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My Tau predictions:

-Crisis Suits are moved to Troops but their S is dropped to 4 and armour save to 4+
-Firewarriors are no longer a mainstay unit, their cost is dropped to 5pts each but their armour save is dropped to 5+
-They will get a new suit in Elites that has WS4, S5, T5, 3W, I4 and comes with power weapons as standard
-Kroot become an Elites choice, a Kroot Shaper special character makes them troops
-Ethereals get 3++ saves and WS7, honour blades become ap2 weapons, they get psychic powers that augment their close combat capability

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5point firewarriors would probably make them the best troops in the game, even though they can't play around w/ weapon choices

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>WS7 Ethereals

Somebody hold me, I think I laughed too hard and broke a rib.

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>inb4 firewarriors are dropped to 5 points
>inb4 they get an option to field railgun heavy weapon teams

>inb4 they become the best troops in the game.

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>crisis suites are moved to Troops
>crisis suits cost $25 each

I could see this happening.

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>psychic powers
>Ws 7
Yeah, no. This isn't going to happen.

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After witnessing the Newcrons, one would realize anything is possible.

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-I can see Crisis Suits Becoming troops, I don't think they'll nerf them though.
-I'm definitely seeing Hazards become Codex standard, as well as Tetras, Barracuda's and Remora's.
-There were rumors about both a sniper suit and a heavy suit ala the dread knight but take those with a grain O salt.
-Firewarriors become BS 4. A distinct possibility.
-Devilfish point cost goes way the fuck down to about 50 points.
-Possible second transport option for Tau, also something they might do.

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I find most of those very likely, except Devilfish dropping to 50 points. It would probably get cheaper, as along with the Eldar tronsports it's one of the most overpriced transports around. But 50 points is way too cheap for an av12 skimmer, especially since you have to account for the "xenos taxt" (if it was in the IG codex you can bet it would cost 40 points and could change the burst cannon and drones to 3 twinlinked lascannons for free). Consider that the DE Raider costs 60 points. While the Raider has a better gun and is faster, it is also a lot more vulnerable (av 10 and open topped). It's say the DF would probably cost 60-75 points.

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one of the rumors I saw floating around is that they were replacing/redesigning the crisis suits. Which bummed me out since I just got into my tau army and have 7 of the bastards that I just finished magnetizing. Now I'm wondering whether or not to set my tau aside for now until the new codex and pickup chaos for the new starter set. I've already planned that if they do redesign the crisis suits I'll just turn my suits into broadsides. How many heavy choices do you get max?

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Or buy all the suits you need now, since now doubt GW will make them xbawks hueg, like they are with everything lately.

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*no doubt

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A rhino is 40 points with 3 HP. A devilfish is twice that with only gaining the skimmer feature and a single point of armor on the front facing as well as having a larger footprint.

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It also has subjectively better weapons. You are forgetting something though: xenos tax.

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>higher AV
>not worth a shitload of points

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Sure, if skimmer actually meant anything other than "can't go faster on roads for some reason", you might have a valid point.

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>I only play on empty tables with no terrain
>Tau, of all races
>And I complain about it on the internet
Truly, dark days are upon us

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My prediction:

Farsight now drives a Hazard suit. It's painted gold.

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These predictions are terrible.

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>roads mean no terrain
Okay buddy, time for you to take a break. Tau skimmers don't actually move fast enough to avoid buttfucking themselves on terrain, basically making you take another piece of equipment.

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-Demiurg troops.
-Nicassar advisors.
-Tarellian dog soldiers.
We need more auxiliars.

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So you not only complain about a trivial thing that comes up once in a lifetime (who actually uses streets), but you are also so bad at this game that you are not able to capitalise your ability to move over terrain?
Clearly you are THE authority for game balance

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Most of the terrain I've seen is in 8x8 or more blocks, representing buildings, because you know, this is 40k, and even the smallest building is fucking huge. Streets happen all the time when on an urban table, do you only fight in forests and deserts or something?

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What Tau need:

Point drops
Tarpits that are effective
Less Str 5 AP 5 guns and more AP 2 weaponry
More BS4 or BS5 goodness
Failsafe becoming a support system
Having more wargear that won't become useless

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>After witnessing the Newcrons, one would realize anything is possible.
Are you some kind of idiot?

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he is a FARSIGHT

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The hilarious part is that Crisis suits going to troops solve two of those problems.

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All it takes is one developer to write things on a piece of paper to make it happen.

We have seen stranger stuff happen before, just saying.

