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You have ten seconds to be as That Guy as possible.
>what do you mean, you want to see my roll? Don't you trust me?!

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"You said this is a Role-Playing game, where I can do anything. I rape the waitress and then fuck her skull."

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And just to be clear, pic unrelated

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What do you mean I have to use a coaster? It's just a fucking table, stop caring so much where I put my drink.
What? You have rule in your house? Then why the fuck did you invite us here, idiot.

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"He's from ancient Egypt, of course he's going to call the Jews 'the slave race.'"

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"So, uh, my rogue is gonna fuck her character while she sleeps. Here, let me roll my +20 Stealth check."

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What do you mean my Half-Celestial Half-Dragon Half-Fiend Half-Giant can't wield a Gargantuan Spiked Chain? I've got like, 44 Strength and took four feats to do that! If you don't like it, you shouldn't have approved the use of third-party splat books.

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3E style:

"So I'm playing a psion..."

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Coasters? What kind of faggot uses coasters?
>Places cup directly on hardwood table.
I'm going to sit over here, eating my cheetos.

I forgot my books. Can I use yours?
>Hands still covered in cheese

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Fucking Psions...

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This almost made me rage until I noticed you said 3e instead of 3.5. Ah, 3.5, the only edition to get psionics right...

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.... And she's a Catfolk with huge tits...

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"Pathfinder is the best RPG in history."

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>Look, I know it s a tournament but can I just proxy a couple of dudes?

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>You meet a young elf along the road She-
>I fuck her and turn her into a gun

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"lol serious RP ehh, well I think I'll just herp my derp"
>>other player continues to be in the moment, RPing a serious point
"PAY ATTENTION TO ME! HERP DERP HERP DERP!!! lol, thats just how my character reacts man"

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>dm says something/makes a decision/tries to breathe


>then goes into 5 minute tangent about how he would do it differently - and better, always - if he were DM'ing.

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"oh RPing, nothing for my seriously MinMaxed death-o-mancer to do, I will go ahead and use all my extra dies to play yahtzee with myself until more things are lined up in front of me to die"

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"uh yeah sure ill play"
"oh what did you say dm? i wasnt paying attention i was on my phone"
"oh what? no my character wasnt listening either im totally not listening in character that makes sense"

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>Pulls out a card from Munchkin
"Hey, we're in a dungeon right? And these are for dungeon crawls..."

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Profession: Rape

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-4 STR is the only realistic way to play.

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>Elf slave. wat do?

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...You're gonna have to explain this one.

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>In a tradional game
So my guy is {Shit animu rip off here} and uses chakrums and katanas
Pic is portrait

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Turns out, it's only -2 strength

Also women run faster. A chase in D&D is determined by dexterity checks. so it goes to reason they they may make better bowmen and casters.

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>Herp derp
I hate every fucking faggot who says this.

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female characters should have -4 strength

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who do you know that says that IRL?

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I cast sleep and rape the rest of the party. Start with our horses.

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Not him, but a lot of fucking people.
Especially bronies.

Fun fact: My college hosted a mini bronycon from yesterday to today.
Fun fact: I'm 1 credit away from graduating. It may not be worth it any more, if that institution is going to be giving me the diploma.

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Not the same guy, but one chick in my game group says "Derp" all the time.
The first time she did, I instantly lost all respect for her.

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Weaboo faggot from my group. Always says it, always plays a special snowflake, always bitches about everybody else. I don't even hate the phrase so much as I've come to hate the man I've come to associate it with.

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turns out women suck at running too!

>100 metres time in seconds
>men: 9.58
>women: 10.49

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>insists on saying faggot in every sentence
Dumb niggers like this really are That Guy.

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Hey dude you're being That Guy right now.

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i went to click the "like" button on this post, then realized I am on 4chan

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>not forcing it into my games
>not forcing it into others' games
>not trying to insult anyone
>just bringing up interesting facts in relation to the idea of realism in dnd

Yeah, nah, you're that guy.

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What? No, that's just the best to describe the person. If you met him you would know of no other word worthy of the person.

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"hey guys, brought along my gf, nah she doesn't want to play"

She sits on his lap, every few minutes he feels her up and she moans

"nah guys I'm paying attention, it's all good"

Still, I did that guy pretty hard back the next week.

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>let me keep talking about this unrelated thing that nobody else is talking about. to myself. alone

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>I did that guy pretty hard back
u wot m8

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>borrowing from a real guy someone invited who got turned down

Nah, I like to create my character sheet in secret, don't want anyone(including GM) to see it.

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That's nice.

But anyway after looking around online it seems the only edge women have over men in any sport is endurance.

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Well in a world where there is magic i think the idea of men and women having the same athletic abilities is understandable

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Look, before this shit gets ugly let me explain why people don't like the -4 Strength thing. Sure, some people will claim that it's sexist or that it's forcing your ideas onto the game. Whatever. The real thing is that it's not fun to have a -4 penalty to Strength because you lack a dick. That's not fun for anybody involved, nobody wants to take that big a hit because of real world stats in a game where people are playing as elves and dwarves. Not to say that realism doesn't have a place in fantasy, but only where it doesn't intrude on the fun. It intrudes on the fun when you make women take a -4 penalty to strength.

There, now shut up.

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Neither do I.

