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Official WHFB thread get in here!!!

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>should be painting DE Warriors for September tourney
>too busy drooling over new 40k starter
two timing is a bitch, never do that, man

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/tg/ rate/discuss my HE list!

Arch Mage:
Dispel Scroll, Folaraith Robe, Talisman of Saphery, Level 4. Life.
BSB, Great Weapon, Armor of Caledor, Dawnstone.
Seer Staff, Iron Curse Icon, Level 2. Lore of Shadow.
40 Spearmen:
Full Comand
18 Archers:
Musician, Standard Bearer; Banner of Eternal Flame
28 Swordmasters:
Full Command, Other Trickster Shard, Standard of Balance.
20 Pheonix Guard:
Full Command, Banner of Sorcery, Amulet of Light.
5 Reavers:
Musician. bows no spears
5 Reavers:
Musician, bows no spears
Great Eagle
Great Eagle

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>No Teclis

Start over.

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I think one of these days I'm going to finish painting my WoC cavalry army.

Only have 45 marauders left to do.

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it is a no special character list

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I don't really see the point of making mage "invulnerable" like that. He shouldn't get to melee anyway no matter what. And it's usually better to have Dispell Scroll on secondary caster (so main one can attempt dispells with maximum +level yet you still have backup when he fails).

Other than than, I like it, it's potent list without going full "quazilions White Lions" or "4 feet tower&quazilion archers".
Maybe drop couple spears in favor of more archers, IIRC they have that rule where half of 3rd row can fire as well, so I wouldn't be aftraid of going above 20.

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New armybook soon, fellow servant of Dark Gods.
>inb4: new rules for marauders suck, you painted them for nothing

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I really need to get back into this. I know I have a bunch of orcs that need to be painted and stuff. The store that used to sell Warhammer in my town shut down a few yeard ago, so I haven't gotten much of the new stuff yet.

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the invulnerable is nice when I want to keep regeneration spell on the swordmasters or spearelves. I think the only problem is when hes in combat with deamons or ethereal. That being said its the idea, I haven't been able to try this army out yet.

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They were only there to take up points, so they can suck a golf-ball through a water hose. I just want them to stand there and look threatening while Archeon loops around and rapes everything else.

That aside, few things will get someone's attention better than 15-man blocks of marauders charging in

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Sleeping now. Keep this thread going when Im back.

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I'm pumped /tg/! I just finished my first group of Ogres last night. I'm well on my way to having a finished army, and damn it feels good to get these guys done.

I thought they came out pretty good for it being my first time. I need to do better on removing moldlines next time, but as far as the paint job I think they came out ok. Next up is going to be one of my army's two butchers. I've got him and a battalion box waiting to go. Very excited to get started

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Not enough FOUL SORCERY.
Not nearly enough archers.
Way too many melee infantry.
Did I mention not enough FOUL SORCERY? That.

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Make it 40-man blocks with flails and ponies.

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pic of them lined up too. I think I'm going to start on my butcher after lunch. I can't wait. Here's hoping everything is ok. I haven't checked in the box but I've heard finecast is.... troubling.

on a side note, do they make Ogre Tyrant's in anything but finecast anymore? Because I think one of the local shops in town had one in metal. Might go pick it up if they still do

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Which reminds me, let's see if I can remember that list...

Archeon, the Everchosen 685

Exalted Hero(Chariot, MoS, Doom Totem, Halberd, Shield) 324

Marauder Horsemen(15, SB, Chieftan, Musician, Light Armor, Flails, MoK) 300
Marauder Horsemen(16, SB, Chieftan, Musician, Light Armor, Flails, MoN) 316
Marauder Horsemen(15, SB, Chieftan, Musician, Light Armor, Flails, MoT) 290

Swords of Chaos (10, SB, Champion, Musician, Festering Shroud, MoN) 515

Dragon Ogre Shaggoth(Greatweapon) 285
Dragon Ogre Shaggoth(Greatweapon) 285


Might not be a very effective list, but the look on someone's face when this much mounted stuff is coming at them will be so worth it.

I'm juggling the idea of cutting down to 2 units of horsemen, but I'm still up in the air over that, however badass a cavalry horde would be.

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Convert your own, methinks. Use sprues as the haft and spare bits (I'm sure Ogres get plenty) for the big bludgeoning bits. Only issue may be hand poses...

Also: Does anybody own or use Gaulrauch? I kind of want to own and use Gaulrauch.

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Bump for Fantasy

Bump for Gaulrauch!

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I'll be using historical Japanese minis to craft this beauty. Maybe Perry's range, because they look damn schmancy.