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Except Ward wrote the Necron codex and Cruddance is writing the new Tau codex. If you think "anything is possible" with Necron shit, go look at the old codex and compare characteristic values --- not very much changed. Lords became Overlords. Warriors are cheaper but with a worse save. CC shit became better at CC.

Thinking an Ethereal will get ws7, psychic powers and an ap2 weapon is just stupid.

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Tau transports can only move 7 inches? Interesting.
Also, I have two city tables, one field table, one jungle table, one vulcanic table, one desert table, one muddy field table.
thats a 2 in 7 chance for having SOME roads on the field. Its not like the entire table is covered in roads, and its not like there is no terrain blocking said roads.

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>not very much changed. Lords became Overlords. Warriors are cheaper but with a worse save.
And Immortals dropped to T4, making them the Warriors of the previous codex.

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Exactly, but with a better gun

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Sure, they can move 12 inches, but they have a case of the fat ass, they're 6 inches long, 4 inches wide, so unless you want to give your enemy side arc (which you might as well give them an ass shot at that point), you will have to either take the upgrade on an already expensive vehicle, risk taking damage every time you land, or go around it like all of the boring vehicles.

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You forgot to mention that Lord/Overlords lost almost all their wargear. Grey Knight Captains went from ws5 to ws6, 1w to 3w and S6 power weapon to force weapon while losing fearless. Mephiston went from ws6 to ws7, s5 to s6, t5 to t6, i6 to i7, 3w to 5w, fearless to ATSKNF, no more FNP or independent character.

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There's no way you actually think that Firewarriors will be 5 pts. Especially with the 30" range. Stop being dumb.

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>Lord/Overlords lost almost all their wargear.

They have the exact same gear as starting equipment as in 3e, excepting the fact that Staff of Light is no longer a power weapon.

They lost Destroyer Body (is now a separate unit)
Gaze, Field, Shroud, Veil and Pulse are now for crypteks.

Phase Shifter increased from 30 to 45 points but also increased from 4++ to 3++.

Gained a number of close combat weapons, 2+ armor save, mindshackle scarabs, tachyon arrow, catacomb command barge, tesseract labyrinth and phaeron upgrade.

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>>20443493 Gaze, Field, Shroud, Veil and Pulse are now for crypteks.

Also Chronometron, all characterful pieces of wargear that are not available to Lords anymore. It must suck for people who bothered converting them.

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Does anyone actually take the Phaeron upgrade? The only units it benefits are Deathmarks, Warriors, and Immortals with Gauss Blasters (Tesla Carbines are Assault weapons) and all of them are shit in close combat.

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>Cruddance is writing the new Tau codex

Whoa, when did this get found out? Fucksake, there goes my hope of Tau actually being worth the bother.

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Most of the old lord's wargear was sucky, resurrection orb, destroyer body and phase shifter was what was taken. Crypteks get the old lord utilities which allows the lords to take a break for doing every utility role of the army.

2+ save and mindshackle scarabs alone are more than enough replacement for all 3e stuff that was lost for overlords.

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BWAAAHAHAHAHA YOU FUCKING IDIOT...nothing of that is going to happen...you expect too much. WS7? nothing Tau will get past WS5 Fire warriors armour wont drop. They wont be 5 pts you fucking moron...nearly as cheap as IG with a 30" gun at S5..no fucking way is that happening. 8 pts at cheapest. Tau wont have any Tau at I 4 with S5 and T5. They will never have Psychich powers ..If GW makes Kroot elites.. they will never sale kroot again, so that wont happen!

Stop being a fucking idiot.

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Cruddance is such a moody writer. And I swear it depends on what side of the bed he got out of in the morning that determines how decent a unit is going to be.

He either gives you one or two decent builds (IG).

Or makes the codex more about jumping through hoops and swallowing bullshit to make anything viable (Tyranids)

Or makes everything seem like it was an after thought by giving you a unit thats pretty much mandatory (SOB)

Just pray it's the first.

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Tau get fucked over even further

The next human-based army gets large buff

The cycle continues.