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But it's -2 strength.

I can show you the math.

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It's a -1 penalty, you jackass. Halflings take a -2, and a female human is going to be able to lift more than a male halfling.

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>Neither do I

I meant, I do too.

Fuck, what's wrong with me today.

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2 or 4, doesn't matter. It's a penalty with no upside, it's not fun to play with. Even if you give an upside it's still a bitch.

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So, you don't want the math?

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>What do you mean I can't have twin-linked Intergrated Shotcannons with the Suspension Upgrade? It costs only 1400 thrones+upgrade! You gave the assassin a Nomad Rifle(2k Thrones) and an Extremely Rare Upgrade for free!
I'm not so sure if that was That Guy, but I did complain to my DM that.

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How come all the people who are so hardcore about female strength realism don't bother factoring in things like reach and height? Dwarves and lower would cease to exist as a practical race.

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after a few weeks of this I made a mini BBEG that had an orgasm ray. So you had a group of six guys, all moaning and playing out orgasms and feelings of euphoria. Freaked her right out. Still didn't stop her from what she was doing.

Eventually I convinced a FWB of mine to come along. Mid game, I had her character kidnapped and the pcs had to track her down. I then "role played" the scene of an incubus raping her on the kitchen table, in front of everyone, to horror of this guy's gf.

Never saw her return again

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> I then "role played" the scene of an incubus raping her on the kitchen table, in front of everyone, to horror of this guy's gf.
You are that guy.

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Did you "roleplay" the rape by actually raping the boyfriend? Because that would you "doing that guy pretty hard back"

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You are That Guy in the best kind of way.

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ITT: People bitching about realism in a game with magic.

Face it, you'r inferior worthless pieces of shit. You aren't better than women. You aren't better than elves. You're basement dwelling fuckwads with a superiority complex that will, thankfully, never breed.

You insist -4 str because you have to be better. Than women, in this case. You say realism, but realism goes out the window once you include wizards. Women as strong as men is a realistic possibilty. ANYONE casting fireball is, well, not. Stop hiding behind realism, faggot.

You are always the first to chime into in HFY thread. You are not better than the aliens. Or the elves or dwarves. Humanity might be, but you are not. You are worthless. You sit around and imagine yourself being strong. Imagine yourself getting the girls and wealth.

Hit the gym. Get a degree and a job. But don't sit here and insist on something and lie about the reason you are so insistent - and by god, you are insistent - don't lie. Kill yourself or something. No matter how much the average man is better than the woman, you are below the average. no matter how much better the human than the elf, you are below the average.

People point out sprint times. What;s your sprint time? People point out physical strength. How much do you bench? I've seen people use income - but how much do you make? Never equate yourself with the great men who set records, because you shits are worthless. Fuck you all, -4 str faggots.

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Nah, just willing to rant about anything.

And I hit them where it hurts: their undeserved arrogance. If one of them is crying themselves to sleep at night, I will feel accomplished.

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I am, yes.

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i like you

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>Paladin falls
>Elf rape wat do
>That's totally how my character would react

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No, no, sorry. You can be as not mad as you like, I am fairly angry at the moment.

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<3 you too.

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i liked you until this post. you're just as much of a fuckhead as the people you're complaining about.

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This saddens me :(

I bench 300lbs, P/T job, and I own a triplex... age 24.
I have no stamina or degree

we are oddballs, but we are generally better than the median...

You speak english? odds are you're better off than 90% of the world's people.

Stronger than average because I have enough Food to eat motherfucker! (Also because I'm male :) and we are on average 20% stonger

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and fuck those faggot elves

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I just saying their character concept would work in 13th century Germany

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oh please respond? :/ I'm so lonely

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Well aware, no fucks given. I'm a total asshat. I have no claim to superiority; 6'1 and 130, Minimum wage part time cashier. Above average intelligence, yeah, but socially inept.

And I'm still arrogant as fuck. And people love me for it. So fuck off if you need to ride someone else to have self confidence. I'm excessively self confident for no good reason, and fuck anyone who cares.

See, you read that, and you listed off shit you did. You're worht something. You've earned a hit of arrogance, and I know telling you you haven't , you're gonna be no fucks given. That was at the faggots who go "men are stronger than weomin, so i bette". You know, scum of the earth. Worthless trash that can die without being missed.

Maybe my arrogance is earned but fuck you, I could care less. I'll wear it like a fucking birthright, and not because someone else is better than another person I've never met.

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"I pull my pants down and shit on the King!"

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>I cast Polymorph Any Object on the Paladin.
>He's now a sexy succubus.
>And falls.

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>people love me for it
I see what you did there

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Glad, because I can only make so many clever jokes when I'm wasted

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carbs bro!

I told you about those carbs!

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>Be That Guy Thread
>-4 str trolling
>forcing players to rape role-play

This thread is a resounding success.

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"women are weaker than men and need to take a penalty"

that's how I would be that guy op

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>"You approach the cave. Outside the cave is a sign with the words, 'Cave of No Return,' crossed out and the words, 'Cave of Ecstasy,' penciled in with a level of calligraphy you wouldn't quite expect. There is a woman bent over a rock, sexual fluids leaking from her orifices, her arms and legs shackled, a long chain leading to the underside of the rock, and a plate of food sitting next to it. She in unconscious."

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