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It's Saturday night! Everybody dance!

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I've always wanted to ask:

What the fuck is that dance?

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Really? You really don't know?

I'm sorry.

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Its called the carameldansen dance good sir.

Based on a very popular old meme.

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Something Swedish I think

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Y'all got nuthin'

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Mechs can dance too.

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This thread is completely off topic for /tg/ and I should feel bad for posting in it.

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>>20476756 jpg
Doesn't have to be a gif but... MOVE IT

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...I am willing to dress as a Phallissar and dance on camera. For all of you. Right now. Because I can.

Minus the pink thong, but I'll wear barely fitting jeans instead.

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Oh and I have my commissar cap and more on standby.

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d...do it

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do et faggort

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welp...why not?

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/tg/, its time to boogie.

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oh my god source

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I'm tidying my room some. I've recently moved furniture around so I'm pushing some trip-able objects aside.

Be fore warned. My dancing is not excellent.

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I have no idea, but two separate friends have claimed to have that exact kitchen

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It's just a Youtube go-go girl.

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Youtube gogo dancer... username is something like Rikku and Yunie BFF forever

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I was listening to Sweet Disposition before I entered this thread, and almost all of the gifs fit PERFECTLY.

This is awesome.

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I do believe that will not matter for us.

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Boogie-ers gonna boogie.

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Phallissar here. My green coat is stored away...I can either use a NATO Forrest camo jacket with my commissar cap, or dig for it.

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whichever you think will look better

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By the Emperor. Thank you for reminding me that today is Sunday.

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The more you worry about your dancing the worse it gets. Roll with it.

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>captcha: gentleman opetings

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I see your Soulflex and raise you another.

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more Adventure Time dancin

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Just use the Camo, if it's no good then dig for the green coat.

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Like OMG this totally isn't /tg/ but its still totes lumps.

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Going live in 2 minutes.

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well i have nothing better to do

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No dancing orkz?

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Dancing is muking about

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Oh hey, I have an adventure time gif

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Not that you aren't awesome for doing it at all, but... why.

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Well that was interesting.

Bravo, Phallusar, Bravo. I wish we had a gif to commemorate this.

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10 out of 10.
Laughed, cried, maybe got a little aroused.

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Phallissar here. Thanks for the turnout. I seek no fame. Just wanted to do it for the lulz.

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>that watermark
Piss off.

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>show about DnD
>not /tg/
Pick one.

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Obviously the good commissar, wanted to prove once and for all that the Emperor's finest can out dance any xeno scum.

And dance he did, restoring squad morale like only a commissar could.

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Did somebody say dance?

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found it

excuse me for a while

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Not dancing in a hair-suit

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Dancing inferior, moshing superior.


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this shit is retarded looking

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Dancing Tech-Priestess!
We need a dancing Tech-Priestess!
DANCING Tech-Priestess!

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>tfw it's Sunday night ;_;

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Great video - I Lol'd. Particularly when he's dancing behind some cover and the grenade gets lobbed past his shoulder

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Have to post this one too - girl's got some moves.

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Holy crap, I get to contribute! This is the happiest day of my life!

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Xeno's new title is Lord of the Dance.

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No Arya dancing ? On my /tg/ ?

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Xeno's just a dance machine.

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still no hot pink cosplayer? how can this be?

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Dance to the beat
wave your hands together
come feel the heat forever and forever
listen and learn it is time for prancing
now we are here with Xenodansen

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When you dance with Xeno, you dance forever.

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Hahaaa. That gif perfectly fits the feel of the song I was listening to. Funky as fuck.


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I'm sorry, what was this thread about?
>dance ereighte

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No dancing bear? For shame.

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