about. Look into highlighting some parts of his armor, and it looks like you've got a bit of olive on his sleeves.
Eyes really aren't necessary.

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looks alright, still have a bit of painting to do on him.. but good for a first go.

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Wal-Mart, huh? I've been told I can get some water effect stuff there, too. Looks like I'll be heading there tomorrow.

I've painted smaller models before, but nothing as detailed or large as the big dragon dude. Spess maroons are one thing; the centerpiece to my admittedly small army is another.

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*Mumbles* That's actually part of the wash.

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This. Pool a dark ink around their inner eye to get a convincing shadow effect.

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>bright silver
>colours leaking onto eachother
>no depth

0/10, would not field.

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Okay, for reference, wash tends to accumulate in creases and gaps like between the gun and his arm, you have to use a tissue to fix that and only leave a little behind. When you wash, you want a mostly even layer.

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Position a lamp in front of this guy or something. Can't see shit, cap'n

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troll off somewhere else

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I am 100% honest, I just happen to be a complete asshole. Welcome to the internet.

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All the lighting in this house is shit and the camera whites it out. Also, there are no lamps.

This right here, lists but no ways to fix. Useless to someone looking to improve.

How would you highlight, exactly?

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hur hur hur!

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>bright silver
Don't use chainmail for guns
>colours leaking onto eachother
Brush control and correcting any mistakes
Solid colors are bad, the plastic Guards don't have much to work with, but if you wash a bit with brown over your pink and try to blend into shadows under the helmet, you'll have a good start
>no depth
Highlights. Shit, just drybrush everything with the colour mixed with white before you do any washing.


You. Yes, you. Cut that shit out.

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More trees.

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Do you put weights in the bottoms? I've been thinking of doing that with some of my more precarious scenery.

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>Don't use chainmail for guns
Guess 'Runefang Steel' is the same or about so. Alternative?

>Brush control
More will come with practice I suppose.

>Solid colors are bad, the plastic Guards don't have much to work with, but if you wash a bit with brown over your pink and try to blend into shadows under the helmet, you'll have a good start
The paint is a tan, but anyways. So get some brown and thin it to a wash?

>Highlights. Shit, just drybrush everything with the colour mixed with white before you do any washing.
Color+some white to what ratio? And I suppose drybrush means to use it while it's dry.

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Bought a box of cheaper washers. They add nothing to it's profile, but help with the more top heavy pieces.

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I use the magic power that is washes.
slop on paint, wash, slop paint over raised areas.
Ta da!

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Also: Washes. Light here and there or single coat everywhere?

I cannot tell if that's the same model or if this is an elaborate hoax. Are you pulling on my leg? Am I being the "Punked"?

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rolled 10 = 10


I actually came across a super-neat way of doing water effects and waterfalls using DAP-brand crystal clear silicon caulk. You can find this stuff just about anywhere, and it's fairly cheap to boot.

Here's some videos on the subject.

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its the same model... you can see where i was to lazy to shave the extra plastic off from around the antenna, in both pics.

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I see. On the loop bit? That answers the "All over or not" question.

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>runefang steel
God damn it, I'm feeling old. But yes, that's not a good idea unless your guns are made of mithril. All the cool kids used to go through a lot of Boltgun Metal, in fact you can't paint necrons without it. Chainmail used to turn into it when you mixed it with black, not sure how the new stuff would work.

Drybrushing is well is kind of tricky, so for your level just use a perfectly dry brush (get it?), dip the tip in the colour you've mixed, and wipe pretty much all the paint off of it. Then just lightly dust the area, this should catch the raised areas. More pressure means more gets applied. Don't clean the brush in water until you're done with that colour, then don't use the wet brush for drybrushing until it's... dry.

This is pretty much the easiest way to get cheap highlights. If you've got the time, sort of paint it in slight layers of increasing amounts of white, with the highest layer being anywhere from 50 to 70 percent white. I don't know the right amounts for the colours you're using, so mix it up slowly until you feel it's right.

Another thing, the main reason to thin your paints is to paint many thin layers. Plenty of new painters thin their paints, but slather them on anyways. Don't just paint flat colours, but since that takes a bit of time, everyone just washes anyways.

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My god. Two tones, highlights, completely ugly face; I'm having 'Nam flashbacks to the old days of GW games. While everyone goes for the "realistic" look nowadays, this kind of painting and non-metallic metal makes me smile warmly.

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Okay then. I bought shiny because I figured (Unit Fluff Incoming) a SWAT team would keep weapons in top order.

Okay, I can lightly do that. Sounds like brushing for fingerprints.

Okay, thin paints means many layers. But is it enough to wet the brush and then dip it in the paint, wiping off the excess?

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> a SWAT team would keep weapons in top order.
Regardless, guns aren't made of silver. Go look up more reference pictures.

>like brushing for fingerprints.
Sure, knock yourself out.

>is it enough to wet the brush and then dip it in the paint, wiping off the excess?
Personally? Mix a bit of paint and water together in a small palette so you have the same consistency all over. If you're just doing a little bit then just a dot of paint and barely dip it in water. Also, when doing sharp highlights (look at Eldar vehicles, old-style models, anything sci-fantasy looking), it might be... acceptable to not thin the paints. Just for gods' sakes don't use a lot, small little dots can go a long way.