1500 Pts - Empire Army

1 Mahoutsukai (Wizard Lord lvl 4) @ 263 Pts
General; Magic Level 4; Lore of Shadow
Earthing Rod
Ironcurse Icon
Channeling Staff

1 Shogun Captain (Empire Captain) @ 122.0 Pts
Great Weapon; Full Plate Armor
Enchanted Shield
Talisman of Preservation

48 Naginata Ashigaru (Halberdiers) @ 324.0 Pts
Halberd; Light Armour; Standard; Musician

1 Sergeant

10 Ashigaru Crossbowmen @ 90.0 Pts

10 Ashigaru Crossbowmen @ 90.0 Pts

10 Ashigaru Crossbowmen @ 90.0 Pts

19 Ashigaru Arquebussiers (Handgunners) @ 171.0 Pts
Empire Handgun

30 Samurai with Daikatana (Greatswords) @ 350.0 Pts
Great Weapon; Full Plate Armor; Standard; Musician

Total Army Cost: 1500.0

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>Dat Nippon

I approve. Not too bad of a list

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I've heard Demigryph knights aren't that great, but I've also fallen in love with the idea of samurai riding giant Foo temple dogs, so I'll be including those when I bump my list up to 2k or 2.5k.

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Anyone have a link to the latest skaven armybook? Can't find it on /rs/ and I want to plan out an army to start

>> No.20470318

wish I could help but I've had no luck either. Still can't find the most recent Dwarf book either

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wondering if I could help with an army list

1) Lords
Tyrant - 210
Great Weapon - 12
Armour of Destiny - 50

2) Heroes
Butcher - 100
Level 2 wizard - 35
Lore of the Great Maw

Butcher - 100
Level 2 wizard - 35
Lore of the Great Maw

3) Core
6 Ogres - 180
Additional Hand Weapons - 6
Full Command - 30

6 Ogres - 180
Additional Hand Weapons - 6
Full Command - 30

6 Ironguts - 258
Full Command - 30

4) Special
4 Leadbelchers - 172

4 Mournfang Cavalry - 240
Crusher w/ Brace of Ogre Pistols - 16
Standard Bearer - 10
Dragonhide Banner - 50

5) Rare
Stonehorn - 250

3000 points total

I'm considering only bringing one unit of Ogres and then distributing those points to make my Ogres and Ironguts a bit beefier. What do you guys think?

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Did you try searching /rs/ for "Dwarf armybook"?

>> No.20470361

well of course, but the only result gets me a file not found

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Man, you must have gotten your numbers wrong or omitted some units, there is no way that sums to 3000.
Anyway - get your Tyrant some better toys - melee hero w/o proper gear loses most of it's potential or repalce him with lvl 4 Slaughtermaster (because that extra +4 dispell is gonna save your ass multiple times).
Heroes - consider replacing one with Firebelly (lvl 1 will do if youre short on points) and/or consider replacing the other with BSB (but only swap both if you got Slaughetermaster for Lord slot, you'll certaily want at least 1 caster with Maw Lore)

Bulls - consider swapping 2ndHW for Fist - 2nd row will only make 3 attacks anyway, and 1st will have character in it, so youre really only getting 2 more attacks at cost of +1save

Guts - magical banner perhaps, hm?

Belchers - are alright, I'd consider adding 2nd unit (people who play only one usually have Cannon to pair up with them, you don't)

Mournfangs - superkilly unit well worth its points, just keep in mind they are not entirely indestructible and opponent might have ways of dealing with them without much effort (Pit of Shades, for example)

GET: 2 or 3 solo Cats for maneuver dickery, charge redirction and warmachine hunting

Stonehorn - didn't impress me all that much but it should pair well with mournfangs, so if it you like him, keep him.

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>Ashigaru Crossbowmen

What is this bullshit

>> No.20470704

whoops that was a typo on my part. Meant 2000 points.

Firebelly had crossed my mind, and the only thing keeping me from getting one is that there is no fucking way my painting skill is up to par enough to do it justice. I'll keep the fists in mind for my next set of ogres

any recommended items for the tyrant to give him some extra oomph?

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Meh I'm not a big fan of Ogre Tyrants

They eat up Lord space and are only marginally better than awesomesauce Brusiers

>> No.20470817

Watch the keyword later on...

>> No.20470892

HA, Fist (or Pistol), Dragonhelm,
Sword of Strife (or Antiheroes)
Talisman of Preservation
Potion of Speed (or Rock Eye)

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>dat image

I need to get better at working with greenstuff

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Bumping for some more of that wonderful warhammer fantasy.

What are the odds you think GW will ever make Halflings a full army? Its be goofy but I always thought they were neat.

>> No.20473252

Demigryph knights are great.

Their only failings are large bases and t3 sv3+

but they have 3 wounds anyways.

