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sup /tg/ i'm considering getting back into 40k (havn't played since about 4th ed) i was thinking of playing an all terminator list (or somthing equally cheesy) is this type of army still viable? im also willing to suck the dick of papa nurgle, if chaos have aged any better

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Chaos are getting a new codex around October, just wait.

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The all terminator armies are Space Wolves(Wolf Guard), Dark Angels(Deathwing), and Grey Knights(Paladins and Terminators).

Chaos has aged...poorly, though a few of their guys got less useless since 6th.

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while i havnt been playing 40k there is no way in hell im joining the grey knights bandwagon, space wolves always came across as "meh" to me. i could use the Dark Angels codex and just play a *custom* chapter, would that cause redshirts to become enraged? what do Dark Angels play like?

any word on what the new codex is going to be like?, what direction they're taking?

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Deathwing runs squads of 5, and you mix and match between TH/SS, LC, and SB/PF with the option for a heavy weapon(cyclones for example).

Half deep-strike in on turn one, and they're generally considered as sturdy as a brick shithouse. Since power weapons aren't effective against terminators anymore they've become more useable, but they will be few in number.

As for a custom chapter, there's nothing stopping you. The rules don't say what colors you have to use, after all.

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