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>More human based armies
Bullshit, they've exhausted all human options.
>Codex: Adeptus Mechanicus
>Implying I'd have a problem with that being overpowered

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own predictions:
-Crisis Suits remain elites but have their S dropped to 4 and Sv dropped to 4+. Price unchanged but multitracker no longer available.
-Firewarrior cost dropped to 9pts per extra model [max 12], armour save dropped to 5+. A Shas'Ui is now mandatory, however, and the base 5+'Ui unit cost is 80 points.
-Devilfish remains exactly as it currently is, making it an entirely unaffordable waste of "melee rapes it instantly"
-Kroot are now an elites choice, Kroot Shaper special character is needed to make them not suck horribly, but makes them a Heavy Support choice.
-Ethereals no longer give a bonus, price of failure fallback range doubled and affects vehicles that troops capable of suffering it are housed within. To compensate, they are1+ HQ choices. Their Armour save improves to 3+.
-Networked markerlights are now standard with every pulse carbine. To compensate, all Tau BS is worsened by 1.
-Railgun changed so Hammerheads can no longer move and Fire on the same turn. Submunition now S5 AP5.
-Astartes and Chaos both obtain multitrackers in their various new codices.

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>Codex Adeptus Mechanicus

You can get it, but there is a catch. You got to choose one Human Army to replace them with. The replaced army will get pushed to the background and their Codex spot will be taken by the Admech.

Choose wisely.

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The Guard? Realy? Not one of the MANY, Many Space Marine chapters? If it has a dedicated book, it counts. I'll trade...Fuck, Blood Angels for Ad Mech any day of the week.

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Son, I am proud.

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you can just FEEL the optimism in this thread

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Imperial Guard.

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Come on you guys we all know what's going to happen. The tau realize that robot girly-man is their spiritual liege and a new codex called Ultra-tau-marine is created where upgraded tau power armour gives the SM +2 armour, predator tanks and landraiders can be armed with railguns and space marines with pulse rifles.
all for free
then they begin a conquest of the imperium with the emperor being replaced by either Calgar or aun'va

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The Guard are, as always, expendable. The Blood Angels are too valuable to be cast aside.

My choice? I would get rid of the Sisters of Battle for they are useless, redundant, and bring nothing to the setting (except Tits) and I shall replace them with the glorious Tech Priests of Mars.

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I care about the IG as much as I do about the SM, which is pretty much 0. I flipped a coin, and I want the IG out. Besides, it has the bonus of making the HFY faggots asspained.

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and it's not like the whining would get any worse if you squatted them. Christ, that fanbase.

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Blood angels are fine, I just don't think they need a standalone codex. Not one with FRIENDCRONS, that's for sure. Fuck, remember when the SPESS MEREHN book had rules for building chapters with special rules from scratch?

...What was that again? 3e?

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Tau predictions
-Rail guns more common but dropped to S9 Ap1 (cheaper to compensate)
-Fire warriors dropped to 5+ armor and unit size increased to 14 models (9 points a model)
-Crisis suit wargear price decreases
-New alien troop species with T5 to sit on objectives

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SoB or one of the numerous Space Marine Chapters. Chaos had to deal with a simple list for its many flavors of Legion, and what, the Loyalists get a Codex for every Chapter with a special unit? Fuck that.
>Replace the ancient, all metal (soon to be finecast) sculpts with....

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And so the AdMech will be forged in the molten pewter of Nisa-chan, and all will love them and despair.

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fourth edition. And it was a largely broken system that was mainly abused to make space marines a competitive army

5th edition book is pretty much superior in all ways.

The guard doctrines were funky and interesting, but I can see why they ditched them as well

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Nids are actually really good in the new edition. Monster mash is a double extra thing now considering you can get a decent list at 1850 points with 7 monstrous creatures, three of which can capture objectives.

>> No.20446539


I think SoBs are as pointless as the next guy... but I'm pretty sure they're already considered pushed to the background and don't have a codex.

>> No.20446641


"Leaked" release schedules have SoB plastic and finecast listed. Even if we don't trust the leak, would GW go through the trouble of making a whole new army instead of simply revamping an established one?

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>Ordo Xeno

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>fire warrirors 1 point cheaper but worse armor save

How about no.

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I'm surprised someone hasn't picked Codex: Space Marines to be replaced.

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personally i'd go with dark angels,

fold them into space marines, or blood angels, i just feel that they're the most vanilla of the other chapters, just let which ever book they get folded into do death wing/raven wing and if you want to do them then just use a bunch of plasma, and boom you've got them.

though i expect their book will make them a bit more distinctive when it does come out.

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That image makes me want to bomb space... and Japan.

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>though i expect their book will make them a bit more distinctive when it does come out.




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Is it bad that actually sounds hilariously awesome? Can't be any worse than the GK/BA/SW themes.

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My predictions.

The suits become troops and get 4's across the board, 1 wound, a 3+ armor save and twin-linked bolters with plasma as an option.

Also they cost roughly 17 points each.

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