>> No.20473280

Very slim. I don't... I don't think I'd want to see halflings as a full army except as an option for a 'real' army.
Like how Chaos can do an all-troll army, if they take the troll king.

Empire could take Lumpin Crook or whoever and get the whole Fighting Cocks deal

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I wish WHFB would use a modified version of the 40k allies chart. Would make the idea of playing Empire more awesome with some Dwarven battle brothers.

>> No.20474694

On one hand, allies make a lot more sense in Fantasy.
On the other hand, I barely have enough room in my list for all the units I want from 1 army... if I had more to pick from... oh goodness!

>> No.20474701

this. Shit man I can barely fit my own army choices on the table.

>> No.20474709

>I wish WHFB would use a modified version of the 40k allies chart.
It had one in 6e.

>> No.20474717

true, but there's only like... 2 fucking halfling models it feels like, plus the pot launcher thing.

I mean, I would take them as a decent threat with lots of flimsy little dudes and then some kind of cookery going on. Like maybe their units aren't super strong, but their chefs give insane support

>> No.20474723

Oh sorry I'm just thinking of a campaign-based "factions you can team up with" thing not taking allies as part of your force.

>> No.20474727

brets player here, sold my models off a while ago, can't wait for new brets.

>> No.20474777

I'm not sure how 40k allies work, but couldn't you just pull from the Good list if you use a Good army, the Evil list if you have an Evil army, or Ogres/Tomb Kings for either?

Again not sure how 40ks allies work

>> No.20474804

damn i miss dogs of war. These guys were the sickest mofo's out there.

>> No.20474809

Allies in Fantasy are for "more than 1 person per side" (as of 8th)

Allies in 40k are "take this extra FOC from another army" (as of 6th)

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Hey /tg/, I can't seem to decide between Brets, WE, HE or Lizards for my Fantasy army.

I played 5 and 6th eds, but never 7th and 8th, and sold my army after 6th.

Anything I should know? and What army out of the ones above do you recommend?

>> No.20475094

I personally enjoy Lizardmen. Cool lore, fun units to both paint and play, plus motherfucking dinosaurs.

I'm not too sure on High Elves, never had much experience with them. Bretonnians are cool, but I'd personally never play them because I absolutely suck at doing heraldry.

I wouldn't recommend Wood Elves based solely on the fact that their army book is sorely out of date and in dire need of a reboot, not that GW will get around to it anytime soon

>> No.20475124

WE do fine if you know what you're doing

>> No.20475264


Lizardmen are a really solid army. Competitive, fun, and awesome models.

Brettonia are great if you like cavalry, but make sure you really like cavalry and charging...that's about all they do.

High elves can be good but I personally find the models pretty boring.

>> No.20475292


If I was running High Elves I'd be running Swordmasters everywhere. Viable strategy?

>> No.20475315

WE do okay if you do one specific list every single time. Even then it's an uphill battle.

>> No.20475349


That's the only strategy as far as I'm concerned.

>> No.20475460

white lions and pheonix guard are more popular these days. If you are going to take a lot of swordmasters then you'll probably need a life wizard to keep them alive.

This guy here is got it going right in that regard.

>> No.20475510

Aight, how do you fellow dwarfs kit your runelords? Mine is looking pretty boring with a Rune of Stone and Rune of Warding.
I can't help but feel like he should be more impressive, but are the instant dispels really necessary when I'm getting +2 dice and +2 on dispel rolls?

Also, does anybody play SKY BLUE dwarfs? I'd like to see some non-traditional (ie dark, earthy tones) paint schemes, and I'm pretty much stuck with my current one unless I want to strip a bazillion mans. I want to live vicariously through your color schemes.

>> No.20476710

Use Kensei Miniatures.

>> No.20476732

>I wish WHFB would use a modified version of the 40k allies chart.
ffs, just make your own mechanicas for allies up. I run a Warriors of Chaos list (all Khorne, no magic or missiles) with 250 points of bloodletters and crushers in it.

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quick question guys I can't seem to find my core rulebook and can't remember the percentages for making an army is it core must take up at least 25% or 50%?
Also is it lords + heros may not exceed 25% of total or is it lords may not exceed 25% and heros may not exceed 25%?

>> No.20477660

Lords: 25%
Heroes: 25%
Core: 25+%
Special: 50%
Rare: 25%

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fantastic, Bring on the chariots!

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I would just like official rules about it. No reason to get all offended about it.

>> No.20479945

>I would just like official rules about it. No reason to get all offended about it.

You need your opponent's permission to play a game, so there is no difference to get your opponent's permission to add any allies you feel like.

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I'm mostly not sure how to divide the units in the percentages.

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