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erm.. gonna dump some /tg/ related wallpapers for yall. Also, this may or may not be a thinly veiled attempt at locating a gaming group in the northeast nj area. I would love to get into role playing but have some doubts about just joining an online group. I feel like I just need to sit in and watch a session or two just to get my bearings. Ok, so enough of me blathering on, dump incoming.

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Not OP, but here's a contribution.

You know you want to play this game.

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yes, yes i do

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hnngg... yeah I do

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yes, yes i do

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Who the fuck thought it would make the picture better by adding those furry eyes?

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I know exactly what your're talking about. I saw the original on a t-shirt in Maryland somewhere. Almost had an aneurism

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anyone here 'cept the 2 (1?) anons

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I'll just bump with well wishes for the OP. I was in a situation similar to yours for some while. Your best bet honestly is introducing people into the hobby, that's how I got back into it.

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Thanks man, yeah I tried GMing some rouge trader about a year ago and was waaay over my head. Never got farther than character creation. Shame.

beautiful pic btw

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Anyone like anything particular? Any requests? Anyone, anyone? ...Bueller? ..Bueller?

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The most important part of becoming a capable gm is practice. If this thread doesn't work out for you I'd recommend giving it another shot.

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Something with beautiful scenery, like this one >>20440284

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And so it shall be. Any particular recommendations on a system/setting? Or should I just pull an irl version of a /tg/ quest thread out of my ass?

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coming right up boss

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Can I have some fucked up horror with creepy girls on the side?

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sorry anon, don't have any pictures of your mom

; D I'll take a look

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Pathfinder is good for fantasy and requires just the core rulebook to play, Dark Heresy was fun from what I've played of it, but I've heard great things about Mouse Guard as an introductory RPG.

System depends entirely on what kind of setting you and your group would be interested in running as well as how simple you'd like your rules.

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Any more of these?

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still looking for creepy girls

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methinks this is the last one, but I'll check

Thanks anon, those sound great. Well except for Mouse Guard, nothing against it personally, but i AM from Jersey, my friends might stab me

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>except for Mouse Guard, nothing against it personally, but i AM from Jersey, my friends might stab me

Wow, sucks to be you.

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hoho! two more

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Please avoid Barlowe, I got robbed of my Barlowe's Really Really Expensive Books collection and I cry everytime I'm linked to one of his pics.
and maybe my mom is a creepy girl, but at least isn't a creepy guy like you're mom dude

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c'est la vie

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Shit. That sucks man. And yeah, you got a point there man.

Still looking for those creepy girls btw, didn't forget about you

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yeah nigga, horsemen style

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oh yeah

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best villain

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Ron Pearlman

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Should I keep going?

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I'll go on for a bit more

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Keep posting, my hard drive bleeds for more.

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ok anon, just for you

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Alright guys, I am having difficulties locating more /tg/ related wallpapers. Let us see if I can find other stuff...

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Looking for this one of a girl in her underoos sitting in her room with like, two dozen computers under her bed, over her desk, and just across the floor.

If anyone's got that that'd be great

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never even seen that one
sorry : /

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uh yeah, anon, this is totally /tg/ related

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Is there anyone here? Just someone to post the "OP/his thread" pic? I would, but i don't even have it, and fuck me if I'm gonna go to google just for some self depreciating humor. Not for you ungrateful bastards.

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None of my wallpapers are /tg/ related.

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so what? I'm just posting random stuff at this point myself

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Fair enough.

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Any more images of masks?

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Unfortunately not man, BUT, you give me a year or two and I'll flood /tg/ with them. I plan to start making them

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I think I'm done guys, my captcha hand hurts

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And I'll leave it at that.

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