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>Not silver
Some are silvery, and las-guns are rather silvery. But this is true. Maybe make the barrels black and tacticool as well? Or just mute the metal more?

The palette idea sounds good, since black and dark blue don't have a whole lot of difference. Thinned paints would probably be for the best.

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Ok, I didn't paint these myself, a buddy did them for me, but I want to show them off anyways.

It's a Renegade IG army with Renegade SM as allies.

First up are my stormtroopers, for deepstriking some plasma right on top of the enemy.

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Next I've got some of my regular infantry, in this case, beastmen.

I've got 30 of these suckers all together, gors and ungors being normal troops while beastigors being the sgts. They're cobbled together randomly and even painted in a couple different styles, to reflect them being rounded up as cannon fodder and equipping themselves with pretty much anything they can scrounge. They do worship chaos though, which is how the sgts have come by some weak daemon weapons(power axes).

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And next is the Commissar Lord that leads them.

Camera decided to be a little fuzzy on this one.

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And some of my marines, a squad of five vanguard vets with power spears and a thunder hammer on the sgt.

Point of this squad is to take advantage of the VVs ability to assault from deepstrike, which is why I gave them the spears. If they aren't getting the assault from the deepstrike then it's quite likely they're screwed anyways, no matter what weapon they have.

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Errything be cel-shaded

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Now what?

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posted this awhile back.. still stuck on what to do, in regards to his combat webbing... sorry for fail picture.. camera broke.

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Something greenish?

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>mfw when that mini
What bits did you use. I WANT IT.

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I've thought about green.. if i do green it all starts to be complementing colours tho, not thats bad. just I dunno.. blaargh I can't brain this mini.

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Forgeworld Bits.


Plus a Space Marine PF, obviously.

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Finished up my Keeper of secrets, friday. other than that not much really been unpacking all my stuff and making a page on tumbler as someone advised to me by medium of email.

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Bleh, forgot to say that I really liked that graveyard I have been thinking about doing something similar with a city-scape or trenches.

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how'd you do the crimson

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Posting my ogres some more since I have nothing new to contribute.

Been working on assembling/cleaning up my butcher. Got a question about Liquid Greenstuff. Is it supposed to be so.... thick? I was expecting it to be a bit runnier but it is goopy as hell. I found it kind hard to brush into the bubblyspots

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considering how much flesh is on ogres you've done an awesome job... how'd do the skin?

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My first ever mini and a shit phone.

Still needs a touch up and a wash

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the latex was a base of Mephiston red over white, and then a 50/50 mix of that and vallejo's vermillion, which was then covered with 'ard coat.

the cloth was a Mephiston red, with the secret weapons ruby wash over it and then another coat of Mephiston red

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Used Tallarn Flesh to start with as a base, then used Reikland Flesh to get into the nooks and crannies and darken them up a little. Then I drybrushed it with Tallarn Flesh again to lighten them back up while still giving them a semi-tanned look.

Turned out way better than I expected overall for a first time. I do need to work on mold lines though. They aren't too noticable unless you look closely, but I'm really keeping up on it on the models I've just picked up

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Mold lines are a pain in the ass. I've been holding off on assembling some Chaos knights due to how much I hate doing clean-up. They've been sitting there for about a month now, still in the box, plastic seal not even torn...

Tomorrow, I swear.

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> Tomorrow, I swear.

Keep telling yourself that.
I've got two boxes of gargoyles sitting next to an unpainted 'nid army that I'm still deciding what colors I like best for it.
glad I'm at least making an effort with my other armies. though my traitor guard look like they are going to be a huge pain.

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I hear you. I really halfassed it with these guys, and now I'm regretting it. Problem is that now I'm being nitpicky as fuck and nothing is getting done. It's a double-edged sword I tell ya!

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I cleaned up and built 2 nobz, 6 big shoota boyz, 52 shoota boyz, warboss + pk conversion, converted an attack squig to a separate base , 8 burna boyz, 8 lootas, 2 meks, 19 'ard boyz with a slugga and a choppa, 1 'ard nob in one session

so don't you complain about cleaning up a few models
(admittedly there're 26 more shoota boyz a nob and 3 big shootas which need to be done but shhhhh I'm allowed burnout

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So /tg/ what should I do for my next painting project for my blog I have several items that are all about equal on the list of "junk-to-do" your choices are,
noise marines, tyranids (probably gargoyles), Chaos warriors, blood angels, a singular skaven model, my Chaos trolls warband, Tribal goblins, or more traitor guard?

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noise marines, chaos are flavor of the month, ride that popularity wave

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chaos Is always the flavor of the month for me.

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dude , wash the whole thing , then repaint the base colour over the raised parts and leave the recesses washed

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Paint. Wash. Repaint higher bits. Alright then.

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can go a step more and highlight the highlight most raised area as well. for highlights a good guide is the stop sign shading method.. google that :)

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Spent sometime working on my terminator test model today. Didn't do much just added the next layer that brings it up to a bright purple. Still need to do like two more thin layers of that purple then its accent time.

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That's actually pretty interesting, that method.

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